Julie Guy & Tamara G. - Vision Board Summit 2018 Interview

Wednesday, July 25th

Julie Guy & Tamara G. talk with Chantale Milord and Yvonne Strachan about the Vision Board Summit 2018, Saturday, July 28th at 10:00am at AC Hotel Marriott Aventura.

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Hello good morning. Yeah. How are you guys do a good morning in our rights on the phone with us this morning we have send till my alert and we had. Part of the vision boards summit 2018 and Julie I know this is going to. Be submitted she would like because you are about these boards I love the idea advanced I think more people need to do X and if they can create their own lives. Actual book featuring creating their own lie. It's not going to be technical vision board what we're gonna be packing their pictures on board. But what we're gonna eat granola will drop Corey on our whole platform as well being acting gave up life. And that's what we're basically going to be dealing let. What am I try to people church killing all one big reached at looking at how popular ticket that bad that it can be out of their lives. That was he nines even I know I should until it was. All about people fighting their purpose I mean we're right in the middle of the year now and I know there are a lot of folks who are not. The happy with where they are so how kid his vision boards summit help them. But most aren't sure how the boy who aren't big enough lie to the other but I think. We get up pretty well we don't really know. Did Paul but that time he simply don't want it would since they are in the particular approach. How we do things that got clocked at one it would sit with that mud yeah. My. Thought process or that they'll ratchet. And under spending it and eat it and currently vacant apartment responsibility. And individual hopes that the at the end at about what you are what you want to do all the what is it an important yeah. Well how practical pat that the I don't want to do that affect the idea that there that says. When he went relationship. Are. Or late at entrepreneur or a bit that this could vote for. Sounds good will of course you are the alchemist life coach you have. Had the light coaching certification in Juli is actually weaken it a little bit of that yet as well these days I think we all need coach gene. At one point or another in our lives. Yvonne is an actor's director and she's gonna be talking about Eric spears is well. We at the age of analyst doctor Debra L Jones island and of course I'm getting MC it. I would love for the went to make your vision of reality I love that. That's a tag line make your vision a reality how can people get tickets which will include legend ballet and door prizes by Macy's are gonna get tickets. Well they can go at it RI. And register under Bijan sports summit gets veggies get will include Alley parking. And a delicious lunch and we're going to be and that should get back ensured. That the EK okay I'll. 0805. Victory boulevard an average or or. Arch from 10 am to 3 PM. I write this at that AC hotel Mary. 20805. Biscayne boulevard this coming Saturday July 28. 10 AM to 3 PM if you would love to show your vision RC which your vision is. For the rest of 2018. Come join us in the vision boards summit 2018. This coming Saturday. And it's BAC hotel Mary out so thank you very much say until my leg she is the Al Khamis life coach. And then we also have. (%expletive) until looking forward to being near this Saturday July 28.