Julie Guy & Tamara G. talk with Spin Doctors

Friday, February 16th


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Well hello there Aaron Combs from the stand doctors hour you will go to great areas where you got to this is Julie Guy and seamer edgy clients so we're super thrilled that you guys are coming back to South Florida you know wait now where you are. I mean what is burg Brooklyn looking out the window it of course staples are you also looking it's now all know they're. Regards Sunday that. How what's attendance at. You know Shaq yeah it's like. Quote pretty angry. I thought so when you come here you know on February 24 I can guarantee I'm just gonna go out on land. And then said he is going to be eighty degrees for you up here when you count. Believe it even better news coming there on the night eight. As you appear but I. I a week. One at all right coming down. That you guys are gonna be the magic city casino by their concert series the wraps UK music festivals I smashed out uncle crackers and doctors and that's ball. Take us back to the early nineties so we did party please we're going to Hillary or require some hadn't spent a lot of time hang out all these guys. You know we have today we have a certain book image dispatched throughout the week we've been been doing a lot of short amount god our readers and they're great guys immigration. People generally like to see a ban together and but it forwards and we'll. Fastball and our old friend Mars in two years and those guys are great. I don't know we'll crack it but he's great Arctic are going to be really really cool autumn there to go to. It's really a lot of fun and not to age all of us that I'm gonna let go in the endowment go ahead and do it so a lot of us have since you guys first came out. Got married had a couple kids. You know the last time I had finalized got I came remembers how at this is a well you know I mean I mean like when you really can surely remember what it was like to be free and single and have a good time and I think that that's why these yourself it's so important to go out. And kind of I don't assay re live your youth but you know how do so. It was a great art and music and you know it we're really grateful that we're all together instead of four original members I'll probably say that about a lot of parents are actually. All we're guys that you know made all the records together so there were so brands. So you you still talk to each other and you know don't have an onsite rates there dressing rooms and you know green M and hands and don't don't speak to me endlessly around me. But it or not this ball could be thirty years answered met them now. We've got all those prayers are written each other and talk to each other broke up we got back yesterday to get there won't be really real putrid you appreciate it a little. Open up argue much out of it. We'll talk Kryptonite though it really does. I mean it exploded for you guys literally and brought Genesee. You know get I was great we well a lot of mobile record record of the Israeli shells that there have been out about your that you. We're told that yet but no it's almost rocker heated back they can do record but did we elect you know it should. Used to like or normal dude we'll let you know we're gonna get back a little mattered were really stop the violence. And it and eventually after about two years they kind of caught on in the famous blue option but it Israeli ambulance and that we would be an issue. Dollar so much you can sit there and there is or toll road and people absolute kids. Let's and it cuts is that you start out in college in two princes came out and got it was played on our College Station and we're like god only knows his fan I remember hearing it for the first time going all my guide. This is really my favorite socks and it was my favorite song for the longest time and I can't I surely cannot wait to see I never had a chance to see you guys so super thrilled you're content coming my way kind back to my hood all these years later. A work site which way to love Miami so that there are places which one Camaro it. A report that the Iraq two K music that's above happening at the magic city casino Saturday February 24 Aaron or so site pitching as a comment thank you so mites but yeah. Agree what you to get those six kids get a magic city casino that comes mess Mal uncle crackers Spin Doctors and that's the I'll get those tickets now.