Julie Guy & Tamara G. Interview Rod Stewart & Cyndi Lauper

Friday, March 9th

Julie Guy & Tamara G. talked with Rod Stewart & Cyndi Lauper about their upcoming tour!

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Junior and tomorrow and say yeah yeah. You see. Some are else. I just love the way you say let me say it again rod. In Nigeria. Look a little less sleep yeah I try. And plus I. And need some of my album coming Apple's Julia throughout my first seven not out there when I was dictating machine was full name and out has school. Well I will be purchasing the first copies yeah. I got a populated not a good yeah. Alienated we are well how are you guys. Here it clear duty could their candidate yeah I'm glad I can't make it out of Miami eight it is we LA. Really it's gonna have a snowstorm in New York lack. Yeah it's really cold here it's 70000. You know why they are they sit down the road in Bombay each. Do I need their right now all yet. Not enough that moment on just about 6070 yards down a page from my. You know there's. Oh yeah we got down there in London and radar and slide and Cindy here in New York City yeah I am. So we lot of technology in his enemy is an amazing. So we question how in the world did you first of all I'm glad you guys are back on tour again but how did best combination of rod and Cindy come up. Little or no idea what has been made all we get along pretty well and we can seem a little bit he's you know let's give it a try and it was a the big success last summer so we decided to let this give it another try. Well I mean you know it was on and it was not laborious you know it was art and you know when he sang together we will go looking for another song so if you listeners. Look at something that's not one empire on R&D. Collapse it short and third what have our. Add it like that this thing together and good and that we can't you know we believe we have the people take our own. Why don't you have complete ticket symbol bring about one mistake and I guess I'm. Some football but both of us. All our Jamaican men out all our means camera can just be doing when he's not exactly but it's fry it and I. So I question for both cities obviously you're both gonna sing your hits is that right. And you are in decent duets together what does sonic you guys were surprised. That you as you do as you said earlier rod got on so well list. Well wait would that we needed one song to get now this song by at the bottom line cortisol hotline numbers. Previously Brothers product they get biggest event so we could it shows I don't think we should say. Any amount is stronger I would like someone suggest. They saw what it felt strong my Family Guy reddish go to whatever very chased so we can prudently. Appetite I want. Had Obama has really don't want their net debt then ban on. I'll get back out. How low and nannies all my important equip kit and the public anybody. Yeah yeah yeah we're putting out there 8046910. Inside you that's Collison and tell us what you think rod and Cindy. Would love to but they could do it on together and I would love as. This question to both the view. You know you've been out for such a long time when people. Here the name's Rod Stewart Cyndi Lauper I mean truly you all are living legends. Does this ever ever get old going out on the road in just being with you opinions. Our profession in each side doesn't think they are a concept from the other person gave up I think she probably because assignment to make. It's sick it's God's gifts we have we are so privileged. To go out and do what we do then Sen people I'm happy but also get played forehand. I was like god there in my lungs social continue to do so and they haven't seen the. Well I I agree would drive it it again and you know. I say I think you know how bad can it he didn't Wear it in and you know I hate asking but how. Acting like I didn't let me get on stage you get everything and it becomes a chilly if they sell what. He's got anybody that actually four yeah. No. But you know I got to know where they're thinking. You know you tell me as a medic. Yeah a lot of stuff I very funny but I do until you and I do think you sexy ride ended girls really do want fine. I had it all the time and listen to your songs Andy thank you so much and you really web part of my. But early eighties salvage as I watched that video over and over and over you know as I don't wanna be Cindy Lauper wanna Wear a skirt played. Myself if I let you really like to make sure. Every little girls so I felt. Yeah I don't. It was very good mercenary diverse video already yes I loved it. I thought I think what's interesting about the both of viewers obviously. We all grew up. It with both of you. And now the music industry has changed so much which again that's progress that's how things golf. But I really do kinda miss. The whole waiting for a video to come out seeing if it was interpreted the way that that we thought the video how do you miss any of that I mean you guys still make videos we you know what do you think about how things have progressed. I'm not going to. I rapidly cop yeah I think comedy you saw it. It's all this blood urine they expect me anyway here it is says he is an English but he can't appreciate all. And hill did have my might say these are I've had such a great time such a wonderful life it overshadowed so. They recorded values in Dubai you have some you know Nigeria can have that mantra now vice city enjoyed playing 200 amnesty. And we'll do so I love it I would regret. You guys bring your kids on touring both have grown kids. Now might hit an idea yeah I know I don't like it until my kid is in his own neat trick. By the final parent is so bored to death. Wanna. And I put your debut without what my band Cindy would get bored to death atrocity. Like it might come out my two youngest one dog bite Qaeda would together. I'm still managed to show up you can't say if you met authorities say they know why hadn't I hadn't thought Eddie and I would let them soul. He never. Met the love he's acted met rupee that he victim relief well I had trouble. Fox olds and then I was so. Go get ready. And everybody you know is he brought his old Kremlin was bad here right now that I've done got a knack. Well we couldn't be thrilled at more thrilled that you guys are coming to South Florida again. So you get an opportunity than last year you get a chance to see them this year July 24 hard rock live Cyndi Lauper rod Stewart's. I cleared thank you guys so lights series. Our art our club I had to pay a fake and just know this and you we see you. We really do. I mean. I'm that good versatile big. I don't think I imagine you don't know about. Half past the area agency is still the pie guy and he.