Julie Guy & Tamara G. Interview Adrian R'Mante

Friday, March 2nd

Julie Guy & Tamara G. chat with Florida's own Adrian R'Mante from Disney's "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody!"


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By age three. Hi this is Julie Guy and hammer AG RU Adrian are Monday. I'm doing well are you leading Dylan. We are right first evolve not a sign and Don I grew up watching you on the suite life of backing code need. Are older than me and I hate defaults hi group kinda grew up watching YouTube. Well it was our purpose to grab the moms and dads. Well you did a great job yes she did Adrian and you're gonna do a great job as we him because you're here to promote auditions that Margarita Ville right. Yes slow starter to go there amazing location. He's so hospitable to us and what I'm doing is. Are treated this amazing. TV your film program for young people saying teenagers and young adults who. Trained to be on TV stick say quite different and I'm just looking person talented people. And what I think they're going to do is expose them to all the right people in Hollywood sort of break there the crew wide open. From Hollywood didn't put shears to Hollywood Florida and we have a lot of vary talented kids here in South Florida so you came to the right place. Yes I know that that's marquee quarterback I got several. Our young people on TV series right now from some of Miami and Hollywood and. Victoria and just this was from Hollywood Florida. I know I know Victoria justice was at my. This Harvard experience what can she get she does this with me yeah me. I now look now wind gin and where can people get more information about bringing their young went out to see you this Saturday and what are some requirements yes Ed Marguerite of the. It's. Great question thank you so what I'm basically doing is. I like a pretty audition them just to make sure that you know they they have personalities they have up potential. I you know are put in this sort of you know all of Hollywood you. Casting directors agents managers but that are are like to you know make sure that they have what it takes so. I didn't serve pre audition and basically looking at some size to 25 year olds. But cool and make sure that you have. You know electorate says the three keys personality potential passions. If that's you can always wanted to TV in film career. But you can call this number and don't give you all the intelligence agency Saturday auditions will be at margaritas you know the amazing resort. And the number is eight senate floor. 2331000. Eight court or. 2331000. Correct yes yes that's the number and I call that number though given information on that and hurting tsunami estimate on the record among liberal sort of it is. You ended better than me and I was really got to do it would must let eggs is eggs in it would work but yet. Andrea I'm Monte thank you so much here oh this is being honest and talk to you and good luck this weekend. I can't wait thank you so much a little.