How Do You Handle Anxiety?

Thursday, October 5th

Intern Kayleen just got engaged -- and her mom's already stressing her out with the wedding planning talk.  So she's self-medicating with croquetas.  We try to redirect that reaction in a more positive direction  


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Hi it's Julie Guy and Evelyn curry oh and one more thing is an ember podcast and we thank you for joining us so we have our intern K lean here with us today hi K Lee at all. It's okay lean thanks for being so candid and honest. With us. I can't share a choice as we are you know from the once training her and we are very honest and open about one thing that people understand is that we work. You know he worked closely with people we work especially close with one another because yeah locked in a Booth if you will for five hours of the very different scenario it's not like I can close the door go to different cubicle upgrades like we are in each other's face refine our Kia and so that's how we've gotten so close that quickly even though into the for four years now rent. Feel like I've never not an avenue right handed swing with KK lean you've been in our intern for how long month and a half hour since like August in mid on Kenya we feel very close. I care close to go to actors and actress here and you got to get real real close now so you just got engaged aided yes. You should be on cloud nine I should be out my season not. You share with us yesterday out your anxieties. Which may be because of I think actually move but because I shared because you can relate a lot of those same anxieties that you are age and you do get over them past. But why are you so anxiety written right now. OK so my mom has eighty. I think with me that she loves to stress me out to the point where like my hair shirts calling out. But on yeah I ninja Hundley I mean though wedding isn't until early Tony nineteen and the moms are anytime how there'll be over a 150 people at the wedding and I don't even know all fifty so I don't know how old. That's gonna work out. Am only an obligation to not tell her that works out you know so this is stress you out to the mouse to the Nth Power that you have not enjoyed this week exactly and I should be. Extremely happy and excited and I'm. Totally not well you are mean you have been engaged you about your fiance in your happy happened oil port happiness has been kind of clouded injured. Exactly but these are used said why don't you guys talk about how people deal with their anxiety which is a very. Good question how do you deal with that how have you dealt with us. Well. I'm I'm like on over come on over eater I'm like an emotional eater so when I'm happy. Eat when I'm SATA. So like I have been like super stressed out and like the only thing that's been able to calm me down our look at thousands of and so Cuban. I have. That bums you out because you don't want to add gain weight and silly and obviously you want and if there's a circle because then you sad you gain way and then you're sad that I beat me and then. I am married to a man who's an emotional eater he is the same way when he feels accomplished are an accomplished he will eat. And he also is a really bad fingernails sure my husband's biggest and worst thing about him and heat. Eats his fingernails to a parent half when he has stressed out it is gross like I know we got a bad day at work when he is literally missing. I've never seen on the phone fingernails and Indiana for five years he just eats his finger now or he eats food. Like that so he's like that when he gets stressed he eats. Well I canvassing they would nail biting have actually been better on it you know and I just should this suffering now. It's gross as a cubicle for people who can't see well. But the thing is it's like yeah Emma nail biter too but I graduated and who we're moving. Here's the good news and I'm not a psychologist we all have anxieties and everybody deals with them in some kind of what you have to do or otherwise they. They've become an inward is situation and you can become physically feel like it's I think it's for real. So everybody has a ways of channeling them and I think that the it's your time and experience and life is when you realize how to channel man in a positive manner because when I was your age I too. I ate out and emote I was an emotional leader as well I'll I didn't understand a whole lot about nutrition and her. Anything like that I was one of those people I was very fortunate I was always very slim and then college I did your typical all. Gaining I gained thirty pounds out of that it was a lot anyway. My point is looking back I don't know how it wasn't informed but I wasn't and you learn. So when I'm stressed now which I have a lot of stress which we all do but you know I work here got two kids I've got a dad who's. Aging and I take care of him and all the stuff. I run. I'm a runner and I need 35 to forty minutes to run so that I just feel. Like I've gotten something out of it and then I can think. Clearly so I don't echo you said because. I agree like I going to the gym is the only time in the day right literally. Do nothing about you and I think my parents telling about the dog out and about work. Nothing literally nothing. But for me if I am filled with anxiety. Or. I'm just like a nervous wreck over something Arctic have a lot to deal. Compared to visual person and I ran out lists I read a list of everything I need to get done so when I get them done drying out lines through it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Back in September I work that cross an event I have a lot of work to do on the side too I mean. We had over a 1000000. Athletes. You know coming in does come there's a lot of preparation into Minnesota. And I get overwhelmed and what helped me is always making less this is what I need to do today. Even something stupid that it was in the back of my mind like yesterday I need to change the bed sheets but if I write that down and then just scratch out a highlight it in makes me feel better. You didn't always do that now and that's the thing is that I understand your anxiety he leaned. So recognizing it though is really the first step truly we can then not wallowing in net yes so if you realize that your setter bombed or Ers for stressed out or Sadr whatever it may be. And your first instinct is to go bankrupt at. Then notice that you may still do it rang but notice it and so the next time that happens golf now. Either go for a piece of fruit which I know I sound like so cliche and boring but either do that or golfer walk. Or or sat on or off or distract yourself and did do something else but. This is all a gradual process that recognizing that you do that really is super important and it's something can take you less than five minutes Dele. I know that sounds like a dumb rule but if you keep putting something off. And you just do it. And it's only gonna take you five minutes just do it in the last piece of advice that I learned from somebody. And hopefully this'll resonate with people and I often forget it's on about but I am remembering to tell you how. Is ask yourself whatever the situation may be whether it's something at work learn something and you are right now you're getting engaged in your grab all it's the Big Dig yourself a little credited the stress the overwhelming. Situational problem with their inner relationship. Here's a question will this how will this affect me and ten minutes. At ten days. And ten years and see what the answer is for both the back if intended it it's still bothersome and deal with it right now. It's been ten days it's still bothersome and it's a little bit bigger than you thought and in ten years will this even matter where you even remember yeah probably not. Sell however you do you with your anxiety is yours and yours alone and then it's OK everybody has them. But recognizing it is the first step and trying to turn around and use something that in a positive manner is the next one everybody's been there done that and you will too. I'll look at that we and on the America the bank. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry each workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and Blake Miami dot com.