Holiday Supplements / The Smart Ride

Sunday, November 12th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Cass Ingram, nutritional expert and author, about the importance of healthy eating and supplements over the holidays. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Glen Weinzimer, Founder and Director of The Smart Ride and Rob Bullock, Director of Development at Broward House, about the 165 mile bicycle fundraiser's new date in January and how any one can get involved and help and where all the money goes.

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one or one point five. W a YS HT one in WLY yeah Miami timber holdings Coral Springs. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley the. Two guests join us today I welcome to the program first doctor Cass Ingram who's gonna talk with us about why supplements are so important this time here and Michael Barton who's going to explain it. Features us. And why it's important to get involved to get awareness out. About seizures first doctor Cass Ingram he's the author of nearly two dozen books on health and wellness and today he's been addressed the new headlines reporting vitamins could increase your risk of death. He's gonna talk to us to help us understand the facts surrounding this controversial. Information and whether there's a basis for alarm on the part of those who are taking or had taken vitamin or mineral supplements are you doing this morning doctor Ingram. You know I'm doing fantastic and how are you doing. I'm good thanks for asking let's get into this because this study is crazy first this discussion has been prompted by a nineteen year study on vitamin use called dietary supplements and mortality rate in older women. Tell us about the study and if you even think the researchers are credible. Well not too many researchers that are credible if they hyped. What they say and unfortunately there's they didn't lose a little credibility now that the research is all wrong. But it lost little credibility when they said that this brings into question dietary supplements all dietary supplements. Well they studied multiple vitamins and like the complex in the multiple vitamins but it got to see this like the bargain basement part of a supplement. You cannot call those that this called addict category in Russia trying to chip away at a sort of wasn't really there. That being said. If you if you look at things like I said a minute then acts brand drugs. Nonprescription drugs. You see toxicity. May from coal and petroleum distill what's. Instead and then if you look at vitamins surveyed by pretty much the same company I don't think people know that. Roche makes vitamin the top of LaRoche ultimate drugs. And I believe it was in the Tamils who did you have indeed that the makers of most of them by committee which is Eastman Kodak which is a chemical company is good sense and that China. Comes most of the vitamin C. So sold some other vitamins are also from cold to our petrochemical distorts that's the point whether they'd bet big company. So is the difference between those bottom of the barrel vitamins as bargain once you can buy clean and decent vitamins once you might find you more so and a whole foods store or vitamin store. Is the difference between say good vitamin in a bad vitamin the toxins that you were just saying. It is that I guess it's a matter of degree if you buy the cheaper stuff that is they have also sodium better as a way which is some benzene. And cold hard dying is suitable or carcinogens. That decision stepped that they used to seeing this. You know that they use in Cantonese indifference sodas and things and in this product they cause bladder cancer you aren't saying it's already known that coal tar that carcinogens so cute beat it heated and a white man I wouldn't be surprised if they saw some negative results but it's not just itself foresees not just the keyboards. Some of higher end. Supplements are still using these same USB vitamins. That is crazy just taking the bottom of the barrel vitamin better than not taking a vitamin at all. I don't take them. I don't take any of C called our basic vitamins haven't done so for about 35 years ever since I got an upset stomach once and a Serb looking into it. You know I'm a big fight and grew out of the wilderness all the time remember we talked a couple times about different groups implant so I kick myself. But only kick it's just you know without a nature. It is natural. That god made it it's like a whole food if there really isn't a hard drive consumers to figure that out but then I take it like Matt. But I honestly don't see any benefits. From taking everything that has petroleum and in fact if you look at the labels of well armed like cleaning solutions they put in Wadi. Do not inhaled touch or drink. Right. Well. This they should be out every driver every item in this basically put sort of but they don't do it. Now you are very knowledgeable and subject so what was the most shocking finding in your opinion in this new. I study. Nothing shocking to hear about the study except the language they were using which was to beat up on the nutrition industry but that didn't even shock me. I think that I'm astonished about isn't related to this study is that the nutrition industry. Dozens doing more. To watch what they've put in the stores. You know to be more careful if it for example if if a company using genetically engineered vitamin C we should already know it's gonna come back despite it. One of these days some scientists is gonna show. And they won't say it but does show that vitamin C people who did 2000 milligrams a day purses people like me who don't take that stuff. All right David I'm super healthy and I think a lot of supplements but I don't take you know thousands of milligrams of vitamin C. They're gonna find. That that's a irritant to the body and look lancet already found that they said that the babies are coming up there's still born. Mothers who take like 2001000. I U I mean I've milligrams. And if you do not like could that be let's let's it is just beating up on vitamins but what if it's true. It's true. It's genetically engineered vitamin C. Then that makes sense that what they're fighting Israel. You have now genetically engineered scene and he all of us see any on the market except if you brands. It's certain genetically engineered raw materials. We know in animals that if you see genetically engineered corn or solely the animals degenerate. Period no option. We know that and perhaps because the Russian Soviet sciences did this occur I read about Colbert did this study anyone could look at that. If you beat mother that's why other pregnant Chia mall Monsanto soy. They ghost. He called straight are still hope and 55% of the osprey die. Vs those that know protein who all all all live so you why you have to live from little protein. You've got only ten grabbed the lives fed. Genetically engineered sort I mean it's killer on the telephone thing in the world. So that's a start at least to inform people what are your vitamins they got advantage from boot time. No problem. I think it's important to kind of elaborate on what you say you talked about how you don't take vitamin C. Because you eat the food that would give either vitamin C that you need in the and you said you also take supplements there is the difference between sucking a supplement. And taking a vitamin can you tell. What are exactly yeah. Go with reckless abandon in the citrus you don't sort of stuff I I eat I eat but I IE kiwi bought. I don't realize how does that because sometimes they gassed that's stuff for sometimes it's big green and you don't get that high density. Also takes something called pure release C. Purely sea isn't this ground. Yeah sure let's Kerry rose hips and Campbell Campbell and I get 300% of the RPA in a capital. And it's just grown fruit. You know so I loved that because I thought I'd get any court and our people are sent to the court in the first place. You're not a lot of support to genetically engineered guys they're not doing a city favored but see here's what this study is flawed they didn't say. Okay it's this Chia woes that are causing this increase in toxicity. Not a word. Being. And tell us what GMO ingredients are even. Well Kim well. Genetically modified organism it means that they've injected. The speed of the the key line of the court in the story with bacterial genes look virus genes with pots. With garbage for it and from bacteria got some bacteria. To try to Alter the genes in the court. And so that the court can be straight with more pesticide and then they're so they can keep the score a lot of killer just it's disgusting I think you'd probably. Type. But it's very dangerous stuff because the campaigns toxins. You're injecting capital gains into court animal genes and destroyed in the cotton seed and into canola. Not fit for human consumption. What are some of the ways this has been shown to affect health. I pushed die in the it wouldn't work from concept to at that time who was sacked by Monsanto showed. That genetically engineered to. Dictated in court at all that. Cause precancerous. Changes in laboratory animals in the intent on. They've they've developed in the beginning of colon cancer from eating the stuff. It's good this is basically did generate the lining of of the guy that got cash to go crazy to deal with it suppresses the immune system. Increases the risk for cancer and even increases this sort it's got quip like a drug and you can get Duggan died the next stage. You can take an IV solution like a cat scans. Contrast media in your kidneys can go and you're dead. You can take a seven minutes and 45 pills and you could go on the liver failure but you don't have it happened with this is slow. You watched a lot of it is going to allergy in like shocked. Usually GG almost killed slowly and the Danish to a genetically engineered see any I never take it. And she did everything but at least I don't take its huge amount. In a supplement instead. I take vitamin. It's called purely. I hate this C I mentioned to you from fruit. And eating it as well eight play at sunflower seed in addition to that. You know so I got a formula I hope people can follow my form Milosevic can upgrade themselves. I don't have a newsletter on the Internet I want to give your listeners and don't charge. It's a ten dollar news there nobody but it's free. You just go to help the news radio dot com. You download my newsletter and get that right away it's called get your vitamins from food from food and real hole food supplements. Do you Wear the chemicals are. This study also kind of bash is so to speak mineral supplements. First why is it even important to have mineral supplements what can they do that others can't and what do you day. Talk about it. Great. It's. The problem is that that certain minerals are toxic. And they're bashing bashing bashing without saying that only iron. And copper Evan and golden major target and also certain forms of selenium. Since pixelated. These devastated companies that make it this the drug companies in the big industry did it take so we have solid night that makes those few very. Which is basically iron filings. And it's in Kellogg's corn flakes they won't tell you that you know it's in all the fortified green. But what we've known for years that that's kind of iron is topic number one cause of totality in in children. If certain eating. A bottle of multiple vitamins they get too much iron and eight I have iron poisoning. You see so iron and copper yes you don't wanna take big amounts. But mineral supplements. If proper are very healthy in fact the study did say that it's seeing this cal and extent vice that we know that it does. So if you do we have again our natural mineral supplements have. Egypt protects the heart you know even in this synthetic form people are dying of heart attacks and they promised they inject magnesia. In the blood they could stop the heart attack. The bottom and have their use. But it's what they're made from this the issue and it there's synthetic tolerate and then die despite healthy. If you only had one supplement that take you had to choose only one pill take on a daily bases what do you find to be the most important that people put in their bodies. Well you could go to America our food dot com or financial market dot com and you could see a part but. It's called purely tax. That would be so easy to pick one violent but that's a whole foods pet if you rip open the package you get vitamin CNB. And that B complex. And CNE. From food they had to pick one of those. Yeah it's very difficult. I guess I would pick. Vitamin C and AB vitamin C we should be able good enough B vitamins here and there to survive. But done but yeah you need to see to prevent degeneration indeed indeed but you know this this this product. Which I'm not connected to financially. Or did I invent but I support. It's just minutes from Argentinean liver. And sort series Campbell Campbell sub par CD caddies salmon oil through yeast rice proud. Then you just rip open that indicate to capsules and run packets enough for two or three days to get it that much energy and strength. That's one way or another way. If you can't get kicked dead as a baseline but keep in mind might food left to try to get as many of these actual biological little supplements. Indictment some from the diet. It's especially did you vitamins because your body knows how to break that down properly and distribute those nutrients properly. The answer is absolutely yes food is the best way all the studies that show positive and effective teacher in a vitamins and minerals or whatever. Yes soaring food. So what you eat and eight as the body goes beautifully what to do without lycopene. Even put bookstore in the organs like the prostate in the liver. To protect those organs. When you when you're either citrus that vitamin C fat percent of the bloodstream. Court ordered concentrates like the Campbell Campbell and base or roller same thing only more powerful. And so we would eat sunflower seeds. Did you get TE were some policy vitamin. We knew each horse fresh whole grains if you can grain brown rice. You can do comedy complex. And also the dark greens. And it's got these 4400%. Doses. But it's biologically can say the body takes. You urinate green and red and pink and yellow when you when he got brown rice or only when you dig those still. Mean so some supplements obviously greatly assist the body. And others that are not manufactured with health and mind can create adverse reactions that's what you said. Yeah plus there was a woman at a health food sources that I cannot understand it. I think you have pulled us supplements today I take my seat and I got this content geared Obama not really irritable while but is this tension and bloating is. It's uncomfortable doctor I eat only organic no pesticides and support privacy statement. She was taking this you know this genetically engineered based C. And she gets just two weeks later she was cured. So it is the form of the supplements is what it's easy for a we went into how this Jordan demanded. I want something like purely sea which is just Campbell Campbell and visceral. We started demanding at the stores would recognize this period and we. We have that as an option if we win it instead I want beat complex powder I don't want to synthetic want to Pollard. Water from you know yeah combination of Easton rice ran the products called purely. But yeah at an added if we were what got rice bran in the accident are serial. Yourselves. You also are huge advocate when it comes herbs can you tell us why you think herbs are so important. I have been your diet and how maybe that would connect to decide. Credit score on this earth and nobody can do me any less used to do silly things like standardized and are solvent extract it that's ridiculous but it's a real urban. Whether it's something that you brought your garden or coming from the meditated in the capsule. That it has minerals it has played Benoit vitamin energy sunlight is trapped in there. And it's aren't altered actual medicine with so winning ticket. The body. Yeah they did a study in the found out that when you take oregano oil. That the white blood cells recognize the energy and an independent and trap the oil into the white cell matrix. You're you're you're working with the biology of the body and so you keel that could help you heal. Quote I vitamins that don't do the minimum they don't do any effect. You know. So and I've got discharged here just so people can be informed. What do you make vitamin K sympathetically you used metropolitan benzene. Do you want its coal tar derivatives and hydrochloric acid. Good decent recalled car and security insecurity and Scion of purity there's talk there's a carcinogen. And 40 for vitamin C you hydrogenated corn sugar with acetone. For vitamin DMI should know what you're doing which most of us don't. You're and I never recommended the vitamin. And brains. Than they than they synthesizers. I have never prescribes synthetic vitamin decency craze. Only and telling people they killed. Liver organic. Middle of fatty fish and this caddie salmon oil but I like it. And eight ounces or in the bottle of capsules you know. Fact earlier when we talk about using your own garden something a lot of people in south forty do we got sunshine all year what's the best way to story you're herbs in order to still get the maximum. But an extra resolve oil. You just finished up as much of that is again get yourself Obama left. Excellent Mediterranean over regularly can pick stuff. And scored some of that that these 73 score below 112 years and to preserve those nerves. It's unbelievable power. Play aromatic compounds will be lost you could try it and then see that in the refrigerator but Peter. And then you pitted. Mean. Very interesting now all this information you provide you with us today I like to end all of my conversations by asking what you think the three most important things are for people to take away from this conversation. The most important thing is that it is to fight anybody propaganda and hype but just know this whatever you're taking you should know what it's made from. This does cease supplements. If this is from the two most important parts of that it'd make some petrol or benzene. Or mass at all or call our. It's not different for you use. And it just takes some genetically engineered corn or soy. We shouldn't be using it I don't the third thing is best for the alternative. I believe his goal and look at something like purely pack. Purely be purely eat your receipt guess its doors to carry it. We could have that option of having some whole foods supplements don't speak very confused by gimmicks. Some people say their products are wrong. Or food but there's still using that synthetics in there. And then. No which foods has the most excitement value. You learn that from my book supermarket remedies and the body shaped diet which is double what 802953737. It's always such a pleasure to have you on the show things for rejoining us again this morning Ingram now Michael Barton the director of development for the epilepsy foundation for Florida. There are gonna talk about epilepsy and seizure disorders are you doing this morning. Great. I was surprised to learn that more than 375000. Floridians suffer from epilepsy and seizure disorders. What exactly is it. Apple what is actually a term that refers to someone happy out at least street Peter's at some point in their life it's a very broad. Larger umbrella term are better compensated. What I think most people can. Understand to be. Seizures which are to grant Walt Peters where people went out compulsions and all of the floor and that's certainly a yacht one type of Peter's but it also arranges all the way down to. Arm on condition that's very common and so they in fact that you are in the diagnosed in children. Are where water series of them that are perhaps the minute and a half. The attention is completely gone out of their happiness here. They are asked and they are not aware of their surroundings that you're not all on the floor that they do knuckle balls. But it's a situation that they're in school and you know teachers are asking them to detention and and are just not there they're happy to see your. Are so there's been higher ratings. Conditions. That incompetence epilepsy and know treat seizures at the same every every situation every piece here are these different for every person. As we'll discuss that debt that's what makes some of their diagnosis in the treatment so typical in this condition. Yeah let's get into that a little bit how with epilepsy different from a seizure. Well there are extremely common. It's. That that the majority of people at some point and like we'll have a seizure I get it or not what it's in terms that grand mall seizure where your cobalt and on the floor. But he has can be caught from anything from injury. Biking accident within genes are but in the majority of cases we just don't know what causes seizures know that eaters are. Our miss firing of the neurons in the brain. That momentarily ET a electric crede in the brain so to speak. And the fighters into things just don't function as they normally short. They're usually short term meaning they left it looked from thirty seconds to a minute or she would certainly there are exceptions that's G last much longer. Our but the cost. Apple in the majority if he says he's done now. There are some genetic factors that play into it agenda I do not explain. Peter completely. As I've mentioned we do know they're exterior. Factors such as head injury. We executed in bike accidents or certainly I'm in our veterans program. With returning veterans who got traumatic brain injury. There is very very strongly between brain injury. And developing seizures at some points are in the future. On and that there are certain chemical. Conditions. Seizures can because problem. Alcohol or drug withdrawal for example. But it the majority of cases and then they into the it is like you want that he content but it is not common in children and seniors are on. But in the majority of interest it's just something that starts we're not exactly sure why. There is a very high likelihood. With children that they may grow out of that. The condition. But is again it's something that makes it so difficult because every situation is different. Palace it diagnosed. He's ever diagnosed didn't in numerous ways. If there is up visuals seizure. Taking place at someone it's it's obvious that someone having a seizure. That is something that the medical professional would neurologist. I'll look at brilliant and I've tried it. To various diagnostic testing to figure out what part of that grade or affect the entire brain. Argues is suffering from the miss firing so to speak and Iran's. You know other conditions that I just mentioned with children that are normal path all absence seizures where. They they literally are just happens. Four amid a torture you. Are due to a seizure. That's a little bit more difficult to diagnose and in fact we've been trying with our education campaign. To educate teachers and parents and taught in school nurses. That's that soft conditions that have been traditionally linked Q. Our attention deficit disorder or other conditions million active users in May not but it may have acted seizures and we do try to get the word out. That seizures are one possibility that should be considered that historically. Because of the stigma have nothing incident. What is the kind of treatment that somebody bases if they are prone to apple I think features. There news Newark kind of treatment. Most commonly use of with medication. And again because there is no I don't cut the current average person different is unfortunately no silver bullet. There are new medications that about all the pollen. And that are added to. The menu of our longstanding. Anti seizure medications. Normally this will try one or she who are under advisement from their neurologists and didn't need to continue. Experimenting. With those pitchers and the various medications. Try to find. The proper cocktail so to speak of medication. That will actually told the seizures I will say that individual wouldn't change it again certainly not all of this but the majority of cases. Seizures can be told with the proper use of medication. If that doesn't work there are other our procedures one of the newer treatments is actually using what basically he snicker for the breaking. In that. An electronic devices installed you know present next. And that the deal with Peter coming off and in many people will have what's called and or people feel that a teacher is about to happen. Eight will be the magnetic wrist bands over the device. And that's and should you stimulation that you specific portions of the brain which didn't even. Some cases not all cases but in some cases well prepared to see your program actually happening. And other cases they're actually brain surgery at the CE sheriff's deputy is localized enough that it and a small enough portion of the brain. There is always the option of going in and dumber movie a small portion of deferring that is causing those users. And you know it depends on. How often the person having seizures we said that apple what it means that someone had a seizure of times during their life minimum. But there are some people that we work where. That you know I have a hundred seizures have a 120 years ago. And certainly done that it is is where we are looking into our brain surgery and some of the more uncommon treatment. The epilepsy foundation of Florida's mission is to lead the fight to stop seizures. Find a cure and overcome challenges created by epilepsy what kind of challenges does an epileptic face. And we're living with yours has. Numerous challenges most of which are caused by the historical stigma of seizures. We know that historically had one that was having a seizure particularly. That visible features that we talked about with compulsions and whatnot. It was never really seemed to be a medical condition and all kinds of things that come up that it was you know. The spirit possession you know that they were witches and whatnot so we're dealing with two centuries of very strong stigma surrounding seizures. That being said. We're living seizures today. Have to deal with the very real possibility. Of being. Dot hired for a position or backfire from a position. Epilepsy. Have only been considered under the Americans with disability. In in the last couple of years. Anyone let Peter and David Ward off. More than any six month period will lead their driving privileges will lose their driver's license and people are a very reluctant to talk about it it's an issue that. Present in many cases can be control. And then people that it is control they just don't want to bring up the topic of the very typical topic is your. Public to understand what is true what isn't true seizures. But it's also difficult to get people living with seizures particularly those that have control seizures. To help us in our public education campaign. That seizures and epilepsy is not the duties. It is a disorder it's a disorder that can happen for a variety of we can get this sorted that you know in many cases. Can be controlled with with proper treatment. So we have I'm a real mission had about a real job had a book strike to get the public more aware of the conditions. And getting people to actually speak up about it we have our interest in cases where. There are some well known. And Hollywood actors. And other public figures that you have epilepsy that are very. Resistance you talking about it publicly because. It does everything from raising their health health insurance you. Perhaps. Not to you know not getting job on. Out of their homework or TV production. Because people are afraid that you know how quickly could production they'll have some kind of besiege. I'd like to ask. All my guess what you feel the three most important things our listeners should take away from our conversation this morning. I think it has to do with the stigma. Armed surrounding epilepsy I think the first one is that it's an extremely prevalent condition that it is much more prevalent than people. Understand it before it's most common neurological condition in the United States on it can strike anyone at any harm. Warrant. While in many cases it can be controls yeah another occasion did you can be quite serious at the very that that but the more people won't buy it seizures this year. That won't die of breast cancer. So I think the first thing to. So it to leave intermittent is that if there is an extremely prevalent condition and the second thing that goes with that. It that it has completed and that the very misunderstood. Condition. Are people happy in their minds and they say one specific type. Epilepsy and seizures are very visual on the something that we're not looking in person but everyone has seen some of having a procedure on C a year in the movies and that is just a very small part of apple Q&A seizure disorders and general. So we would like to get the word out walk without. And the third thing that we would like to work on. The most is continuing to work or are sure. On the probably will never be an absolute pure force seizures because it is different. You know every person. Well we need everyone's support we need people's. Has seizures we need people that live with people that. Have seizures that the people that have seizures. To come out and support us financially certainly but also just peasants and strength in numbers to show. Our legislators Michelle a lot of the research institute. That eat miniscule amount of funding that is being done right now for apple seems easier research compared Chiu other. Equally devastating. But much less common conditions. Is really not acceptable so. Wrapping all three of them together it's just chew up. Actually come out and saying that quality is not an easy that it is not very common condition and that together can conquer. Thank you so much for coming on and talking with us this morning Michael I hope you. South Florida slightly under on 101 point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent neo garden. So if you're planning on taking part in the Smart dry November 18 and nineteenth hold on your bicycles the date has changed hurricane Herman has struck. This hurricane. Has affected so many not just a downed trees and power outages but serious losses for many nonprofits. With us is the founder and director of the Smart ride the southernmost aids HIV right Glenn by timer. And rob Bullock director of development of Broward house one of the seven primary beneficiaries of the ride. Thank you both so much for coming. It's a pleasure that you're that you're their fingers thank you dale Ari first up let's get a little history about the Smart right how it began and what's going on when it now. I would love history. The smarter it actually started in 2003. And it's an offshoot of bicycle rides that happens around the country during the height of the pandemic was very gentleman and there's a lot of and in Florida they've really didn't make any money money can go through benefiting agencies. Postal reasons why there's things happen but I was volunteering and there was an opportunity in 2003 when I knew there were no longer gonna go forward. Suits you for music for performing. We're pleased that is in the bridges we can make a difference we can return all the money that's rings so the goal was to do one right one time and then walk away from sonar when you for. That happened right in half in the it was planned but we went from the first you're raising 169000. Dollars. In giving away a 169000. Dollars we've got the promise of every dollar that's raised our participants goes back to the benefiting agencies. And last year in the last. Previous four years there raised a million dollars a year. So the last thirteen years revision raised eight point five million dollars in different point five million dollars. That is impressive so what happened why we're people making money the first time around. Lot of money went to marketing and advertising unit in standalone. On Lou. Looking for sponsors and really getting the community committed serious it was more for production company that was producing and and you know they do things are. But I have been advertising their wished he could have been one of our socially and physically responsible for sure our people working really hard to raise money as it firms regarding in the late ninety's. And late eighties and early and he's actually. And there were reasons for it wasn't are vegetarians and their right sort of a pharaoh. These people stop trying to be heard you know if you're raising this monitors weren't helpful friend who cares. Restarting you wanna see there there's education Garmin you'll see her medications are provided a moment isn't going dark. You this much effort into an investment of your friends or get back together and this was a way to sorry. You know we can do is introducing good start 100% and thanks for the community in front racing sponsorships you're able to execute that I promise accusing him. I now is founder and now current director. How is it that you did you do anything like this before. For my background was and hotel business. And in 1993 I was forced to retire. I'm nervous at that point has full blown aids and was told I have your without being overly dramatic U turn ten days to live as well as all parents. And so I went back to work for thirty years couldn't keep up. And so and went into retirement and that my doctors and donors to take it personality and they need to do some things are. There were forcing me to get out of the house probably partially for depression and everything else a chance for you know just kind of builds on itself and our own. It's an authoritarian and getting involved in the right results loop current disaster zone for an agency. They needed to send representatives of the week before the actual friends mom and they asked me to Garland or wherever it's not. And without I've known a thing and my former partner was gonna write that your. And I'm sorry I'm along for the ride. And that up such an interesting are very happy along for the right they don't book reviews and into the match. Well here you are yeah. Now is is this is a full same thing for you keeps you busy year round. This is is a full time for Richard recruitment and worked with the agencies and sponsor isn't the logistics of moving 750. People from. Point eight point beauty you know through relief from the University of Miami on. Fisher we were so like you have said at the beginning we were supposed to leave it in November about a week from now. Com and we're now January 19 and twentieth so. The Thursday before the event just orientation days it'll happen at the University of Miami for the second time in a rope and they'll have a hundred miles south of marathon. Fell overnight marathon and then they too will continue to journalist Hugh Ross. So what is the total mileage on a splash around. It's 160 front offices today is 165. Morals first as a full century secondly is it forums and purposes of metric century. I tell everyone who's just been doing it may think art should never do that that's too hard. Did look at it is fights went and our rights. And that's why didn't wanna turn fifty as a person Irish government I think that it. And it was IA psych myself that I only need to do twenty miles policy are young girls in the next Ronnie and I Michael was it gets a lunch which was fifty miles. And our own. It is really funny yeah its original stories and at the end of every day we we have arm but there are rough marking unit trucks the ruling mostly in Anchorage are Darryl we love Iran cute when Steve. And about a mile and a half hours of Indonesia Wednesday afternoon. From I don't have to have out of writing out of the opening ceremonies does it I know on the from our chalked on the on the driveway and is on the road and it says we love your blog in drove. At first I got really emotional start to cry and I thought. They think I'm not gonna finish. So yeah yeah. I play you know there's no way that they can prove that I can do this so I learned and I saw in places and thought it could be sort. But it is the most amazing experience I've ever does that completely different perspective. And I had to over all the years of doing a runs. I'm Scott and obviously beautiful backdrop you know. Bicycle riding all laid out q.s c'mon guys let's just you can't beat the water on both sides of breeze whether it's a hot they are nuts. You gotta breeze. It's 43 bridges and you know and writings of the keys is not my favorite thing car price same hair but. Writing on the bicycle and actually taking in the sights and actually going over the verges slowly. You know you actually get to really feel it is serious matter and overseeing the Bill Frist John Buck while I was driving over one of the bridges and and I am just going. This like time stood still it was just amazing and it's a lot of time and had averages can be good and bad in regards to this whole emotional. Hi and then you start to get really respect an event. Desire to question things about life and then you start to cry and Olson who redeem your energy and you know it's it's great community the most amazing people. You know you can someone in Harlem club or. You know the introduces someone then you make a judgment right away she and in in this case. They're people that made you write that somewhere else would have discounted just for whatever the numerous reasons. Did you meet tomorrow and riding immediately the national level of credibility that you're doing things bigger than themselves and they do something for the greater good and so. Other other little flaws such amount is just kind of animal in one year or whatever it is certainly doesn't matter what the other person. They they start out with a good attitude is right immediately and arrogant person you're on the right here. Our eyes so we're talking about the Smart ride that's gonna happen in January now instead of November. And you raise obviously a whole lot of money million dollars. And we know that one of the benefits is for our house that's right brother beloved he's here there are seven people seven agencies who benefit. I think the same every year. That principle it is and return to change them but each agency does have to Wear your party chair I'll come and can certainly change in case something actually happens in the community boasts all the agencies don't. Considered as a gift not an annual thing to count on. Because it could be that the more that their community changes and any changes. And you know we needed it for it's are going to be about the Wear a fur houses whatever they were during his no longer. Needs of funding let's just saying there's something else pops up that really is to focus on press or something that maybe. That he's been taking care and so we we always leave that open to be able to change it but as a general rule the seven agencies say the same. So glad we have never changed my three years. What an agency that process. The agencies are we go across the states or who start out what is helping Key West. Regardless of Miami enterprise lines and in terms of are turning your fair for our house and then you've got shows diagnostic and treatment center. So Burr can resume at two agencies observers market for writers and then before that near encompassing West Palm Beach. Then you further and lawsuits in Orlando where and it's Merkel love. And then when you get over the West Coast of surfacing Pete its own spiritual wellness and community centers. And these are all agencies that either help those suffering with aids or provide some sort of service from the veterans service organizations and yeah. A candidate must resources to restore service. Are so in terms of Broward house on. You you're getting a lot of money. That's right and the Smart right is actually our largest non government. To grant her her donation that we were seemingly so in Tony sixteen we receive up a little over a 147000. Dollars from the Smart writing our agency. On which really goes to support what we call our dignity of fond hope fund. And then that's those client needs that we have that are funded through Koreans are horror programs that are heard a lot of times tax subsidized or federal state programs. So for example. We have this year. One of our clients who was returning back to work. And found that he was taking the bus but the bus to run late at night when he was trying to get home and so we Helton got a bicycle be forgotten since his jacket and work shoes and we're going to help him get back to work and back to independents and can be self sustaining. Com we have a lot of our clients who go through our housing program they're coming from us situations where they may have lost everything or they were homeless horror are. And really substandard housing conditions and as toward getting them into our transitional housing programs. They have nothing so what are like plot or with our Smart right moneys her dignity program. We're able to get them to Spacey contestant necessities some sheets pillow cases popped his audience vicious things that they don't count and they don't really have the money for her arm when we're giving them and housing in and then working with him to get in the long term housing solutions. I'm a lot of times for our clients in the HIV. Were able to deal with and they're dealing with and living wedge. Mom but it's the other things in their lies that are affecting them and this week in tech keeps and then secure house seemed. If we can help them with terminal us out of situations or substance used we can keep them healthy and living longer and be more productive and with HIP. The days of summer is just listening in terms of what is the main focus of Broward house. So our house we started out on their years in the thirty years and Tony eighteen initially as the hospice and and housing program fur really are people living with aids. And at that time there weren't any of the drugs or medications that was really just trying to keep people house and comfortable in the last season there lies sound for all intents and purposes. Over the last thirty years. Housing is still our largest program come on any given night we house it between the apartments that we run and are assisted living facility in transitional program. We have somewhere in the neighborhood of about 200 into Juanita 230 people a night. Hung in our various programs. But we certainly do you the HIV aids and HIV and aids education and testing in the community along with that we do sexually transmitted disease testing and Pepsi testing to those are all issues affecting our community. A bomb regional health services. On 'cause again a lot of times now with the new drugs somebody's living healthy with HIV that they may need healing still dealing with depression or other mental health issues are struggling with substance abuse so we do have a substance abuse program with mental health programs that we really wrap around services. To provide the full gamut. And its people Levine longer and full life expectancies now patiently for a lot of our clients. Hum he will be off in North America so some of our clients are very HIV's maintain that they're dealing with heart issues now that they are living longer or obesity or diabetes. And so I mean now work with our case managers our clients to deal with the full range of what their issues are immature during the live healthy and and be the best that they can be. So age is. Age is not main focus and what they've got that under control. Or in remission are now they're dealing with all the other things that happened Clemson there are other issues like with a cocktail and stuff. That affect their hearts and other areas. It's likely that the drugs used to treat HIV. Arm while there that is certainly extending life expectancy of the flip side of that is they're very toxic and some people can't take them where they can take them and they do cost side effects of who you're dealing with ROL a wide gamut of potential issues for an individual and so each individual walks through the door is unique and why they need and want service we provide and I've got to say our case things regardless some of the most inventive and flexible people I know because. Note to clients are ever the same when they walk through the door. And you're dealing with 222 or 39. Well that's Texas housing we had over 8000 client contacts in 2016 and were wrong parred it to be right 80000. And may be a few more in 2017. So we have over 2000. Our clients or working with on all residents of Broward County mom and that's just a small portion of the HIV population. Was. I am the HIV population where we stay announcing going up for the going down. Well. Where is south and Florida unfortunately is still out of Miami Dade and Broward are still the number one in two counties in the United States for new infections currently identified infections. We saw last year in. Miami Dade County a little over 2200 new cases of HIV diagnosed in Broward County. About 980. In Broward County the scary fact is that they say probably three out of five pound people don't even know their HIV positive so that's part of our efforts on getting out getting in the community educating people if they're at risk making sure they know that they can get tested a powerhouse or through other providers. On so well we know now is if we can get people on medication early with HIV we can get what's called their viral load down to zero or undetectable. Which means if they are sexually active they key nutrients and that the virus. On which is a relatively yeah million this year the studies are coming out that if your on medication you gave your viral load to undetectable. That a chance of transmission is less than four tenths of one person to. An and I. Was we've got new cases and these people are not even aware right as citizens of the fact that they're so young they're not even aware of the into crisis. A lot of it is on so how in Broward County the interesting fact is so much of our federal dollars are geared towards people under the age of thirty didn't do outreach in testing and education. On because we are seen a surge in especially 24 and under because. They didn't live through the early years of the crisis on in the pandemic and so a lot of schools have gotten away from HIV education is part of health classes we don't see the public health initiatives that we were seen thirty years ago the infomercials. The billboards and things like that on and so it's how to we reached out population the on the and also in Broward County what we see it the largest in the last census population of nature of self identified a TT EQ individuals in America is actually. Fort Lauderdale will manners. On so we are really the the letter to where the epicenter were indicating that can now so what we've seen Dallas also if you look at the numbers we had almost as many men over the age of fifty men and women over the age of fifty test positive and 2016 as we did under the age of thirty and Broward County on 25230. And 250 over fifty. Experience and are Smart enough that's right field and I'm Smart enough and music scene records and they very they know with the visual as they know what that impact us. One of Charles we are right now of someone is HIV positive they don't look HIV positive don't smoke stack. So they look great and they go to the gym in the end of their furnishings or what's so terrible I Janet. And we are back to the state of Texas City took the side effects of the high blood pressure should. Choose you know heart disease or diabetes and things that are all side effects of some of these medications and attacks you're taxing your system. But the fact I think kids as early as young as 1414. To 24 of the highest written new cases of invention. And you say is a fourteen year old right you know. And so I've had this conversation with drugs are a sponsor of the right she's certainly arm two years ago and where does our current senate. Well I don't understand where it was to get your money aids isn't that thing anymore. And then we've restoring all the sponsorship relationships and quicker twelve girls and fourteen year old and we talked about her perfect little world and her tickets our houses 480 community. The only person and you know those kids is important there's concerts explore. And if you don't harm to them about an hour and it doesn't exist. Certainly my hope was that my children home and had a conversation with her husband and and he said what's out of bounds and in her kids are sitting there and hopefully. So don't ask questions and where at least suspend doing something they heard something about this thing called did you use. And and and as those in the back of their minds known as all about it you don't have the conversation doesn't really exist. And. You need to have a conversation I know my kids had an end. They had the discussion because of school they did bring about route and they taught us as TDs and it's like a little part of it. I'm rather than the big party used to be I mean when I was in schools are all my gosh it. One of the great things with the Broward school system as they do you have a full time HID coordinator in the school system which is really unique there's not many school systems and in the United States to do that. And so they invited the Broward house they invite our outreach teams there on a regular basis and high schools. While marching through literally it one of the schools just again today. And on I mentioned before with our grants were funded to provide testing for people eighteen and over. And we were getting students 151617. Years old after that our outreach she's Rivera reaching out to us to say I'd like to get tested for HIV and sexually active I've ever heard what you had to say so one of the nice things with the Smart right funds driven do last year we're able to pay for 350. HIV test and SED tasks using some of our Smart right funds so when those would those protests that we wouldn't have done no matter what -- we would have been sorting that costs with our Smart right dollars were able to then be reimbursed her there pay for those saying consume people even do more testing in an outreach since. And hopefully huge wake up call for those teenagers that are. Active already yeah exactly exactly. Sorry so on in terms of the ride itself. Are there sponsorship opportunities. Still available because there's not as you moved it back. Well because who originated last year with a lot of additional expenses arms or postpone it really changed hotels. We are we were staying at horse you're paying for one night. We were able to find space in the Arab and three properties programmer interfaces unites us sort of one night in order to get in season secure the space sir so there's an edited strings there and because we're going to be three properties purse for safety which is right. You know. Everything we do think if we don't sort of thing to be vigilant to keep our writers are crusades like there is no point during the event I I can't live with myself read. Haven't anticipated and we certainly are as possible. So we're gonna ran a shuttle between offered properties and that's another new which test their spouses and things and for that so if somebody doesn't want to sponsor if there's incurring opportunities. There is armed financial obviously opportunities things like ours does help us move events forward. I'm gonna wanna Wear another we're gonna go back a 100% but you know be able they're measuring all those things in place or radios and and and things insurance our differences. There's there's talk of significant expenses. Kathy just joining us attorney about the Smart right it's now been moved to January. And if you'd like to get involved if he'd like to know more there is a website for you it is. This marks right or are you must have been done two reality is we don't think it's a bus company hired. All of that won't get you ready money. It's that we wanted to be when I get to keep lessen their and the beautiful island then you're good to celebrate after the event because. And all the different bars restaurants. Are so what does the lifeline grants bond. So about five years ago arm we created words called terms lifeline. And the reason for it is that we take serves seven agencies. But there's a need outside of our immediate area. In Tallahassee and Gainesville and Jacksonville places that haven't are decent that the incidents of HIV they don't necessarily have the support that they can use financially. On their much more conservative towns where it is not as easy to have a conversation. As far more people they've. If if they're minorities were there of you VT Q. That arm out in discussing it parliament and we didn't really mention too much for format that minority communities who has a stigma about it. If you're true markers through Latin. You know they still don't talk a lot of hours a charity and so. You've got this island spread around. And so there's this there's this need in and to get an agency in Jacksonville that the term involvement rising relief. We have a hard time getting people to participate. If it's a twelve hour drive Daryn to. Yeah panics that that's on cancer to get those bind and get this report it doesn't make sense but. There's a definitive needed and we were getting requests for so we decided that we we keep tempers are armed. The money that's raised but it it's like playing pool and then agencies around the country and actually around the around the state of Florida. And then applied during the year for additional funding so we've given. Money anywhere. From 2500 your I think Florida's a sweetheart thousand. Wow this city Borough 20000 dollars or morals of food bank it was a matter after the hurricane they'd lost about 151000 dollars worth of food. We weren't able to provide services. So we're giving them this 1000 dollars worth Zurich for new generator backup system sooners from something like this happens at the ceremony continue to take care. You know there are thousands of armed armed. Clients these forward to testing vans won Fallujah to salute during and are trying to reform over the course vs Florida. I'm so we've had different agencies and the different situations dishing it. Different initiatives receive preference things like that. There were were happy how far and we've given money the world these museum to bring lash or 600 students through the museums now. Little bit about the past and understand more you know everything lecture people about HIV and why it's important did you actually see it. You know it's it and makes it different kind of emotional impact and psychological impact of getting those kids in your altered your for a few more glorious summer change your thinking you know that they'll have a conversation with their friends and against America. It is a lot of our conversation and an half an hour conversation I just have people that you know. They're comfortable with HIV but the. For your having an incidence of those fifty and older getting and you know that it's got to be out there again the message has to go back out again the tricks like recycle. Is it just a couple of years ago on. Narrative. So sure those are trying to get out there it is hard to tell the promise from an author of sort of subsidy to the seniors 65 and older wherever I've. I don't know how we'll get to the lives of your village but how. They couldn't get it is an agency made an arrangement to do it over Christmas so that they can loosen them if they bring their grandchildren. This is important to protect their grandchildren. That you know they agreed to that and so they did a lecture and all the grandparents. To grandchildren. So it to the lecturer and in essence educated they are the elderly wow that is Saturday. Across the generations men and electronics business fees which are going to be we're told I look at Hayward. Okay so down to the nuts and bolts how much is the cost to register sound of. Rose to register and include your overnight housing in the middle keys or your food further risk for the event starting Thursday night are very vigilant and for free. Almost 750 of us and then Armitage served the food breakthrough soon we launched on Saturday. Before closing ceremonies. And and each for each writer is required to raise 12150 dollars. On average they've been raising around 2000 dollars last couple of years arm and in the crew we asked them chew. Do your best to raise an additional funds we would not averaged a million dollars last year for wasn't for a volunteers and prove they're reserve 400000 dollars. So if you don't feel like you can ride this. Distance from universe Miami to Key West you can always be a part of the crew. Absolutely 250 volunteers are crew. Into everything from drug trust it to her and her water and Gatorade they run the rest stops they changed tires warm bicycles. Our cars are and they carry your gear they'll be checked into the hotel on their part of our safety team we have powerful team of cheerleaders. You have arm. That's when he should massage therapist that travel with us the medical team and handles it travels with the event where we're pretty much are moving city over the course of two days. And we're fully supportive of and so we take care of everything community start on the events right through suits against closing ceremonies. Now this is the Smart right we're talking about so you're riding down halfway you stop overnight in marathon and then you're right only down to Key West vineyard down nearby that's that's that's what Friday and Saturday yes answers. OK then you have your ceremonies. And then how do you get back. Yeah. Stuck there forever yeah I can I'm kind of place in the world definite lesson that's pretty good. No you know in the last this before junior has been less thirteen years. That most of we've had to help for seventeen people that couldn't get back everyone's. How has a friend it comes down choose silver was ever closing ceremonies to have a partner or friend or family member that's gonna volunteer on the events. I'm they've got a group of friends that are running together and gets you residency for a couple of days does most of our our writers we'll stay at least through Sunday if not much. Wednesday NASA and the rent a van and split it and bring out our it's fashion or something and then come back here where our second largest group of writers is from upstate. So a lot of animals like our auto render current drive to Miami and apply out of Miami. So last year ridge 23 states represented on the events on we've had people why we should be from London. I'm that is debated journeys on the breakfast. So did they rent a bike. So there's two options they Cameron right there's actually I don't buy store indeed didn't it macular believe it is that. Rents really good price. And so they show what they're. They're defeated received there like this that aren't you got a comfortable in the long run yeah obviously clips they're able they're able bring you can bring it with you they'll install on Hans device features weren't Arnold orientation day and then they will then meet us and q.s are closing ceremonies let's say the fight back. So why your Q question have to worry about it. So that is so we have about fifty bikes fingerprinted and and everyone else would you know. They drive their price down and Carlos Brown's state or the kind of froze as someone won't if they're America ranks as they love their right. They have. Right cases and stuff we have arrangements with are quite shocker and her attorney federal. Disassembled reassembled package if you're right suppose. Wow he thought of everything. Everything we're doing this right. Right right we have just a minute left so any. Passing shots parting thought. I would just say from from an agency perspective though deride this so important to us and we appreciate the support from the entire community. And again if you if you don't think you're right this year contact either the Smart right context for our house on there are training groups a train all year round so we'll take a few weeks off and we'll start up again for 2018 shortly after this your stride died on also we begin if you can't Rodney King could this year go to the Smart right dot org and support the ride you can make a donation directly on the website and that's really important to. Okay. I would agree that it's. If anything that the community can do you know where were opens her you know we don't expect people to do more than they can do possessed you to do what they are doing everything everybody makes a difference. Glenn lies simmer and it's RA and rumpled look and for our house thank you so much for being here that you think you. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests. And do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to do. Light FM. Your life Miami dot com. That's LO IT EF. LYGE. Miami dot com this program was. This isn't Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FMW a YF Miami ever finds Coral Springs.