Holiday Pet Safety / Holiday Shopping Safety

Sunday, December 17th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Jennifer Chatfield about keeping pets safe during the holidays, how to protect them from houseguests, how to talk with kids about animal safety and tips on dealing with a pet emergency. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Miami Police Detective Lee Cowart and Bryant Acevedo, Public Information Officer of the Office of Consumer Protection in Miami Dade, about how to be safe while holiday shopping, from tips on parking to purchasing. 

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one of one point five Slade SL. SH do you want in WLY yes Miami camera phones Coral Springs now here's the latest and community affairs correspondent. Doctor James Hatfield is an amazing veterinarian she's one of these first onsite wind and heat superstar. Ricky. New York she was responsible for helping rescue most of the head that were active. Grounds he broke that only does she have tips for us on what we can do throughout the holidays to keep our pets they. But she's tips on what we can do throughout the year to ensure that our animals have the best life they possibly can. Now in general it is important to keep your pet faith and during the holidays there are a lot of ways they could be in harm's way that you're probably not even aware that for instance a lot of your holiday food. Should not even be given to your patent why is that. Absolutely. The kind of holidays are great time to celebrate and that everyone is Stanley coming and we're eating. The food we all love that have really please let my mom doesn't make your round because they can't afford those calories. That we do need to keep this special I have our pet is based bell although it as well. Pets are not accustomed to eating fat rich food is that we eat so we talk about people food or. Rat people see this sort of thing. That's who we worry about our pets developing. Vomiting. And stomach upset those sorts of things that would be the minimum is wary about. So we wanna be very careful. About that other thing is fat. Just because you do that your family they'd be aware. That that's currency for your pet in need to let your relatives or any Stanley of prince coming to visit be aware that. Is everyone has different ideas of what may or may not be safe for your pet or. Your dog is being really well behavior so they wanna give it to me and so they're intending to do and I staying. And they can create a big problem for your pets by giving estimates that people you'd. Yeah I read that there's a specific kind of sugar free additive that's a really bad for your animal. Yes as the pilots call which is that Rick comment artificial sweetener that people may even baked goods and especially in sugar free coming can be. Can be very quickness has gotten so you have to be very careful what I recommend for people to view it. If if you want you and include your pet and senators celebratory from acting. Or ED. Ceremony at times. It's too busy your veterinarian and get some of food treat. For your pet and that way when we knew sit down to have an at least five acres this year cookies like I'm on they. I can get my head of the pack as well. It they are sharing in something different for the holidays as well. I've recommended that you used odd seats are actually. There's specifically for them rather than trying to determine. Was this in 08 is based acts and is there an additive that Arctic. Don't take that decision on yourself your veterinarian that something's appropriate for your pet and then help and share in your celebration. Now I've also always heard that chocolate is bad is specifically for dogs first is chocolate that's for all animals and why is chocolate bad for animals. So chocolate contains some active ingredients that are actually toxic. And at this week to. Are companion animals we look commonly Stevenson dobbs. Into the impact of but have we don't realize that. I was working at mercy politically because this year and that the without thinking then it was a lovely sort of which. And big donors didn't. Weren't sure what happens they get laughs and got better richer neighbors heard you look at Christmas party. They give him in the dot quickly and there was this big bellied it figured it something they couldn't find any ink is. Think we keep eating all the bits. But they were really sure and and I was sure. And so I had I had the Dodd Barney and cable and all of a sudden that. A little pills. I hear my XP and I don't chocolate. And then that's all I think I know what you got into it could hook eaten and the entire. A ray of chocolate. It had been less. And had so torn up the raping and hidden behind a Catholic couldn't find it. So. That can be very toxic. She's got you wanna be careful. And again and let everyone in the house. If he's saying is that when you have all these different food coming in and in these economic calendar is set them on the table he wasn't Alfred yes. You aware that they don't know it is and find debt and so you want to assist the at night and Atlantic east. Put them away so that. As four podcast. And get up there and have a case. So what should an owner do if an animal does get into one of these things we've discussed store seems to have a big belly and not feeling so good what's the process. What you should do is an owner the first thing you can do which is pretty its call veterinarian. I your veterinarian to the outside business hours on your local emergency clinic. Hate it if it doesn't cost anything to call them. And then you can act profit then they can ask isn't specific questions and maybe help guide you as a general rule. If they need something they shouldn't. If you know what it is takes a package. It's always best to bring the package because then as the veterinarian. You may be able attorney with the credit is on the packet there's more information that I mean need. And that certainly if I have to call appointed control agencies to help guide their treatment and care. And I can answer their questions immediately. And we don't have a delay in providing appropriate here at at the best. Is to wrap up whatever remnants there are what society or the cat ate and head here veterinarian. People go back and forth so they well I just did and you know armed. Is attacked or when that these older remedies that people I used to use. And we actually don't recommend that anymore in and of itself many of those order remedies have proven to be half. So really the best thing to do is is to add contact your veterinarian and it helped let them help you determine. A process that typically that's what it happened at that and when and what they ate. They mayor may not induce vomiting with some substance is we don't want to make it pop. It we have we act that would be counterproductive. They may or may not make a bomb it they may run from leopard in the clinic they made that the month of fluid and intravenous fluids. To help support and all that I didn't make this week is this system. Well they may have to have. Even more significant intervention. So it's there's so many variables if everything that our pets have access could be this is that the best thing to do it took a picture that area. No food it's not the only thing that they won't get into your decorate it could also be a target rate so. Well you've got that right and actually catch the best and funniest actors so different. We you know we have a different critics think they capped or not all dark. Because because they have the different personalities and kind of approach is for the world in general and it's not. So I would I be worried a little bit more about sending this app and Oprah read. Everyone puts out or like and that's at Christmas holidays now. Yeah of gingerbread or and the mint or. Border Ashe night my sister. All of wars. And then we have candle burning vehicles we asked people may have incidents and that sort of thing. All indices closed its hazard or pets in their people. Certainly tapped tapped into really like hopefully. Or elected she want it lately it like it like it says that testing and cabinet. And back and certainly cousin and discomfort that can blistered they're now and that sort of thing. Dobbs it's there is able a lot of a lot of Scott we'll be so excited to see a leader reading their mail and they did not expect handle this burning right over. And then you have a real back. Though he never wanna leave at burning candles with pet as the provision you would have put them a with the tech and re so on the prior page and we'll meet you would be good. And you wanna be careful that book read is not acceptable. If you could agree it is great and it says it's appropriate containers has. There's less related that are. Significant insecurity that cap hit it in few. I would recommend doing that. And you have to be a little bit careful some animals will be. A little bit and the pistons some of those now. And they wanna make sure that is that you would with people in your home make sure they're not than it is of limited the same thing with your pet. You just kind of what to keep an extra eye on that. What are some of the signs if your pet has gotten into something I mean you talked Alec a bloated belly would they feel like large stick with Dave may be be foaming at the mouth I mean what's a sign that they've gone into something. Well that's a bit of a loaded question are we. Just kept it have many different signs. So you are going to be the best barometer for that with your pet. Those. If you come home and you'd think your pet is acting odd. And I'd be defined anyways yeah. Yeah. One of my friends I think act all the time. That she knows that that that is normal behavior. So we went early for any aimed it. And deviate from their normal behavior if they normally beat you that the door. And they did not this time well maybe they were kind of offered their alarm system and did you were home that maybe they felt that. Right so you wanna go and kind of make sure as the big to be lethargic. They may have a bloated belly like I like probably quite a bit of that and in his chat click adventure. They've made not have any of and then dot haven't iron stomach so to speak and say they don't let you know that they have a belly ache and the first thing you'll notice would be a little bit of tool that that is an area. A little bit of vomiting. If they normally are chow hound and they're not really excited about their new and maybe because they got it from me. Certainly that's an issue and not make the special note for our troops could have family coming in from out of town who has kids. And by kids against anybody under the age of bats when he I'm. I was very liberal with that definition anybody entity that 25 and a college head. If they're condoning Aaron and they're gonna spend significant time in your homes. We your pet. It could get a pitch to let them know in kind of engage them as part of the team and taking care of your pet is the holidays. Let's have narrowed it maybe they don't have a Petit home that you know pester funny they like it investigate everything you know little bit careful. You know knee deep down these those sloppy when you eat that Turkey and got things. Because at school at her a little bit of is that as well. So there's some pet. And you can find more information on these sort of F. Also at AV and aid got court. There's lots of information there for pet owners and the best place. I'm sure you don't actually the best place to find help prevent it that you're that you're veterinarian. Event that you they know your pet you can talk directly with them not for their therefore. Aid to help you. Provide the best care you can put that have that you love. Yet we better remember those noses are super sensitive they can smell food unaccounted they can smell it on the floor and I have also read that if you picture. Pets at present and racquet up under the trees air raw hide something. You can smell that and we'll ripped into those boxes to get it Matt did a hazard then is that true. Yeah they do not know it's that's been poor form as he should see. And co Christmas morning though okay thank. And exactly I know folks content there's these cute little. We're Gannett and they're actually god. Streets or Kathleen. And you can put the ornament hook suited to hang them on the GM they're pretty. And then on Christmas Day it into your pets that they can join in with holiday festivities. Pet don't recognize. Normal social. Rule could poke. They think it went back out there it prevents. You need to be careful because then I actually had it took a ride on the Christmas tree. You know they'd be knocked it over. They were looking for that ornament or that they were playing temple which is another pastor for captain especially. And the trio were that was last everywhere can be ordinance shattered. Rock tied for gods they can get so excited they're looking under the treaty if they're making making a mess with other presents under the tree and that you had to be very very careful because stable. Now it from a mile away. Wanna take a moment to stop and re introduce doctor G and tacked field. She is a good friend of mind and an amazing veterinarian. What she's doing is providing tips for us this holiday season when it comes to our pac and what he's that we can make sure they are protected. I mean a lot of us don't think about how they can get into things. Wait easier during the holidays people aren't paying as much attention there's food everywhere there's gas there's thousands and distractions. She's she's getting tips on how we can protect our little Fergie bees also give a good holiday season because we do all love our path. So we talked about wrapping raw hides putting it under the tree how the dogs of all that don't go win on and now you're dealing with the dog who might have eaten something that they just shouldn't have a lot. About how. Some just don't know that you shouldn't do certain things to pets including. The small guess they need in the national youth. They think they're being harmless. So let's talk about those a little bit more. Well a lot of people think that I think it's how stressful can be on the animal to have a whole bunch of new people in your house what are some ways that we can help maybe ease that panic. Yeah it it is. I know I used the threat from my Iran for content whether it was for a holiday or not perfect. Currently. Even a well socialized pets. Is going to be aware that there's something new happening and if you have good owner are experiencing anxiety. Even if it Aaron. You know excitement. At that pet may interpret that as anxiety and Bain made feel that from you as well. So you wanna be a little bit aware of that. And if your pet is sensitive to those sorts of things. You want excuse creative pray for them in your home where they can be away. Where they can be comfortable. Out worried about extra people though it. If your pet is used or bedroom or against and treated over after something like this and be you have their bed in there. They're they're always taking go in the afternoon and they can be away for. And that yes and you want to let the death and that is well. I know a lot of times they're well in pension they're you're visiting they haven't seen any of you including your pet food they love like their own. In the end a long time. That pets need a break here and there they need to have received it should they get a break and use hander back. Especially during parties and whatnot I mean you and Richard dongle wagering on the holiday festivities this year. I mean I. I actually recommend for most clients that if you're gonna have a party so we're not touching that kept coming they necessarily bad. You know the neighborhood party curve where the holidays that or you know the opposite party may be good because in your home. I'd actually recommend it. You either remove your pet totally by having them in. What room about how. And it's sad and went over the house is in his best start to a rise. Or used it in two of relatives homes that may be in town live for that evening. Or board then act your veterinarian or that evening. Until the next morning. So that there's no chance that someone can make from the state. Because I think that people will be very well intentioned. And they may not recognize if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach you know in and they give them a little piece of Turkey are a little pieces that elect says. That coupled with the anxiety may be enough. You. A couple of vomiting Adam and yet that situation. You may wanna consider that happens especially. How don't adjust well to change in general and fairly big ready to the people coming into their home. Mean not handled well so you're not as analyzing your pet when you put them in their own state. And kind of give them away UEFA firm. Yes it may not familiar with yes I recommend having at that they made that ago. You know we've talked about dogs and cats but these rules apply for all animals and being here in South Florida people had everything from on Qantas to Bonnie from birds so are there any other specific rules for those kinds of pets. Well I may yet and that actually I'm for the idea that an and I can't believe that. I can bring it up a pretty you know my background and I don't discriminate they take care of all the creatures. But it goes tests you've been forced. Is it possible for those rules to apply. So look spoke differently attacking cat we have kind of a general idea of what accidental it after that every so often we might make a mistake. That's an iguana. Or a couple. Of funny that this. Not everyone is as familiar with the here that they require or what dangers exist for them what is hazardous or toxic. So it is bad. From most of those guys that they not be kind of the center of the party in the life of the party. I lid I would restrict is. And supervised access if those animals during a party. Or during. Visiting it if you have in the commit and it covers it with you I would just be a little bit cost as little bit more cautious with them. Because most people are not as readily aware of what may pose a hazard is that. And speaking on that you brought up the good point when I was reading I knew earlier that pets as gifts isn't necessarily a good thing this time of the year and that kind of ties in case you don't know who's somebody can take care of what they like the most. But what of the real reasons that she should not give a pet as a gift this year. Well and it. You know it is true that you. Perhaps I think I mean really would like differences I have the next few years old and he love all animals I mean he's just executed our. I've held my brother out and it can be the next and the next step but an area. But I don't live with him. I don't live with and I don't live in his home I don't know with his daily activities are I don't know with his family daily activities are. And so. Even though I really really would like to give him a border colleagues happy because I love Border Collie and it would just be a perfect match for him that he grew up with a buddy. That's not a good night yes. Even though you know and Jen is the veterinarian is not a good idea I should I give and that pet. I don't know way he may or may not be capable of taking care of so. It's a big commitment. Having that had and that's the commitment that you should make yourself rather then the making for somebody else. Oh because you have to remember and I think cap in particular they can live anywhere from. And 151617. Years now for a long time. So it's very difficult it is a yes it requires that level of air chief of land or fifteen years. Because it's hard for even they at a at stations make that determination. Now. There are some things you can do in the back. Infuse you know if you if you think they're interested in the head and you would like to encourage back. And use can certainly go with than he did maybe added her Christmas present you what it hate and we used to a shelter. Health and pick out. An animal that needs the home Hewitt hate them and you. They're readers column have a look at the puppies are kept. Yeah they do that I think that. In that it up with a better yet as a lovely experience that you. They get to know the animals that they really get an idea. It really want. I would suggest that. Again taking some time to talk with doctor Jan tack build out leaking keep our Fergie EC this polity theme then and definitely avoid any extra expenses flaky Johnny into that bill. Most common questions you're asked about pet safety what does everybody come in wanna know about. The chocolate weather is pretty common. And bit bit then the next the next question is you know what's the most common thing that is the holidays. And the most common thing that I universe and the clinic is as you know a person can then and and that you. Either there's the dog. A definite. And you know babies so a lab agreed that to be refit it with this is eight gregarious nature is very excited attitude. And it can bit in his era of town and is headed down in his ears are down. And they see you know what brings you here today and the owner says I'm not really sure. And they look at this guy did I say what did you eat. Yeah. Speaking of him so frequently is something that big fat in its. And it's so funny because it seemed as if they know could be hanging their heads down and they'd say I go but it smelled so good dot com. Don't that. But that's that's probably the most common thing that that I. Now the eight VE NA dot org that's where listeners can get more information and other tips on pet safety for the holiday season. Absolutely the American but it medical association. Has a lot of information and resources for. Owners are folks who are thinking about becoming a pet owner. That's sort of thing Laura spoke of little kids no kids if you are he has had in your home. There is just a plethora of information available to help you could feed and pet owner you can be. And I think that's what we all of you are there when I go to work every day at the veterinarian. My job is to help you to take the best care possible if you're pat. And there's lots of information there everything that I still wanna encourage them to do it and get in touch with you or that area. They say no all these. And ethnic and therefore. Is to help you so if you have further questions beyond what's available Avian they've left I. Call your local veterinarian make an appointment the complication may be with and and you know. Bill certainly help you determine what is safe place that's safe. And and help you become a very very good. They've given us a wealth of information this morning let like Tim and all my conversations by asking what you think the three most important things are people should take away from this conversation. That really important things aren't the first most important thing is. You'd have to refresh your pet. Almost at all time. Kate don't forget they cannot always look at themselves. And so I would say the number one Pena and maybe that there you also I can do that can do that actually connect one to be the same thing. K and it's it's that important. It is one in Q because because we forget that this is a like exit that puppy stage everything opposite sort of they're their grip and I don't know not to drag. Backbone to edit the task as acrobat. I don't know they don't feel. And used to providing them also because a lot of times. Will be job. And there form of communication between the hours. So if you have little kids through here folks aren't comfortable with you're not invading your god is not media dogs they might make in the states. And neck at this has so many repercussions for the humans involved as well for the job and so. Amber went into. To take leave from this that people ventured out belly during the holidays but it all packed. And the number three ink it take away from this is caught your family back if you're ever in doubt. Quite a family that that's what they're there floor and they are there so if you're not sure if given medical problems. And oh you bet. Maybe they can help you determine that they need to bring them EnerNOC if it's something that can wait all your veterinarian expenses and they're there or you. OJ and you've been such a pleasure to speak with today thank you so much for coming on and sharing all this information. Think that they really appreciate the opportunity because hey I'd like pat. Let's keep them safe. That's really. Dreading do you have a happy holiday. And thanks again for coming on and sharing these tips about how we can keep our animals safe the polity season. I know our Fergie is are very important to all of us and not only use these tips just for the rest of the holidays but continues throughout the year. I definitely didn't think about. Wrapping the animals gifts and how they can get into that and through stockings or paper and that could obviously cause some major problems to thank you again for coming on and talking with us. You're here in South Florida spotlight on 101 point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Garten. When we're all out holiday shopping sometimes we are not as focused as we should be on our safety most crime is preventable. We're gonna talk about what we can do to keep ourselves safe. Things we should be doing it any time of the year really with us Miami Dade police detective leak power it. And Bryant Acevedo public information officer of the office of consumer protection from the department of regulatory and economic resources business affairs division home and her excellent title. Thank you so much for joining us a decade ago thank you your. Are it's let's go over some of the basics that some people probably forget when they're out and about. Some do's and don'ts when your best tomorrow. While when the deceptively to go first or summer sure if look less. Think of ourselves is driving to the mall I felt so right here when you're in your core and keep your doors locked. Few words your surroundings be vigilant as we say in law enforcement. Some very very simple things don't cost doesn't cost any money whatsoever. But it crimes and criminals or. Crimes of opportunity. So take that opportunity away from the criminals. So when you're driving to the mall okay. Interest if you were to show remnants. Do you Wear when you stop at a traffic quite as you said earlier deal these are things we should do every day. It's just there's more people looking to take advantage of us MB Qaeda branches during the holiday season. So all these fish are probably good to use 365. This year. I think what happens is people forget it and they're hurry need to sit on it you know. Thankfully my car when you take affix it locks on them into the right to do that you're all locked it for. Some of the older models they don't and it's so be off your phone. And that would be yes that's the issue right off the bat right there and get your busy looking down and correct correct obviously don't text and drive. I'll launch you get to the mall. Who were all looking for the space closest to the optimal. Now of course we are worse. And and that's probably really good advice to protect yourself from being a victim of a crime as well she. So par is closer she can't animal. If you can't and and this Saturday at it at the minimal security and indeed counting you probably can't so the next thing I would look at is. Pick a spot it's not next to me via the street truck or a large trucks something that's gonna obstructing your view well look I don't. Truck or something that they exactly. Even even a horror was darkly tinted windows I don't know that I would pull up in the middle of the night and into next to a car like that because I can see what's would send their remember be vigilant. Be prepared no B word your surroundings. Balloon Bryant hello little quote perfect perfect. Suggestion. Pick a spot that's wal Litton to spot that's wal traveled if you feel uncomfortable. To take the spot. Just drive round in two units that extra five minutes should listen to your dad he. Do you alt always the law enforcement officers when I was training. Uniformed officers we always say. Listen to your gut that's the same thing I would advise my family and our radio listener friends. Once you get there to the mall. All of the major malls today. Have security. All the major malls the Miami Dade police department are collaborative. Friends and law enforcement. The city of Miami city Miami Beach if Federer. All of those. I'll offices. Have extra patrols on scheduled pawn for this holiday seasons OK so if you see something. There and win two weeks we say this all the time now if you see something say something but it couldn't be more true with what we're talking about the tips. So feces and rumors have made us a little shady yourself and or you're not sure he's feeling uncomfortable just go find. I'm an officer absolutely or better yet keep those doors locked. And called police department we would much rather respond to something like that. In May be even identified. This worst that make shoe on comparable. And then we can identify and maybe maybe it's nothing hopefully it is nothing. But in the maybe one out of a hundred chance that it is something. Maybe we can nip that in the boat before it becomes you know much more serious and last but not least. I'm talking about to begin getting to the park is going to mom and you know if you're if you're uncomfortable. I suggest it it's a lot more fun anyways my suggestion. Do this whole shopping trip with friends. Don't go by yourself again you know have your friends. Have somebody with you in if you can't do that. Asked the law enforcement officer you see in the park on Haiti might keep an eye on me just ask the security guard. The same question Haiti mine too keeping an army from one I go for my vehicle to look to the mall in the amateur suggests the same thing. On the way out of normal. How absolutely I would agree on the island. And I think about you know if you held yourself somewhere you walk into your car but it doesn't entity and again because a cell phone calling you know in the so quickly your purse for your gifts to get snatched by the time you get somebody to come see you on your phone its again. Feel it's it's it's a really good point though. Keep all the money do you anticipate using. Have only in. A couple of credit cards I would prove personally prefer not to use my debit card. In situations like that. Because that's immediate that immediately to your bank accounts of somebody includes access to write correctly to your bank account you have less protections consumer protections here. We're covering an area with Brian hood. But Gail you mentioned your phone and yes keep your phone in your hand. In case in your purse. And and I even suggest not even curing a Porsche. I suggest carrying out of billfold or some type a wall it with water to credit cards picture ID. He keep your cellphone in your hand. Even bring up the and I hate to sound like a grinch during the seasonal and a Marxist maybe an alarmist but. But you know these these are all tips. To how to keep yourself safe sure keep your cellphone in your hand bunker bring up the 911. Emergency button. Then that way. You referred to your your fumbling around here. Poll do you have your phone fallen and you have a brought up to the 911 emergency future. You're talking about to press one button and end any even if you can't speak. That call goes drew true or 9/11 call summer. In their immediately recording called there immediately trying to. Locating find out where yeah exactly. Exactly. OK so those are good tennis and that's just getting to the mall we haven't talked about going in are coming back out again. It's funny to be less than. That's right as far as exactly so when you get to the mall. And then becomes something totally different and and we had that detectives here to streets in unison criminal side of things and I'm here to speak to the consumer protection more than civil side of things. So when you get to the mall we we always suggests and and the detective already said he if you can help it he's a credit card minutia the he's a credit card they come with actual security features. That your debit card do not and does not have a and then at the end of the day it's not connected to anything. If your debit card is compromised and that number that sell well hey if they have access to your bank account now. Perez your credit card they don't have access to anything and that let us and O two credit cards have more security features. He would likely get a phone call from someone if the purchases out of the ordinary. So credit cards much smarter way to shop whether in person or online. If your dad who figured if you're an online shopping type with channel a lot of us are nowadays there's online shopping type event you better usury credit card. You better usually critical that we only suggests that don't Carden not ideal for this time of year or these kind of saw. Sean I credit cards online has been replaced twice now because of fraudulent charges somebody got hold of the number of whether they were guessing. For when they got it from a gas station and we're not sure that I am at this happened and thank goodness they call me if it were referred to replacing a new numbers and boom you're done. It happens all the time yeah unfortunately I am an American myself and I got should be a minimum three times out of gas Sanwa bank has called and told me that all we us and foreign purchases on their credit cards more than a go ahead and closed that down. And send you are and who want to. And luckily you know and the charges oral he's declined and lose anything but it's it's inconvenient. Isn't convenient that's also a scary to think okay what more damage could have done had they not content stopped it exactly as. Don't give your card to anybody. That there are new credit card readers the ones that you ensure there's a part as opposed to swipe your card those are much much safer than you'll. Our magnetic strip where you strike a swipe your card. Okay why the strike is easier to this wiper is easier than. Steel correct I think it was swiping swiping and that's from door nevermind those. I think that it suits definitely have more security features than Muslim regulars like the color yes so I think it I remind you should cut production data what else would you suggest. Well like the decision already mentioned he's dissing Kerry only what you need there and you know these these big purses and and things of that nature that these extra attention. And if somebody's going to try and steal something from you that's beyond this is the first thing is probably going to be a person got that big thing and I he has water and then wallet. Glasses and tissues in men say you know yes and and an Indy but they're they're hoping to find the fire is tatters when he looks that you have at the bottom of it and that's all they can find split at the end of the day it is easier to just go to the mall essentially going from almost always without a purse. And you know have a swan travel coach would just the cash. Definitely identification. Only should only be carrying identification with you put your on the credit card you're gonna use or the necessary cash. On the if you are a cash offer which we don't this rare these days. Fans probably don't recommend rates we don't buy it there're still some people who that that's what they're costs until and if you're gonna do it fine play. Just be aware that it it's not the safest way to show so I guess your at this for your actually recommending Fanny packs are now. We don't like calmness and yeah mutilated and other things casually we just call them you know security conscious is I believe okay. K interview where are you aware since we're talking about this one pick pockets. Removed leaving her excellent boxes are still around my house I feel this crime matter. Athlete and obviously you're a much greater probability. Of being a victim. Weren't there and congested and crowded area. Like small spray like Russia. It's just all around and if you can have a purse keep it clutch you know close to your body. That'll prevent. Strong our overall performer on embodying and and snatch marine she again pulling out now restaurant. You know I don't hang your purse over the over the table just. Of course nobody wants to put on the floor and and you. Yeah. Like a suggested earlier don't carry a purse when you go to normal. You know put everything in your front pockets not your back pocket if you have a backpack. We're the backpack. On the front of your person and not on traditionally on your back if you're asking for two to. Yeah victim had an active interest in there and that the the package right that I could you know it's probably interesting to bring up we recently. The draft one poorest. Kicked offer our crime initiative holiday package. Where we announced to go with with other law enforcement agencies. What we were. Trying to accomplish during the the holiday season. Increase patrols. All those type of thing sir. But one of the things we had fun with after. This presentation to the media and to the public we actually went adult. In loyal local malls and we. Identified ourselves. And we approach the people that it Joe's part and this is it in the middle of the day 12 o'clock in the afternoon and we have approached everybody identified ourselves as detectives from Miami Dade police department and we asked them. Did you leave any valuables in plain sight in your vehicles. And I think. We we interviewed for different people than. And I believe all four of them said no there's nothing in my car that anybody can see for me out out outside the vehicle. Then we asked. Did you lock your car in did you set the alarm. Golf course. If in fact they were almost incredulous that we would even ask that such questions. In what do you think out of four people. That we the energy industry is Brandon irons and how are probably didn't want their guys three out of four in her locker core. And only ever got they got there they thought they did. All of thought that they did all the main answer in the affirmative yes I blocked by car no there's nothing in my car. This year everything comes to my mind is not just to establish somebody could be creeping up they're waiting for me to get the car that's what scares me the most. That's probably the most. Frequent golf balls are burglaries and thefts or just flip open door handles and insane what's in the core. I I was a victim I was in Chicago and say I was a bit on that not only is like my car door always always and once on that effort that. I came back and and luckily I'm one of those few that doesn't keep valuables in my car but I I noticed that someone was inside my car that you tell surroundings and moved around the country I think. And that did that change grows and do and I think that was only needs when he sends scenario is that it was it was just that kind of scenario is somebody that I went around the neighborhood checking -- candidacy which was over. And mine just happens to be open. But on you know what what we mentioned earlier locking your door your part of That's Hollywood and easy things that you can do. To fend off any potential attack it and she unity yourself and your belongings and saw. I know there's been a spate of the library where I live in and we all have cameras now hooked up. Well I heard it and it broke buying little cameras so that we can see your point it on my car you can see. Alan it's triggered my accurate and pork Mormon is Katherine keeps coming by every night 8 o'clock. But it's saving me because there's several people that we knows motion activated yeah. Yeah and there have been people in their cabin break ins and simply because they didn't lock your car they just east kids like this. Also we're in Stacey gets seated there. So locker corridor is an easy thing you can do so. That that's one of the best tips and we could give. Credit cards that's just seems so simple but yet I think the best thing that we could remind someone is double check when you leave your car you think you'll luck it. Check again he's got I think that would be the best thing is if he's in you didn't what's gonna happen. It is kind of confusing you talk about new technology. It is kind of confusion with the followed suit you know whether it's automatically locking your door for automatically opening your door and then you walk away is a block it is a not a lie if you go back there is gonna unlock it. I just unlock it and how exactly which way with the right hand and make. From what is now now's the time as any says that no. Your car to get familiar with it Garland they're not wanting to California for example my car and you know I have my arms to doesn't slow it's not all is not one of the newer vehicle does not -- all but. My car does not like until. It does not. I can walk away and the car will remain unlocked until I actually push button. And pocket. You must only locks when I pull away when you hit like ten miles an hour then at the yeah if I don't like and it's not going to this is remembered and greatly handle on which way if it is K in my locker. Hurry so I guess we're in the mom we've got to avoid pick pockets got to keep our purses zips if we're gonna bring on that really don't bring. Okay what else for reminds technologies folks which is everyone nowadays be careful of public Wi-Fi. OK if you're going to use Wi-Fi in the mall Wi-Fi and the mall is not much like the airport is is free but it's published. So before you hop on this Wi-Fi decided to some online banking you might want to think twice before you do any big purchases. In the mall you know. Somebody might be sitting around me you know they're they're fan league you know people split up and sometimes they might need of food quarter Sunday you're waiting there you're gonna go right to make a purchase. Think twice your own public Wi-Fi. I'm public Wi-Fi and I need to get into their definitely Wi-Fi hackers out there please watch out for those. This happens and stealing information of phone any sensitive and talent information can be taken to compromise so it's a risk you just don't wanna take. So if it again if you're in a public space. Airport. You know shopping mall please. Don't use that you use the public why five to just be careful when you're making you know he purchases. Her checking your our bank account online on a lot of people like to do that this is shopping holiday season so. Yeah now I haven't heard that but okay. Topsy. Good good good advice I can ask him eighties hit about an imam before we move on to leaving the mall and how to be safe when we do that. Well from the consumer protections that I will say that all once you are. Buying purchases please we saying keep all your receipts OK please keep all your receipts and this is just you know dark. Consumer safety. And protection keyboard your receipts in case of something you wanna return. And of these via a noticeable of any warranties or our own and our return policies. A lot of times you might you buy something it might be a final sale there is no coming back after Christmas so be aware of that. Okay because it might be written on the back of the receipt some people they just think the receipt thrown in the bag they don't look at its price. So please be aware of these things because these things then become a problem in January when we wouldn't you know back to them once they call those returns for. It's as though you know so please be aware of all of those things. And please keep your receipts and is there is. One thing that I want listeners who remember please keep your receipts because. Without any. Without any proof of the transaction. It is hard for the office of consumer protection to do its job in case you have a claim. Okay itself and we do take on credit card statements and doing things as well but there's nothing beats a receipt severe duty to receive or don't athletes are. Remember that receipts. OK let us. We. I'm trying to I don't wanna sound redundant OK but. Be aware of your surroundings. Both inside the mall we talked about getting to the mall and now you're in the mall. You're more where's your surroundings. We've discussed a lot of the load tech crimes stick connect curve. Both outside the mall inside the mall but there're some more sophisticated. Scams. This is the time for scams and this is the time for fraud. For example the fusion and ATM machine and take only the money that you need don't count it at the ATM. Make sure that the eighteen Amazon no world traveled wall live location we're talking about credit cards and debit cards. When you insert a quarter before you insert the card. Actually the slot if you can visualize what I'm saying the slot where you stick the card and you take a Tug on the junior collect. See if it's part of the bank's ATM. Or fruits. An add on. Item because some of these I've seen look just like the real thing via the spammers to skiing immersed. So you enter your record and now now they have your number. It ended in the again. I can't totally they'd look truths like the real deal so I. And some of them they stick out a little bit nonlife feared and they kind of think I'm nuts because I go to the gas is present and happened to me so I'm like trying to Fulham and every other than what's currently doing the magazine. Is that part of it or not you can't tell and I have no strings them. But this of the. Seattle once again if if if you really paying attention from. You can tell. The electronics can immerse them that's internal that's not so definitely can tell. Since we're talking about a gas station that would be the same with an ATM shirt look at the machine itself. See if it looks like it's been tampered with. There was a scam years ago. That they actually put an 18 am looking device over the entire ATM machine or deposit bank deposits. Absolutely you really pay attention. Again to your surroundings. And you don't take a gentle like your saying Whittle it pull me. If it doesn't look right. Move onto the next one if you see somebody. You know around that it area. I I would wait and Tallulah you know. Putting until yeah there's an extraordinary and other wouldn't try it drives through a mile an hour. There are more sophisticated. Crumbles. Particularly during this time of the season and they're usually associated with. High value. High priced items. There there's various. Versions of this from both. You don't know ensure restorers high end electronics. Items such as those. There may be somebody watching. It if you buy two or three and we have a lot of visitors from from other locations from other countries from other parts of the world and the access to this market is this tremendous sometimes compared to where they may be from so. We're Zhu and I would not necessarily go out and buy five laptop computers. Somebody from someplace else that's taken him back to it took their whole thing I'll may actually in fact by five laptop computers. And I see now people like I and they shopping with luggage. And they're putting everything together they're going battles. Cores and fit in the criminal moos yes that that. And I guess a lot of the ash is absolutely. So we're gonna get our insurer can logically to when you leave the mall we Madigan and acrid and the yeah at least I'm not even what your animal yeah you know pay attention to your surroundings. If you have a high end. Jewelry store future deal with from high end electronics. Place that Baghdad. Everybody loves and I hate to plug some brief but everybody loves to Bluetooth and he's actually for example. It's prestige Stadler jury bag you know. With the Bluetooth and he's logo on it. But I would put frankly I would put that in another bag. Something that some brown bag communion in incense we are running short on time thing and I had a blast doing this. Since we're running short on time. All of these my major malls Pavel location where you can check your your your purchases. I let my it. It sometimes had a bit of news in the I. That's great so. You can take those thing in get a receipt and they store and secure for your Seward you're out to dinner or you're doing other shopping. It that item is safe. And then you pick it up. And then when you go out your core I would even ask the same thing I recommended on the way and for sure on the way out what I hear how can loan. Any idea full all your Christmas there's so you're gonna take back home with yeah yeah. I would ask security or law enforcement officer to watch usually do your core. Job. That sounds great and I was just thinking of course if you're checking it then that's where the that he had the criminal's gonna. Look at the dispute comes after getting so that's the difference is you're going straight to your corner factly and ask somebody at all with you yeah you go all. Now what about you want a strong following new home. That happens and end we suggest. Again. And be aware of your surroundings and indeed vigilant if you're driving home. I I do this every night not just because of the job our men but I do this every night. I look in my rearview mirror as much as I look confirming. Look in my rear view mirror if there's somebody there even appears to be follow me wanna tickets in my neighborhood. Then the danger zone is from your horror chew your house. Especially at night right right if it's not only did it I don't do a little while lit area. I would call police immediately. Go to the whole local. In a supermarket. Strip shopping center or someplace where there's other people some place works well lit if we're talking at night. Then I would call police car. Again. When it's just when I get home and be safe to that you're thinking you've got to get out your card if there's somebody follow me that's not the thing. There and and if you do it beyond that point were you can. Continue on and not take the bad guys to your house. Then I would suggest. The same thing dial 911. Lock your doors maybe even activate if if possible if you have a horror or activity that car alarm. Keep your lights on keep your windows rolled love your sun roof closed and secure yourself the best you can share and and dial 911. Connect. I think about distracted by the nearest police station but substitute. That we're at an excellent excellent excellent. I know where it is in my neighborhood that's and I think fire stations don't yeah people do you know we've been no lows load local fire station and having local police station. So okay so that's good so if you think somebody's Conning and where your surroundings in terms of we only have a few minutes left what would you say would be the number one thing to do. Well I would say as far as shopping is concerned. Pleases credit card. RA he gonna do an aids is the best advice I can just wants these credit card. RA and again as far as shopping please hold onto your receipts if if you need to make a claim it's gonna be the easiest way to do it if you haven't receives I can begin to tell you. How many can we try and we can claim. Or make a complaint and then they don't have any documentation backing them up so please hold on to receipts too easy easy credit card. And on just again be careful with your surroundings that I and we said that a lot today but it really is important bears repeating. Yes then you be careful with your surroundings put on. As far as you know they'll go consumer protection consumer safety side. Please watch out for Wi-Fi hackers use credit cards and please keep all your receipts. 01 more thing I'm sorry because I know this is a lot of people like. To take the easy way out quote unquote advise you gift cards right yes so I want people to know if you're buying gift cards this season. Please inspect them to make sure that the pin number on them. Has not been. Rubbed off nowadays every gift card has a pin number when you go to activity when UConn actually the back as for that pin number. And if it's it's kind of scratch off almost like the lottery so you have to scratch off with something. So if that has already been compromised if it's already been scratched off get another one. Because odds are that might have already been compromised somebody has recorded that number Federer waiting for you'd activated. And so that they can then take the funds also takes. Or are we had instances where. New cards are replaced with old cards that have already been trained to use yes and so then when you buy that car in the when you activated the funds go to the Karzai has since been replaced the one that is in the hands. Of the seats. Wow Tony Blair's own cars and partisanship and aren't there usually have people like us get on social please be careful with the parts. Okay well we have ten seconds left so I can say thank you so much for joining us. Allegedly carried and brain conservator of manatee county's public information and consumer protection office on consumer protection unless something Q. Thank you yeah. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them too late SM. Light Miami dot com. That's LO IT ES. LIN GE Miami. This season Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FM WL I asked.