Holiday Bowchickabowow

Wednesday, December 27th

Holidays + 9 months = babies. Libby and Kimba are sensing a theme here. 

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Became I don't know what you're sending girl well I just love science that's what it is now is that a sign that it's it it's science fact is why all these babies are born in September and Blair asked. Him. That nine months before that right around Christmas. And if the were enjoying themselves and apparently com signs one to get to the bottom of it they thought that you know I guess the upon new DC and the bottom of it. On December insists she read the nights are long Aaron Willie here on our days there you go of the knights are still longer so there's more time. And they assume that that's why but the they found out to I guess student like searches. Noticing what searches are cross the world that there's spikes in baby's nine months after every major holiday has nothing to do with seasons so fat and the different country would celebrated bee colony and June then. Light February and demons they're being more days and they found this out how loud they don't know why I know why you feel like right Kimball. And actually do know this to teacher because there are eight. The babies that were born in November. Which is Valentine's Day. Golf course. I'm one of them. It is yes so they're finding that also Twitter is correlating that somehow in this as well they found that searches actually does Google search is period around these times but while not just foreign. But this information about that it's not just report not seeks to. It's in now it. Com but not just that but searching you know different men methods of contraception on different information gorging may be he called to do things there are find things that we just don't find things. Oh boy and Twitter apparently also is paying and some in the article. It's when people. Tweet about feeling comfortable feeling relaxed. Those types of things I guess mark Colbert or her fine yeah I'm grant you get down on relaxed back to right so at at at at a code word for Kevin did it big boy or you know. And girl whatever replies. Burt. Twitter do me a favor and start tweet a lot is up about the comfort and big acts and feeling UE one you just start tweeting and posting that era I scrap its Internet but the mood. Catholics a desperate time Holliday who could. Him and now we're not kidding year. Gingerbread man and it. Yeah like Harry snowman. Do you video but he had an air you can seniors. And I have being you know he knew to a one. No kidding here more of kemba and the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. He dot com.