Here Comes the Judge(ment)

Friday, October 13th

So much judging. So little knowledge of circumstance. We really need to stop it. Now. 


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The UK this is. Here's a some time into my sixties really. The story itself and the current climates. And trampling it is that Colorado airport. Takes a picture. A woman who was saying she was looking at her phone as people often do an airplane these days them terminal via her infant child was on the floor blanket. But on the carpet at park for a baby let Amy it's not badly in but he takes the picture. Obama and the caption is Albert Einstein's that I feared the day that technology will take our on our humanity the world will be populated by generation of idiots. Learn brutal nasty to each. Ouch first problem I have before we get to what happened after that and really try hard not to use even though it's ol' flip contending. Yeah take pictures of people and they don't know yeah you know I years and years ago I posted a picture of the man who had the most beautiful. Hair it was unusual. And some semi message was like you know you don't know really think about that this kind of his cyber bullying even though you don't know this person and I wasn't really like making fun of him however was planning on his like. You know different names I guess I am so yeah that's something that would be you know we go public think about but. It's really not cool against is he. Pictures that feel about that knowing. He happens all the time I islands and I was going to post nine is how I like that yeah yeah. Some I got passive and do one other thing you know like Frye she's wont know. That I've done this and it's just not cool it's it's very much invasion of privacy whether everyone does or not it is an invasion of another's privacy right and sometimes like in this case the person does find out that you did this because this goes viral this picture it goes viral because the babies on the floor in an airport and I this guy -- that calls aren't idiot can she's looking at her phone. Yeah people are all over her I think what persons and is she didn't deserve to have key it all yet bowl people get mad at high Internet trolls are it's amazing what kind of power computer anonymity and I feel like they have so she actually ended up an agreement to today's show. This mana. Is she says what you don't know is that her flights have been delayed for almost an entire day twenty hours yes by the way she's with a two month old so yes it tiny babies she's with from posted today had been in the carrier for many many hours that my arms were tired she needed to stretch. And the whole reason that she was looking at herself on at that moment she'd have to explain any of this show anybody right however act was that you're trying to communicate with her family wondering where the heck she'd been and Zocor and I'd somebody might have to communicate while they're in the airport and can't hold the baby at the same time. Just. I don't know a lot Jamont shaming is are you kidding me are ready really with it and I guess it's easier to do now that we have social media. But you know just fact that everybody knows. More about your own life in you do so they're better at making decisions for you that whole thing now is driving me crazy we're all. Know what Els too judgmental without knowing do I sound judgment are now because I am I being against her did judging for Jack Ingram judging suggestions for trying to sell people that stopped the judging because it's not healthy. And I'm Johnny did say you know not Sarah all you're taking it literally is split second snapped up the somebody's life and deciding. In no without enough information. And then I'll I happened to be looking. On the at home this earrings 'cause they're going to be at our family expo. Yes and she did this entire blog aaron's hearing about how she breast fed in secrecy because she. Breast fed longer than most people think is acceptable. And not just breast feeding in general so she lied about it said she stopped when she released. He didn't arrest he wasn't doing it when she actually was because she said she felt shamed into being silent about it. Wow and then that makes sense I get it. I get it I got a year old everyone wants you to do it at least for a year and then all of a sudden it's like done. Move it along you know and there's a lot of there's a growing community of its really believes in letting kids take their time so I get that another one this happened to Hillary Duff. And Olivia Wilde both recently have been strolled and chastised because both of them. At recently. Kissed their children on the mouth owl it's and that wonderful they're tiny kids even still they are your children like just people are putting. On the same with the breast meeting Tuesday sexual ice things that aren't sex allies you can't. Do anything I mean I applaud these celebrities who put their lives out there. You know because they just really opened themselves up for just. Do you really crushed under a lot of how we're always what do that was reversed and a father Reese kissing their daughter. Here's at my downloads now. Yeah and fat super bright as you know what I'd give anything in this earth for my dad demeanor and gitmo battle smacked on the mouth sound editing and if people find that dirty. Rights are you kidding me you know pound from the picture also from even watching it for twenty years you may not know the whole story about you know friend or something so. Stopped judge seeing him hitting me feed your baby. That's your month old stretch what else there I said I'd take pictures of other well food in until next. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. Any dot com.