Heart Health Pt. 2 / Baynanza Cleanup

Sunday, April 16th

In segment 1, Ashley continues her conversation with cardiologist Dr. David Perloff, discussing what steps you should take if your heart is already in a weakened state, food and exercise beneficial to your heart, and questions you should ask your doctor.  In segment 2, Gayle chats with Joy Klein, Miami-Dade County Environmental Resources Project Supervisor, about Baynanza, the County's 35th annual effort to clean up Biscayne Bay and other County parks, scheduled for Earth Day, April 22nd.


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I'm just South Florida spotlight on one or one point five flight FM. FHD woman WLY yes Miami camera phones Coral Springs now here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley. He we have part two of our heart healthy interview that we talked about how there are not necessarily any. There's up when. Exercise. Making she. Track your cholesterol and blood pressure easy things that you can kind of look out for. But what if your hurt is already very weak as we have this conversation and what are signs of a heart attack in men and then signs of a heart attack in women. So here put up a really great point here men and women and present. Quite a bit differently. With their heart disease. On the first of all men it sort of tend to have more classical symptoms so they'll have eight. Just comfort. In. Center of their chests sometimes and there are. Like sort of in the upper stomach area. Armed and it tends to be pressure light discomfort. Are classically comes on when they exert themselves and goes away at rest. And it's associated with shortness of breath and sometimes some nausea. And sometimes will radiate down into their left arm or into their neck or jaw. And on somebody who comes in with symptoms like that that to me his heart disease until proven otherwise truly. But women we know our tend to present a little bit differently the other people that tend to present a little differently are tied it acts. Diabetics get what's called neuropathy meaning that they're nerves don't transmit. Sensation normally. So they may just come in which a little bit shortness of breath. Well they may commune with kind of an odd. Pinching sensation or arm I've had people present with indigestion that ends up being heart disease. And that's sort of classic of of a woman or diabetic 2% that way. And so we always have to be very very cognizant can tell you variation Soria head went and had a fire fighter. So who was complaining of shoulder and he is well before he saw me. He's complaining of shoulder pain any city fraternal going to fight the fire and get this horrible shoulder pain. So he went so far as to call interview with the PST orthopedic stitch shoulder surgery on him. We got through this shoulder surgery finally went back to firefighting. And continued to have shoulder pain. And one day we had a heart attack during is during fighting a fire and that's how we ended up on my doorstep that's as I. And it won't be old I told in the shoulder pain you've been having has nothing to do with your shoulder. It's all a hard time. So. So the problem is that heart disease can presented in various ways they can be a little bit. Tricky sometimes so it's always a good idea. If you have something that you think might be related to that to get into your physician and have them evaluate chew appropriately. What do people often confuse heart attack symptoms wit. So. It's done usually going to be indigestion is is one of the big ones the can only tell you how many times I've seen that it. What it comes down to the difference between. These somatic nervous system. And the visceral nervous system okay so so let me explain. You're your peripheral nervous system readers of that nervous system that he'd like for example your arms if you close your eyes and I take a game and stick it into your arm you're gonna you're gonna do. Get mad at me obviously if you're gonna how it hurts and he also wears a certain point right directly to where I've poked you in the arm. Right you know that. The central nervous system is very different than this are nervous system is what interface to our organs so these are. I argued any people. If I were to do a liver biopsy on me. Right you would feel it would hurt but you wouldn't be able to say oh you poked me right there. You would say I have this generalized. Discomfort. In my activated it hurts but I can't. I can't localize and I can't tell you exactly where it. That's how did the visceral nervous system works to the interesting thing is that all of these nerve bundles one together. So that's why if somebody gets indigestion. Are ordered it to get heartening it and feel very much like indigestion because of nerves that run from the stomach. Also run with the nerves from the heart. That's also the reason why the pain seems to go down we 88 down the left arm. Because the nerve bundles that come from the heart also run with those nerves that come from the arm and so on. What happens is is that those nerves that are firing from the heart also seem to fire. Those nerves better next item numbers that come from the arm so that's why they get this seat. Pressure like sensation that. And a lot of talk enthusiastically basic pay no it's not gain. It's not painful it's it's like I just can't shoulder. A bad feelings are there in Spanish they describe it and they caught molesting I think in the last me it doesn't feel good. Learn year hurt each dot com is where you can go to take this very small easy task. And one of the questions you're gonna get during the learn your hurt each test is. Is there a family history of heart disease so how big of a factor is genetics and heart health. Genetics and heart health that's special bag right there really for the most part I think if we do have a lot of personal. Responsibility. For what happens to us as far as you know we can make differences in our cholesterol or blood pressure and our sugars which diet exercise and it. And appropriately and things like that. At the end of the day the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I'm gonna tell you if you have a strong family history of heart disease that is something you really need to be aware of on. We are over it people. People always wonder you know why is what cholesterol that I'm you know I'm I exercise like you try to do everything. That was supposed to do and my cholesterol terrible. Well the reason is because the most important determinant of your cholesterol is unquestionably genetics. I've got people who are literally 35400. Pound. And here. Cholesterol is gorgeous and I've got other people who are speedy vegetarian. Marathon runners. Who do everything they're supposed to do and their commercials terror. It is far away genetics as the most important determinant of cholesterol. Now. The second most important determinant of your cholesterol believe it or not if you're each. And this is where I find people get very frustrated the standstill and doing everything I can do and my cholesterol keeps going up to. Well that's just a product of getting older and it happens. Third fourth and fifth his diet exercise and weight loss. Com. And I will tell you that that that those principles of of genetics being the most important determinant. Are true not only for cholesterol but also true for blood pressure. And diabetes as well. And presence of vascular disease so so had a heart attack. He's very very much a genetic seeing so this is where we really need to look into our family histories and recognize. That we are we have an opportunity to make a difference at a younger age than may be our parents that. What are some of these genetic markers. You ask about specific genetic markers. These are things they've got Human Genome Project I'm sure you're familiar with that at this is where we've matched the entire human genome and it's time goes on. We will be learning specific genetic markers that put you at risk. For heart disease. But at this point. There're a little bit more complex and like. Something like hypertension according in my office he or more chance disease or different things where we have single genes that we know. Are associated with. Particular problems ordinary duties is what we call eight Polly Jean genetic disorders are there's so many genes that are involved. That we don't have actual markers but. But what you do have is you have again getting back to sort of the same stuff we're talking about and I don't. Wanna sound like a broken record but these are that this is there I mean this is what's really important getting your cholesterol checked. Making sure that cholesterol under control checking your blood pressure. Checking your your sugars that things that are gonna get you into trouble making sure that those are under control. So is there a genetic test at all for heart disease or is that test literally asking is there any history of heart disease and your family mean can you get tested for something that could. Proved to be an issue along the way. Well that's a great question and a question that we're hotly researching the answer is do we have such genetic test at this point the answer is now. It is being sought after because it would be a beautiful thing. To be able to take somebody. And do we genetic test on him and say guess what I really don't need to treat your cholesterol because your cholesterol is not gonna cause a problem. Days there's next patient in the next room we have to treat your cholesterol because you have to genetic marker that's telling me you're gonna have a problem. At this point we are not that sophisticated. So art projects like the genome human project. The new developments that are on the horizon as far as testing or preventive measures for heart disease or is there any other kind of shining star out there that looks to be of some hope when it comes to some really helping in the heart disease area. There's a recent study though not that recent count maybe eight years old called the inter hurt study done by. Salim Yousuf father's side McMaster university in Canada and the desert study looking. Global week. Pack. 35 countries 50000 patients are looking act. What are the ways that we can predict heart disease and are there ways that we predict heart disease using what we call our Framingham risk factors are those. Still appropriate. In the year 2000 you know and so. What they did was they took all these people and. And tried to figure out artists theatre risk factors that we deal with cholesterol blood pressure of the things we've been talking about. Do those hold true on a global scale. And the answer is is it the majority of ordinary artery disease talking and actually be predicted. And can't actually be predicted specifically by those risk factors. On I think you know human genomics or farmer could you know that's what. You know which are talking about using the human genome project to. Become more accurate at predicting. I think is you know just an an outstanding lead exciting. Idea and. I believe will have utility in the future arm unfortunately that's field is really in its infancy and work we're. EE it's it's hard to believe how complex. It can actually be but armed all I can tell uses were hotly. Researching it. But at this point I would stick with our standard risk factors. So I've had a very specific questions that you deal with heart disease in patients on a daily basis what is the most frequently asked questions you get. About heart disease. Well that's a great question. On. The most frequent question that I get asked about heart disease. Well I get asked a lot of questions regarding aspirin. In order to. Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. You know I I have patients that coming in who have heart disease. Armed if you have quarterly artery disease the answer is yes you should absolutely be taking an aspirin daily. Armed it will reduce your risk of heart attack stroke and cardiovascular death it is absolutely vital armed. Now let's turn to the case where you don't have heart disease you're save fifty years old. And he's used want to do everything you can to help prevent heart attack energy taken aspirin or not. Well the answer is actually dependent. On an. What your gender there's some first gonna talk about man. It turned out if you act as a man. If over the age of forty you take a baby aspirin a day. What you will do is to reduce your risk of being non fatal heart attack by a very small amounts very small. But you will reduce your risk. And I want you to hear what I said so I said in non fatal heart attacks will not reduce your risk of death but it will reduce your risk of non fatal heart attack. However there's a price to be paid for that. You'll actually increase your risk of leading. By a very small percentage. So. I wanna clarify though bleeding. Bleeding is not well I cut myself or negotiating and I had a little bit of eight you know the thing wouldn't stop bleeding or had a had a bleeding goes the other day. I'm talking about actually severe. Life threatening bleeding. So he's bleeding into the brain. Bombing up blood. Leading in the stomach and intestines things like that. Coughing up blood so so blue the so bleeding that is truly life threatening. It's not a huge risk but it's a very small increased risk so what happens is numerically if you look. You do get some benefit by a reduction in until July but you actually have. You actually what every better that you gained there you actually increase your risk of bleeding. So with the recommendations are from the American heart association for men and again this is only for men. Is that if we have. A higher risk of heart disease. And we do. Of bleeding. Then you should take aspirin. If you have a higher risk of bleeding that you do of heart disease. And you should not take an aspirin. And so it's really something that you need to hit an individual we discuss with your physician or give an example. If I have. Gentleman whose 65 years old. Who has hypertension also I noticed high blood pressure trees high blood pressure that's control. Diabetes. High cholesterol. And he smokes I would say his benefit from taking an aspirin a day well outweighs. Any small increased risk of bleeding. Right because he's had very high risk. On the other hand if I have a police officer. Who. Has. No. High blood pressure diabetes family history of heart disease or anything he just maybe got a little bit of high cholesterol. And he likes to ride motorcycles. And he and tele skis. I'm gonna take his risk of bleeding could and getting hurt. Is much higher than his risk of having a heart attack and I would recommend probably he does not. Taken. So that the answer for that and let's talk about women women are actually a little bit different as we know. On the but they do get rid of benefit. From a reduction in ischemic stroke. So an aspirin a day baby aspirin a day and a woman will reduce their risk of risky backstroke. I have very small amount again. It will also. Increase their risk of bleeding and severe life threatening bleeding. By small amounts as well so. And again there's a trade off although it's a different trade. It's a trade off of ischemic stroke verses. Like certain readings so again if somebody's at higher risk for skin that stroke and they are four. Leading I would recommend it's not a bad idea to take that on the. On the other hand if somebody's at higher risk for significant bleeding rather than ischemic stroke I would not recommend a woman to take the aspirin that's. A lot of heart health comes down just knowing things about yourself I think going to the doctor how important is it for you know your cholesterol and other factors about your heart. Now you know you're. You are hitting on what I think is one of the really key things that we need to discuss here. And and but I find to be the most tragic thing about our society is that it it it's almost. Completely laughable or would be ridiculous for somebody to think to drive their car. A 100000 miles and never even think well she's you know socialite. Just Oilers something like that right there would be completely unthinkable. It would be. Ridiculous. To allow your house to fall down. From termites before you think she's you know like I actually useful things around I get termite inspections. So people would never imagine doing it. Not even probably that the person who who takes care of things the least in the world would even consider doing but the problem here. That we don't take that chance with our car or house. But yet 99%. Of people have absolutely no idea what their cholesterol is or what it should be. They had no idea what their blood pressure is or what it should be what they're sugar is or what it should be or what their cardiovascular risk as to what I. I don't understand and I have a lot of difficulty with this and spend a lot of time talking to people about this. For this particular purposes. Why are we willing not willing to take that chance with our possessions. But yet we take that chance every day with our body. And so what I'd like to do is to get people to understand this in my mind this. Era that we're in in 2014. Is really an era of personal responsibility for your own health. It should be rather than just me telling my patient what they need to do. I like it when my patient comes in insists. What is my cholesterol all my cholesterol is X number I see that higher than it should be what can we do to get it back. And in fact the problem that I'm not seeing what I don't understand is why we're not teaching basic health and and health and wellness. In high school so that people get out. Of high school knowing how they can prevent heart disease heart disease doesn't start when you're fifty years old it starts in childhood. So how often should you how these things checked I know that I get mine done with my annual physical is that enough. Well so that's that's usually enough. Arm if you have a cholesterol abnormality or sugar abnormalities then you should probably have more frequent evaluation. But if you have a yearly physical that's really that's really enough to be able to detect the problems. And you talked about how you'll talk to your patience about how he can lower than how you can improve your blood pressure what are some tips that you'd give your patients to help reduce the risk of those things. So each. Each thing that were worried about has its own sort of little list of things that we need to do blood pressure. On. Obviously. Is related to use salt intake so. There are a group of people and not everybody used it this way the terror group of people who are salt sensitive hypertension. And they should really reduce the salt in their diet because that will actually help them. On the one of the concerns we have actually in South Florida is that. We need a lot more salt than they do in a lot of other areas in the US we sweat a lot we lose a lot of our fluid through our skin. To not only the hot captors but also to the air conditioning. And so I actually. Find myself having to tell people leave more salt frequently. As opposed to eating less solved but in general as are salt sensitive hypertension you should watch. You're salt intake. Second thing we should be doing is. Exercise and regular exercise is really beneficial to your health. And that is going to lower your blood pressure third thing that we need to do is it would be. As close to ideal body weight as we can be because the heavier that you are more strain it puts on your heart and the higher your blood pressure. So is there are a genetic test at all for heart disease or is that test literally asking is there any history of heart disease and your family mean can you get tested for something that could. Proved to be an issue along the way. Well that's a great question and a question that we're hotly researching the answer is to me that genetic test at this point the answer is now. It is being sought after because it would be a beautiful thing. To be able to take somebody. And do a genetic tests on them and say guess what I really don't need each feature cholesterol because your cholesterol is not gonna cause a problem but. Next patient in the next room we have to treat your cholesterol because you have to genetic markers that telling me you're gonna have a problem. At this point we are not that sophisticated. So our projects like the genome human project the new developments that are on the horizon as far as testing or preventive measures for heart disease or is there any other kind of shining star out there that looks to be of some hope when it comes to some really helping in the heart disease area. There's a recent study will not that recent announcement 88 years old called the inter hurt study done by. Obsolete Yousef father's side McMaster university in Canada and the source study looking. Globally. 35 countries 50000 patients are looking act. What are the ways that we can predict heart disease and are there ways that we predict heart disease using what we call our Framingham risk factors are those. Still appropriate in the year 2000 you know and so. What they did was they took all these people and. And try to figure out are the standard risk factors that we deal with cholesterol blood pressure and things we've been talking about. Do those hold true on a global scale. And the answer is it that. The majority of ordinary artery disease talking and actually be predicted and can't actually be predicted specifically by those risk factors. On I think you know human genomics or farmer could genomics what you know which are talking about using the human genome project to. Become more accurate at predicting. I think is you know just had an outstanding really exciting. Idea and. I believe will have utility in the future. Unfortunately that's field is really in its infancy and work were if he beats. It's it's hard to believe how complex. It can actually be but. On the all I can tell users were hotly. Researching it but at this point I would stick with our standard risk factors. So we started out a lot of preventative measures. But what happens if someone around cute is showing signs of having a heart attack what should be your plan of action. Start to finish. Excellent excellent excellent because this is if there's one thing I want people to know it's that we have 911. Available for a recent. June off to drive that person to the emergency room. Because I have actually been involved in cases where family members drove somebody to the emergency room and it actually passed away. In the car and there was nothing the family member could do it. By the time they came to the emergency room sufficiently staffed. That's why we have 911 if you think you might be or somebody you can spew are where it might be having signs or symptoms of a heart attack. Or stroke or any other significant cardiovascular illness or call 911. These have been transported in an appropriate fashion to an appropriate emergency room trip for four good quality care. That I think is probably the most important thing that you can do it. The other thing that I would recommend strongly is that we all really should be trained in CPR. Arm it's easy to get trained you can even do it online at. The American Heart Association has. Lots of different ways that people can get trained for CPR and in fact. Nowadays they are using more chest compression and less rescue breathing. So in fact most most of the time you don't even have to do any rescue breathing and and in fact the he probably didn't latest CPR guidelines that are gonna come out of the newest ones that are gonna come out. Will come out with compression only CPR. Because it turned out that stopping to breathe for the patient doesn't actually include improved things in fact if anything it reduces good outcomes. So. I put it. Implore everybody to get trained in bystander CPR because the likelihood that somebody's gonna survive without a hospital cardiac arrest. Is multiplied many many many many times if there's bystander CPR with no bystander CPR. The outcome is dismal somewhere on the order of two to 3%. Likelihood that they will survive to hospital discharge. But you can increase that's at 2030%. With bystander CPR. You can learn your heart age at learn your heart age in dot com. What are some of the other online tools listeners can take advantage of learn more about your heart and how to keep it healthy. Well I usually send my patience too good website you know is very interesting here I IE yeah. Get very upset sometimes patients come into my office and like I read this on the Internet you know hope. And it they've done a great study where they looked at the medical information on the Internet and it turned out. That 25% of the medical information on the Internet is actually correct. 75% of it is absolutely incorrect. And part of the problem is is to people who write it are very good. So. If you take for example if you took me and I think about reasonably educated individual. And you ask me to look at information. On. Say he orthopedic. Problems they hip replacement or whatever. Even at this position. Going outside of my field I couldn't tell you whether the information was correct or not. If you are saying that's how good information that they put out you have to be very careful where you get your information web MD is a good. A good place to do so there's a lot of stuff on the personal web site. I send people for cardiovascular information I send them to the American College of Cardiology web site because they have. Awesome patient tools and things like that they also have great up to date information. The web site for that is party whose source. Dot org. So clear source dot org or you can go to ACC got bored. The American Heart Association has agreed web site and there's another organization the American College of Physicians has gotten together we it's. The National Institutes of Health. And they put together a web site is called medal line plots. Dot gov. And that has all kinds of medical information not just cardiovascular they've got to detection of cardiovascular. But Madeleine plus stock. Is this series very good web site and I would strongly recommend it other than that you know I mean you can go to stadium. Emory University or are out of the Mayo Clinic they have web sites Brigham and women's has website harbor hospital setup. And they're usually pretty a pretty decent information. Other than that I would stay away from something that doesn't have a really good name. Doctor pearl off you've given us a lot of information a lot of things to think about a lot of ways we can change our lifestyle to improve our heart health but what are the three most important things you want listeners can take away from our conversation this morning. Number one. Don't smoke and if you are smoking. Believed. Find a way to quit smoking. And the important thing about quitting smoking is that the decision has to be made right between your ears. If you don't make a decision to quit smoking you're not going to be able to do it and we have lots of ways to be able to help the that's number one. Number two. Please learn it you work risk. That means start to take some personal responsibility. For what your medical problems are because the sooner that you take care of them so much easier it is. In the long run for us to healthy. I can tell you. It is so frustrating to take care of a heart attack in the hospital. And somebody ends up with a really bad heart function and they're very sickening need to go to iPad and all these other things they've got heart failure. It's better well I know looking at that person if I could've gotten my hands on them. Ten years prior. And got their cholesterol blood pressure control we could've avoided these problems please don't beat that person. Let's avoid these problems and you so. Get to your doctor know your cholesterol numbers you know your blood pressure numbers know what they should be a lot of people don't know what they should be. And the final thing he has taken some time for yourself. And when they say that I mean were all busy I'm. I can't tell you how busy I. But I find my time to exercise four times a week. I do a vigorous exercise and get my heart rate up. I try to eat eat well I'm not perfect addict everybody ask that I Hamburg now and then and you know you should have a normal life. But at the end of the day try to make a few better choices that you maybe have in the past. If you do do those three things I really believe. That you're minimizing your likelihood of cardiovascular disease and maximizing. The chance that your gonna have a good long life. Thank you doctor David Froehlich it was a pleasure speaking with you this morning. Thank you so much credit. You're here in South Florida spotlight on 101 point five lite FM. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Garten. Birthdays coming up and so is Spain Ansa. With us to talk about it is Julie Klein environmental resources project supervisor with Miami Dade county's department of regulatory and economic resources. Thanks so much for joining us thank you for inviting me so for those of us who do not know what they Danza is please enlighten us. They Nancy is excited day when we do a county wide beach cleanup we have this year we have 21 different sites from the north current accounting Elway guarantees. To south parent can't eat into this national park. And I have seen every one working of the coastline at one time and were able to pick up a lot of trash. That well otherwise I'm just sit there. Originally being Kansas started out with a coastal cleanup in October but after hurricane Andrew we eat it we post founded. And channel and a birthday in April is our our whole first month so we've been to celebrating it for about the last fifteen years. During. April blitzes are Smart. Which makes it makes more sense than doing it in October Islam more pleasant to Kanye West winds yeah. Because the cool winds of spring yes and so we are still hoping for winter and it's not coming. Yeah hopefully mosquitoes are quite so bad right yeah and Kawika. Gary I think we had our rate so we have between a son over in advance is nice fancy way to say to each clean up bright and and it. A lot of it's not just clean up the beach thing that we really try to make. That the people not always be aware of why they're doing nest and how does this trash can't hear what are the things after picking up. We've had everything from. From. Cold loyalists that have washed up from boats most likely to. Yeah just little trash like it's amazing how many straws we find out the beach. Cigarette butts is another big thing but it it makes people think again about what they're doing with their trash and especially if your voter. He need to really be careful about what happens you're you're materials on your throat. And doesn't just disappear because you don't see it anymore. Correct and it ends up somewhere and there are other reasons too because things like plastic bags. Looks very much like eighty jelly fish to a sea turtle neck and jealousy turtle pie eating at some of these other pieces of plastic like six pack brings. Can get caught around this and see animals some appendages and and priests and it can. They can atrophy and they can Lindsay says. Around her physician scientist whose companies could get rid of the six pack rings really there's got to be a better way to package. And when I get those are cut them up as soon as I get to my capita by 200 peace because I know as soon as I look at that that's gonna get around somebody's neck clinic is there's a landfill. And it it's not going to be on my watch and cut an ala. I write so in terms of date time and location it's our everywhere. Kelly is finally different locations some call over beach which is our furthest in the north FIU north campus. All the way down to discus national park accounts and Barry from park and various other places in between we have some sites that are more appropriate for children where their beach in shallow areas. Vs somewhere they're good for hijackers who are willing to kayak into the mangrove to really get their feet muddy. And there are some sites where we we just. Well work around the park in Ontario with young children for instance homestead de France they don't really have man grass right there. But they do have areas that to trash ends up blowing from the beach. Secondly the shot that morning we prefer them to register because if we EU register had a time we'll have a teacher therefore you. As well as drinking water and an enough plastic bags US EU decide you wake up that morning aside you wanna do it we will accept you as a walking. Person that you may not get a tee should not at that time we'll try to get one to be in this while supplies last time assuming. We try to order enough very year this is our 35 year doing it so we have a good idea how many people to expect. But on the T shirts are special because they're different every year fit the artwork is usually. Local student from Miami Dade County so a lot of people like to collect them every year to have them. Different T shirts each different year or so it it kind of ends up we do get a lot of families and people who come back every year. That's great. So it's addictive okay so around you got the date and time out to see her statements he had the actual time. Well we started nine if if near voter Ager bowing to transport. Some of our volunteers out to some of the spoil islands in the day when talking to beat air at 830 so we can start to load people. Voters don't have to transport trashed just our volunteers and if so you know your comment ahead of time we'll have actual life preservers latter's. Everything you need if you're willing to. To volunteer boats as an incentive to further of the people who do come with their battle we dealer raffle drawing every year for free year passed in. The look that Graham passed for Miami date parks it is more so probably about 210 dollars I see gas so. So we do you tried it tends to get incentives to get voters out there about how many voters do you get usually command. Come into. It varies from year to year some one year we had small craft advisories so it was truly low on some years we can get hold on. Community clubs level good of boating clubs that will come out power she got squadron has gone on. So and then we also have sites where we have a lot of kayak hers to go out snowboard people who go out and pick up trash. One of those sites is Marie scared I come off of Miami beach state at a monument island and teachers Ireland. And that's the site they can cattle too easily and kayaks and drove their pick up the trash. That's the race Ariza announced that regular history how was being Kansas started taking. Back in the eighties and done Miami River particularly. And this came days of world war masks. We started doing them with a monitor green of the water quality and we've realized. There was a lot of stuff coming into today's through Miami River. And a lot of that was because the old storm drain systems and from the streets would you strengths straightened today. So any trash and garbage any fuel anything that was on the street and it straightened today. So we wanted to raise awareness about how important it is is not every big municipal. City has this beautiful warm salt water bay right next to them full of turtles and porpoises. So we started really work lean one way we do we approached it was we went with the engineers of retrofit diesel storm drains so they don't drained directly into the river. More anticipate. But we also want to raise awareness for people what happens when you litter. He now or you don't secure your things on approach to. Again we're a big porch so a lot of things get dumps and and international waters. But still we live there's a lot that we can do locally and even at the beach it's spring break right now when I was pleased to read how a fraternity and had gone out actor Tom. One of their spring breaks or picking the trash and deaths there local guys and that's kind of thing we like to see because. It's where we live it's not just a vacation resort for a so a lot of former happy to see that because it does. It doesn't go away it impacts us. One way or another doesn't disappear yeah contest not and yeah I I heard a story about that were so much trash and it was nice to know that people are actually gonna pick yeah. So AG. I've got a question of how much trash is collected. I'm do you actually is way. Or DMZ because we we we have dumpsters. Most of these sites and we do have some recycling dumpsters as well so. We usually average anywhere from forty to seventy tons. Tons Seattle times. But but we don't try to push. Meant that weight of it because little plastic straws to a long time to pick up. And little kids can do that and the impact to the environment is as great as. Big pieces are class I area. So it's it's more about to learn mean the awareness of what happens in these things. For instance and they laugh at me because I won't I will not ease the straw pending in less is paper because I have picked up so many plastic straws of my day. That I will not use them just because I know who they don't decomposing. Don't go anywhere you can't recycle them. So that's my little pet peeve of the environment not stop there right there. Mark we should have a movement didn't make straws out of paper instead of plastic twist things I remember than what you see yeah actually did that yeah. Thanks for some strange reason announced. Our case out. What kind of trash would you say here what is the most common thing in what is the least common thing in terms of trash being picked up plastic bottles. He's the most common thing yeah water bottles of water bottles you have to hear you try to be healthy yeah well Ian now. I have to say it and Miami Dade County water is. It is tested every day. It's really good clean water and the bottled water. A lot of that comes from municipal taxes. Russ financier and lecture buying water that has reverse osmosis in your making sure our planet has what it says it has a right skinny and Ortega headed somebody's backyard just have to have before hurricane Andrew very few people had bottled water. And then it became the norm and and we really. Once and get people away from that because it even if you recycle it the bottles are made a petroleum. But the bottles have to the ship places that it has its huge carbon footprint. So we really like to see people and ease reusable bottles that that is a problem because I just read the plastic bottles I'm sorry water consumption has just. Past soda consumption. That we're now under is cigar I'm great we're now helping Barack drinking water the problem is for hurting the environment. Yes and it's it's sad but but it. A lot of places you don't have to clean water and it's convenient but a lot of places they don't have the recycling either he had good clean tap water. Lot of people don't like the flavor of the chlorine and I said well till the job center on account for two days and chlorine evaporates and you've got good. Tasty tap water has since there's been some lemon and or something yeah yeah he can do that in fact. But the plastic water bottles are big problems we do sighing a lot of plastic bags. And just plastic in general that. Ends up in the beach it doesn't break down very few who plastics actually bio degrade in pitted. Even if they're biodegradable they have to be expensive Simon that so if she couldn't. Even stopped using plastics at all and try to be mindful of when you're buying plastic bottles and make sure their recyclable. So if you do have a recyclable bottle because I do by those is that still it's gonna take a wild foods. Bio degrade and all that stuff yeah yeah you still the best saying it you do have plastic is go ahead and recycle it and and that's your best that if you're you're gonna lose a plastic and then of course the caps I don't think you can ever get rid of them right now Bezos got on the trash does go online and felt so bad and I elected to give as the graduate when he said for going into plastics back in the seventies and they did that went into plastics and look what happened. There's actually an island Nat an uninhabited island in the South Pacific where it's at the plastics have washed ashore. And a native wildlife says Sarah the birds are having problems because they all have to eat the chemicals from the plastic and their systems. So again I'm just be mindful of your package gene and if you have a chance to buy class a war reusable plastic purse divesting a stainless steel. Something you'll keep these scenes that's that's a better choice and a plastic bottles. Unfortunately at being Kansas since we have so many people on their going out on votes guess what we use classic the hotter. But we we're very happy when we see people bring reusable bottles as well nice. Nice okay so. I had the most common are water bottles and straws in plastic bags cigarette butts. Are big ones to have to do each. We found everything from. Human. Deep I'm sorry not to human that we found lots and kind of materials that had washed overboard probably from a big Fraser. You know big tanks. Sometimes lots of pieces of wood for structure are stacked kind of things so it really makes you wonder how it got there Christ. OK so on the most unique and unusual thing that's ever been found. I would have to say we sound a purse split 101000 dollars cash and why. And luckily in the deep person had lost it with a few days of four was living on a houseboat to houseboat caught fire. And now we happened to retrieve it and she was very happy to get her purse a bit soggy with the money back. So that was that was probably the most unique things found so far I'm thinking about just paying everybody for other work for them. The rightful owner Fiat money back so yeah good for her glad to give the guy to bring to the finder yes. What better or more unusual things that you found on the Regis. We knew we find the look and believe they're not tires I think people might use them for bumpers the putt down. We find all sorts of things on one year we found them washing machine Tom and I think it like a dump yeah. And seats from like a ban. You know you wouldn't be surprised were you with the things say they show up wet so. It's it's always so again I think I think somebody's must be dumping Nesta and most of the stuff we see at. In these areas are our plastics. And that's just of people going to the beach in just leave an area behind and glass and things like that yeah. Lots of plastic bags to that hello all over and say they may not have been dumped but there is so light the one picks some not and they end up in Moline rupiah. So in terms of the average person that comes to your Albanians. Is that child or unitholders are basically out your families and students are ready it's a combination we have some people that just do it every year we have boy scout. Groups church groups family groups. People who have babies strapped on their back and want and the kids into day and I and it depends on the site to we have a lot of young Boy Scouts love getting it. Knee deep into the mangrove mocked and getting all muddy and new talent surface they're certain NASCAR is not a that's pretty tissue is retired. About Bane answer. And answer a nice way to say I clean up the beaches and that area's. Along Miami Dade County enjoy Klein is our guest. She's environment our resources project supervisor at Miami Dade county's department of regulatory and economic resources. So. What are the dangers of having this type of trash near the day. Things like even. Com the plastic bags and and people when they released balloons is which is something we. Which were outlawed. Because say it but goes up must come down and when that land especially at the water it looks very much like a jolly sedition and a lot of sea life full com. And eat that a lot of need plastic bits won't break up into smaller bits and that. It really impacts a lot of very smaller creatures that eat sea grass and that that feed around that area so. It it does harm us in many ways but we're also trying to to mitigate for that because we don't want. We don't wanna include our bay are big is beautiful we're really fortunate to have it and it's really come a long way from. The eighty's that adversely ended up so as wells and Miami River in Miami her use of constantly have a petroleum Sheen on it and you could smell it. Since we arc we've come a long way with that we want to make sure we don't go back to. I'm inter to. Balloons I mean I can remember years ago. Being in the news and balloons are bad and don't. Then release them and yet it still goes on all the time I was driving to work a couple of days ago and sure enough on CN. A balloon up in the air like what nobody nobody thinks about. Anymore cram a lot some people have been there's a lot of people's like for weddings that will release butterflies and other. Passive things like that fatter from less harmful to the environments so. I think a lot of it is it and the education. Where you come from men. I'm not a lot of hospitals now won't even allow latex balloons inside anymore because of latex sensitivity so. There's a whole different generation common Upton and for helping. On that than stuffing of the balloon releases from rice right. Bob good glad to hear it so happened to prevent. Distress pollution can get people to stop. A lot of it is just they don't realize what happens to it. If he you don't realize. The impact when a man blues into the waters and that and and now I'm always amazed and I see people dropping stuff you know they'll drop food bags out of their car window because they don't want to Curtis mountainside. Really couldn't wait ten minutes apart and trash. So is it depends on and how they were raised side was raised during who need the Al give a hoot don't pollute. So. And I am just really flabbergasted when I see that happening. Tissues in them you know type or ciphers another thing that I really. Hate to see people picking up at. Iranians you know we asked him not to about a site. Really couldn't dispose of this far for me here now found one in the parking yeah last week a lack of chemically similar to diversity here. It far enough right there's a trash cans down the way before the storm that you just had to drop a hair yeah south. I don't think people realize the how their actions. You know can be cumulative two shirts one person on diapers but what if there's you know 800 people and that market not doing it with 800 diverse. I think you're ready people become insulated and they're in their own little world I don't think about there. Actions and reactions because you find out all the time when people are cutting you off for whatever. They're not thinking about you their theme that we're there needs to be in an act concerned and I I think it is becomes a very self centered and I remember gaunt when I was in elementary school I was taught about. Overcrowding. Overpopulation. Pollution. And that was how many years ago. Quite a few and it herself having the same issues were still talking about the same stuff. Now we have some more issues still dealing with the sea level rise and other things so. For ground zero and we know it more of we're trying to do what we can and one of the things I keep promoting. Even to children because children are really the ones who are most concerned about future it's their future should I tell them I said you guys need to be out there playing trees. He may 87 today but it appears plant trees every year by the time year as a result. You're gonna have a cumulative impact sadly children and so. I really think people in this town they forget how important trees are in that we can grow almost anything in this climate. We shouldn't have while the walls trees here yes. To campaign always liked a lot of the canopy with hurricane Andrew. And getting that back is icing on the cake lover you're absolutely right we can give each other oxygen feed each other guest plant a tree. And help the migratory birds because we get all of North America as state eastern half of north America's migratory birds come down here for the monitor and even if they don't stay all winter a lot of on pass through Dade count because where that little finger that sticks out to close to the caravan. And you know a lot of birds eat fruits then you know a native fruits and things like that dates of bugs. They need to cover of the trees so everyone should be out their planting trees and even in it's they can do in their yards they can do it at their schools or churches and communities senators. Their park so this is really something we've been trying to champion through the county we have a program called nine entry Miami. That we we also want to promote you know treats planned teen and how important trees are. Year round two arms Harmon as well as picking up trash and recycling. There's that's another major component we can do it really helps the environment. OK so have you feeling kinda go plan to treat today you have the time right. Okay now this event obviously can't happen without the thousands of volunteers who donate their time tell us why this is a great event for volunteers to get involved and it's it's a fun. None. For most people you know I do get a couple cranky kids who says Reza we might have been watching TV thing on my full media. Fudged omni you know a lot of times that there there was peer to peer pressure with their coup. You know there cub scouts or something like that it's it can be a fun event it's a nice tying her family to go out and do something as a family. And a lot of times they'll have a picnic after words or make a fun day out of it goes a beach. So it we get on people who just want to show up just because they wanted to do this they've been doing this for years they always do it. They want to T shirt you know or they they just like to do it because they feel like they're healthy which they are. IAC yes I'm in high school students in the community hours sure sure and even dead there are some middle school the sat require training he's ours as well. Yes we did give them we do you give on Matt our for our for every. Our they pick up and says to do that they have to go to the website to sign up to have reformers are going to be some even have. I'm Martha site yeah yeah yeah rights of anybody has a high school or middle schooler and really get some are even college to we have lot of colleges require extra credit. So okay I noted you're suggesting that people register where they registered. Miami Dade dot gov slash environment and they can click on the finance. Tab there or they. I tried killing unit the other day and it came right out so you can just trying to clean it two or reasoning other of trying to search engine and you can usually find it says he's favored in my Google being hands and he's kind of if you are okay. So what are volunteers need to bring with them. We recommend closed toed shoes so. You know they don't scrape third. Moves on rocks are exactly act if I had a good idea now that's a plus sir Harden get their walking in the water on rocks. Recommend a hat. On. Its and a reusable water bottle to carry with some sun screen an insect repellent are great series and also clubs. We week. Don't have enough gloves senate to provide everyone gloves plus they're different sizes different types are you know we're wanna get in the water maybe bring some water found proof clubs are. Cloth gloves and will provide the trash bags. Drinking water entity Sheridan we ever we'll have a first aid kid and someone trained in every location as well and we have dumpsters so we'll have wasted disposal. So when someone shows over the location until like a however beach. They're gonna they Johnathan Holland beach and there are they going to be signs of some yellow in Atlanta only Danner is in science and staff will be there to register as they can check and there yes. This is their bag and writers and T shirts and directions and safety talk cannot accept. Okay. So they've got to go on says some of the cleanup sites are in the spoil us as we talked about this earlier on the bay. So. Tell me about the voters we talked a little bit about them. I'm so there's a push that we really do need voters out there yes we do what kind of voters specifically age or you're not talking kayak or you're talking half a voter IPS because. We won't we want to be able to transport enough people there that we can make a difference on this oil violent. And again we have on life preservers children's life preservers actual latter's. That kind of thing that we can we can help take that and we actually have a contractors set up tool pick up the trash facts so. We can leave a trash bags on the islands yes. And we have a barge that goes out to accept the trash because years ago it it. The voters feel like I wanna get this stuff follower my vote she would just threw an and there are. Donating their time and services so we try to make it more accommodating towards. So basically the voters would be taking people from transporting them to this four islands and then waiting and then transporting them back yes sack and yeah I think he's on our back and forth yeah. And so this is between what nine and noon or no yes on nine and noon it's pretty much. And the voters that same register had a time we have special long sleeved shirts we get the voters stick keep the sun off of them. So that's an excellent senate to get the voters to register even nicer sure written and he can are there any other organizations involved associated with the Hanson. Sarah and there are numerous fronts we have numerous sponsors we also have on different county agencies the city of Miami we have this city of Miami parks. We have a lot of names are mound nonprofits. Miami Beach has become much as our local environmental group. Are on Miami Dade County parks department most stunt probably about half the sites are there is we have the state of Florida. We have to state parks Alito river as well as fill bags Kate Florida state park. We have Biscayne national park as well so there are a lot of to participate and this every year. And they're all involved in their all you have sites there yes they'll have sites and they provide him out what we have bathrooms. And extra resources so. Terror their staffs. So when you go to sign up can you sign up you're gonna go ahead and sign up for the site that you wanna go to. We asked her first second and third choice because some of the more popular sites get filled up their three year. So the most popular sites conferences Scranton because. Thinking that the beach afterwards so we have a lot of the younger. Girl Scouts and cub scouts going to that site because and they do you usually picnic afterwards she and yeah and if you had a chance don't go to the most popular. Well there's lots of on some people like to go to what's closes some people like to go to someplace and then before. So they drive someplace on so it's. We actually yeah on the website we actually say which are bastard children which are good for kayaks her news. So you can kind of pick and choose and see so. Okay so. What am I doing in trying to key Biscayne Bay clean I didn't Bane answer we do monthly monitoring. Water Polley mine trained and also on the if there's any special problem like. A sewage overflow or something like that on lead and we do extra soya water sand plain and everything like that so. There are also a lot of regulations in place for instance some manatee protection zones. And when you least try to really promote acting. We have an area we actually have a vote on pain Maureen program choose so people don't. But they're anchored down and end either turtle grass or and corals so they can use some more in instead say you can sponsor more insight. And these areas. So we'd we've really want people to understand that and how important this habitat this for a it's my hope they're listening. Well we only have a few seconds left about that half a minute if that so I guess the main thing is. If someone wants to help with an answer. They wanna go to Miami Dade dot gov slash environment yes or they can just Google being handcuffed correct this is Earth Day April's 22. That's this coming Saturday. Correct from 909 to twelve thank you enjoy playing Klein with Spain into thank you so much thank you. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM. 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