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Heart Health / Motivational Edge

Sunday, September 17th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Stuart Tomc, American Heart Association nutritionist, about the importance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 to heart health, and ways to keep hearts healthy. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with former Dolphins Running Back, Larry Johnson, and Rachel Pinchonet, student, about how the Motivational Edge helps transform the lives of under resourced youth with music, art, mentoring and more. Larry is a now an ambassador and Rachel is a student who credits the program with bringing her out of her shell. 

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I'm just South Florida spotlight on 11 point fives like this. FHP woman WLY you have Miami Denver Marlins Coral Springs now here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley. It speaks guess is Stuart com. He is over twenty years experience in the field of nutritional medicine and is one of America's leading authorities missed. Eagle of nutritional medicine today he's your talk with us about a new study from the American Heart Association. This study can help 81 million Americans beat cardiovascular disease how are you doing this morning Stuart. I have never had a bad day in my life. Like to hear that. A let's get right into it this year more than 800000. Americans are going to die due to cardiovascular disease. So let's start with the basics what exactly is cardiovascular disease and what causes that. Really a giant umbrella and it is it complex. Duties it has a myriad of mechanisms of action we do know that there are many risk factors that leaves. Q it that leads to. Building up in the arteries and eventually most cases of big eruption of that plaque. Hi lipid levels. Cholesterol we know of out. Elevated blood bath like triglycerides. That will talk about inflammation. Is also big driving engine they can lead to that. All package. In the arteries and what makes this so interesting is. We have been fighting this. War on heart disease for so many years and although I have to say we are doing a better job of catching it early. Because of more sophisticated diagnostic. Holes and we have more medications. We are helping people live longer because were catching it sooner. We're not slowing down own the amount. People that are having. Ph.D. and dvd and we're finding that it's really H pediatric. Condition. Rather than in geriatric. Condition in children. Very young. Are seeing signs of fatty streaks and build up their arteries. Instead of just something that happens later on in life. The big deal into a lot better and we have defined modify double risk factors. That's right here to talk about today. You said. When it talks about pediatrics say you're seeing more of seats DNC VP in children is that due to maybe the mother's diet or are we just now seeing an understanding that it does happen and told him you don't need tours of duty diets. I think it's probably both but I think it's more fighting more diet and lifestyle. I mean it's really the environments. They would monitor eating Amsterdam ending don't chicken nugget nosing Krispy creams and dad wasn't ignoring what exercises. Bruins taking in more energy than their burning. Our problem. Absolutely no this new study that was released triglycerides and cardiovascular disease has some amazing insight I've been reading through it thinking you may give us them a better synopsis of the study. Yeah let's solicit sort of overview of the American. Part association. Of which constantly isn't keeping us posted in terms of as a called and he modest viable risk factors. Look it's 500. Studies. On triglycerides. I thought this gives people some numbers. Triglyceride numbers and and talk about the difference. Between triglyceride and cholesterol will low cholesterol and risk factors on our blood. Well no if you have elevated blood sugar. Your phone call from the doctor right away. Concerned about that it watching all the time triglycerides. Is little different triglyceride and cholesterol are separate types of fat. Lipid it's circulating in your blood triglycerides provide the body with energy. Cholesterol he's still held in certain hormones. Or certain certain cholesterol can't dissolved in blood. These circulate throughout your body with the help of protein for transport live it's called lipoprotein. Triglycerides are type of fat to battle in your blood we eat. Or body converts any calories it doesn't need to use right away. For energy. India triglycerides. Are for a long time for a long time actually if you had a borderline high triglyceride level of 150. 15199. Milligrams per vessel leader doctors say let's just keep an eye on it. Eighty exercise more and more fiber we've got really high. I very high triglycerides 500 or higher there are pharmacological interventions drugs that are made for that. What makes this particular study so exciting to me actually is an expert in Omega three. And fatty app that you find in addition we've heard so much about us being so hard you'll protect. They're finally recommending. Omega three from fish oil supplement an exact milligram among its. For people that have borderline high and high triglycerides. They're saying that triglycerides are you risk is back. There it is model pliable and they're giving exact dosage is for people that are having borderline or high levels this is new. And so it's a great thing because we can modify that risks and need more Fisher takes issue oil well. So let me let me get this street if you have me 500 or higher as far as triglycerides are concerned it is something to be concerned about although in this teenage a lot of people don't have health care sir not seeing a doctor regularly are there may decent symptoms that people shall look out for that men may point the fact that hey you need to. Please take a look at the the blood fats it's you have. Well let me ask you. Try to find a way to get that it would a lot of people have occupied Kuwait if there's a clinic. So we're at you can get a free. A blood test to get to get a blood panel. 500 higher they're gonna put you on drugs I was worried about some experts are saying anything over seventy times. And borderline is 152 of 199. You know distribute silent killer you can open until recently it was considered hey let's. I honestly giver to doctors say that actually you can. And it rolled through that look what happened. This isn't that scary wouldn't be the reason that the so I think it's because. Let's say you do find out they have elevated triglycerides and millions of Americans do instead of waiting to see if that builds up over time. You know all. The help or. It gets into the fish oil supplements. And then go to the American heart association's. Web site. I went out there recent advisory this was published in the journal circulation. March in your doctor's office and asked her asked him a god I've had high triglyceride before we have never put me on medication. Here's a new either. Recommendation from the American Heart Association. They do. We glory pro active partner in your own wellness and prevention campaign party said state official app you have architect. He's said that for a long time the reason this is so exciting Sunni and now they're saying wait a minute but for secondary prevention. Now the evidence that may be primary prevention. There's no history Mediterranean countries. Some of the northern European countries especially in Norway nice when they content fish and a lot less vegetable oil like corn oil sap flowers sunflower oil. They compete with the Omega three if you are lower levels of park is fees and we're now catching up. Because the evidence is overwhelming. And this study was a case study involved over 300000. Men and women correct. That's what makes this great college well powered this tremendous amount of data. And finally see that there is something we can do. You furlong time we argue about you know what's what's really important. And I had a lot of question about you know do we give the patient this do we give them that you know the idea of putting everybody on drugs for every single thing every model viable risk factor you know may now. I'd be in our best interest and trying to be conservative when I say that. Few things over twenty plus years of me studying nutrition and nutritional medicine and speaking all over the world a few things that we know for sure. Last every meal. Last. Overload of calories is problematic. It is triggers the immune inflammatory. Response. This who energy Austrian and insults with every meal last number to work out more. Learn more. He collapsed. At home. Next. In order of their importance. Would be to dramatically increase the Omega three. In the diet eat more cold water oily fish and or fish oil supplements and then the other side actually decrease. Of course oil up flower sunflower oil the Omega six's. That many of us there's some winning end because we use so many of those oils and our guys. And from. And when you talk about eating less it's as simple as cutting your sandwich in half and and when you working out you don't mean some vigorous routine going for a walk every night could be proactive in helping correct. It is is so effective lending. If you just look at the evidence that they everyone's take an inhibitor like aspirin everyday Erica Cox two and obliterate what they called no sort of anti inflammatory drug. And then you put everybody in the in the country understands. Blocking all these pathways that lead to. Senior thrombosis or Britney all leading to morbidity and mortality this truth to blocking that. But in the excess energy issue heat from your big meal. In the three fatty acids are liberated and that causes that same oxidant stress. Here right cutting your soul which can happen. Reduce that burden and a pivotal issue. Is that issue. If you are in green and orange and factory farmed commercial chickens. Farm raised fish and refined vegetable oil all the time. You all have twenty times Omega three and Omega six. I'm thrilled the American Heart Association has come up with a recommendation. They're telling people to take a thousand you'll see on that paper to 2000. Milligrams of BP A in Vijay per day. If you have borderline or high triglycerides. The other side of that equation it's not yet in that paper. And will happen in the next few years this radically decreasing the Omega six's my mentor. Always talks about this when he lectured all over the world as well on caddie after. Look at your solution. We can do is mix this sixth meaning we need more Omega three less Omega six. Fewer calories and workout more there's no prescription. Needed to do those things. We're talking a lot about Omega three and Omega six a lot of us have heard of Omega three can be found in plants fish even meet. Can maybe explain the various types of Omega threes and of course please explain Omega six is just so we can have some clarification. OK well Omega 3000 and lack Neal and a little bit and Noelle oil some in this being a leafy vegetables are slinging Cahill was dark and we vegetables. That is what we call short chain Omega three and I wish aria which the nomenclature was eager are you ready complicated we called out of. The poly unsaturated fatty acid meaning many. I EL eight Omega three. Your body will convert that when you eat your cereal. Where you've used your leafy vegetables. Yeah into it longer change. Known as a highly unsaturated. Fat. Eighth indeed each day. When you read the back of the label of official container you see a little Mara martyr and their. VHA. Long tongue twisters ice hockey sense and elegant o'clock PX and oh yeah. Or longer Shane asked Eric converted into hormones. That's what this story about. I've been doing a lot of interviews lately so thank you appreciate you asking me to really know the mechanisms. Omega three is a vitamin and it makes a hormone. Omega six's a vitamin and it makes hormones. Hormones are either pro or anti inflammatory. You'll make it six is complete quarter oil peanut. Leading oil flour sunflower oil. They opinion next to make you sicker are also in high concentration. In many of our salutes. Almost. Doubles idols. Although not in general we eagle on the votes I think you have organ meat and meat in general. It has arrested on a gap as big as well as a racquet on campus and so you need a balance between Omega six and Omega three. You need the perfect balance in an ideal world. Most people listening today. 23%. Or make it read in their tissue the rest of it is Omega six. They're a far cry priority should be we look at the cultures we have the least amount of heart condition problems. When we look at the countries are and the greater level of protection for example the Greenland you knew it. When they made that first discovery of an Arctic Greenland in the early sixties. They have a right action. For action of the Omega. Six. And they have tons of Omega three hurt in Quebec. And in United States we asked our higher levels of Omega six and lower levels of Omega three. The next part of what we call the big fat. Story. We're getting close I'm glad the American Heart Association is recommending Omega threes for primary is what was secondary prevention. The next part. The most important part of this equation. The Omega six and scrap soybeans. That's what our sunflower oil. Eat fewer seats. Dish that is wild instead of farm raised and wild. Free free range chicken and cattle Eddy Grant instead of factory farmed animals. The last work out more nick. The three burned more and work out. It's a one size protection regime that will benefit nearly all of us. As is really important Fergie knows that Omega three and Omega six or both things that need to be supplemented meaning your body does not create them yet safe to eat something to put it into your body correct. Yeah well we got in trouble when we started calling them essential. You we wish the names and it was relatively recent history was 1929. Her and her. Famous paper the big public show these potentiality of fast. A new deficiency diseases were the paper was called reduced by the rigid exclusion of well and they didn't didn't go at three in the eighty's yeah. Patrick I think mob is set free an economist at the bottom would be problematic. Don't want the butter to margarine. And they told the breast milk was inferior to formula and they told pregnant women not to eat fish. And we banned trans fatty at and don't make chicken nuggets and soybean oil loaded with Omega six how we've been doing. How the evidence. Based on the track record no no judgment. And we left out of the equation would you point out it is essential we used to call it vitamin at. You know and Ashland. Vitamin a vitamin a vitamin. And all of a sudden when they made that discovery and most people don't know about the discovery of Kelly sounded just sit and it. They took laboratory animals what do we need to live protein carbohydrate fat. Protein and carbohydrate investigating the protein. And carbohydrates eliminated bat. Here's what happened at a laboratory animals dry itchy flaky skin only people he's he's spending a fortune moisturizer in. Dry itchy flaky eczema psoriasis skin infections seen everywhere you go. Then what then all of a sudden they reduce the that they get producing Nevada and then finally. Animals could not procreate. Bull. And then that's essential. If you look at your diet you look terrible itchy dry flaky infectious and. An almost certain age appropriate that the essential these switch the name from vitamin. Two essential that yes. The reason I think that it was confusing. Is when you have a vitamin. Vitamin C deficiency they call it Turkey. Go to fire and they called it media you have enough vitamin. The clear connection people can get with fatty acids the nomenclature used to using your right your body makes saturated fats. Some more some less and other your body makes cholesterol. Your body makes always need to ask the Omega nine all boy it was good to your body makes a make in nine your body makes solidified and seven all these caveats as. Your body doesn't make him make it will not will never make. Longer change fast Omega three that are eighteen carbon long and Omega six that are eighteen carbon long dish. The bad. Because the body will already have beat formed. He AMD AJ to make these anti inflammatory hormone. If you don't have enough fish you're reading your core oil your peanuts your seed you're not yourself flowers sunflower oil you're meet your eggs. Loaded with Omega six and a racquet on it after creating an imbalance. Every time the immune system is triggered you walk the body was pro inflammatory hormones. And secrets. And the Mediterranean to. Not. Antioxidants. Not the red wine. Yes all marketing. Of people trying to sell you pipe dream. It is that the fat contents of pivotal issue would be tissue will determine how you respond to immune system challenge. And when you talk about. Eating less that the simplest cutting your sandwich in half and and when you talk about working out you don't mean some vigorous routine going for a walk every night could be proactive in helping correct. This is so effective I mean. Just look at the evidence I think everyone takes an inhibitor like aspirin every day or Cox two inhibitor or anybody called mount sort of anti inflammatory drug. And he put everybody in the in the country understands. Blocking all these pathways that lead to. India thrombosis and Britney all leading to morbidity and mortality the truth you're blocking that. But in the excess energy that you eat from your big meal. In the free fatty acids are liberated and that causes that same oxidant stress. Here right cutting your sandwich in half. Reduce that burden and the pivotal issue. Is that issue. If you are. And green and orange. Three armed commercial chicken. Farm raised fish and refined vegetable oil all the time. You won't have twenty times Omega three and Omega six under federal the American Heart Association is come up with a recommendation. They're telling people to take a thousand you'll see on that paper to 2000. Milligrams of PGA in DH eight per day. If you look borderline or high triglycerides. We shouldn't they're not yet in that paper and will happen in the next few years. This radically decreasing the Omega six's my mentor. Always talks about this when he's lectured all over the world as well on fatty acids look at your solution. We can do is mixed this sixth meaning we need more Omega three less Omega six. Fewer calories and worked out war is no prescription. Needed to do those things. Quoted directly from the study overall the treatment of elevated triglyceride levels focuses on intensive therapeutic lifestyle change for example a 5% to 10% reduction and body weight. Anticipate and triglyceride lowering response of 20%. Further offset NC HOO calories by reducing added sugars in fructose. While increasing unsaturated fat intake. May contribute an additional ten to 20% reduction in triglycerides levels elimination of trans fats. Elimination of trans fats restrictions are SSA old and increasing consumption of marine base Omega three products. Coupled with the aerobic activity. Little further optimize triglycerides luring efforts. Taken together reductions of 50%. Or more in triglycerides levels. Media teens through intensive therapeutic lifestyle change. So I guess the question is what exactly is the ideal diet for improving heart health you're lowering the risk first dvd. I remembering the studies in my office anymore right because it gets so complicated I get off on a tangent. You just felt simplified it so much well I read that it made me smile from a year here because my mentor that has been his message. Since well being in the eighties. He was born in 1930. And he's been teaching about caddie after his whole life and always told us nick sick. Three. And work out war adhere to the restriction what's exciting about this is hysterical hated finally caught up with the that's negative. Evidence based medicine evidence based medicine has corroborated. That intensive. Restrictive lifestyle changes that you don't need. Any help will be out. He's proven beyond a shadow of the doubt before we have this. Made a drug they're called a fight break drugs still around today vibrate drug is a very powerful drug because he's our camera activist. That affects the nuclear transcription factor and it lowers your triglycerides but part of the bunch of weight gain a game. Eventually some want her handling issues in many cases a heart attack. That's what a win win situation you. Lowered truck looks good but are you so it was a paper in the archives of internal medicine back you know five all the paradox. Clinical efficacy. Listeners would get up. Paradox of clinical efficacy. And it was a meta analysis of 97 RC he's randomized control trials. 270000. People total between intervention and control groups. Looked at the risk ratios for overall mortality. The end point being what he would not. It looked at five break it look at I'd advise. Quote. Not isn't that is written and Omega three. The greatest reduction in overall mortality. The greatest protective benefit. From an Omega three fatty after the natural product you can buy it helps. Point 3% reduction in overall mortality. Life great designed to lowered triglycerides. With the same as no advice at all meaning lower your triglycerides. Which you can't didn't fit and you ended 11 o'clock. Diet advice you'll love this session that you saw you know you know this stuff indicted bison clothes when your doctor says he'd better. Zero point 97. 3% reduction in mortality meaning all of the ever campaign. All the effort we put into changing school meals all the people like myself and Bob accidentally great doctor Atkins and many of Gary Null and people I've known in this industry. Actually remember him that would help Saudi that are in workout and diet advice is famous no advice at all. Taking Omega three fatty acids. And then add to that. Rigorous exercise. Ed that the caloric restriction. And we're trying to come up with a plan. Of bureaucratic plan to lower the health care costs in this country. It sounds like we have a plan based on Madison and I like. Always conclude with a couple of in fact wait to share with you I've always been talk that neglect this fact. Creates paradoxes. And not oversimplify. Connections among facts just because there's smoke doesn't mean that there's always fired just because there's lightning doesn't always mean there's rain. Not all pretext of risk factors. Was deceased. In no other contacts. With the terms being used we are entering a great new. We are understanding to roll back. In the way we have never understood it before we need to feel ourselves to this knowledge. We need to take responsibility. For health. Because the evidence is we're doing or job. We can do better. We can take better care of ourselves so we can do more of what we load the people we love and that's what we do with the Education Department and nordic natural. So was there a website that listeners can go to to get more information on things we've talked about this morning. Two things go to the American heart association's web site yes that paper Cody American Heart Association look at additional make it three and then. If you want to go to nordic natural. Talk to your doctor about nordic natural since fish oil but do the kind of homework that you did actually for this interview. To be very well prepared to walk in there and ask your doctor on the medical journalists. I've read papers on fatty acid every day for five years my doctor is seeing patients. She is remarkable I want her practicing medicine. I saved my doctor time all the time. I've walked in here is what you have new for me they'd do it for so broke fifteen papers on the table and they would most education can't do that. I can help point people in the right direction it's what your pro lack. We involved and help here as well this regime. Don't wait to be taken care of never gonna happen to hear yourself. I'd like to end all my conversations even lead is even some really good points but. What are the top three things that you want listeners to take away from our entire conversation. It bears repeating the idea of you not oversimplify. Connections among back. People thought for a long time that make you fast. For example when you look at it fish oil and it says on the label natural triglycerides. And you want to lower your triglycerides. You still see everyone in line at any coffee place saying I want him not look that skinny right. Doesn't turn into fat. Because it's already fat carbohydrates and sugar they turned into fast. Not all of the predictive risk factors caused disease. We're finding that the Omega three Omega six balance maybe beat most important number you will ever know. And let's learn the context for the terms being used. This way we can have a much more educated dialog. When it comes to shaping our own wellness regime and finally. Don't start a dietary supplement regime on your own eyes are too many people taking far too many risks. Go to the American Heart Association. Get the latest circulation paper and go to your doctor and together build its plans for yourself. Stuart it was so nice speaking with you this morning thank you for. Here in South Florida this and certainly I don't wanna one point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Barton. We're going to talk about helping kids in with us is Larry Johnson former Kansas City Chiefs in Miami Dolphins running back. Who fell from grace he's here to tell us about what happened what he's done in the meantime and something called the motivational edge. Thanks so much for your willingness to come forward and for being so candid because there's so much. So let's start with three large these people aren't familiar when Marie with the dolphins. It was on his office and we a couple of games that was indeed and at the end of 2010 and I'm season and two dozen rows of the risk is that before that but I spent most of my my career in Kansas City. Then after that. It was tough by the inning troubled player knows that anytime you lose. You're dreaming in the love that you played football and sports for so long. That you can lose yourself and you don't know where the picture you right and that's what was totally me. It's not be able to control my emotions when that was loosened things and I felt that I had to AMR Barroom. For meat actually see where they actually do away from football and I think that helped me mature. And trying to myself is that I myself go through that step process of being with thousands and I love convenient to get myself open and we must start over here. OK so you were with the dolphins twice and was at the last time you play football yes yes fans we need to much into your career thanks to. In good weather those that I. No way to sunshine 80%. OK so I know that there were some arrests. And so I VCU are going through some bad times. Would you like to explain how that occurred. My dad's friends started when I left college and was a weapon was my own and have my brother my sister wasn't there we all grow closer. I'd have my father and my mother's is the first I'm actually having real freedom and when I was at home how is always at home. And lovers when about the loyalty thing in New England socially so I had to stand I knew these had to stay home or go to the football field that was my my whole life. Indian free. He did caught up a lot of prices and toxic behavior to talk to people that you really don't understand because this is your first time being anywhere myself. And push you you get a little money in your pockets you don't really know how to act and most of money. Emotions in my talks in behavior with spinning out. Once I drank too much what I internalize a lot of emotions are. I have good game today why didn't play today or writing to dress for the game so instead of having somebody to talk to hatton. The ability to to see a fair to see anybody really just horrible mark problems I was internalize it allied. So when everything would explode would be at the end of the night where I'm already drinking and am hopeful hi Charles Tucker who had an afternoon morning morning. And who would have been around a movie or whoever I'm dating them Euro my friends would be wrong girlfriends and that's when my emotions throughout the league he has for Clark 5 o'clock in the morning. In these issues she'd gone I was so I'm not I'm would you problem okay. Boy BR. I'll get help later on them playing football and sooner or later date is kept coming back coming back where. I couldn't leave certain people own I don't know where it was I was saying it is who was loved because. When you ended their relationship and you think fighting Indian targets in each other's normal. That's where a lot of my knee problems king that I thought as normal use funds for me I'll fight for you were fighting each other so this is normal for us. And boy have I wanna wrestle presenter as I I started are scared to death thickened and this was normal for me to go in the jail house seats in the cell for sixteen hours to come out. Go back to work like nothing happened and I got to know a guy used to that's what scared me that I'm getting used to be in jail. And these bills how Dole's. To lose Addison's is kept coming and I can't involve myself with. With people who really just wanted to be a part of my success is that none of my failures so when I was with failing I noticed people walking away from me I notice. I was in a brown the same kind of crowd that I was before this everybody was always something for me and was gonna get whatever they need to get it from me. And when I would go to these these. Toxic friends these relationships. It took me awhile to understand that I was mostly the problem to these relationships I was one is always. Upset or mad because I couldn't talk to anybody I was alone is always and fertilizing. What was going on with me when I was playing pro ball at a younger days that's all that people to understand what I was even mad about Jesus knows that. All the guys you know he's he's mad about something he was mad about the game people don't know I was mad about us and that means it's very. You know I I share and and bears in the eyes for a long time in dad's car was like you got my house. You could talk about being mule crushes on girls you can talk about our legs go downstream mud at him and another that. My that was all about school work full blown us all we could talk about. So most of my social life whistle stunted because I couldn't really express how I really felt. So that when you have the freedom in college. You just went crazy because you had no one's saying sit down stay home only do work only do football. It is funny thing is on that though my dad. Was a football coaches of football coach at Penn State so now. My dad was there slicing my dad is funny because when I was doing good in school I think my freshman freshman year but it was that was my that was come looking for me and you can't Hashemi daily and saint lap around now. Hey here's why did you come they'll send you dazzle before you I think. As Tennessee gal go to study hall and resort goes Rosenberg still finding. Radiated my it has been around it was all my life took my eighteen hiding alone so Tony when I really do any freedom troll I let that traction with the Kansas City and that's when. I lost structure away everything I was going and our rule does you give me freedom and money am I gonna do everything I need to do real cities is low. And live in a way kind of Obama highs of Goosen was more that I can learn as much more could've. Handle things and doing things and now. Or is so. You said the head turning for free was when you hit rock button and then at that point what did you do. I'd. Martin is actually they knew I was in on drugs pride there was times where. It was a barrel Lamar isn't he went to drag me out of ourselves and theirs alone and obviously I was gonna have to I was even seen me in a club at 3 o'clock in the army and another club to told him. That was live in basically live in the dark and I was like what's my eggs come in particular business cycle do myself and I'm just at the point in my life where. What am I gonna do have to hope all I don't have anything goes into the field I don't know anything else buzz has hopeful. So Wimbledon Wimbledon do I think it is home win summoned from the bar actually had to call my parents. And send them all he's he's in here again acted out. And so market is bloom has gotten a flight home to send me down had a conversation with them in this where you really need to go to therapy gave you really need to talk to somebody. To let goals in these teams that you hold onto. This is stunting the way you actually are reliably people CU is one way they only see you when you act out. As solely to force try to use of their parents and how they changed their new house or three times a week. At least those three years and have the last scaled back down but I figure out what I wanted to deal what I wanted to do. Is this by God's grace is it an you know. CEO Ian Walsh does Kate Hudson is a bad thing because we grocery for you to learn to come to work for the motivational Asian. From there I had to get myself right emotionally. And it's really truly sad that type of job offer besides wasn't ready at that time I think I had to go through trying to world is really bothered me all these years. Would it when I didn't have full book that was really trained if anything on the football field I could I could pick it up. You do anything is about new social you know talking beer stand out I was very introverted that way so I really had to find a wool is the real. Issues with me growing up in that I could actually work through our talks with a therapist and just a guy missile program it is funny that the Pasco. And so at that point what you were able to let your Pasco mother therapies that you were able to handle things at that point and the motivational edge. Came in the picture yes so it's kind of like perfect timing that the. Very concerned and I always I totally innocent. If I was at I had the motivational edge to where I play football and I was able that. To go to about facility where I could paint draw do whatever I want to do I think they'll have really helped me as. Tony and my my twenties in my thirties and Zyban already. College trained and educated to who expressed myself in different ways and indeed as an Indian enclosed room around a lot of toxic behavior that. Anything to happen and he's always some late. Pena when Larry from twelve to three Clark is is the best time to everybody's gonna have pushed him 37. Is worth everything turns turns around and everything is bad everything is where is it on the Wimbledon snapped. Away almost never Basel. Learning those behave in London certain things I had to step away from does that take care my health mentally. As would actually made me a lot better and TV via part of the motivation was. And you are able to give up dream football. I was I was floored I couldn't I couldn't hero for tomorrow if gophers as OS will party are almost in the battle most of the time. I would leave if anybody mentioned football or basketball football. You see needless Michelle EC media ruined this then why won't be part of the conversation it was a a hard thing for me to let go is like a divorce or you bring in a word girlfriend you have leg. Tony years is it heart's like let something like that go and watch T being questioned. You Cheney's play without you is the most hardest thing you can see for a player that's retiring or as a retired. Recently has he must easy when it's in no way what is that would me. It was done it was like. And he notes and tape parade and it is a way nice income is paying rent is kind of like I've known cause an excellent. Are so let's talk a little bit about. What motivational edge instant. Motivation as is our base program which is we deal in the art of prevention. Which means we go to you and our businesses and those homeless shelters. Ask after school activities we provide children. Away easy creative and I think if you look at the public school system nowadays. This snatching music and arts out of schools every sings and sing you are you. I think that this was stifling most of these children is not be able to be themselves. You make most these kids Wear uniforms were deaths were more of their creativity comes from is there'll staller who they see themselves as. So when all we do is provide a safe. Facility for them to have come in. If you wanna make music make music if you wanted me site pulls you aside portion we are making new. Feel it. Vulnerable and also making you feel like you want to be a part of this creative process and if for somebody to beat themselves somebody who's not Israel doesn't feel. Good enough and that expert crowd where kids are all doing whatever they wanna do with school most kids don't have that type that he designed the I was introvert you compete you opinion of a large room hide. I goes to a turtle shell completed allowing kids come to our facility and indeed who the are that is what we're preventing. Then say it's really act out or go find other ways to create dual mission of his signaled beat themselves when he felt horrible. So this is a great outlets yes us and so. My guess what I could do is is lean over and and talk to Rachel who's here Rachel contract. Who is that person who has gone to motivational edge. And white issue that tells a little bit about your story. And yeah. As far about two years now and when I first and it adds I was a school loans and ninth grade. I was really fresh from those schools so I'll probably isn't really so she can say no but one thing I really like to do was write music write poetry. And as Cain. There edges now let my family and I see that it changes kids kids can come in anti social. They can come though agrees might be following our they might not have anyone Tim until. And when they come in week we've set the nice friendly. We show them that there's other ways to to express themselves and saffron vina on the street SOA or don't bat in school. And when they accepted me I've changed I can say honestly changed our own. I'm not anti social anymore I mean lots of friends my grades increased positively and I just love perform any three time until a better perform I'd better write it and that in reciting I love poetry I love music recording coming in every game. And none. Also for if there's any kids out there am I mean checks in high school at the end of the month we will be starting our program there's so. And so they did at Jackson they can and yes what would they do they down. On the afterschool program you can come into the on top auditorium. Fun contentious in the media since there if you like to do arts as in drowning if he likes or write music write poetry. Even if you shoddy play any instruments just come in China you know you'll love and at times she. It's so let's say you're shy and you've played guitar. Then what happens you go there and play the guitar in front of people then not I don't know and that's not always start out honesty not comfortable playing in front of people we have. We have bomb artist directives that come in and healthy privately. Until you feel like you're ready you're confident enough and in that as this will be do we build confidence you know. All right so you you mentioned Miami Jackson are there other schools that feed into motivational edge as well. On tour right now we don't Miami Jackson hold on and they don't in the future weekend. Trying to impress us the high schools and pregnant. Like to see that's who I think it is. He did. Good fit are so on and some of the things that we're talking about here on. I have one of these questions for Leary says how did you gravitate or did you gravitate overly tough arts at all as a child did you gravitate toward the arts. I was always thought artistic in the Rona bashing more artistic than that was until the full voice I think I don't know I think. As funny my mom deputy press needed to eat right handed so I he does I'm left ten and they try to he knew right right. I don't know why the only thing and Taylor their right to left and so when I started drawing and in painting my mom noticed that I could draw on pay because I was. Ghoulish copying other people's work vigilant on my own. And still based my mom got me paints. Paint brushes colored pencils suffering death and I was just cinema room all day and draw. Dogs or draw or paint whatever they cynical move from that worries that he's an enjoyment and that's Cairo was most of the time and so when I would soon have college and I graduated with a bachelor's degrees so some neat part is it's art is always a part of me. Is this when grown you kind of I had to see you my personality a little bit is it the I was steady the hyper masculinity. Of the nineties when he came the full blown thing now to get kids who are reasonably differ when it comes to sports you a bit more. You know nurturing a little more and sustaining and growing up when played spores that you're dead beautiful black. A really good high school football coach. You heard talk to and told things are allowed differently do you it is kind of like negative reinforcement if you hate you fall down you've been Accra. If you get hit and fall down in India started training me you're labs. So it was a lot different and Ottawa. As far as how to deal with young nine year old boys. Around this type of masculinity and thinking at all if you don't be a little girl don't be a secede from below base those type of things wall he's always around grew up and we plug another business that we had to be tough. And I think that kind of skewed my press that a little bit because I always had to overcompensate. I was trying to be tough when I really wasn't I was more listen you don't shy kid do you do you block heroic. Paints and paper that I settled never come out their room and I think desolate. My dad's house on they mean mainly due scores informal because he wanted me to be out there will be more. You probably my stretching or bad moon distress due to a point yeah. So how would you say then playing sports affected you grow on us. And it was tiny knew at that point this. Was I can imagine there was tennis I think you as far as I didn't have any compassion. When he came to. Somebody came against me or are. Was competing with me anyways this I was still gore. And you start to learn rage and anger. And stifle this in the Dayton this that are very very young age when you meet playful poem that. Yeah you see hero Jesus is hungry as you try to make it everywhere with the need either hit or miss Smith Barry Sanders. Mike Singletary everybody listening to the pros so would you do you act out in those fashions you've got to be more aggressive can you got to be the most toughest kid. And you got to beat their hate everybody is much he or anybody else and I think grown up that way. I relied on those emotions. As far as my creative content sol what I did have a bad these school. Instead of going home to talk to my mom and dad about it. I Obama someone on my shoulder pads on and go out there and unleashed everything and it didn't used to be as successful and it. Learning how to play football moved through rage and anger in the and you really good football player but it really and studs in these socially immensely because I relied on that too won't go too much high school college everything if I had any problems I was thinking for the whole day. As a lot Norma go to practice and elementary out of practice that was found that he kicked off of fighting. And tons of practice adding it sat out because those who aggressive while fighting everybody's flown for no reason and I think Lewis Soledad because they thought that. All of these courses she's tough she's close to be this way. So this will all go to the pros and you think you're from nine years old sued the Asian politically for. This is part of my personality now range and specialist is part of why him if I call this cycle sold me not mean emotionally available. Socially and people are and come close myself off. I'm using this this type of toxic behavior to get me through life and this is why end up in trouble sometimes I'm handling everything every situation. As if you're allowed back and on the road back so either you gonna get out of my way or he's he ran through. So that's how my emotions kept on one side I think after Paula I had him relief flash on that in my system. Because it was the kind of an ugly site and it was very very ugly side of. Aren't so I guess that your story does resonate with kids because those kids that cannot. Express themselves and eloquent Rachel so admitted that now the motivational edge is the perfect outlet for them. I think that in racial situation. She's more braver than I am coming into the situation because she Eckstein you. What she wanted to do when you wish he had to give up and sacrifice and things together where she's at. I didn't have that it was from all the way and this is usually do for the rest your life and his used to doing that. I think it's hard for anybody who is really anti social who's really has averted car and say what this is. The things I needed change in you to get from from my standpoint I think I had to change. I it's our tells you know it sounds that you could think you can learn to do this at a early eighties I say the marshals I was totally. And what they had his behavior when I was twenty so you guys go ahead of me as far as true because I'd tell them. You don't want to end up like me you don't wanna harbor and get hold of these emotions and he's grudges. Keep it Italian ferry because. Trust me is coordinates highway is gonna come out so you must have it come out creativity Dan rather c'mon it's almost like very very toxic. OK so now. As nag here and chairman who's who of the ambassador's. Right now the edge ambassadors let's talk about what that felt about. Amazingly I condemn that donors. And sponsors to the children sort of they wanna know how they can help you always get these questions how can I do how much read more. As the world if you wanna donate money donate if you have. You know instruments that they region are using more zero and house donate those if you are economists who actually doing wanna see how you can facilitating. Using whatever you have your personal life since anything else these kids that's when I do I connect him so do what they wanna do to help these kids come on the positive. Image in a positive way so everybody benefits from you how I would Diaz who go. You know outcome is still needs 1000 hours you know signing a check right money is all good. But it's just the kids need somebody or need mentors and come and tell them this is how you do things is what adult life is gonna be like him more than we have adults care about. These individuals is better for everybody. On the long in the lower. OK so someone's listening right down and thinking wow I would like how when what would you suggest that they do. I was just. Suggested to look at our website did the limit that the motivational as our lord and all of our information is on them my information is always on there isn't any time you want and you only go to me how how Saddam had meetings you can beat you over coffee mineral find anything you do to help these you don't have these kids. Find creative avenue and fight and find ways to. Distant better their future and I think that's the main part human angle goes a long way but it. Being the air with these kids every single day day in and day out into was where you can benefit these children I think this is that there's a lot more more than money. So basically this is an outlet for these kids to just do whatever are they wanna do is there anything more than that can aid. Turn this into something I consider performing or whatever is there a way that they can move on and do something else whether there. Like going to college Twitter better is there anything like that. I only guess we have his son. This silence discussion forum Berkeley after he finishes one student every year from the edge. You don't have to be the best trapping you have to be invest pianist and that's the Tyrus rapper went very. They choose one person every year and single and experience Berklee college for about two weeks. To see if you like it experience music in college and everything you come back. Scarlett of those same thing everybody gets a chance so we only to leave anybody out. C a chance to go there and they give you a scholarship and seventy cents and nods for two weeks it's been just an experience that. Could never with lyrics answer. Okay I'm Vanessa that's well but that's a great opportunity because then you can see pain maybe I can achieve this but I am going to Berkeley that you could issue to go to another college. China also kids feel like they don't have any experience in performing anything that's with and just sports said that you were things like that. UConn men you write you practice whatever it is you instruments. And we also have opportunities friend performances we have opened my ex. Clinical lots especially since kids adults and we performed try to give that what we do. That's the way to do it performed. So then you have mentors that are music and musicians and music teacher says our says similar that is for every person is to think he joked yes that's great. Are you looking for more mental this fleet can get more minutes 'cause if you feel like you can help on the edge any kind of way you can visit the web site as. I said before the motivational edge Lou. And I and that would be for renters are right now I also see here that there are locations in Tampa Bay as well as at the same deal for the scene program. It's the same program is isn't it was is now moving. Up. Florida right now I think we started in South Florida I think become becoming so successful and as far as preventive work. Is when he's driving westbound towards either Orlando Tampa Bay. Around those areas because this is easy. To get involved are its physically from that standpoint where we are right now because I don't improve we're not doing what should give these kids get in trouble. We're not doing that all that strategy towards trouble and into that always try to do is do preventive work. Which is stop this this behavior before it even happens I think that's is making us so successful as far as moving up to Florida. Is because it is everywhere all these kids are our music means I need to love drawing a lot of poetry that low performing. Any do anyway. He sees that now is the social media haze of anybody's a performer so as you're beautiful to see. Don't care about do school work and care about their creative process and immoral they performed more they show their talents. The locals in the crowd and always see you always have to before and you don't know who's in the crowd is always going to be that one person who's gonna really be behind you were really pushing where you wanna go he just never know. You have to do kids have to keep your grades up and are you gonna move motivation pleasures are kind of in a way around motivational magic house agrees collapsed. I think we helped it raise cola I think comes less it's. The most you comfortable enough to know which issues are worked the issues and help you. Move academically have to have to where you wanna be. So this is basically after your work from three to six is that evidence yes. Okay and is there one location or is it something where they're just at this. On Miami Jackson. There are multiple locations yeah. And memos from high schools I say we go into their Camilla house. As one of our guys are programs we have Camilla house. And it's great fans there don't have a home exactly who you are kids who wishes and and other organizations who help power a lot of Foster youth. That I juvenile detention centers too as well. OK so then you are reaching everybody okay. Everybody everybody. I exercise that I think faster hands juvenile detention centers homeless Sanders and other community service sites is concerned you guys are reaching all over the place and three to six. Now on the age group is it like fifteen to eighteen or is there a limited says. Is above 141000 fortunes everything for his early eighteen rules as for the and I don't ask someone that is what you get out of high school it's really not a place for you this is more or is this. Is more late middle school to high school ish around there in that age. So mostly done with colleague winning one of the puzzle everywhere do we help them out. Reach that that part of that process a process that playing in the go to college what we mostly handle in the school guys who doesn't know what they had done a lot more and immune once we get them early stats and he can get him on the tracks who. To leave you know blue wings in the on their own. Ands and have that artistic outlet that's gonna help them on their way through. Our idea that fancy amenities attract covers the art or creative writing lyrical expression audio recording music production urban art expression dance. And if everything else. I really have a few minutes left Rachel would you like to have a partying to you by two cents. On the SI assists when I saw those kids out there NASA like their patients are being in this one little box. You can be creative you can express is so don't feel like you have to do what you would she needs to do some make parents happy is so can be different so can't be special. If you feel like you lights time right you like to seen glance at play any instrument just come and check out that attitude and see if you like in is gonna change our proms. Thank you and Larry have Nevada a minute and a half left I would say. As of former retired NFL player I would say there is life or the four ball. And being able to help kids and our profit is gonna be my dreams of my dreams were so this is what I'm very very happy about and you know part of this organization. Because once you find yourself. After being fueled throughout I don't need you now know that daunting and bring you out itself when I mean it would be involved with. These kids and they usually have their own future. Parents and that's a motivational edge so they can go to the moon motivational and done mountainsides dot org you. And they can also check out social media brands missy go to FaceBook page just. And what else Twitter lists so those are the places you can ago. To check it out to the motivational edge dot org. So Larry Johnson thank you so much chairman of the edge ambassador just. Tough for coming and sharing your life story and being so candid about everything you went through to get here you. Rachel Rachel thank you so much for coming and sharing your input you know and I'm sure you might have inspired a couple people maybe to check it out. Especially those views and hopefully they will because this and our program there's nothing I can for kids got to get that out and some schools are providing it. Thank you the motivational edge thinking about going to. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on 101 point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosting guests. And do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to do. Late SM it's like Miami dot com. That's LI TE SNL. YGE Miami. This program was prerecorded oh this isn't Entercom communications corporation station 101 point five light SM UW a YF.