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Healthy Lunches / Miami Dade Head Start

Sunday, August 20th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Beth Granger, Health and Wellness Specialist for United Healthcare, about how to pack healthy lunches for kids. She suggests getting kids involved to make it more fun and less stressful and always remember protein, starches and fruits. And don't forget healthy snacks when they get home. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Michelle Toral, Head Start Section Manager for Miami Dade, about how important it is to get children enrolled in early childhood programs. The Head Start Program offers comprehensive services to low income families for kids as early as two months, including education, health, mental health, nutrition, school readiness and more.

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one or one point five flight FNW. A YS HD one name W a YUSI Miami camera phones Coral Springs. Here's the latest and community affairs correspondent. Today we want to welcome back and Granger health and wellness specialist for United Healthcare in today's he's speaking with us about. Parents need to start getting re custom win. And that goes back to school lunches it's getting back into the back to school routine. And that day you're gonna provide wonderful tips for us that we can make this fun and healthy correct. Yes thank you for having me this morning. Well this is a great thing to talk about especially rate now you know as. Of Monday everybody will officially beaten back to school again. And then as we all hustle and bustle to trying get the routine back together. What are some of the suggestions you have when it comes to working yourself back into the routine after summer vacation. Good question. And I know a lot of parents that can be a little overwhelming and challenging track what can you hack and a so why McCain is. Trying not to make it so time consuming and shackled for yourself as a parent. Try to begin with a variety of do what help. You know you have all the difference in good. You know. Options available. It's going to be more apt to. You know maybe I'll try them and also getting them involved in the process of planning on packing their meal. When they keep your engaged in the process it becomes you know kind of more enjoyable and they are traded to eat you know that things could they make. And that's one of the biggest tips I believe is getting back into the Pratt. Schedule hang on Sunday you're gonna take an hour and you're gonna put lunch together for a week. What a great way to get the kids involved what are some parts of putting together or lunch they can help with that you don't want Edelman knife to cut the apple you know. No outright depending on their age you wouldn't necessarily brought what you could do with it can help in planning. Either you know before you go to the sort making helping I think that list. And keeping them twisted like what are the fight that couple you wanna put in your. And then maybe going to the store helping pick things out. They can also help with the preparing to get that you can cut portion. At the beginning of the week are on Sunday are you know Monday for the week it easier they can help. What items in the back. They can help create a little words and different you know involvement like that. On these things take timely putting together or lunch that looks fun for instance making fruit skewers. What are some other and little things that parents can put together and the ones that make them look more appealing for the kids even though it's healthy. Yes and I think kids around you could even take so many different things just making it much and picking like cookie cutter. Well it or not and then cutting out these bread and make it look and a approaching eight. You know just changing that at this kind of buying. Or are being able to mix together the different vegetables and make you know as some sort of calm backpack letting him out. But making it you're it's it's really pretty easy also having like dipping soccer like guacamole comment and salt let it go. But the vegetable they get that up front factor for kids. You definitely wanna make it colorful. And I love bringing my girl to the grocery store and trying to help her get excited about the food she's gonna eat throughout the week but sometimes. She wants to pick something that I don't think is nutritious. Do you have any tips on how we can talk to our children help them rationalize. What good fuel for their body and what might not be so good. And I think that is a challenge that I think and then and then and it's hard when there's so much out there. You know. On TV and had been an and different. And packaging that makes it challenging per who try to you know here. Children down that road as healthy and really for the most part the more that we model. Eating healthy. And pick at making those healthy choices. That's first and foremost gonna be real impact all sports a child is that they see are doing it. And they're gonna follow it and that's how they lark. But also just helping them to understand why it that we wanna eat whole grain. Because a whole grain. I don't you know whole grain profit providing get that energy and what we wanna remind them that act like it is our body. It fueling us to get a good energy and help our brains can't help but you know be stronger and it got slightly wanna how. You know certain kind of routine make it colorful with different fruits and vegetables. What else should parents look to put in that lunch box that will give them the fuel they need for the day is there any food group person in that were missing that needs to be filled. We ought to remember a whole grain right and so we are being bulldozed their cart the cart. Our country that you really want to focus on us all greens because of remembering that anything that put it our bodies. Is you'll well we want to share that message with its is that what region are you know putting that student and then lieutenant. Beverage and our audience there. Energy. And there are a whole grain. You want to look for a 100% whole grain bread. Wrapped. Cracker any of those things which also made it would be great popcorn is a whole grain. Seeing a lot brown right. Because those whole grain. They have all the vitamins and minerals of Itar and that is common child. Energy level. I hear because that practices and our body slower and so they're gonna they got it right bunkers you wanna remember a whole grain and it also stream of hydration. But not just that we put on our body especially. In Florida in that hot line making sure. Children how up and now hydrating liquids which of course water the first weight. There are other options like you know. Or we community. Low fat milk. But just try to stay away from those. High sugar juices and sodas because there's no nutritional value and taking away from the beverage that they could beacons and that would be I can't. Now I will admit I even abuse all the time I know the importance of nutrition and of course giving my kids healthy foods. But sometimes I've run out of their pre cut carrots. You know sometimes I run out of the healthy things that are easy go to when I'm already running behind on Pratt. What are some easy grab and put in the lunch box items that you go to any you use. Romney if you were gonna I'm happy I got quiet. Store. What might restore calm even though I gotta say that's probably an easy question if you're running late inning needs to grab some thing for the kid what's a good thing to grab that no I'm thinking about how you know cut carrots repeal Medicare it's no more putting them out or slice in the Apple's nor packaging them. Are there any things in the grocery store that we can grab that we know are going to be. Semi healthy you know like granola bars that are prepackaged that we can FitzGerald in the lunch box that really keep us on the right track but also make it a little easy in times where. You're time might be pinched. Yeah and not a good point if you're just gonna have flat. It would be any thing that doesn't. Collect process and better. So either raping a somewhat and putting let a bad we. You know which are looking on the label to see just you gotta pick a granola bar you really just want a look at the sugar contents. And that track my and to keep that lower and that's really what you are looking out of it you can find something like a little you know that pretty cut. Veggies and that that they like that I comment but they had some cream all things not just the main thing. It's just the less Procter and more natural. Batter to wager going if you can go over to separate Becky. Section. You're not gonna have a much traffic in Dover and that area that I'm really eager to. On actual not Ernie eager to do so concerned or that challenge would be anything in the fox. You wanna make sure that you are at least taking a look at that label and seeing exactly. What you know what sugar contents and that's contest. Perfect you let me break in this. What are things we should avoid heat. On labels what is something that if you're a parent and your real labeling you see it you know that is not something you want to buy today. Right so looking at it so when you're thinking about buying an items. As natural as possible and electing media in general I noted that led an ingredient is minimal. That means that there's not a lot of process process. Item in this particular sphere and that's why don't look for right arm high fructose corn syrup. High sugar. So any thing that happened. Just the natural ingredients that it was like a knife and natural like it all and butter is just. Process all men. You're not having a lot out of it. That's really what you wanna look for an error are. These say they are really doing a great job of providing more items out there like that. So we have more choices because it isn't really challenging. Trying to you know five times. Without the other thing that we have on our plate to you know really. Focus on guiding young people here and making good Detroit. So I don't wanna be the person thing you don't put anything fine. Anything lunch box. I think you should have retreats and maybe there are some people nodding their heads but I'm not opposed to putting a couple Oreo o.'s does that block and then throwing it in her bag. What are some small sweet treats. Maybe he can and will air on the healthy side but that your child might get excited about seeing in their lunch box. And nothing good point you know you want to have that fun factor and not. Send a message that we can never have I really am not a believer in all about moderation. Every you can do any kind of like if you read a major film exit I'm not. And dark chocolate are made some and I sweet chocolate chips in there and try fruit make a little backpack formula and kick out. Ingredient can make a little trial may have been a little dark chocolate anything that had less than about 810 grams of sugar. And remembering that. Fruit how'd that sleaze factor to it so if you mix that was something else. Engine having an operation like you said just throwing a couple of never offsetting it with maybe you know a little bit of Angel food cake which is a low sugar. Hate speech you can cut up into little pieces and then put them fresh strawberry but it. You know it is so there is an option for it's civility wouldn't you know chips using frozen blueberries and some almond milk person preach yogurt. And put that together for them will look at that got little tree. So we know it's quick and easy as far as fruits and veggies and how we should always kind of put that our lunch that's a check mark. And we've also address that she need to have something to look forward to some kind of sweet treat so check there but when it comes to protein. I feel like I personally get in the same routine we're gonna you know here's Turkey. Should really didn't like peanut butter sandwich he knows so I'm kinda stuck what are some interesting and fun proteins that maybe somebody like me isn't thinking of that we can throw into the lunch box that me also make our children very happy to it. We weren't. Your. Heart oil that you could either cut that mop and she element and have a than not you can make egg salad without. Also being so there's so many different Brady it means you can make a beans salad. I'm also again not not fighters that you can put the salary income not clutter on the air at a peanut butter but using almond butter tuna. Chicken you can purchase or chicken or you can take chicken and shredded but put it a crock pot shredded up and make chicken salad. I'm there's also. You know the main thing it's just staying away from those. Apple deli meat are really just how your sodium and preservatives. So any saying you know eight or or shrimp you can get those back and that's how are already a tiny small strand. And then make like a little you know shrimp salad or something like that for them. So there are a lot of rightly that it is important to mention that she golden not routine. I'm Kent that helps hateful and how to help them to focus what they are not hungry and they have to go to school. And nobody has appealed that it needs. Pretty you wanna protein you one of fruit and vegetables he can thank those vitamins and you want something this week. What else should parents look to put in now lunch box that will give them the fuel they need for the day is there any food group person in that were missing that needs to be filled. We ought to remember whole grain right and so something little dose of cart. Car. Carbohydrates that you really want to focus on a whole grain because of remembering that anything that put it our bodies. Well why (%expletive) that at this wicket just like a region or you know putting it in and then lieutenant. Beverage and our audience our energy and got a whole grain. You wanna look for hunter that whole grain bread. Rack. Obama crackers any of those things which are also met would be a great popcorn is a whole grain. Seen a lot of ground right. Because those whole grains. They have all the vitamins and mineral fiber and that is. Child. Energy level. I hear because that practices in our body slower and ordered that they got to fight longer you want to remember all green and then also get treatment or hydration. But it's not just that the that we put on our body. Especially. In Florida in the hot line making sure. Children up and now hydrating liquids which of course water first wait. There's other options like you know. Hold true unity. Low fat milk. But to try to stay away from those prospects patient virtue is and slowed it because there's no nutritional value. And taking away from the beverage that they could be considering that would be I can't. And yet that's literally the next place to go here is equal or parent who is trying to watch what fruits and vegetables you putting your reading the label he wanna go organic and then you throw win. Eat sugary drink. Or or you know one of those high age rating beverages that you see advertised. You're kind of in dealing all of the hard work you just dead but as I feel like is the most sugar my kids get is the room those kinds of beverages. Her. Would you that's the real big sugary eerie and apparently to look for is not so much about the sweet treats you know two cookies is too much. But it's what they're drinking throughout the day as well. Yeah I don't feel that there is a lot of heat and high sugar and calories being consumed. With beverages that. In general people don't even think about you know they have a lot I see. They just it's my turn I don't sometimes on the county not. As assurance that there won't take soccer and right right and I carried the day. Is not what hydrating right. Now. Boomed. Take a second to re introduce bad. Granger she's a health and wellness specialist the united held in today's youth coming on talking with us about tips for making back to school lunches food fun. And healthy. And yes there are a lot of tips including all the food groups we should be hitting which we'll get to that and a second we definitely talked about. Things we should avoid on labels how to help get your kids involved with packing lunches and not only are we now when you talk about the things you should be putting indie kids the ones is. But we're also going to be dishing out some off some breakfast tips to make that easy as well. Thanks again for joining us back just let everybody know what they're listening to rate now six simple tips for making back to school lunch is fun and healthy. I think health and wellness specialist. What is the most asked question. That you feed or that you are asked specifically when it comes to how to keep our children. Not only hydrated but also eating healthy foods. I think it's what our options I think there's so much information out there right now. And there's so many choices I definitely think. That it can be overwhelming and it changes all the time and I'm in the field and they confront and be challenging guys that they've. Shared one message and they have research upturn in our topic and then all of a sudden they find out new information in an Italian ship strike. Yeah one day isn't healthy the next day they're not and Ernie. Right. So I think first and foremost. If you are at least the main focus I would prefer a parent is helping a child learn. That we need these different groups we need protein we need that we can vegetables and we need to whole grain. And if so what did that look like. And what are the portions. Get it now. What were eating so much is how much of it at an early age they're learning. About these different age groups and how to incorporate him every single day and out that questions that are happening unique items. And I think it's really setting the foundation for them to be able to learn to make those choices on their own as they grow up. And that's really what you want them to do. And also we're talking about prepping lunches and I feel like he may have practice feeling your time. What are your favorite shortcuts to your favorite tips that you think parents should. Hold tight when they're getting a little stressed out and overwhelmed by all of this back to school routine coming back at them. I think really just happen arms and no actually sit and I do that saying thank you make situated I don't sketchy okay is it just gonna be easier for me to get a pre cut luckily. In the back. In it might be a little bit more expensive for the baby carriage as opposed to killing McCarrick in cutting a lot. Sometimes making those choices. Makes it a little bit easier having that back on hand. Making it had a time what are things that are he's inconvenient if you get broken chicken cracked and a crock pot and it's looking at else. Easy having it container not that are easy on hand having them back and try to create very they're available. Act and make it easy and I do think that eating convenience. Is where we in general are challenged. Because we are so. You know I just. Being. I can be at all these places are being stretched. All these are quite. That we're in I'm eating the chores and tasks and expecting things from a -- don't wanna be a mom shouting all the cookies and the bag you know that you get is a lot of records that he thought right so that. I I also wanted to make the point you were talking about how hectic can be. Putting the lunch together day. Yeah or even if you do it the night before you start to wake up and Enders breakfast do you have any quick breakfast tips as well that parents can hold on when trying to get themselves back into the routine. I do think that if you so whaling so aren't Sunday nighter on expanding it throw at all eight. Egg. In a pot will mock and they knew how bomb. And then that morning you can inject morality holy terror like cement on top and make an open space that they're much. You can also take exit scramble amok with a little bit of vegetable. Put that amok and then I come up. And then. You have done and you can put an end little baggy just standing there at the child eating on the latest score you could just sort of come. You know get these young real quickly in the morning. And then they're easily available what about oatmeal oat meal you can get quick though they're very easy place up. Pressured on top a little bit then and then. That's a really healthy. Breakfast. And Tina oatmeal that even greets. Sweet treats recipe that you can put in his welcome you can make you know baked oatmeal cookies. And something like that which is still healthy but it's got all this week that you need and that's fun for the kids to make as well. What I away from this bet is get kids involved and model the behavior do you think that is the big message that parents should be. Looking towards achieving. When doing something as simple as packing lunches and making the breakfasts. I agree you know the slugger mark is there is the result of their life. And I you know it is we are setting the agent while modeling and that's how they are right. If we are doing it. And and and they are seeing it being done on a regular basis. And then like you said like a case of we're gonna get it treated quite a while because it's you know it's moderation. And then they learn to fight not talent that they got no other wipe them. There are being taught and being modeled for them. So what I'm taking away as far as making lunches for this school year which I can't believe is already here you wanna make sure you've got a whole grains. You wanna make she got protein in there and that can include sunbeam's convened salad or or some. Lightly salted nuts and seeking an individual packages as well. You wanna make it colorful and I'm a lot of the few. Fruit skew or idea are there any other ideas when it comes to the making from the colorful and using their fruit and veggies. We can't. On any pain. Like I do you think that some of these go over really well with them or taking this community you can put their communities and then make topical but them you. Yeah and then when they come from all you know it that actually got put in the hard and they get home and I as a and as a snack and them. Well being able to help them. You know find a way to make around trail mix you know including hot or. You know doing some things you can even give it back scribble skewers all settles you. But I think anything that they can be involved and. What are some of the suggestions you have when it comes to working yourself back into the routine after summer vacation. Good question. And I know a lot of parents that can be a little overwhelming and challenging. What can you hack out and so why McCain is. Trying not to make it so time consuming and shackle yourself as a parent. Try to begin with a variety of suit that would help. You know you have all the different is good. You know. Options available. It's going to be more apt to. You know may be. Tried them and then also getting them involved in the process of planning on packing their meal when that kid they're engaged in the process. It becomes you know kind of more enjoyable and they are excited to eat you know that things that they may. Think one of the biggest hits I believe is getting back into the Pratt. Schedule hang on Sunday you're gonna take an hour and you're gonna put lunch together for a week what a great way to get the kids involved what are some parts of putting together a lunch. They can help with the did you don't wanna human knife to cut the apple you know. No outright depending on their age she wouldn't necessarily brought what you could do it would they can help in planning. Either you know before you go to the store making healthy I think that list. And keeping them tweaked that like what are the five ex couples you wanna put in your. And then maybe going to the store helping pick and without. They could also help with the preparing to do that you can cut portion. At the beginning of the week are out and they are you know Monday for the week it's easier they can help. What items in the bag. They can help create a little words and different you know involvement like that. Make sure it's colorful mix she can behind edited and don't neglect this sweet treats. Give them something to look forward to are there any other big hits you think parents should cling on to. Well clearly yes. Not making it so overwhelming and stressful for themselves you and I think that really can be shot at. More preparation. You you're going to date and once you get into that routine once you have done it a few weeks. And you're like okay I'm a pilot sometime over the weekend I run and get what I need. It more prepared we are easier it's gonna be scrapped and make help each week it. What are some other tips the U wanna share with moms before and aside from take it deep breath are there any other concerns that you are candidates here are still locked and you feel like they need to hear from your math Malkin right now that's. Well you don't feel like I have to be so hard because there aren't contending is out there like we were just talking about how anxious you know we. I got pre cut. I'm some of their items that are pre cut and made. You know using. There are you know different resources online that you can use. You know. That united health care Aaron Carter you know our web site UAE dot com. And you couldn't get tips and recipes. You don't have to figure that caught yourself. And so I love the tips that she shared with us this morning I think even powered through the list to get ourselves together and start prepping a low. Lunges for the week this upcoming school year. But if that's what do you find are the three most important things people should take away from our talk. All got snake healthy lunch is fun. Yeah I think that would be first and foremost. Don't make it struck or any gauge the kids in the planning in the press. So that they are why and understanding and learning about healthy it's. Aren't their more it's gonna be more jerk enjoyable present to. You know he got during lunchtime and uptight be dragging their friends like I how I not make I made that myself. And they're gonna. You know just be pretty proud of themselves or you know making each week as. What can we find it's a good way to get them to try new things at least in our household when she's out there and she's like might ask this cauliflower. And you're like yeah. All the ways we can do things leading ticket and look at all the ways that we can prepare it. So yeah act for sure definitely teaching that and modeling that behavior. And where is the website again where folks can get some easy recipes and tips. I'm UHC dot com. Org slash welna. So you HP dot com forward slash arm wellness element if you wanna go over and maybe download some recipes making it easy for your first or second week back to school that's the place to go. That thinking yeah so much for coming on and speaking with us about them back to school. Once packing craziness were all getting in duke. Yes thank you for happening me. You're here in South Florida in the spotlight on 101 point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent Daniel Garton. Was school about to start school aged kids are getting prepared with all they need to what about those kids not yet school age. There are early childhood programs but what about those kids who can't afford those programs there is Miami Dade counties headstart program. Would just talk about school readiness an early childhood programs is Michelle Terrelle. Headstart section manager thanks so much for joining us thank you for having me OK so let's just talk first up about headstart. How that what the services are end their form. So headstart is aid program for low income families and children. We surveys children parents to five years of age so our early headstart program focuses on birth to three years of age. An hour head start program focuses on three years to sightings of each. Our services are comprehensive so we include health services. Nutrition. Mental health and disability services. As well as high quality education. And to sit around and disabilities when needed. Okay. And how does one sign up for. We'll Sany of his easy so you can either visit east sites that you know offers headstart can. You can check on our good on our website at Miami. Or. On you can complete an application. And submitted to the count me and we will I'm fine to a spy with one of the neighboring. Location some summer close to where you definitely okay. So let's talk about school readiness. And and what does that mean really. School readiness really is making sure that children are ready to enter kindergarten by the time that the here five years of age. So what we're doing is that we're preparing children really with those basic skills. Dad being mean to start on and on an even playing fields. Basically we're gonna focus on social and emotional development. Which talks about Iran fostering relationships. Making friends. Learning those social skills like sharing. We're also going to focus on self regulation. Which is self control in behavior. And basically we're going to help children be ready. With all the tools that they need to start kindergarten so we will give them as well the foundation with their letters. I'm literacy as well as mathematical. And problem solving skills as well. So I know whether CB PK vouchers. How does that fit into a head start. I think the same thing it's not the same thing on this so headstart is a completely free program and I'm our students. Do not have to pay anything for the services. And so VP Cheney is. Is a little bit different because it's done through Steve voucher. And so there are some locations that will accept the VP came voucher but it's it's a different. Totally different topic as I know people hear about that and they might confusion as to I think that that has or is totally free for those who qualify for those who qualify are okay. Let's talk about. There's a screen process it's involved that people may. And eligibility criteria yes so basically. When parents are ready to apply that they feel lucky appreciation. Dini to bring some documents with them just to show. Where they live to ensure that they live in Miami Dade count me as well as the child's age. I'm we also ask for documentation for wages. To ensure that the Airways and that the guidelines. So it's basically an eligibility criteria and not necessarily screening. Okay so in terms of eligibility if someone's listening right now. What is the household total that they can get had started so every year it changes and it's based on it the federal. Levels of poverty. And and do you know it is clear and me it's about Tony 4000 for a family of four. OK so then if someone's listening and any. They make 24 thinking of cancer yes. Aren't there also other factors that we take into consideration so. Someone shouldn't be deterred from. Applying simply because they may be slightly over and or her. May be a little bit more than slightly over. But we do offer services to those who are the neediest. And so I think we look at every family. As their own you and we have some different opportunities for families. OK so then there could be something like a sliding scale or something or not necessarily a citing scale but it's based on different factors okay. So for example if homelessness is is a concern. Those families would get priority if there are some instances of domestic violence. Who we would he try to make sure that we are servicing. All the families that need it. Okay now that family is homeless. How does that work. Our date like at a shelter in or do you try to find even a homeless really means that they don't have their own. Homes so they can be lifting weights and relatives. Extended family or extended families. Exactly and we do have a social services team. They've really does work with these families to help each family maker goals throughout the year. And work towards their goal so that's one of the comprehensive services that we've really. We really try to make this a a program that. Meet the needs of the entire family since we have a parent who is. Striving to finish high school. We will hope and enroll in ged courses. We will Harlem where is however a weekend. And so are social services staff will work with each family moved to develop a goal and then kind of keep them going on their goals throughout the so it's not just about the child to know it's about the entire family mom. That's great to hear are so when I was asking about our screening process I think out. I didn't phrase the had a question partly it's screening you offer within the first 45 day. Since school of which Ohio. So we offer some different opportunities for screenings for children went to the program. Within the 31 45 days screen of school. And really what those are our. What is a developmental screening. To see Harold the challenges development developing. We have a speech and language screener. And we have a social and emotional screener these are just tools to help I'm parents. As well as teachers. On. Provide the best services for the child to one of the things that we really do focus on when it comes to education is individual rising for the child's. So we try to find the child's where they are and where they're coming to us and how we can build them up from when they are. Sounds like they go home. All right now let's talk about parent involvement with the Head Start Programs. I know that. Key so we have lots of different opportunities for parent involvement one of the big things that we had is a parent committees at each says the I'm sites are locations. And parent committees really do have a lot of control of the decisions that are made at the center. C are being responsible for voting so each committee will have a chairperson. A co chair. I'm so hot there officers and they'll basically work. To help. Make the best decisions for the center. Last senate that's a great thing yeah so those each have representatives that come to a higher level so I can count me. We have a policy council which has representatives. From caller different centers. On and voting members as well and so they've really do have an integral part in helping us make decisions about new programs that we're bringing. To head start on day helped decide a hiring. New staff so they really do review. Qualifications of new employees. As most hiring new. So now a part of this being inept a parental committee. Not as is required of a parent who has a child in headstart programs this is something very. It's highly encouraged. On the results of boosters have really just support. That children really thrive when they have that parent involvement. I'm in their lives. And so basically we want to provide all the opportunities that we can. For parents to be involved so whether it's something as simple as volunteering. In a classroom. We know it can be something so there of course that we want to have a different opportunities for parents. Because I was just and he adds. Parents of bonds that are in low income are probably working with more than one job and probably don't have a whole lot of hours to give. It's definitely in another area so here they are stretched. You know the trying to care for the child and get them what they need but they're also trying to put food on the table test zone and I guess it would be kind of hard for some of them then make a committee. So then at that point they could maybe just volunteer PRC they cannon. They can. Now on. In terms of sites and locations how many do you have in my meeting over eighty locations in Miami Dade County. Can I read something about what 7000 kids who have over 7000 families. Last. Now if someone is listening how to they know if there's a head start near them or or do they just contact you to find out if there's enough I even. The best way would be to contact Mamie TA dot com. There's a listing of centers. That offer headstart. And as well as centers that offer early head start which is the infant program that birth to three result. Now in terms of centers that offered a head start are they mostly called early childhood centers are they located in some public schools. Exactly do we have a combination we are located in 34 different public schools. Until we are also located in any chances senators across the community as well. So somebody walks into an early childhood center could they say hey do you have had start here it's eight minutes and ask okay you definitely can't ask and they can say yes we are yes frank. Can they walk in and fill out an application they're gonna definitely counting noting can Friday each study. On and then the applications are processed through the Canon. OK so then that's one way just look around your neighborhood doesn't just either go to or your closest elementary school or your closest daycare center right. And check out that way. Now do you have a listing of all the names of all listeners. On your website yes you do so some could go there is definitely and that's Miami day duck out of the SaaS social services of I'm now in terms of and I understand that you've partnered with community agencies to enhance your services. And it says here it and you're hurting now with Miami Dade parks in Miami Dade libraries. Well we've seen any lately in the community. To ensure that we're providing parents with water safety. And sperm. It gets kind of led to this perfect partnership with the parks since they have pools and they do offer. I'm swimming lessons so we partnered with that and were working weighs several centers. To provide swimming lessons for children. And kind of like an inclusive program that will. Not only showed children how to swim but offer lessons to parents as well as water safety courses. And so would the library and whenever our goals is to kind of faster reading in the households. Today to promote. That vocabulary and those interactions between parents and children. So. What we're trying to do is make sure that we have a partnership with the library to ensure that these families have access to books. And that the books are not only in the classroom but that the books are coming home this lock. So in that case what do you make sure they have a library Carner. So one of the things that we do is we do provide them access to library cards so we help them with the application. On the we've also had the bookmobile visit centers so that the children can check out books as well. And that's great. Well rounded so we'll keep them safe and get them reading more hopes to that's the plan. A peso in terms of the swimming is it something where you blink so that they they're going to kindergarten headstart program. And then part of the data go to the pool to show how to. Right so there's thirty minute lessons. And their dynamic. Over an eight week. Course so kind of we're working through cycles. So a different class tool at ten to thirty minute lessons three to four times a week over an eight week period. Until they're able to to kind of slam so we're hoping to target. As many senators as we can and make sure that as many lessons. Are provided this year. I'm not like her members monkey crawled monkey crawled right around the side of the pool. Kids used to say how much time full he had their teenagers now he's aren't so. I have what about transportation. So transportation. Is not easily include it. And it is really add to the parents. Are we to offer transportation when he comes to. Some field trips that can be arranged for the senators. The transportation is up to the parents. Is there on the situations over disabilities and I EPS of transportation is yes I'm all right to ensure that they can they get the services that they need. So in terms of children with disabilities. What exactly is the caramel kind of disabilities are we. Get and so I think it depends on the Childs what we try to do is make sure that we are offering the best services. For that specific talent. So if that means that the Childs. Would benefit from men more inclusive settings then. We would make sure that that those arrangements or meet. To ensure that their child is receiving that. So I think it depends on each child's but we would try to fines and a comedy the best program possible. We do insurance so that quality teachers have and training on accommodations. For disabilities to make sure that. We're able to service as many children as possible. Sure I would imagine that would be the goal right. If you just joined us were talking about head start programs and early. Head Start Programs. With Miami Dade County Michelle Terrelle is here with us she's the head start section manager. And we just go through the basics hearsay if you're thinking about your children and they're not yet five. Distributed time to be thinking real hard about what to do with them and they only get to minerals. Of course it has to do with income. And being able to qualify for the head start program and the early head start so the early head start is on the violence like one to three. Actually it's as little as two months. So we'll take infants all the way to 36 months or three years olds. So in terms of head start for two and three year olds what exactly are you do and I mean. So he's eighth in they have their own curriculum that if it does really faster on problems solving. Come on establishing routines. I'm and as well as building those social and an emotional developmental skills. That they will be needing that they do they cared. Developing a listening and the and the hearings. So they'll be working on a lot of them. Songs and Ryan's. Chance that there also be discovering discovering the world around them observing. And done. Exploring. It just sounds like basic day care to these bad. RBC with a focus right with the current and so there's actual curriculum there isn't there's a curriculum is 'cause creative curriculum. And dollar early head start centers use it and it basically. It is a structured today and just the same they have their routine. And teachers planning experiences. For them throughout the day that will help them to meet certain objectives. Whether it's recess or reading habits are all experiences. Exactly and I'm sure there's a nap time and there there's definitely not a science got to Vienna to there's no sign and connect and snack as an entity might faint right actually had. That that's that's actually provides two thirds of a child's nutritional content so we provide breakfast I eat lunch and snacks. Wow yes Ariza now is it too late to sign up for this year for an hour tonight we have open enrollment by year long. So we are always. Looking and willing to help families. In these are waiting list or anything in certain areas I think that's on centers do you have waiting lists I think it depends on. On the area. But currently we are looking to enroll. We have many openings in Liberty City area and so we're looking for children if anybody is interested. We're we're very excited to service more families. Okay. And is there a number they can call as well. It'd be just 311. It could be 311 as well I know that 7864619. And I think it's 7642. Okay. We'll go with that or three when my authority and when I. Now if you. If you don't live to Miami Dade your listings meanwhile this the show a system for me is there's headstart programs. In both Broward and Monroe and Broward you can call 754322480. 7543212480. I don't do it now. Wait for Monday. In grand row you can call 30529314100. Munro is 30529314100. These are for Head Start Programs in Broward in Munro and if it's Miami day would be 31 line. So what else can you offer in terms of head start and and he says that you came from the teaching side I didn't. So what would you say is earned and most. The biggest challenges that you have to. The little ones to come in the door. As a teacher I always enjoy each the little ones. And I felt like they Wear a blank slate. So their world is lots of fun and they always kept me on my toes but I think that. The challenge is really getting their parenting caged. And getting them to understand that even though they look like they're playing. There are many acts isn't learning. And they're exploring. And maybe they're playing with dolls but those are opportunities. To build vocabulary. Words thanks waddle and cradle. On the dirt doesn't just opportunities for used to to Foster those kinds of interactions. Sort each ultimately is about those interactions. That we're having with children and they really need to be purposeful and meaningful. And net the words that we use. In Long Island. In kind of even guarantee it. They are intonation. Sure you know the inflections. I ours is thinking in my mind is like when you're a kid I mean it was only natural that you play in as you're playing your learning so it's just a natural it's more of a structured natural way of learning. Exactly because it's I'm of course I go right to the animal kingdom and they can just look at how. I'm tigers learned to hunt or her learn to survive in the wild and learn from their parents they can't go to head start it. So with the same idea that you're here you are. Teaching them naturally how to grow exit whether his vocabulary how to interact with others. Sound that's critical carries a head start again you can enroll at any time zero to 565. You think in kindergarten yes. So the child is going into kindergarten and they don't have. This background of head start what happens to they get like a little. Refer any sort of refresher gonna have to go to another part of the room because they're not and know the basics of just sitting there and knowing how to behave in a classroom. An inquiry early childhood education right now is crucial. Especially to make sure that their children are ready. For kindergarten because once they step into that classroom. You know there's there's so much accountability. That goes into into isn't kindergarten through. The upper grades on and so I typical of many assists to make sure that we're getting them ready. To be the best that they can to make sure that they have the tools that they need so that when need to go to kindergarten and that. There's no there's no need for her for intervention thing. I think that it yeah I am always thinking of worst case scenario he's wet but people can do. I'm so in terms of since you've been on that side do you have any like stories about kids that you can say like a success stories that have gone through has start you've seen them change from zero to ninety. Anything like that deacon defense. I have line it is dads. She's gonna be in second grade. And and she's doing very well. But I remember that way in she was in my class she was. With her mom and they were living in a car. And we had some struggles when eighth making friends. And self regulation and and being able to get her friend's attention. Those became challenges for her by you know we were able to really seize some. Some very positive changes and she was able to really blossom. And it took some more architects and structure. And being consistent with the routine I think clearly was crucial. But we did we've had many success stories you know and I left to mean two parents who her head start. You know headstart children themselves in our office we have. Lots of former head start either parents or headstart children. So it's really nice to see how this program really brings people full circle. Nick come back and give back yeah. Very cool so when this little one was living out of her car and just starting in the head start program. How did you deal did you try to find in the place to live as well here greats a social services did immediately intervened. Iron and and data. Finds them services for this mom. So there was some intervention in that regard. But when he came to the classroom instruction or what we really try to do is give her that consistency that she was docking. So making sure that you know activities happen regularly. That if there was going to be changed. In the schedule that we made her aware of it says that she wedding and it's sad that something was changing so we just where. We re worked diligently with her to make sure that. That she was part of our classroom community. So someone's listening and they are homeless. That shouldn't make them ponds and think that they can't go to hell it's not at all. Nodded. And so if they are. In between Holmes and I have children. What do they do. Making sure that they find the nearest headstart tanner and and once the application is complete our staff will help. With the application process is needed. But once in the program we will use. Other resources to help him ease that's our goal to make sure that families who really are breaking that cycle of poverty. Making sure that we're not just hoping their talents but we're helping the whole fan. In in terms of I noted homeless out what it's like in terms of medical needs or something like that is they're waiting to step in for that as well. But we definitely do we have many requirements when it comes to health. So we ensure that parents are really keeping up with children's well baby visits as well as immunizations. Dental care. One of the things that we do is that we do try to ensure that leaf facility if a family does not have insurance. That we helped them find insurance. And if needed. And we need to step in and pay for it we've done so as well. Senator is the total cheer total care for the child definitely. It's a whole sacks so in terms like immunizations that they can't keep up because maybe they they don't have the money or are again they're homeless. You would step in and find a way to figure that out. Right so we've. Partnered with different agencies. We've tried to they dental plans to schools. To be able to provide training street children. We've provided transportation when it's the one that may be that concerned. My social services team and they just work diligently to make sure that. There were providing services for children. So reversing. Size of their child for head start did they automatically get like a social service team to make sure do checkpoints on everything for the child's bright that's how I personally. As many as soon necessary and accepted into the program and our social services. I'm eighteen or staff will meet with them. To help them develop their cool. Whatever back home after their goal maybe it's personal for every family but it gay will help them throughout the process to work towards it. And he'll be anything can be training and job to. Getting started in school. Buying a house opening a savings accounts. And that's and that's opportunities. And choose. That they can be shoes. Really they can be serious. So even not having issues are being able to afford shoes or be a way that you guys can help confine definitely. Season there's no excuse. Nadal you're gonna get your child in headstart. Only only hammer out a couple minutes left is there any parting thought that you'd like to give before we sign off. I had started really is just an amazing program that offers comprehensive services not only to children and families. We have open enrollment ear rounds T take advantage of these opportunities. Because we really do want to make sure that our children are ready. For kindergarten and successful. And that's for a child's two months to society years to five years. Okay. That's Michelle Terrelle she's headstart section manager Miami Dade County. And again if you. Are interested in the head start program. The there are eligibility requirements you might wanna go to Miami date dot gown slash social services and there you can look that up as well as the applications are right there direct. Or you can go to your nearby. Early childhood center or school to see if their head start definitely if they have had start now. Again I just want to repeat this if you don't live in Miami Dade counting. You can call some numbers in Broward County for head start it's 754321. 2480. At 7543212480. And then Munro. It's 30529314100. That's 305293. 14100. If you have more questions about Miami Dade County he can call 311. Or you go to Miami Dade County mine he gave Jack slash social services. All information need about headstart. Michelle Terrelle thank you so much for joining us today thank you for having me. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosting guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff may. And for sponsors your common email them to you latest. Like Miami dot com that's LO IT EFM. At LYTE. Miami. This program was pre recorded this season Entercom communications corporation station 101 point five lite FMW a YF Miami temper pines Coral Springs.