A Hairy Situation

Friday, December 8th

Or maybe that should be 'A Hairless Situation'. The calendar that Kimba refers to: http://bit.ly/2BNM4AE And really, the more you know.


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Mike Shula is here easily get a lot of hair. I'm always shedding plant longer hair so on for ever. My hair and my parents everywhere felt like it's been like it's. Up taking your hair loss narrowed down tick net now okay. Find I have noticed lately that I have been losing a lot more hair and apparently. And their scientific proof that we lose more hair in the we don't awful we didn't but I guess it doesn't matter whether we were have it or not careless as part of our. Genetic makeup but because again she would lose your summer hair fewer of the you know a beastly. Kurtz in. And on and grow a thicker coat toured the winter so yeah the researchers from two different universities. Kind of gotten Google data and found like a massive uptick in grew the search for hair to locks in the fall so on their ego did you know then you lose fifty to 100 payers a day this is normal let's not feel like in the fall back parent loss that he really use technical terms on our podcast you to get real. Like it doesn't ever fall a lot of the places you want it to low like a stash like you know eighty cash write my armpits don't get any thinner now all the error that's while the plot hair that's part of you know the maybe that is the Guinea for them for the and a season as well I don't know Maliki whom we need in my Charles's very quick although you don't you know to beat eventually you do lose all your hair anyway. Really into my body here via. We then. Home to. Seek agree. In some cases it goes gray and then it goes away. Wow OK I am so glad I brought out of this is really funny story there is. A calendar of older ladies Nate get older ladies and I showed it's one of our co workers once and he had. Well LA's cool man she's L shaped up like. Eighty. Back out there or to manually would that be like. Well let's rewind. You're shelling co workers pictures up of their women's vagina that's not her vagina as bad habits are okay well you know. But only talent. While it was appear to mount images airlifted to pair up with age is just what did not like the firefighters calendars it just happened to be older women in Barry. Little. You think it was for charity. Have. You bought it no you add to this ship. Air and sell hides any did any of those guys he's really kind of creeped out by eight. Women getting older now and those nice guys got it right he's never loved a woman and he's he's kind of abuses that ski dub an orderly be so of course isn't as I saw that as I know exactly why I'm bringing that additional (%expletive) up. A cup and there was somebody other accident that what I told him I said oh that's a huge slick ones. Do. You would be so lucky singer. So they go. Yeah that value isn't later. So you know not spend that money and laser did you. A backup eventually is gonna happen anyways so I appreciate it while you have the more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. Any dot com.