Grandpa Dad

Friday, October 20th

Guys in their mid to upper 60's (and up) having babies. Libby has a lot to say about this. A lot. 


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Are you. Reaction upon hearing. This would be okay ask god gag me. It's so many feelings. Announcement am not pick on him in particular but it just happened to be the announcement the village goal though is expecting his third child his second with his. Fourth wife tore sell us not only third okay. There's one before Christine Ali okay forth like someone if you caught up to date and a CE eight years old yeah he does and and he's about to become a father. Com. And they do is don't think these rocks are old guys right there on they eyes or lose lives. Love rock why there's. Odd way it's not scared to the kids just aren't that would the most important read you know what he's 68 so what he 78 when you're ten years old there's great chances that he's going to be around to see gradually high school. So not cool that's selfish maybe you're doing it for your wife who by the way Billy. Is Alexis. Is a daughter named Alexa up. This life is only sell free B is still she's all our years older than his daughter. Deanna mark acts desk from three B man. And don't start young Ronnie wood and receive from Rolling Stones right. He's seven. Would have to be Mick Jagger because he was ignorant last year he was expecting his. Eighth child at the age of 72. He has grandkids older than his kids. I'll might guide just stop and I mean I'd get it I know you may find that I'd out very nice start and right in accorsi has a lot of money in okay so it's not about the money. Picture okay. You would apply every two year old do you want some all. Together are home likely new aids together I'd get it all right but feel like yes I'll litigate down with a seven year old guy. I I don't this. Your. A lot of feeling that I do you use the word selfish and investors are accent I think luck tapping my data around and as kids lock key. He could have his dad for thirty years but he'd be thirty and his dad would be ninety does that it is very lucky. I busted my knee up a little bit the other months and you know how up and down on you are with a kid I'm 36 and I was out for like a week and a half. Seventeen you can't he can't even do that regularly but here's where anyone who apparently I just read on Wikipedia has lung cancer. Tom can you want to keynote concede among loses here. How do you want to keep up because I'm a little bit longer street kids you do want major Payer not mean I guess OK see you thumb up. With this person and you want something to show for your love especially when you think OK so this person is young and I won't be around forever maybe this'll be something a carry on our legacy and what have you I just still can't get the past you know somebody my age you know manly yes it did dentures out on. The odds that all of these to these. Semi aid maybe gaelic good at one time rock stars every last one of them has a model for life right right I get the super tell it she's like extraordinary experience in this whole life and I'm making my point so you're saying you're just saying. Maybe they find love later on in life but. Odds that all of my only I got a lot of back back and we even really he'd hung. And now and you have wanted the chance because they allow these they were net. They run into the same circles that citizens that the ads odds of meeting or greater reach his with a statement and hang out it I don't know what that's seems to be that the mid to upper sixties seems to be the sweet spot for these guys Rod Stewart. Hugh Hefner. The Larry King Clint eastwood's Steve or at least some of these guys your saner at least sticking it out for a long time is that a despite movement all along not necessarily all of them are still married to that the woman that had the great barrier and upper sixties. I'm just saying that seems to be the sweet spot for the guys to ones you procreate with whoever they're aware that the moment seems to be in the mid to upper sixties is the time like. And I know mid life for a great at this time and I don't know let's midlife with their leagues and guys are racists but what's is nods firma the growing since I was with blood transfusions right services and analyzes. You know the only one. I I've. Libby has gone in this podcast Hak mad disk I really I really I just don't like it I've never like did I you know like a musician I really like to Billy Jill for a long time items like home me and you do that be one of those guys you date to girls that age of his daughter just a kid junior selves. You're a legit kidding ourselves exe and 69 he singer on that she's when he 930. 38 this one's 28 via point's gone night ridiculously out like not in need of Botox and I like her younger than children Hannah. Rights and grants and enabling the entire life for this person was even born and I'm sure you can relate on certain levels even not that kind of age gap I'm sure you can relate to sums up what I was getting to is Noelle woman in her thirties truly wants to look at the junk have a seven year old agonized person no hiding in his thirties once a look at a woman is junk when she's seven I just there was a mom's sex in the city episode where Samantha slept with an old guy and you know she said like you know in the bad -- in the dark keynote so and so has the kiss of the younger man in the taxes and government. And then they cut to him like he's like come on be right back. Annie walks into the back images like but he still have the butt of an older and I think this is exactly but blocking your way. So now that you have some good up Jermaine age prejudiced re out wow I'm. Eight all of these gentlemen have a lot of money too so don't just you know put me in a box there kemba now you just like such old man having babies. Tests on baptists. But no. Until next time get married I'd still even though an important. Or at least attempt. Or. No kidding here more of Kim and the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. My Miami dot com.