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Ft. Lauderdale Rotary / City Year Miami

Sunday, December 10th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Patrick McNamara about the Ft. Lauderdale Rotary Club's Holiday Toy Drive, their upcoming Pirate Fest in May, the rotary's mission and how you can join. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Merdochey LaFrance, Managing Director of Development and External Affairs for City Year Miami and Ana Mari Ortega, City Year Board Member, about City Year's mission to help keep students in school and on track to graduate and their upcoming Gala.  

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on 11 point five blade FMW. A YS HT woman WL YF from Miami and we're Collins Coral Springs. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley. Welcome to the selfless spotlight today we have two guests joining us doctor Alan greens are still talk about toxins from the body just in time. The holiday season and Patrick MacNamara secretary for the Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club. First let me in his Patrick. A pirate festival some threats South Florida's Alley and on May twelfth of Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club will be responsible for this event today we're speaking with secretary Patrick MacNamara he's gonna discuss the toy drive currently underway in the pirate festival in May hardy in the morning pat. It I'm doing good I have done things for the four and a Rotary Club before I totally support which you guys do what you do for our community but pat how did you get involved in the Rotary Club. Well obviously don't want it to be involved in community try to give back. This community. My father was involved and were recalled injection or moving a bit president suggested that I reacted involved with very here to all the great things they do. It's funny there's a lot of legacies. A lot of parents separatists in the club the kind of like a junior league for ladies who are listening right now is that a fair analogy. I think so exactly it's. Lot of people. Bring their kids in and and wives and Brothers and we'll let everything we have on multiple family members has been. And that is the male and female club what exactly is the purpose of the Rotary Club. Well a lot of flu Rotary Club internationally as service above self. It was too early to give back to the community and different projects. Worldwide. Where every club is involved in trying to eradicate polio. Work closely we see as a as a group work closely with the have to build a foundation. It this year in 2017. There's always something in the neighborhood of twelve. Confirms it is important throughout the world. You know trying to get to where there's zero so hopefully that. Locally Rotary Club media. To a lot of scholarships. We would hold a service organization in Fort Lauderdale. Given over two million dollars in scholarships locally you. To a lot of other events clean up. Streets we. We do it. Challenge air. Event in January where. Handicapped and disabled in this particular right on an airplane that captain that we get their wings and this about a lot of different events we have our toward drive coming up which we are. Collecting toys for. So and then we'll do is out of Broward hospital there's about five or six reason given. I give yourself two instance senior senators to us seniors don't have any Stanley in the in the. Pat we definitely want to talk about the toy drive that's going on how people can participate but I am wondering why nationally. Does the Rotary Club. Why polio. I that was done by the Internet than that international organization of the that all air is the founder of Hillary club and that was something Asia. Truth is something to do of course that's in the fifties. 40s50s and before polio was it was a huge problem and and it it's airport internationally you you know it's really just giving them medicine. In the right places. Will norm. Normally when that big organizations like yours attached to something like polio it's for a bigger reason and clearly one of your founders was affected by it and in a time where it was basically an academic. You guys however have gone down the scholarship routes. As students who are ready now planning to go into college next year maybe in need scholarships how can they get information. Or ways you guys are handing out funds for collegiate this year where can they go for that stuff. They can go to their guidance so our position and information told school's guidance well. It administrators should that they you know how to apply for scholarships. We do various scholarships some of whom are up for specific icicles that if people had given some money for the foundation that. For example at Portland two. Scholarship and other wind wrote and everybody. But could that the guidance department all have that information panel on. For my bicycle. I'm a woman I love that you know doing good for the community eight is a year round job you talked about how your dad was involved with organizations see your legacy was easy to get involved. If you are listening now and you would like to become part of the Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club how do you start that process. The first big news coming to meet we meet every Wednesday. Between twelve and 130. It's political. Look at center it's actually the first Baptist Church they have I'm in Fort Lauderdale on purple or they have Vega. Room on the second floor that we have a meeting that we have a 155 membership. We usual presentation that at the meeting. You know SP guest speaker and then. Come to the meeting we can talk to about you know introduced around talking about. Yeah remember that every Wednesday 12130 the last Wednesday of the month we have social that we do various businesses throughout. Now knowing a little bit about the junior league is the process to become a member kind of the same need to be sponsored or you know somebody within the organization needs to kind of vouch for you and then there's a couple of months of getting to know one another is that kind of process that you go through here if you want to become part of the Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club. Very similar. You coming out you do need to be sponsored. And then I use tennis application it not two formal I mean. You see in the application in on the board approves it and you become number as long as you're. He's willing to help out we were looking for people who wanna be involved in the community that wanna give back at one over. If they do something positive. And that leads me right NC what you guys are doing right now you the toy drive going on. Can you please give us some details on the toy drive including how we can donate and participate. Well the toy drive business. Basically it was fervor (%expletive) about that time we give it to we think taken to Broward hospital to kids that are really undergoing treatment in that. The few other places in the community. If you wanted to donate Torre's. The Caldwell banker on. Last bullets is collecting tweet there were. Two to Duval although we need you pretty quick we're giving up between next week so. You do still have time to donate you can go to colossal Coldwell Banker or do you have a web site that has needed some more locations in case you know Fort Lauderdale based you want to you know help out. Well the beautiful thing as you can go to our reps. And you have a link to Amazon on there where you can purchase Victoria Nelson and directly to us so that we can give amount. The other little website there's also lists all the events that we might have going on it. Are eating and speaking of that you separate is read Fort Lauderdale dot war. That's route tree Fort Lauderdale dot org. And then there's on the side there's an annual toy drive blink did you go there and I think that the Amazon. Peak this list the torch there were looking for and then if you purchase warrant just has delivered directly to us I never able to put distributed to exit. Seriously you should celebrate the person that came up with that Amazon list because that's brilliant a lot of times egos of these toy drives in less that's an Angel tree we are literally picking exactly what somebody has written down for their child this is a great way to get a toy without having to do a lot of work. And still get the benefit of doing good. I. So this is that a benefit multiple places here and our South Florida area for children and families that need extra toys. How you typically pick houllier fund raisers benefit though cause I know sometimes you goods put things on specifically for a group for an agency were charity. Well I hate it the cherry here are very machine that obviously had a values that we have. You know doing things in the community that we think are good but we have a lot of members of the group of burglaries. That our Ra I'm the wrong word of the securities or. It you know people that are involved so they kind of applied it if there's something that they wanted to do that yeah. And we you'll ever does have worded and decide you know the two very surety that didn't work it would. So if you are a local South Florida charity who believes in service above self or somewhere along those lines the Rotary Club is a great place for you to introduce your charity in order to see you guys can link up and do things. Is that kind of what happened for this for auto pirate festival. Yes we had to it in the past we've done in the river raft race it into a lot of people for a long. Number years ago it was a really big event and it stopped for awhile because it was a little my understanding able to crazy. We have the cookies you talk about the ducks. No there there ever referenced a long time ago I'll be honest I don't know. I was ever attended that it was sponsored by the rotary closed on a musher who was done through. So we didn't the but we've brought it back in the and so we brought the rapper is back with a pirate these. And in one of our members is day yeah is that director of the Renaissance festival Ali Rodriguez and he had suggested that we do. Do apart fastball down. I with the rap great kind of part of that put more centered around a pirate festival. That will you know beautiful day event particular ready to be a couple they've been four or. Well actually did tourists. Destination soon help local businesses. It's time to build up split usually do our best in Broward County in the history of pirates. Down here should really there really fits well with. Fort Lauderdale and petition. Well look close this pirate rescue confined in the keys and it is a big deal. On May twelfth is when you all are planning on doing this pirate festival. How people become involved if they would like to can you please talk about sponsorship and volunteer opportunities for this may twelfth event. Or that we ourselves sponsorships. They can contact me for this sponsorships. My cellphone number 954536. Two needed five. If they wanna get Patrick it's about sponsorships. We'll have volunteered to go to that rotary web site which is a rotary Fort Lauderdale that'll work for us information about that they're also. But as we move forward they'll be very big it will it will need help one bit tired set itself for. Various vendors. Food vendors. Arts and crafts type things we'll have live entertainment to. Of course for the rat race for the little panel where race. We're we're looking for companies wanna be involved in any of those things. As a spot sir you've been through building a rat put in for their employees for a fun day out on the new river. So anything like that. I was gonna ask how many people per raft you guys are you have a limit her have you have you not gone through those details yet. And it on on people will react. Really it's up to the people took to build their raft. You know obviously you can't get used to it already built boat you have to build. Something yourself we can also help you build a raft. We do that were held up like that area local company that helps us with the good to rhapsody allow us to. You sort of material that that we used to dethrone. That you did you know floats it kind of part of Iraq. At that age group when they wanna build the rest really it user user imagine. Al a lot of thinking grass I feel might be happening on May twelfth and that's just part of the let's let's take ethnic it. So the pirate festival. Brought you by the Portland a Rotary Club won't happen in till may twelfth. So you wanna get in on sponsorship for volunteer opportunities now is the time please visit their website what was let's say it again. Rotary Fort Lauderdale dot work. But if you want to get started sooner on getting that good karma on helping our community out. The Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club toy drive is going on right now and will be wrapping up soon so please go to their and a fun wish list. Gifts and toys for kids in our community health the Rotary Club spreads and enjoy this holiday season. Tony rotary year round. How do you think that. Well certainly. Our rent Dick largest raffle at our largest fundraisers the money goes towards scholarships eccentric. The raffle that you can purchase a ticket online as well. And rappel. Is a hundred dollar ticket and there's also an opportunity on net that late to donate lower but the tickets are under hours. In it at 5050 grapple with the minimum. Grand prize being 101000 dollars yeah and then on up. So that cell that's one of the big fundraisers were having right now and it's a great way to donate them like is that if you if you don't wanna buy tickets for morality can go on and it and do need you know 20/20 five we'll take anything obviously to help that helps to. What is that event wrapping up. It's January 24 actually that the drawing you there are our last meeting in January so we're doing at the meeting. And yet another solid particularly in. You know quote we will raise a lot of money that would. One pat this is one of those things really be there to win right here. Just yeah you can put your name and address and phone number on there you do not have to be present to win. Well wolf Korea. Things so go to the Rotary Club website the Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club website today find out how you can help because obviously if you're looking to help our community this holiday season. They have multiple ways that you can do that including the toy drive going on right now. January 24 they're big raffle what is there a name for this raffle ticket event. It's just the court ordered all rattled. Except sit around a pirate scene and also because everything we're doing their of the pirate. Piracy so. But the name of the earliest before loaded rhetoric but grapple. We like to keep it simple around here I'm not mad that. And of course on May twelve the first Fort Lauderdale pirate festival brought you by the Rotary Club will be taking place and hopefully we talk again before then so we can see really what people be expecting that day. This isn't just like the ground stages of planning this out. Yeah we're really needed early in the process so a lot of work to do between now and then but it looks like it's going to be a fantastic. Well packed talking to us today as secretary of the Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club I'd like to wrap up these conversations by asking. What you think the three most important things are people should take away from our conversation. Well you asked for Murray's standpoint the few most important things to me would be any that were bush service above self somewhere always look in Europe. Did you have members to become involved with us as being members were different organizations that need help we're glad to try to help with them as well. I've and then the other two things would be. The toy drive and wrap political arm right now and that's basically where she could not help. Donate and help us do good things in the community food toy drive India and the murder raffle. Obviously the last thing in the big twelve pirate festival there were real excited about it. We're looking for people in the community you wanna get involved so. Thank you so much for coming on our program and talking with us about today about what you do for the community and of course making everybody aware of the Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club. Thank that they would appreciate it. Thank you pat for talking with us about the Rotary Club and the upcoming pirate festival and now doctor Alan Greenberg he's gonna talk with us about toxins and how we can get them out of our body especially now during the holiday season that's very important for you today sir. On really well. And pleased to be unleashed a new show. Things were happy to have you and it's important he's talking about things like this because a lot of people during this health revolution that we're going through they believe in something called cleansing. That he tell us why people want to cleanse their bodies and what exactly to do for you. Well we know that on our environment is incredibly toxic. It's very contaminated. Aired contaminate our water is contaminated glycerin is contaminated. Our food is contaminated. And our products are contaminated. So it's really important if you understand the impact that this contamination has our bodies actually have a built in detoxification system. Which under normal circumstances. Church as well unfortunately because we have. This huge amount of contamination which is thousands of times higher than it was. The take 101000 years ago for example led. I can govern environment is 101000 times higher than it was thousands of years ago and big chemical. Contamination was probably a 100000 times greater so we have this huge amount of contamination which cautious. Our he certification. Systems to become overburdened and this is a huge problem because these toxins including chemical actions actually. Cause form of dysfunction in our bodies which we call mutter I'm bureau. Just function and the mitochondria. Are the Oregon knows which we haven't every cell in our audience and they provide energy so. When you're exposed to these toxic element. They are producing energy and instead they produced what was called free radicals and he's free radicals actually damage Arab. Ourselves. The result is that. We're seeing an epidemic. Of mitochondria are despondent which is manifested. By chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivity. And dysfunction and actually every organ on our body. This isn't a major problem. We're also finding that because her mother kind beer can produce enough energy there or cell membrane. Voltage. Is diminished. And ourselves. Required certain amount of voltage in order to function. We have a huge problem would. Inability to keep toxic fire bodies as a result of this you know referred ourselves funk. Ease some memory must maintain. Certain voltage approximately. Minus 25 mobile. And done. It is so I was unable to. Produce enough energy. And then. He can heal itself. And issues come manifested by area problems word. I think I crime critique. Forcefully. Inadequate function of almost every organ in the body. And necessary and huge problem today. Which we see every day in our. In our medical clinic. These heavy metals these toxic chemicals are talking about are you referring to Mercury even alleged that we get through our foods. Absolutely. And the problem his is that once here. I sell my main voltage is low and you have just wanted to kind of function when you take pharmaceutical drugs. It actually make the problem worse because any kind of chemicals options. Including pharmaceutical drugs. Will actually. Lower their levels of group found himself. And it will lower. It will crush on. But it kind of dysfunction and it will lower the amount of energy to yourself as available. So that the more medicines you take more tired and more fatigued and more dysfunctional you're likely that they. Those the main signs that your play with too many toxins basically having a low energy level what what else can people look or. They're probably on 300 different symptoms says something like Mercury pollution. And some of the problems that we can see is an ability to think inability to concentrate. Inability to sleep properly. And ability to ever have proper attention. Moved to states. It'd just be huge range of dysfunction says. A chill out what are the things that we see actually says the more we ignore this problem there the more we treated with medicines. The word we get so we really do need to be intact. We have learned an extensive experience what intoxication. And done I'd have to say they're. Our 15116. Years ago I went through a period when I wish that actually from my Malcolm throwing. Not in Poland sure about. Egyptian Mercury. And this kind of my I had developed over a period of a couple of years fifteen different illnesses including heart disease and chronic fatigue convertible bowel syndrome. And narcolepsy. And that's reddish. And bureaucracies. Thought I was really not well at all my immune system wasn't functioning properly. And I felt like I didn't do something. I. Well friend suggested that I. That might have tested so do your analysis and it showed that I had Mercury and lead poisoning. I had. I don't replaced. And once I get this started to improve. I was very sensitive to chemicals at this time so I. Is afraid to take the chemical. Elation articles that were available AMP ST SA and even TA. Instead. I chose sit. Use natural substances. Which of the body to detach itself. And eventually. Over a period of two or three years it actually became. OK again I got rid of all these fifteen different illnesses. And went from being barely able to walk actually. Play tennis again and into them. Be able to do bone density. It was a huge change. And of course. It restored or what. So I had practical experience myself and in touch upon. And we use your analysis primarily. Determined. How to help people we do this because our analysis provide us really powerful way of about determining. What Patrick medals are present and whether or not the patient is able to. Detection prize Friday. I actually eighty to 90% of the people we see. Are no longer able to touch the bodies. Include sound level was lower because they're. So membrane voltage is very low or both. We find out often that when people. At this. Condition which we called traditional transport arrangements that it takes much longer cute. A detoxify them and it wouldn't if they did not have the traditional transport through. We are however able to. Reverse situation mineral transport command and by correcting all the various seven maladies we find. These include I reduce functions problems would mineral and vitamin deficiencies. And problems would there's kind of allergies and and food sensitivities. It also. Conclude. Problems with the emotional difficulties so that this is something that actually addresses well. So why is your test is there any other way to test for high levels of toxicity in your body or is this just the most effective. Well it's not on the most effective. Most cost effective as well and it gives is so vast amount of information that we need because you chose us all the different mineral deficiencies. It did show us whether their salary dysfunction secure access code says if there are various about conditions present. It helped us to determine the best tack well. So once someone submits their hair analysis and they get the results what does it do you want to see. We saw on the Paramount systems back. He you know I'm only these children client nine over the results interpret and unfortunately. The vast majority of physicians. Have no idea how to interpret it here announces properly. And this is the major problem with just some people complain that her announces that effective. If you know how to read these tests it say enormously effective in using the new methods were here test interpretation that would develop. 56 years ago. We're able to really help the overwhelming majority of people who we have this kind of testing because each person is actually unique individual. I know two or exactly alike and you can't use the same message. For each person in other words you have to address all the various abnormalities that show up and they may be different in different people. That's why they're testing national port. And that those results are you able to specifically help formulate a health plan for individuals. Actually what part of the whole process as we need test comes back we sit down and we. I don't interpret results will be formulated hopefully. What typically goes into health plan that you formula are there some basic fundamentals that everybody kind of incorporate like eating better or exercising more. Well those things are important and actually. There's something says people don't really know about for example. It's important to us. Stuck using import toothpaste it's important to me ordered a trio of Lorena or me or right it's important to me. Eat really healthy foods. If you go to the grocery store you have to understand that moves that are sitting in the middle of the store have a long shelf life. Basically have little or no nutrition. That's why have a long shelf life that he and of bacteria and fungi Aaron I'm consisted of them. Since all the nutrients. And then removed. Do we really pure wide variety of different issues. That help these people are restore their health. In some cases they will need. Extra testing. And we recommend the test. Will be necessary. But the results have been really impressive. Sort of people who been unwell for years in certain. Welcome dominated the first time in five or six or ten years they're actually. Feel like a human being again they actually have energy and we have to focus themselves. And they're free of their chronic pain in some cases. Autistic children are actually. Able to have. Improve their function too weird if parents are thrilled with their progress and and that's really exciting. It's one of the things that really. Makes this kind of work. So rewarding for me. So all of these amazing suggestions on how we can cut back from getting toxins in our body to how we can deal with them if we feel like they're actually hurting our health. But what do you think the three most important things our listeners should take away from our conversation this morning. Well first of all. They have to understand that really do you have to avoid. Not from Poland and vaccine because these do contain intact exceptions is particularly Mercury. That is very destructive to their. The second thing is that if they. Have problems. Where their energy initially. And chronic pain is really need to be tested and the most cost effective test. One that has. Most productive. Results is that accurate test. The third thing I would say is that they need to avoid. Using pharmaceutical drugs to get well because once they have this kind of metal poisoning chemical poisoning. Drug to actually make them worse better. Thanks so much for joining us on the show and a look at the Greek debt. But thank you for having me. You're here in South Florida in the spotlight on one of one point five light FN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Garten. Our youth our most precious resource that's what makes this city year so important an educational organization designed to help keep students in school. Great cause right keep them on track to graduate. Students in urban public schools and high poverty communities here with a us to talk about it and how well urged. Purdue she left fronts managing director of development an external affairs for city near Miami and Anna Maria or take and city your board member. And national red jacket society vice chair thank you both for coming here six or else. OK so that's a little background on city year. And who was to take Alan. I'll take that 106. Years in education focused nonprofit organization. It was founded in 1988 in Boston Massachusetts. And originally we were founded we were created as a national service organization so we were not education focused. But we are really focused on really making a difference so CD your members in the eighties could be seen. Treating you know the homeless at superstitions or building houses with habitat for humanity. And it just so happens at about 2011 2012. City your partner with Johns Hopkins university and on a white paper that basically said that our nation has a real problem with dropouts every 26 seconds. A student is dropping out of school. So when that study was issued senior year exhibited its focus to combat in the dropout crisis. And so we pitted from national service to now being education focused. I didn't really severe was around in and when I read that it was like in the eighties like oh my god where am I different. Settings. Yeah this is happening and yeah kind of sounds familiar. And then when I read that it's now education based I mean obviously they need is there. Closing has been in Miami resigning or tenth anniversary this year. And I think it's a great organization and does have. An issue in that not everybody knows that it doesn't when people find out what it does the first reaction is. Oh my god this is amazing how did and I know about it before and I wanna help and committed so that's a great problem comes up. Nobody ever he is innocent and is likely on an interest and so I serve on the board and part of what we do is to spread it. Mission of city year to a community what we do. I'm and we they're having great community leaders on our board whose service like ambassadors and them had been on the force for about five years and it's and grade join my licenses vehicle sense. How the students that Meserve. In my needed there's a lot of need. And part of what we do on the board also is conveying that needs a larger community. Of course. And with the need now is do you have a breakdown like his Miami like one of the worst storm Fort Lauderdale in terms of dropouts or is it is just that you noted. Uneasy nation might as a big problem but down here is it more self. I would say is the fourth largest school district in the nation in Miami does rate kind of high on the list. I'm with city tries to do is through and our long term impact. We initially focused on concentrating on the need for this he's media assistance and help. Where the need was most. He and when we. The port army air corps members and that's how we you know fulfill our mission mr. These amazing millennial they're eighteen to 25 years of age they're deployed into elementary middle and high schools. My and it happens to be one of the markets that's very high school heavy. But when they are deployed. You know we initially focused on where we are scared they need most right now is we are in feast warlock long term impact we're now looking to see your parents. Because the law the logic is that if that the elementary school and middle schools are feeding the high schools that are producing are not producing as many graduates as we'd like to see. Since it's another state and Maryland that I think I got my head start program we have all that so city I guess would supplement that precisely it's easier to catch up a third or six greater then it would be. A high school and to motivate and how much that's kind of believe the Johns Hopkins research also said that you could identify in third grade their likelihood. Of that student dropping out. In third grade third grade that's amazing so if you start early chances and I'm reaching my school discuss financially we. Through green and just thinking nothing precious learning multiplication and I'm right you're already going on done right. Much like I would get out of here and it's not easy to catch up you know a fifth grader than it is to catch of someone that's in high school that's like right ore grades behind right. Little something better. I mean we did that paper more specifically really talked about what we call the ABC's more early warning indicators and there. Attendance and behavior be quashed performance in math and English to seek. So if a student isn't in school. If there's a likelihood that they're not they can't learn what they won't learn because they're not there. If the student has behavioral issues or something deeper is going on at home or within themselves and network that's not being addressed. There's a likelihood that there are also not paying attention in school book as there are other the being sort of consuming tests and minor their person. And then of course performance in math and English if you're proficient in those two areas. You you stay in a likelihood of being successful. So that's that's what we focus on the ABC's attendance behavior course performance in math and English. So clever ABC didn't like that are so calm. You're using your data to revert to provide targeted support and this data is coming from John Hawkins stories come from tomorrow dad is coming from Miami date county public schools we have a losing partnership with our public school system and the superintendent how Alberto Karbala has Dan are just talk. Incredible champion for us you know we also us see any year. The sites are at the pleasure of your school districts and so we're fortunate here in Miami to have a superintendent that's incredibly supportive of our work. Because if you know what we do in schools because we are near peer to students really helps inform. You know how sad how success. Or what success looks like with our students and so because we have such an incredible partnership we work. Wish I had the school district to provide data to us in areas that I just talked about so in. A class setting him in the beginning this state teacher wall sort of do maybe the first thirty minutes of just broad instruction. And in the balance of that time army air corps members are working with the lowest 25 to 35 percentile of students or not performing at grade level. Senator taken out of classroom or something in orbit and know their talent their in their class working in groups of about me before an eight. Doing intensive or what we'd like to call differentiated instruction. So while they're being instructed by the teacher and teacher is providing a truck its entire class. Our americorps members are in the same classroom providing targeted instruction to the students that need it most. Well OK so. You train and deploy teams and young people by how does this happen did they volunteer to overrule or do they have to be college students high school students. One name on an easier actually comes in the idea and it. National service it's not a question for young people would be sort of everybody would do it and so the question would be you know your journey your city year your junior years senior year in your city you see here where did you do when you're sitting here it's slower that's. Scores of two years before I learned a. I'm I'm solid sense in the world sellout. Yes we recruit young people who have just graduated high school or college or maybe you're taking a gap year and just wanna work and service and done. These students these are members are paid by. You know it's a very small site and so it's definitely need these students have a servant heart. Common yet it's just a group of young people that wanna help and want a device that communities and it's a very diverse group we have kids. That growth in very affluent communities don't have kids that grow in the communities that we serve so it's really nice because a lot of the students. Better serve DC a core member as someone who was just like them and that's sort of gives them hope but you know I can be like and Tim. Right. An inspiration for sure absolutely I'm so city year what a great idea. So now by the numbers I read this 28 cities 300 plus schools 3000 americorps members and 200000. Students helped. That's amazing he had a numbers locally. Yes so we're we did here for ten years while we served approximately. Between 800 in a million students across. Ten but over a ten year old and a ten year period and on and we've worked with so when we were initially deployed I believe we ran about eight schools were now in a record twenty schools. So that's two elementary schools seven middle schools and eleven high schools. So on center that's a lot of students. In terms of the volunteers they sign up during the signing up for a year yes OK and do they have to meet requirements and they have training. So then I need to throw pretty rigorous application process and once accepted they spend the summer and Boston and summer academy which church he's attended I haven't had the pleasure of attending yet I don't get to go through training. Tom before they start other service in schools and I imagine this Danish there's an really good background check going postal. Importantly our working with students absolutely stunning or do you train in Boston and they come back they're. You know immersed in training here not just with our city your staff and our staff from Boston where which is where headquarters this. But also would district's staff so district staff curriculum specialists are. You know really homing in on the skills that they need to be successful in the classroom. Now watch some of the videos about severe scenario where that red jacket when I'm doing things a little yeah exactly yeah. I look at this year angering. He also with the red jacket it's. So the students you know in an ideal world we'll have all the feeder patterns also wanted to seemed to have a city year when an elementary school and middle school and high school. And even though the person and the red jacket may change. That they see their red jacket as as a percent of first NATO can go to for mentoring for support. On so that's why you know another attack and it's a distinctive just a funny anecdote the city or started in Boston. So there are dockets where it's like lined with police and emergency started in Miami ten years ago they sent at least life jackets to Miami and the report card members are like. Jack gets a little bits and other not as I'm not mistaken. Say they should have like see your T shirts form right back yeah. As you think inject a little odd isn't it yes yes. Are cracks could lead hi Jessica reluctant yes. Are so we have the volunteers now did they go through americorps learn something or is that part of that they have to go through her. Price of the wade didn't fit Decourt members that we call them our sport is through that Corporation for National and Community Service and that stuff that hearing. So our organization are over arching her umbrella organization for americorps has worked directly with Amir court in order. To deploy those young folks I'm just another antidote so we work on introduced a former President Bill Clinton to city year. He was so excited that he actually created a mere four. From his experience with city year that's correct. Well Friday he was he was so impressed with. Just the service mission of of studio that he created americorps. And so now the corporation for national and community services the umbrella organization. So there and guess that you think volunteers through here and yeah. Pretty much information that they go to see your data or this or another there is correct is so if anyone is looking for general information that would be www. C a year die or. And specifically for Miami it's sitting here dot org for a slash my AT&T. OK if you just joined us were talking about city year this is a nonprofit and educational organization designed to help keep students in school. We never Toshiba fronts managing director of development. And external affairs for city near Miami and Ana Marie Ortega. See your board member and national red jacket society vice chair. National red jacket society vice chair do you tell it's. I was very tense is it. Glamour isn't it sounds that are red jacket his idea was a group that was cited four years ago and it was basically on. Zero has a long term anti impact strategy we wanna double the amount as close ran and a way to do that. It's by growing Trevor revenue and so we created a group of individuals called the red jacket society who have committed to donating 101000 dollars or more every year to the organization. And when you do that you get a red jacket. Self people love city love initially there's a lot of people wanted to die and got their red jacket so it's a great thing to do it described the mission of what we do and once like I told you earlier once people learn about CNN wanna get involved in the red even wanna make a strong commitment to join the red jacket society and I'm had death. Pleasure of being the chair locally for three years and nationally the vice chairs her. It's the same red jacket that you weren't schools or this or rain delays are always the same Jack is it went exactly as I can get let it. Wind lately I don't know with your name on it it's a very nice analysis a year on the back I believe intend. It's everywhere yet. And that's a big black letters for those listing I can't picture at the it's big red jacket was exactly there's a bomber does it yeah yeah. Yeah hopefully a little later. For guys like running water proof could I got it is the day I got my jacket it was one of those rant manes torrential downpours and a princess Stephanie waterproof and then you thought I don't wanna. Ruined my jacket in the rain so I'm gonna folded up. An instant. Yeah I think 101000. Yeah. All right so sitting here continue its. Blaine don't model whole school holds child how does that work absolutely so. DE. Mission of city year is that we need deliver students to tenth grade on track. And on topic of cash in order effort busted Dudack re recognized through that paper that we talked about earlier. Fit a child being in school was a product of the home environment their external environment and what they experienced in school. While the school environment can be ideal. To home environment and external environments. Ten probably not be what what I mean by that. Unfortunately in Miami we've seen incredible instances of violence. We've seen gang activity drug activity except try and it is in those communities that are americorps members actually serve. So with whole school whole child's americorps. Senior year is not only wrapping its arms around the Sudan but around the greater community. That means that we have parental engagement. Community engagement so just it's it's not just the kids because they are there other factors that contribute to a student success. If you're coming from a broken home if you're having issues or challenges at home. If you're having mental issues. On health issues or anything like that 120 if you're hungry it pretty basic level of your candor is a global it's going to impact a student's ability to learn. And so because army air corps members are millennial and they are near peer to students assume is. More likely to tell an americorps member if they have nutritional deficiencies. If they can't seat aboard. If Derek you know. More great issues going on at home in the air likely to tell an adult. And so with that CD year we like to say so it's sort of bridges that gap between. What schools provides event and why do I really need but might not be vocal enough to actually express so if it's glasses of its nutritional support at its health. We're actually bridging that gap and that were referring them for services so we work with the principles and work with the school district we work with counselor as we work with teachers. To make sure that fear we're. If they're already not a we're. What needs to see him my half and then we tell the student. Actually get the services. And that's that would be my next question so let's say a student has an issue where they need glasses that they're they can't afford it or not sure. How do you step then do you have the funds to or you refer them to an agency that can help pay for it. Right so yeah incredible partnership so we actually partnering with the Miami lighthouse for the blind. It has a program that actually assist students with. They have visual impairment and you know if they do hadn't I need for glasses or anything like that there is a program that we'll actually underwrite the costs four glasses so will refer the student. Q that service at the minute lighthouse for the blind. And then let's say a child is either homeless or hungry where you go with that one right it's the same it's just it's basically that the same process we have incredible partners everyone from my lighthouse for the blind department of children and families. Aisle and work with cheating South Florida so we have a lot. Partners and our network that we can actually plug into it's to ensure that students get the support that they need to. Tonight your student volunteers obviously. On him. How are trained quite well through not only be listening. To be alert and observe and to not only helping this child and tutoring them and what they need that also seeing their make it could be a problem that has to be addressed precisely. So are these are not any students are they like today are they going back to school to be I can think and it's like psychology social worker majors error in. What are the type of people that are actually volunteering. So you wouldn't be surprised but it actually just span the gamut of of just different careers we actually have what we call our leasing plans are life. Your city your leadership after senior. And so while these americorps members are serving their a year or you're ten months rather. They're actually also receiving professional development so right now we have a cohort a four career paths damn miracle americorps members can cost. Into and that's the medical fields nonprofit management law. In teaching. Obviously four in a classroom where fear for your web construction. Their own and we work with partner teachers and we work with. You know schools that field it is far americorps members succeeded in a particular year or are exceeding their expectations. It follows that they would make an excellent teacher so a lot of are you don't sitting here for all intents and purposes is serving as a sort of informal pipeline. First heard the teacher shortage that we have not just here. In the county but this but think why we also have you know we talked about twenty sites earlier these sites. Three sites in Florida one in Orlando won in Jacksonville was well on so. Across all of our sites were seen CD or near or members become more interest in teaching because they know exactly what it is to be in the classroom. Actually just went into I visit Africa T Washington high school and I saw we were in a classroom watching. A teacher and a city year corps member working. And the teacher looks so familiar and then I realized it's because last year he was a corpsman are good game he just wasn't wearing his legs. But it's some of the best sons. Teachers that you can dad I think our our members. OK so let's say there is say any person who is a severe member of core member and they're in the class and they want to be a teacher. Patty how does that lingo because at this point let's say they have their four years of college or they're about to have a four years weary city you're happy with the role how does that happen. Because we work so closely with the school district the school district would we would then let them know. I think at this americorps member is interested in teaching and in the school districts from that point sort of takes it on. We have some schools that are on a lot more pro active in that date to actually will. I don't think poets committed. Right it is and a right clear that. I. Feel there's ten months. But we do have a lot of administrators and even partner teachers is what we call them on that we'll tell the americorps member or the impact manager and that's the professional staff person. He manages to teen at a press at a particular school. But delta express it and how impressed they are with the Amir or member and danger when it out of americorps member wants to be. In education or wants to teach here in the school district and then from the air we allowed at a mere remembrance day. It says take Denton necessary steps on and we and we work closely with Nash is the superintendent but also. Doctor David Moore who's assistant superintendent for manatee county and he works a lot with title one schools so at the education transformation office. Until we work very closely with Penn and with CC McGrath. Any sort of guide us in the process of what americorps members should due in court it's a purse pursue I'd stick your career teaching. Torre said they would have a steps whether or passing it onto it. The four years and other out now they are not sure how to do it and to give the certifications. Right or whether they're just about to go to college you think OK I won a major in education right. Right okay. Parents it's a good plan you can volunteer and and find your new career path at night and said lawyer and med as well. So we have some americorps members who. And it's their jockeys and Marty talked about earlier so. Do you know maybe they majored in English and their thinking how law school or maybe make art and biology or chemistry I think you're not medical school. In theory you're just happens to be got here they wanna take off before they pursue rigorous studies in medicine and why is this other careers. Piracy incidents of sudden breakthrough right now is that something that would put on the resonate something before they go on her dad does make a difference I guess today in terms of community services got to make a difference. I'll ask him so we're going to right right so. With respect to city year I think a lot of employers after they realized what city you're really is they value our americorps members because. Yeah and a mark talked about despite an earlier fight you know one of the things I guess we talked about now is just their resilience their tenacity and their grit. Even their part members are up this early it's 4 AM and they're not. Ending their day until 7 PM or 8 PM at 99 so everything from him you know leveraging our amazing Miami Dade County. Transit system yeah. The threat. So yeah two hour bus rides in some instances or even you know leveraging a Miami Dade transit to get to the schools where they surf. And then he expect from that point if they have before school tutoring with tutors you don't see this before school and they are in schools all day. And then it at that particular school with your afterschool tutoring their tutoring kids after school. Keep in mind these are not just in to center on their focus list we opened our services to the entire school. So we see. Nice feeling. Our kids all kids so if you if you know that she need assistance in city here can help. That's what we're there for against all school. I don't talk about power grid and that's my favorite. Absolutely so hard ratings are really big city or things and down. So wind and the schools are we serve when you get to school as a student. You're gonna hear chanting and cheering and hollering and it's at this it's peanuts at that school is there welcoming every case it. Just like 7 in the morning you're tired I'm not a morning person so I get it and the core members and a lot of meaning kids by name high fives you know welcome to school I write to me I think it's one of the most. The things I love it it's a simple thing that's when things I love most about anything gets kids excited about coming to school lunch. CDC can missed a few days is remembers like you know I missed you I'm so happy to have you back yourself. It sort of got some excited you know I'm ready for the dance. You know we we passed and it gives you power greeted the yeah. Yeah it's an experience unlike any other so called power grow our current reading greeting OK okay now I gotta yeah. I'd like it's like having your own personal Shearson yeah definitely gonna sound like him with compounds and everything. And now happening typically are there at city city year volunteers at a school. Sort it depends on meet thumb I would say because we served an elementary middle and and high schools from elementary schools are teens are a lot smaller so anywhere from four to five to six. Middle school and high school can range from about six to twelve. Summed it really depends on the size of the schooled in need of you know that the school has until we work with our school district to determine what that number is in these volunteers. Are there Monday through Friday. You've got sunup to sundown and sounds like. And this is great or small stipend that he's a very small site and on an act in of their service they actually receive. In a war a 5000 dollar educational worry if they can put towards student loans or they can apply toward pursuing further education. Well I think Cheney cannery sermons on again I don't know. That would be a pretty thing and Utica mr. Clinton and British. I write so and we really need to talk about this gala coming into January. So we're so excited about it so the city or how Dallas in the past diet as our porch and I called on the underneath the standard rubber chicken dinner. So it is just for our tenth anniversary wanted to do something different and we got elevens are relationships that one of our board member is house. Which is archer reader and he doesn't really cool interesting amends for his sentiments at SXSW I could tell us for our brands like kissing guitars and Elan Heineken and none. Key disease because Creason stations where he has artists what well known artists. On sort of how these presentations where you know people like rich you know I could come up and work with this artist and what we're doing is denied as a Gallo we're gonna have six. Artists we their stations and are Gallo. Attendees will be able to common create art whether it's making a short film making a song. Drawing candidates are doing a screen printing I mean it's going to be super interesting super cool. Content so we're really excited about it's in January and Benny called lemon sitting. OK I think is their food tough sell up are limited. Unless you don't really nice yeah thank you honestly who has lobbied and I. I am answer and as. Now suddenly this gal for exactly in our proceeds going somewhere and you can anybody goers is just receive your people. I'm so anybody can attend the tickets are 300 dollars and down all of the proceeds will go to see here we have some wonderful sponsors are underwriting events are very lucky saw all of the money for ticket sales of benefits Iranian students we serve. Okay so what's the name where's it going to be. January 26 2018 it's crazy to play eighteen. And it made you his lemon city it's in London city limit my Yahoo! to 95 northeast 59 tear us. There is a lemon city editor of my life I not familiar with this same. I'm really got into a new cool area which yeah. Yeah I wouldn't know secondhand telling his near win more than and I understand I think sell out here and there you go right. Now how can anyone house health at this point we go to the gala we can help that way right yes callous to people. So we have. Read multiple ways that you can help on the first is we'd like to leverage you know. Thought leadership around the community because we think it's really important and youth and young people are taking in ten months out of their lives to actually serve in a particular community. They're interested in imports since then just themselves right. And so. When they're giving back we also want to make sure that we give back to them. And so we're looking for thought leader so anyone who can contribute to hardly see cohorts so anyone in the fields of law anyone in the fields of medicine. Anyone in the field of nonprofit management. And anyone in the field of teaching. On any any any other field I mean we we talked about the 44 cohorts but it's certainly not limited settles for that would would like to provide censorship. Until he's eighteen to 25 year old it's amazing we also have to. Sort of sponsorship opportunities the first. Is what we call a program sponsor and that's about 25000 dollars and above and what that. Under rights is a particular program act that's at a school of dead sponsor's choice so that can be in attendance sponsor. So if you want to see more enhanced programs. Tune in short the kids are coming to school anything from. Calls home anything from programming around attendance our community engagement because. Especially when you're dealing with younger students of elementary and middle school. It's not necessarily the fault of the student so we make sure that we understand the nuances of what's going on at their students home. Sometimes you other folks that we can partner with the sometimes you know some of that requires underwriting and seller program sponsors 25000 above. And of course we have our team sponsorship program that's 100000. And above Itamar happens to be. A nineteen sponsored Madison middle school and she spent a team sponsor for probably as long as she's. And crazy right. Clemens has. Yeah. Now there's no doubt hard. It's it's a 100000 dollars and above in an action under writes the entire team. It's only talk to buckles really cool kids kid only a gallery seems certain gets their vote. We'll act is that whenever I'm very foundational unknowingly. We love it love it we are out of time so I went to if your interest is sitting here dot org slash Miami right that's OK and we've got it Purdue machine affronts. And an Emory or tea thank you so much and things. And you've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosting gas. And do not necessarily reflect the views of her staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them too late SM. Life Miami dot com. That's a light TE SNL. YTE Miami. This program was prerecorded oh this is an Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FMW a Y yes Miami ever finds Coral Springs.