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Sunday, October 30th

The LITE FM Players:
Host – Ellen Jaffe
Walton – Dave Corey
Victor – Rob Sidney
Elizabeth – Susan Wise
William – Dillon Purchase
Alphonse – Bill Stedman
Ernest – Adam Schneider
Clerval – Paul Tei
Justine – Jeanne Ashley
Monster – Dave Corey
Market Woman – Luann Cardinal
Officer – Bryan Shine
Servant Woman – Sheila Miah
Blind Man – Steve Gladstone
Boy – Beth Jordan

Original Theme – Michael Hoffman
Sound Design – Matt Corey
Written, Directed and Produced by Dave Corey

Frankenstein tells the story of an artificial life experiment gone terribly wrong producing a monster. Mary Shelley began writing the story at age 18; it was published when she was 21. 

The actual storyline was conceived during a dream in which Shelley had a conversation with three writer colleagues resulting in a competition to see who could write the best horror story. Frankenstein was born! 

The story is often considered to be the first true science fiction story. 

Frankenstein Factoid: The name "Frankenstein" often refers (incorrectly) to the monster. In the actual manuscript, words such as "monster", "monster", "fiend", "wretch", "vile insect", "daemon", and "it" refer to the monster. Frankenstein is actually the novel's human protagonist.

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Quickly. Without thinking yeah. Put picture pops into your head when you hear the words movie monster. For most of us and our minds eye sees the image of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster. Who does both in his neck black fingernails stitches. In what appears to be an early Beatles haircut. And hi this is Ellen Jaffe your host for teammates lite FM players production. Of Frankenstein's. Demon. The radio adaptation. Of Mary Shelley's classic. Mauritania. Who begin her story in just a moment but first some background on how silly story was well brought to life a it all began on restoring even in June 1816. In the chalet on the banks of Lake Geneva. Only eighteen at the time Mary and her future husband and Percy patient Shanley and others including Lord Byron had gathered to read ghost stories. At the end of the evening driving challenged each member of the party to write your bone chilling story. Mary explains. In the 1831 edition of Frankenstein. Passion came to think guns. And to dilate upon so very hideous an idea. Who. She wanted to story to speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and two weeks to really. One to meet the leaders to read to look around to curb the blood and Christine beatings of the heart. While the others drew their stories Mary persisted. And I move 1817. Just one year later what started out as her little boost story. It was a finished novel it was published in march of 1818. When we hear the name Frankenstein. We often associated with the monster rather than the creator. Victory. Understandable. Especially when we reflect on how civilized man or woman has the capacity. To turn into a destructive force. A monster. Under the right circumstances. Good. And evil. Not so big a leap to make within the realm of human nature. To night. You'd be surprised by what you don't know about this time in this town so. Turned down months. Gather the young ones and your arms and get ready to be enlightenment. And prudent. As the lightning fan players present our Halloween treat. Frankenstein's. Team. And there. Can you hear me yes can't you can't come quickly if you want siren you'll be safe yes it's only word of mouth. We have another voyage of discovery to the millions yeah. There wells. I was concerned to make your reward them stay in the sand mine angeles'. Looked in my cabinets and bring them blankets. Around. And thank you captain. You place your lives at risk by bringing me abort it definitely you you need food and rest will talk when you're feeling better yes. One question. Have you seen any other beside me was he traveling in the same fashion as you suggests. In the sled being drawn by dogs than I fancy we have seen him. Two days ago we were surrounded by thick fog which cost estimate to. About 2 o'clock and mist cleared and we'd be held the shape of a man picks to misled about one half smile to know what's up man yes. But of Jack Kemp's stature. He was traveling with great speed and we watched intimacy lost amongst the police. One person. And salute this young man Victor Frankenstein. Began to me and took tragic tale of horror romance. That helped police for help. The frigid Arctic was nothing in comparison to choose from which historians to me. He began three years certainly here. Just outside of genius Frankenstein a state. Again opponent and a check and a isn't. Your Big Brother will be here soon they you may have to treat her the kind of score can keep up of course and I didn't have. You're gonna miss their turn to loans. We'll just came home from all. PG Ringo Starr why Lindsay can't cope. Well William it seems his professors scrape tape can buy his work and wanted to continue his studies. He's a very bright young man just like you pulled. I'll miss him two tours in rural isn't dear mr. William ID. IA. Elizabeth interest William hasn't been a bother oh no sir Ernest to tie his little brother well. It's nothing to be scared. What do I told you about that age comes shaking down little passion. Wish you wouldn't tell him those stories yes father it is electricity nothing more to. What makes the clouds that gathered. What do the nightly flames and comets make what makes the earth to swell and then took quake. What is the seed of medals and the gold what's Burch shoes wealth dot nature's off her old. There such head trash richter that I collected in good company. But please father let's not spoil mistake I am obliged to take one last stab at this sweetie knew from such non second semi knocked of course but remember the duty of a son is to disregard the teachings of the father. Elizabeth I hope you're listening to this boy I think he you know it's better than to engage me in such battles. William Ernest I think we should help herself to the back say before its board of Victor every instance you've wasted on those ancient books he's utterly and entirely lost they were alchemist a magician. Hayward geniuses could. And in what desert land if you lived. These fancies of yours were a thousand years old and it's musty as they are range and that teachers of this science promised him possibilities are performed nothing but the modern masters promised little and indeed perform miracles. They've acquired new and almost unlimited powers in this enlightened and scientific cage you truly surprising frustrate me. Would do it should concentrate to work on finding cures to such shields is to cure your mother father. More far more reliant chief. Worry much trusted friend. Who will you be accompanying me to English not unhappily now my father has found some business for me to attend view but. Within a few months only free CD you're settled in. If you have me. Have heard the humble soul of course we join us for dinner of course I will but I suggest you say your farewells and leave before the weather prevents it. I'll bring your things in the carriage very well give me a moment Cirque. Ernest Williams who comes say goodbye to your brother. And who we've had our differences but nonetheless you may be proud to write yes father as often as is possible. In earnest take care of our little brother. It'll take more than mini. I don't. Loophole yes and quite heavy to you be good. With any luck you'll still weighing your truck that cut that come earnest but Sweden these two V. I think it's natural. For your father to be concerned. He is after all watching his first born meet. For good I suppose. And you dear Elizabeth tearing myself away from you is more difficult than I can bear. You were an orphan and of Bagger when we took Q and our family. I remember my mother saying I have a pretty present for my Victor and if you read child blatant. You ticker words I was seriously. You protected cherished. And loved me efforts then I still look upon you his mind. My beautiful women toward companion picture how can you love me when I'm responsible for your mother's dad. When your life was threatened by scarlet fever no one could persuade her from caring for you and while her watchful attentions rescued me from death. They've proved fatal to her but. On her deathbed she joined her hands do you remember yes. She she cheerfully resigned yourself to death if we promised that one day we would become man and life. I don't intend to break that promise. Nor do I think in time we'll speak those bouts. For now I'll need a little while to get established a single spot but soon I know don't worry about me. I'm a patient Carol. My pretty present. And so began victors journey. And English stock he was determined to penetrate the recess is a mixture and descend into the very heavens. To discover how the blood circulates and the nature of the air we breathe to command the funders of heaven and mimic the earthquake. And even mocked the invisible world with its own shadows. So his mind was doomed with one thought. One conception one purpose his former pursuits so distasteful to his father. Melded into the study of the modern branches of natural philosophy which related to physiology. He still held the ancient teaches us men of genius that labor's however erroneous lead director and scarcely ever failed in turning to the advantage of mankind. But what became his sole occupation. To trade in the steps already marked yet pioneer a new way explore unknown powers and on form to the world the deepest mysteries of creation. Must do ultimately. Destroy him. This is not a convenient time come back later. Here easily and Henrik. What one moment. Henry cob my idea of Frankenstein. I'm glad I am once a year to come sit sixth. Your father has permitted during this visit or have you found independence. I thought a I've finally persuaded him that all necessary knowledge is not comprised solely in the noble art of booked keeping. His affection for me is overcome his dislike of learning in this he's allowed me this short excursion to the land of knowledge and my father and Brothers and Elizabeth. They're well very well and very happy. Only a little uneasy that they hear from some sound. My give Victor. A very who you appear so thin and pale. He's. Yes you've caught me deeply engaged in my labors. I suppose I haven't allowed myself sufficient rest but this is almost at an end this Henry. You were called those nights we spent in the church are you hence I'm. Never been quite able to shake their memory. Were not for your apparent lack of fear and surely run off. My mind was never impressed with super natural harbors the church yard to me it's always been better receptacle bodies deprived of life. Life which had been seeded beauty and strength becoming. Food for the worm while I feared ghosts and spirits you know I wondered how that fine form of man was degraded and wasted Al. Deaths succeeded to the blooming cheek of life where you. Taking you with almost morbid time. Henry I've been examining the cause in progress of this decay for many months I've examined and analyzed all the minutia of the change from life to death. And death to life. Out of this darkness a brilliant and wondrous light broke upon me. I alone have been reserved to discover an astonishing secret. Seek it suggests. After days and nights of incredible labor and fatigue. I have succeeded in discovering the cause. A generation of life. Victor. Placed in the study and desire of so many men of genius since the creation of the world. He's now within my grasp Victor. Listen to me. You need to rest you need rest and nourishment. He regained scare me with such ratings ratings are issued from the mouths of mad men. I assure you Henry I'm not ready to be counted amongst their lot no but I'm concerned for your welfare what harm can come of leaving this category I am close to the consummation of might toils and like the Arabian who'd been buried with the dead and found the passage to life aided only by one glimmering an ineffectual light. Trust me dear friend. When. The room at the end. The finding that. Putt. I think he's his guests yes Henry I promise. Leave me now I'll be along soon. Okay. William don't get too near the fire you remember what your brother told you sign. That's right. Would you like me to me. It's just you know. I can't believe my IRAs could be leave them Elizabeth your servant girl has returned nonsense. You might equal. Nothing less than that Kobe sit with teammates week means. Now you must tell me how you've come to return to Geneva well have to fear and. Madam Frankenstein passed away and I returned to my mother's care so frightened you've been taken by the fever now. But one by one my Brothers and sisters died at. Left me alone with my mother who you pork barrel please forgive me for not staying in touch with you but they were very trying times of course of course my mother could never endorse me but she began to think that the deaths of her favorite children was a judgment from heaven to chastise her once she delirious now. I'm Roman Catholic. Who I believe her confess or confirm the idea that she had conceived. She would one day begged me for my forgiveness and then the next blame me for the death of my brother and sister of Justine. All alone. I would have run to be with you you couldn't have left your responsibilities here. Besides she's at peace now she died at the first approach of cold weather last winter and so very sorry. Have a splendid idea stay here with us your room is just isn't why is our Elizabeth I was hoping you would ask but. Are you certain that it would have your uncle sent victors blessing of course you've always been considered a member of this family he decides. Victor has left and I can use your patience in raising a couple of growing boy is fine thank you Elizabeth I have your remained at directly. We. Thought this is mademoiselle moderates she'll be staying with this please Denny Chin and not know. Confessed Justine will be sufficient William. I think we're going to get along just fine I wouldn't be too hasty Justine does it could. Now if I may be indelicate I would have thought that you and Victor would at the very least be impeached by now well. We are. Unofficially put you seem distressed is everything well I haven't heard from Victor in months. He accepted a research position that Inco stack did. Promise to send for me when he was settled he always was one too immersed himself in his work I'm sure he'll. He would write with such regularity. But it's at least taught. I perhaps he's found another ex. I hope they are there Elizabeth you know Victor would never be unfaithful to your infections. I'll wager you that right now he's in the middle of solving one of the world's great mystery couldn't. A bright. I can picture made by mind's eye a two is sockets and papers and chemical instruments. With a and. Victor found an astonishing power placed within his hands. He don't hit it first whether he should attempt the creation of human like being with all its intricacies of fibers muscles and James. All one of simpler organization. Mocked his imagination was too much exalted by early successes to permit him to doubt his ability to give life to an animal this complex and wonderful as men. Was with these feelings that he began the creation of a human being. As the my new business of the parts would be a great hindrance to his speed he resells to make the beam. Of gigantic stature. Thinking that if he could be still animation up unlikely Symantec he might also re new life where death had devoted the body to corruption. Life and death appeared to him to be ideal bombs which Victor should first breakthrough and pour right torrent of liked. Into lock dark world. It was on a dreary November night but sector we know the accomplishment of his tornadoes. And anxiety can almost a mountain to. Agony. He collected the instruments of life around him that he might do if you lose a spark of being into the life listening intently before again. It's a. It's. Paul. Demonic. Videos. When. There. Yeah yeah. It's. It's okay. Yeah. Victor took refuge in the courtyard and remained there the rest of the night. Rationally. Fearing he'd sound as if it were to announce the approach of the beast too which hits so miserably given life. No more content toward the horror of what he had seen it can't keystone meanwhile unfinished. The monster was ugly then. But when those muscles and joints were rendered capable of promotion it became my things such as Dante could not have conceived. Dreams that had been sectors food and pleasant arrest for so long and become his hands off. And that change was rapid. The overthrow. Complete. Well I don't know how and what. Important though. It's often it's golf and Victor. For god yes hey I thought you did say he's gone Henry these darn that and I thought you're ill Victor. We like that. As a homeless. Don't ask me no hope he can town. So leave me. Post save me. Is it a letter from Victor yes that. What's more it's in Henry's hand writing in victory stand too preoccupied with a sorcery is easy he says that victor's been consigned with a fever for several weeks. And he's recovering well this illness his lingered for months and how fortunate for fifteen to have such a kind inattentive nurse yes. But I can't help but feel that there are words between those which Henry writes perhaps we could make it to journey to English doesn't. Refute the that would be too difficult to trip for you. Or any of us for that matter for me to dance with such grace Elizabeth Victor would say that I'm old and unfit. But what is it about the letter that you question would have thought that after so long apart. Pick your spots would fly toward those dear friends and family whom he so loves. That there's no mention a fat. Well he's been confined to his sick room convalescent. Douglas his spirits are low but his thoughts are most surely we can expect that could pinch Christine it appears you've been taking dance lessons from Elizabeth picked up just. This and I'm sorry. But it could catch up to them it's been longer lines. Are saying. Handled I want can Hampshire and. I would gladly take you William but your cousin seems to think I'm too feeble I meant no disrespect I think it would be delightful if we all helped herself to some fresh air. We'll have to make certain that your father doesn't sit too rapid pay X o'clock here girl pulleys that dances over. Cancer code William I wouldn't want you to catch to chill. Whisper not sure others that you guys are a lot can't I can't hear really quite fond of this liken darn cute karma pretty and William boy still gold belt wearing women's jewelry. Yeah. Don't even remember her. Girl little girl that will be quite enough furnace to yes father but he's being a real tough to view we can make it outside the Geneva gate and be home before dusk. Now let's peel off. I really watch slash know again. I'm certain that your mother would love to escort her little boy until two beautiful day. And cute. Clearly have to do this fine day. That we synthesized goal from the young and newly full. Not that Henry but I'm glad your here all that's needed is that pair from the head of the brain jackass but I thought. Friend I shall never be able to repay you for your loyalty and friendship but you have you have your introductions of the professors have read more than I expected wonderful you've been accepted then indeed I am on the pat became a complete master of the oriental languages my eyes are focused on the east the Persian. Arabic in sanskrit language is so unlike the Greeks and Romans there. Dialects are our panel rates how. I was carrying on was and I now. Forgive me no need to apologize your enthusiasm is refreshing as are your details of fancy and imagination your well crafted arguments. They have all served to re animate my spirits. For that I will be eternally in your debt. I'm Loescher papers. Can oh no no by no. It's a letter from your father was in your box went oh what does that say surely you've read it no I've. Only read the works in the orient lists. Terrorist got picture why wouldn't. They were returning from a walk. And now William is Ted. Merger. His neck broken. Victor hurried to Geneva to console and sympathize with these mountains hollering family. But when he drew near in his native time Victor slackened his progress. He could hardly sustain a multitude of feelings that crowded into his mind. Fear overcame him and he dared not advance treading a foul was in pain placebos. It was completely dark we pay to reached Geneva. Making some good tumble world Randy shocked. Being unable to rest and we sell off to spend the night in the spot where poor we medium. This moment. William. Ferrer. This is like funeral this is my search. Dear lovely child you now sleeps with his angel's mother. Would that we've seen employed joyous and as young beauty must now week. Guys so miserably to peel them murderers grass. Only one consolation that we hope born this operates around today and forever. A song covers his general Norman. Don't know hey. We both look backwards miserable survivor. Demon. Murder and I'd rather how much more. There. Don't get too close to define your little brother. Good morning Ernest I think there. We've become quite the young man. Are you holding up yes. I wish she would come three months ago you would have found a cell Julius and delighted. You come now to share misery which can't be healed. Poor William he was there Darlington enterprise. Your presence will revive other sinking spirits. And Elizabeth she most of all requires comforting she accused herself of causing the death of our brother. But since the murders been discovered discovered. Could con how can beat who could attempt to pursue him. It's impossible and I saw him last night I don't know what you mean brother the murderers discovery has only served to complete our misery no one could believe it. Even now Elizabeth will not be convinced despite the evidence. I'm confused what evidence tell me it's Justine. Justine merits. Justine. She's the accused. It is wrongfully. No one believes it surely earn XV evidence weighs on her. And I feared that leaves no hope for doubt she'll be tried today. And you'll hear are hit cure all mistaken I know the murderer Justine is innocent. Father. So much pain. Forgive me forgive you. No even in this house of mourning mice are awful hard great choices in your return pop up Victor says he knows who's the murder of four William we do is well. I would rather of been for ever ignorant. And who have discovered the depravity and in gratitude and one I valued so China Steen is innocent if she is god forbid that she should suffers guilty. I sincerely hope that she'll be acquitted. My dearest needs to dry your tears your victory is here with hope this is comparing. Earnest come help your father prepare for court yes father. Father wrote to chip and weeping continually. Picture. It's to be safe if she is convicted of this crime it's issues condemned. We're not only have lost that that's lovely Donny boy but Justine will be torn away by even worse fates. Rely on her Edison says at least I do applaud my own condemned I should no longer no joy. He's innocent my Elizabeth. And that Shelby proved fee or nothing Pletcher spirits be cheered by the assurance of her acquittal. Then. I should be happy again. Even. After this sad death of might. We had a query. I. Nice sunny in the morning after the murder that. Or unhelpful way. She. Wasn't far from last when his body had been found I eat past issues doing them. But she was mumbling words. I couldn't understand. I asked her where she had spent the night and she replied she even looking for the child when she was shown the body she fell into violinist Eric's now for the boy. But for her own guilt. Matt assimilate skipped a bit for several days. I was cleaning chamber going day in and happened to examine the girl she'd worn on the night of the murder. In a pocket and found a locket with a picture of her late this is Frankenstein. I can't talk that have been taken forcefully from the boy's neck so we're either and went to a magistrate. Despicable woman. Yes I. I placed it around his neck earlier that day. God knows how entirely on an innocent. I rest for instance on a plain and simple explanation of the facts on the early evening of that hard nine. I asked permission of Elizabeth to visit the house of an aunt about a week from Geneva. On my return about 9 o'clock I met a man who testified seeing anything with a child who was wrong who might soon learned to have been William. I passed several hours looking for him when the gates of Geneva were shot. I was forced to remain several hours in a barn I spent most of the night there but being anxious I believed I was able to doze for. But a few minutes towards morning. And I remembered. The steps. Yeah. It was dawn and I endeavor once again to find my little cousin. If I pass near where his body lake it was without my knowledge. I CB will there when I was questioned by the market woman as I had passed the sleepless night and the fate poor William woods yet uncertain. I know how heavily in fatally the appearance of the lock it weighs on me what I have no power to explain. I believe that I have no envy on earth and none surely would be so wicked as to destroy me want to we did the murder replace it there. I know of no opportunity for him to do so. And why should he have stolen the jewel to part with it again so soon. If I'm found guilty I must be condemned. Although I would pledge myself nation on my innocence. I am the custody of the child who was murdered them rather his sister. Prior lived with his parents long before his bird. You may Jesse in deep for me to come forward on this occasion. But when I see a fellow creature about to parish through their cowardice of her pretended friends. I wish to be allowed to speak of her character. I have lived in the same house with her. She nursed madam Frankenstein my aunt's in her last illness with the greatest affection and care. And afterwards attended her own mother during a TD so that's. After her mother's death she again went to my uncle's house where she was beloved by all the family. She was formally attached to the child that's dead. And acted towards them like the most affectionate mother. I believe in her innocence. If she had desired the bubble upon which the chief proof rests I should have willingly given a tour. So much joy esteem has not heard. Faked his own meditation and anguish was extremely during the trial. He did not for a minute talent that the demon had murdered little William and in his hellish sport we treat Justine to death. And change. When Victor perceive that the faces of the judges have already condemned the unison Justine he rushed out of the court and agony. He passed a night of on mingled richness. And in the morning he returned to court. The ballots had been thrown. They were all black. And Justine was condemned. She. Had confessed. Steam. Wanted to rob me of my last consolation. I know you're innocence do you also believe that I am so very very -- can't. Do you enjoy with my enemies to crush you know why do you need a few incidents. I'm not what are your enemies. I believe Jim guilt is nothing could have shaken my confidence and you click your own confession. Yes I did confessed. I confess to a life that I might as Tina has solution god forgive me. That's false should now lie heavier and Mike Hart then almighty passing and and ever since I was condemned. Might compressor has besieged meek he threatens and minister until I began to think that I was the monster he said I was. He threatened ex communication and health fire in my less moments of like persistent in proclaiming my innocence. Elizabeth what could he do. If you full hour I subscribe to the line. Dear William Aysu Chelsea UN have been. Just seeing how. Fridge. Forgive me for having distrusted Q. The tuna on morn. I you will prove your innocence. And now the stony hearts of your enemies with may tears and prayers. You. Might play fellow. My companion. My sister shall not perish on the scaffold. I should not feared to have that paying his past. I believe it's had in bitter world. Remember me as one unjustly condemned. Learn from me Elizabeth to submit in patients to the will happen. Wished what's your read today which you. You can have limited this Wimbledon misery. Please leave me alone now my beloved and only friend. May have been in its bounty bless his preserve youth lives and be happy. And make others so. Elizabeth's heart rending eloquence is failing to move the judges. Victor is passionate tend indignant appeals when a lost upon them. He might give proclaim the truth as only he knew what to beat but they would have scoffed at him as a madman without revoking Justine sentence. The next morning and she perished on the scaffold. Picture considering himself the true murderer felt the never dying were among the this wasn't anguish and despair penetrated the core of his heart he Bora telling him which nothing could extinguish. The deepening voice in this grief of Elizabeth his father's war when the cancellation of the league so smiling the whole month. All Wes considered by Victor it to be don't work of his own hands. He spent hours upon hours of pain and sorrow on the dreams of human Justine. The first happiness victims. Compared spun off. Do you think Victor and I do not suffer are also no one could love a child more yes father. But I only desire substitute it is secured duty to refrain from living in such profound darkness you ought meant the unhappiness of everyone and you cannot hide my grief then you are not. First society Victor you wonder is if possessed of an evil spirit I am father. I am seized by remorse and guilt what are your intentions to achieve far more than any before I wish only for peace to revisit this family. For that I must be alone to face my demons. Cut it should they'll read. Remember how was a boy you as so many hours on the water you should go. Wrestle with this demon that so what sets the serenity to your conscience. The cottage. Yes. I'll leave tomorrow very well I'll send someone to head immediately to make you ready. Picture all our hopes rest in new. You Levy yes of stress and many terrorist dictator. The events has affected me William men Justine where assassinated. And in reverse gates'. Well he walks the world free and perhaps respected. All pleasure seeing sacrilege tweeted to head. But I'm not so rich it is you. There's an expression of despair and sometimes redeem jump in your face that makes me tremble I fear that. All is not over that some new wickedness will visit us vanished these dark thoughts. While we are two to each other what can disturb our peace sweet and beloved elusive quest. Although I may one day enjoy is centered on you. But even your tenderness cannot redeem my soul from wall so many misfortunes Wayne pun you. I confess to you that I loved you. And in my every dreams I design do you buy it yet it it would keep you pain. I would disturb you get further. I love you Elizabeth. Two you alone doing consecrate my life and my endeavors for contentment I can ask no more than that. And no more shell lands. Go and find our peace. Could. Not such words change so we need to fiend that lurked in victor's heart. Now that area accents of love we're ineffectual. He was encompassed by cloud which no beneficial influence could penetrate. So victim retired to the Frankenstein house and they'll leave the change that agree with him. But even when all was at peace around him he was attempted to plunge into the size and Blake but the waters might clue was over his calamities forever. But thoughts turn to the heroic and suffering Elizabeth and of his father and surviving brother. Victor could not leave them exposed and unprotected to the malice of fiend he had to let loose among them. We rest. A dream has power to poison sleep. We rise one wandering thoughts pollutes the day. Wi fi you conceive a reason laugher weep. Embrace fond war castor cares away. It is the same. Can be a joy or sorrow the path of its departure still has free. Mans yesterday may never be like his moral. Not may endure but commute ability. It's. He. It's. Split of Muslims. Old momentum it's so it should be yeah. NN NN NN I'm a little. Rich you just okay the fires of hell are so mild though vengeance for your crimes. Come on man the. You'd call. Remember though host read me hit Paul full embargo so. Put our own mark he attempted to set myself from opposition to the I would leave me mom who. Don sorry who tomorrow and ordered king if I want to meet and comply with the market conditions never. Frankenstein. Are humans are creatures. Are you ought to be Daria are from what Dario Mora will move forward usual won't blow dry boost from or inform you lose you do. When we have seen the bullish on the games before. That you wish I will not hear you we are enemy's. Goal now or let us try our strength and a flight. In which one must fail and Carl could learn more every year. Ford could starting. From a friendly more RU Paul Boyd creature trying to import who would loosen compression. If you wanna create incredible for me. Want to hold Camara Gerber from your throw creatures oh you're bolting. He would called themselves for more dish rocks at the garden Q gold looms once more Vietnamese. If you're zero oratorical princely and delivered them from the whims of Margaret Scott far do you really huge. Stay in which you personalized. And curse BP's hands they created you Hume you. Listen to bite you when you were opposed doctor Brendan Moore come Missouri complete version showed jobs that I drew of on north could do to your lol boy who walls but usually all speak a literal defends before they are condemned. You Q Shamil murder. Mutual ward with a satisfied conscience this heroic crew truck. Old breeze for Utah are desperate shot him. Justice. You let me read to didn't powerless to consider whether I am just do you or not. Believe my eyes of the site of you aren't real hard to members for a reduced our decision. Are equipped for everybody brought out of my and you go hormle slowing. Polaroid would Columbus scourge of thermal creatures and also doing speedy more. We'll it is futile for me to resist mind odious companion. Creator is curious and not without compassion. More wisdom. Martin who want them. I'm market conditions. Very well but allow me to act as inquisitor. I have many questions but little stomach for your presence. Who wanted to push. When you quit my apartment. How did you survive. Only its considerable difficulty of first. The operations of Marge Simpson was born Paul Newton once. Almost sensational cold I covered myself with a hole or fumbled who we are barriers have slid to march 1 broke. All right drew we are dim to distinguish marks on seafood from each other. Are absorbed Bruins from wild animals and wished to be able to push themselves. What was on the you can. Who should ignore it can looks alms which broke from me frightened me into silent again. One billion approached by a cold. I found a far left are wondering but it Grissom was overcome withdrawal like that it's war umps didn't march toward our throw story tended to have a lot of members. All that the city of course troops would do such. She defects. Are you sure word before opportunism farther and wounded providing late Heath. Health clinics and some food to reimburse. We've got more Seaver and you felt compelled to leave this paradise. Where you could have passed your miserable life. Paradox. What are records barrier reef suite of iron from Holmgren and the corporate pension leaves always uniform reduced console would want to chew holes exposed. Him he's. Issue and regards power and could start him so. This place belonged to bring food and shelter. In my travel I found a small heart which had been doing for the convenience of we should toward funding the door open I intricate. And all my second best New York fire preparing for a crushed. And turned it more and more news and perceived. Correctly while we Romero with the splendor which used to do a pretty good form or recent complete. And here's what surprised me. I agreed to go to forward the rim and sometimes breakfast and hear them a retreat to cuddling gone. I've got a phone crucial to them I don't believe that you allow the old man to quit the hot unarmed. Are you knocked your boomer would drop the ball better to your members smarter home. Our work portions that knowledge and who taught him Franken started to get to which you came to speak and put thoughts to words. Portion morneau who won't condone nor by the warmth of the storm. Are we commenced my troubles are pushed into the cross a few of them soon arrived at tobacco will meet two imprisoned corporate. A bigger problem for a book home with a woman who wouldn't claim to have been few words war. I found small and almost imperceptibly auction through which we all I could touch could treat. Cool fish crevice. Smooth moos missile that can be important ribera furniture. It won't Warner center warned that a young girl actress feet. He called would be excrement and we got him from Britain sounds shall we turned the ball. The solid too. Who were there were beautiful home mentioned we entered concert tour Wal-Mart remembrance. And homeowners who are. You're topics tomorrow. So what we know you'll love. Our new home were cold warmth and food but these were some solution to the book to you remember what Paul or miniature. Next to repeating. Implosion. Newman appeared bringing the truth earlier to the culture gender talk to punch. Do you remember Norman normal view from nothing could be exceeded who can the contrast between these three excellent creatures. Mike quick control tune. Or two more extreme longer. My phone into the coffer dressed as a means of performing like to barbecue shall be person. Specific numbers some did not order him to the closure are you experienced. In watching barbecue when you brush. I moved to join you what kept you. Friend who started. By mark careers and doctor Walsh brought me. Yeah we're. Do. Soon and often were you how one cold which quite dry brush Drew Carter attended some Arab troops and collected myself with bittersweet sort of measure. For the present. I would walks quietly. And in Denver to discover the more troops which influenced their troops. Dude soulful moments. Retrieving tomorrow equivalent moving forward. I won't go over. We could discovery of greed to want to articulate sounds. Communication in each movement into a complex audience. I didn't cool why the war largely pro am almost thought you knew reported wounded. The father sister and drummer some. Not prescribed to him like a pro forma diluted our deal was appropriate to each of these songs it was important for parents whom. A distinguished over words and hoping you wish can't stand nor are whom such as cool dude. Dearest but. I'm happy. Ice Brent the wintry mission and the gentle beauty of the carpenters quickly you do read to them. And longer tradition over marshals to them but I decided not to make the attempt to delay at first we come my stroke them language. And you thought that would make them overlook the deformity of your figure I grew up to par militia pure human beings who would be the overtures of a few trips just to me yes are you imagined they would be disgusted. On toolbar and a gentle demeanor and conciliatory words. I should first win their fever. And afterwards. And won't vote he loves humor or stupid piece. Fairy and her. During world. Our world peace mr. tomb of the things that impressed me with feelings which changed me from what I have been important or I don't. Are you doing speech emblem the science of what restore many hours of observation. My phone to look the Portman told containing several books paradise lost controlled slides on the Soros a virtual. Why Smart friends important themselves inordinately occupations. Are extremely good troops aren't Smart barn to bomb the users to these. Are you quite marched from our own feelings of condition. Put a Lloyd's the beams of Smart grid are you won't depended on him and really good to amendment. That was known to lament Mario and ideally should Smart person was if you're similar structure gigantic what does this mean. What's our ports are once did a compact one bush might just diminish him questions I was only able to solve. March created for you when you throw you when beings we do harsh members have no tolerance but gentle asks. How were overruled more reform Mardi intentions were affectionate. And deserve better treatment. But blue moon some extra credit trump whatever your intention surely you considered that. Your load some appearance would negate their kindly reception these were the reflections of my hours of despondency that's always true. Court big deterrent from their bull warm horrible monstrous. Solution to this compare Truman's foreign troops. Are you cherish close. She. Who is. Ordered a crucial. I don't trust him want to put you through rich. Who would greatly wrong actually if you would allow him to remain for the moment. But I am blind. Troubling to shop Smart Car no. I had food it is warns them restroom I mean. I am normally would including the protection of some old. Friends. When do these trends resides Mears deuce box then lied to unite hastened to delist them these people know we're seeing me and wonderful for me. Our Jim formal fears for his life for you here. IBM and I'll cast him work forever if she stretches of good amiable listen this is known needs widgets dad. Do you own car it was what a frequent prejudiced close garage actually. From where they go to see your freedom and con friends. We've been rumored to trash to march you cannot you and deceive them to our animal don't want to take cart school. What we believe our who shall we drew them wrong and duties that purchase commercial cool calm I am lie and we'll. There is something new words which persuades me did you watch sincere thanks. That would afford me great pleasure to be a some real steel room. True to my. New worries me from the dust by its current national. Are your reader. I shall not be driven from she silently and simply feel from a creature actually I know the names and residents of those red. Who are. Always good tone riverboat Turks need more firmly on the fringe and market street. Who are you. It's. Slowly gone. Closer and closer created to yeah do guard Lou. Why did you fear all stars hit you stood even you have to learn from your disgust. Even so you two Americans comprise a news throw durables told Mario rendered encourage shouldn't put volume solitary hundred porn. And so you fled the college. Yes Frankenstein. For many babies are loaded miserable life from the worst person who bought mine injury and over is boredom for more shoulder shuttle inflationary boom. Feelings of kindness and gentleness. Leads police to a hellish war Jim gnashing of teeth. Mark suffering from Alderman to book your personal sense of injustice of reflection. There's I reached him for our religion Geneva why did you leave follow rules for briefing room. Geneva. What chance approaches there. You don't pay extra collect newspapers. I discovered them in the pocket of the dress I've taken from the laboratory. Nor Jordan of the moments that preceded by creation. Everything is really dependent which bears referenced when your cursor gorgeous and you went to Geneva as the new move to different tone and forged this place are resold to pull she'd thrown you wanna determined to seek justice which are extremely attempted to gain from elite over bringing the border Cubans yeah. It was reasoning about LeRoy. And are retarded 12100 flex those Roby funerals. Apple. Many odd slid oh you took us. I don't live blog our parents. Harden was seized barnyard do you have that this move who we drew was some prejudiced and had leads to shorter tarred and barred dual core aware where the former chief. Our small drug code or drew came into this market. Companion. And friend. Vehicle friend. Listen to me yeah. Born and you'll never see your fault nor did. And what's being. It's starting. New Orleans or not. Look can create. Dissolution. And the locket. How did it come to be found and Justine are sort of recruited hundred additional. Volume two to Bora which appeared to begin to warm and mostly good moments from squawk. Her compliments were not so confused myself who supports. I thought here's a woman who's truly important smiles on the stool and hold what media. I could call and we spread away terrorist. Operation here. She rolls her she should we actually were truly cooked some command sweet the theme stirred with him. She show so for the murder right have commended because I don't for a while before but she could give me. I remember Mel to work Christians including school Katrina one of reforms of the dress shoe to. And I fully into. You have succeeded in bringing me thousand mysteries. We have come to New York. Conditions. Are you're a more room and a miserable. Madame we're more consortium with me warm was formed and horrible as myself who don't put yourself to me. This we knew wash creates. A companion reversing species are defects. Why do refuse it. Create another like yourself. Who's joined the wickedness white desolate world tool you may torture me but I will never done sense why do you not listen to reason. You malicious because REM miserable. And Pamela not shown good hatred Barr amendment calling. Cool yeah our careers to what we took this is why are you sure are pretty Merriman yeah I mean he sees arguing the points. To this I cannot consent aren't you more stringent U dreams could I come modern Smart remote. Part of their calls terror teach who won archenemy Square Enix didn't short hatred old camera terror how. How are you would meet you personally I know you're births are not finish to our good. Shortage yeah yeah. Marlins cruised to a this coming heard pretty. Equipment for whom I wanted to prove tortuous warmed by a French. Horrible mobile sacks. This hippie socialist Olson. The graphs for pensioners small. Bug juice ball but I can receive. Give me Margaret Court Washington. Never normally an over controlled person should get. I don't see you compassionate marauders. Let me sees the field will be once. Sweep due to promised sweet alternately disarming. You propose to dwell in the wilds. Where the beasts of the fields will be your only companions sort of swerved to Barbie girls moratorium how butch and why you drip maybe we've got with Smart companion I won't. Quit the liberal portal merriment and leave them more posts a merger police whose. My evil impressions from lead. Life will quietly flew away. And marked on these are crucial moment Kirsch Margaret Kirk. You swear to be harmless but. How can I reasonably trust you. Will I not be contributing to the scope of your revenge and ultimate triumph before half boom cars from Norfolk troops. Troop must be mark portion. The low profile militant won't destroy the whole truth and I cringed. Police are sort of the actual remove more enforced so true to how large fortunes will rise woman you've been communion with a quarter. I consent to your demands all your saw little holes to quit the neighborhood of command forever. Michelle delivered in your hands a female. The company who directs its. Sway bar those storm embargo but scarred your problem and you'll firewall. Would blow Samardo hard to commence shortly person I shall we watched their programs we welcome all durable and resorting to cheap. And when you are ready I shall computer. All stars and clouds and winds. And you're all about to mock me. If you really pretty neat crush sensation and memories let me become is not. But if not. Depart. Depart and leave me and darkness. Father might pierce sun but you're right father the solitude of Bill Reeves has restored my spirits than your return to your former self who dealt with your demons the the medicinal qualities of nature are deserving of further investigation. I passed whole days alone on the lake has in my youth taking refuge in the clouds listening to the rippling of the waves and Victor. You still unhappy. You have. Always known me as I know myself more so dear Victor. And thus I have been struck by an idea which should eradicate the remains of our. You were melancholy father my respect for you was unfounded but I cannot allow you to my idea is well founded he will listen to your father. Of course forgive me. I confess mice on the they have always looked forward to your marriage with our fearless about all fathers. Please reserve your remarks and two you've heard me out. Continued since infancy you were attached to each other it seemed entirely suited to one another. I also admit that after your mother's passing. I saw your union is a means by which. Some comfort could return to my declining years in my desire to assure our common happiness I may have destroyed. Perhaps I religion to regard Elizabeth is your sister without any wish that she might become your wife. Have you met another whom you may love and consider yourself as honor bound to Elizabeth isn't this the struggled indications the misery which you appear to feel. Oh we're. We're reassure yourself father I love my cousin tenderly and sincerely no other woman has excited my admiration and affection as does Elizabeth. My future hopes as well as yours sir. Entirely bound up in the expectation of our union you're words give me more pleasure than I've experienced for some time. If you feel thus we shall all be happy despite the gloom cast upon us by pressing defense. Do you understand. It is this gloom that has taken so strong a hold of your mind that I wish to dissipate. I suggest an immediate sell in this nation of the marriage. Let's say Niger promised to Elizabeth had. Yes father it was cold suppose that I wish to dictate your happiness or was that a delay on your part would cause me any serious and easily as father are I have one. Task that remains to be fulfilled before I take dear Elizabeth hand in marriage. I've been corresponding with some philosophers and England and they've agreed to meet with me. May have made discoveries that are indispensable to me and my present undertaking. And upon my return well like consecrate myself in the life. Or deaf to the happiness of my cousin. There are important that the placate your father. Or I think and I assure you dearest Elizabeth they are heartfelt. We'll fix the date right now two months in two months time shall we at last become one dictator I desire your happiness as well as my own suite has since. But I do clicks you've been our marriage would render me eternally miserable and that's where the dictator of your own free choice by pledging to be self. Dictator. And my to finally feel this way to lift a. From my heart. Yes Elizabeth and speak no more of death every misfortunes have befallen this but time show soften our despair. New and dear objects of care will be forward to replace those of whom we have been so cruelly deprived. Victor would journey back to the cottage and they'll reef not England as he had told his father. To engage himself from the loathsome task that would put an end to his slavery. Once commenced it would quickly be achieved and he would Mary Elizabeth and restore peace and happiness to his family. Pictures promise fulfilled the monster would depart forever. He decided to confide his secret to Henri Camara trusted friend and brother of his heart. After all we ought half free copy from one wiser and better dearer than ourselves a friend. He's not available for more intimate simplicity. This is madness Victor. What would you just tell the authorities and let them take charge of this horrible affair it's impossible Henry heat fouls eternal hatred and vengeance for all mankind if I fail him he longs for the love and sympathy of man. Even should you create this companion you know he won't remain in exile. He'll return to see human kindness and once again meet with their deep gestation evil passions will be renewed but now you will have a partner education is Havoc. While we cannot dispute that logic of your argument I've taken his power and threats in the my calculations. They present a far greater and more imminent liability should I not comply with his request and will find the monster and will kill him not possible. He's Conning moves with the speed of a panther he murdered your brother and sent poured Justine to the scaffold. And innocent child and a young woman. And now you believe that he and this. These bride you give birth she will draw like his would Hinson subsist on wild flowers. You are Mac dear Henry he would been devoted to me since we were children. Your faith in me as an unwavering I'm not mad man no car. Pinnacle with Henry I ask nothing from you except that you continue to be my advocate for God's sake Victor. You would have me be your accomplice my friend. No more. No less well how my choice and we'll company. You need a nurse me I'm sure of that you'll stay far away swear this to me please Victor do you have hope in the world before you. Go and enjoy existence just leave me to prosecute my toils in solitude. I sensed that. She will forces' presence on me to remind me of my task I will lie in wait for him and cutting and speed be damned promise me. You compound my anxiety was this foolish talk. With reluctance. I promise enjoy yourself and in two months that this BR rendezvous. But do not interfere with my emotions I can treat your. When you return you'll find me with later heart I'd rather be with you Henry but I've given you my lord. However. Comes at a price. Our price again it's this conversation has left me hope that parched. A drink. You owe me a jury. But there. Dictatorial DM tonight in order to complete his work it was a two seed process. During his first experimental kind of enthusiastic friends and blindly into the horror of this employment. Now Victor went to a Cancun reluctant. Discard too often sickened at the work his hands. His cottage and Hillary yeah we can't wrestle with his conscience and just demon. Have now become a replica of the laboratory. Victor did not doubt but that the monster would reveal himself when the job was done. That he might receive his companion. Every moment they interfered meetings persecutor what you were dawn. His lever was considerably advanced and victim looked toward its completion within eager hope. Content mixed with leaf pub links. That suddenly made his heart. Seeking. No no this is insanity. Semi about the form or another being a who's dispositions and ignore its. Might she become 101000. Times more malignant than are made and delight in murder and wretched mess. Would they propagate a race of devils who might make the very existence of manner. Condition precarious and full of terror. He watched X. Good it. And witnessed the skill of my scalpel inside execute the final incisions. Observe. Several hours pass to. Not only was motionless. The winds were harsh. Own nature that we posed under the night the quiet boom. If. Yeah yeah yeah loser to join. Do little more secure it well I just break my promise. Never will I create another like yourself. Order order of the words. What you wanted to endorse Obama. Mark congress Richard. You beat yourself miserable. Put dollars over power to big console you're concerned about don't want to do you really care do you. And cool all my yeah. And aren't the norm are still. You. I'm ready. She moved there moved forwards most horror from New York every Gershon there are easy yeah. First it's hard to resume torment her friends coastal somber duties of the majority. Curious from their powerful. You should always when you don't remember resume work right I know. Berger her best at at at at and have had to have had. Hardcore. What I remember. Oh you're so do wars nor nor were there in regards. Hamas as. Before you signed my death warrant be sure that you are yourself safe. I murderous enterprises have no claim your life my dearest Henry. True I have already destroyed. Other victims await their chastity but. Hugh close to my friend. Which can affect them. And what to me. Why am I not. Dead. What materials and I made that. I'm able to resist this continual torture. Honey we will be with you want your own win tonight. Such is my sentence. On that night he is determined to consummate his crimes but I'm mind. So be it. If he is victorious and I should be a piece and his power over me and an end. Great aunt who wonder if he is not yet satisfied with blood. This threat does not bind him to peace in the meantime. Hope beloved Elizabeth his you can must be immediate. Past opponents and he would surely find more dreadful means for French. Effectively and we to rest near the lake under cloudless blue sky. Set fire to the cottage. Incinerating them ghastly scene within it and returned to Geneva to marry Elizabeth's. And us seal his feet. He took every precaution to defend himself never without preschools and dagger. Victim asks as well let's put it. The anxiety that creed in his heart. And entered with seem tranquility. That day of celebration. Yeah a divine and the. Angel said smiled at Hyannis yes my dear life they have let me taste on this one day at least you were sweetness and. Granted the freedom from despair you are still uniform my loved happy Victor meant nothing distress you this none. Who if you knew what I have suffered and. When I might yet endure do you think I have not heard the evil whispers to tell me not to depend too much on the prospect that is open before us. But I will not listen to set to sinister voice while bliss may not be painted on my face. My heart is can continue to have a dreadful secret Elizabeth. One I cannot conceal. When I would view it to you. You wonder how we survive when I have endured what is that you feared. Tell me. I will confide this tale tomorrow but let us not waste the serenity of the moment all will be safe this night. Go now and prepare our wedding bed. I'll be with you soon I love you. I can't stand peace. Peace in my life. Peace. But this and I just dreadful. Very dreadful. Elizabeth. I. You are ready mixed views you lost your actual. It's. Half that. OK okay. Why did I not then expire here. Since I'm in here. To relate the destruction of the best hope in the purest creature runners. Life is obstinate and clings closest. Where it is most hated how have you been able to follow when animals which can traverse the senior vice. And inhabit caves and games when no man would tension to a true yeah. The demon guided me with clues and instigated Mike Furrey. I was possessed by a maddening rage. I informed in my heart resolution to pursue my destroyer to the deaths through and such onion durable circumstances. Cole who want some fatigue would. The least pain which I was destined to endure. I was Kursk's but the spirit of good. Directed my stepson was always present to extricate me from insurmountable difficulties. I resolve not to feel like purpose. And I called on heaven to support me you'll hear now on the new friends. So young man while no man can replace past defections. You can begin new Chinese. A new life. I thank you wolf and for your kind intentions but you must like meego. I place you and your men at considerable risk and must pursue and destroy the being to whom I gave existence. Then my life on earth will be fulfilled. Diamond diet. Oh your condition is too French I am. I am weak but surely the spirits who assist my vengeance will endowment was sufficient strength. All. You are right we'll open my strength is on. I shall die soon and he shall live. He ought to die. Task of his destruction was mind but I have failed. I ask you to undertake play unfinished work that he may render no other wretched. He should live to be an instrument of mischief disturbs me even now and when I momentarily expect my released. The forms of my loved ones flick before me. I hasten to their alarms. People. Seek happiness and tranquility. Some redemption. So so hard for. And third scorer in renewed old dirt Smart crew are in short code so Richard. What did you go through hardball our screens or noon. Our border will truly address. A strong all ball first. News hole moved her mobile orange and. Good as your repentance no. He wants to be alive I do unfortunately you can't. Vengeance to this story and it's curry and Jerry there aren't familiar someone else. So full multiple flow through an improve group. Trump is important social goodness aren't. Born before it was fun trying to do was sort of talking from sort of free premiere. Word Stewart reports from her toward the promoter do. Absorb what trends were optional so you can't. Hypocritical and feed. You come here to Hawaii over the desolation that you need to. He's not PT that you feel. You laments because you get to listen withdrawn from your power it is merit pay us patent. Us. Artists total fool Julia marred this morning. Gordon had falsely. With the school board memorials were feeling good I won't meet their quotas this critical global information. Quarterbacks are rendered mute renew his form the next hour. Four million children Coleman's home written him. From that and you call him my American friends of a solution to Vista so you shouldn't. Part of a unleash who have designs on murdering me and my comments. Begin with you know home. Who's more relaxed and too. Thirty large. Boom she wanted to dress and who can win the tour importance Camara equal but this chart golden voice or if it's. Workers nearly complete truth means your jewelry brands don't lose me even to a pulp will start which mostly dorm. We're school in order to remove the good warlord distorted views hopes. Hundred books are squalor marvel to charter school. According to yeah for sure regardless of course there are you born trash to show us. A martyr to result in only requirement all one color and certain to do this. Yeah hosts the world. And ardent who. Are you won't allow us to win cardinal Hindus artist. You can. There wouldn't find most ardent. Our debut was some prudent to have him available for Bruce do you know for a horse farm system worked hard yeah. Tennis. News and world. Surely it's for a thousand. Okay. Consume power. Frightening and enlightening. Halloween presentation of Frankenstein's. Demon has come to a sad and fiery end. Now how many of you knew the real story. Luck I can't send. The latest and players start run city as Victor Susan wise as Elizabeth. Jeanne Ashley as Justine. Paul Chaney in the role of Henry. And still stagnant as Alfonse. The ruling William was asleep like dealing purchase. Adam Schneider was Ernest and Steve Gladstone played the blind man. It also included in the cast work Lou when cardinal. Brian shine she'll Indian. And best Jordan. Frankenstein's demon original theme was composed and performed by Michael Hoffman sound design was created by met Corey. And directing your host for the evening. And then change feet and now it gives me great pleasure to introduce the voice of Walton. And no nonstop. All and the writer director and producer of Frankenstein's demon. Dave glory. Thanks Alan. And thanks to you our listeners for making this evening. Very special forming quite honestly I never dreamed that this night would do well come to life a special thanks to my boss. And friend. Rob Sydney from making it all happen. I hope you enjoyed the show and if you like to hear it again it's now available for free on demand listening at light Miami dot com slash demon. So goodnight. And her pre Halloween. I. Me and distance. Period came to. Still is to can I dream I had free. To answer my shoes and all the movies. It's okay. Are we saying. Okay. It's. Mean we're this is still. It's. It's. Okay. It's it's. A news. Yeah. I. It's. Is okay.