Fertile Turtle

Tuesday, August 8th

Who knew turtles had all the power? 


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You telling me theory. Here's a so called him. They had this theory it's apparently held true for them that found. If you look at them turtle nests on the beach. Depending upon where they are along the beach will kind of give you an idea of how about a hurricane season they had the or we're going to have so if the on NASA are all the way up as far as you can kind of get off of the water. And they've actually she's this lady said that they'd that's been always a year where they've had really bad hurricanes to guess it makes sense because they wanna ensure that their eggs don't get washed away in washed out. I was just on the beach the other day and took notice of an all of that's nest I saw along Hollywood beach. Are all like midway through so I I take that as a really good sign that it's not really going to be a bad. Season not gone. It's cooled mean and it sends totally makes sense but I don't know if this makes sense are you kidding me movement from. Can't imagine if you got stuck somewhere because another couple was busy getting busy these tourists were stuck. On an island for two days isn't that a well you know it stinks it's a Greek islands I would love to. Get stuck or Arie son you Rhode Island shore they got stuck at the airport I'm pretty sure because he had the turtles it's their nesting season and their mating season and they have a ban on lights I guess on the beach and its short iron in Fort Lauderdale beach as well. All right of course but I guess his airport is right there along the beach and so they don't. Allow planes take off or land at night apparently one of the planes had an issue. That need to be fixed and installed it and then on the next day they tried to fix began and it still didn't work so that was like two nights that they got stuck there because of. Well of course get stuck for today against the mating they do slow. Yeah. Journal quick peek at divisional really one ignited actually had these. The video of the turtle with this yes the yes. Last week in LAL yeah well I was broadcasting from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. And walking around looking at the tortoises and they started on the town and you know I am. I'm really ready for you just for me you know married clearest. Didn't stop me from filming it for you oh god and there are all Owens and electronics. Giants personal on maim and they've gotten tiger's web sites and chat rooms. Known did good for her up people like to rushed her a pop up. I have fetish for everything Libby get a good nestled rides we've got to be yourself or Libya hi Allen now because that it's Taylor lined his Florida tour. The long neck on me at all ugly but I. Until next kid me. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.