Everyday Objects For Who?

Tuesday, November 7th

While Kimba is thrilled about the new Hearth & Home line, Libby shares a whole different line of products... the kind that make you say, "Are you kidding me?"


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For couples John McCain's their home collection. Which is hard and hand fraught with magnolia is now available. At target which he's Gerri great hitting yet she's crazy obsessed with these guys to ice and wind to Waco and visited the magnitude of the silo and Tina. You got the shirt right. The fat fat fat. Well I've found is that it's not quite the same but Tiffany company just apparently outlines a new line of what they're calling. On every day objects. Case yet has ever told you about magnolia then the B says did you hear about the Tiffany collection. I'm not a wild insurance that Tiffany collar but what else let let me possibly could day yeah so that links salami prior. Live. Dash. I went. I got the 300 dollar EO Leo. And kind of pathetic. Did you tell you have to be whack go along spaniel we go to bed bugs spender and our dollars and you know yell. Yeah adios anymore anyway. Do you yeah yeah yeah next. A coffee can. Yeah without the label of coffee can how much without a lid or label it's just basically does silver cylinder shaped object that's been. Yeah are you kidding me. They hear advertising I guess is like a pen holder that a 15100 dollar pen holder who. It. The next night eat candy and I. You have to beat the ball. My 9000 dollar ball the armed they Dario it's a spool of sterling silver he can't even use Ngo what is in the paper way. I don't mix hi how are now. I don't know. I have no idea that be a very heavy year sweater. Pair underwear if you're really tired. Rates LO. I'm not in go ahead and purchase the Tiffany and company with their logo and their blue glow yet able to. For the week fee of 95 dollars and assuming that's per cup now I think it's that Payer but there actually a bone China they look like paper cuts but they're actually done in China. I don't know how they're. Expensive than the cost can the cough it out of rainbows and butterflies. You can't play beer pong went to brown and that's great via them all but it you do wanna play little ping pong. Real beauty looking at the panels for 650 bikes home. It's everyday object every day for all it even makes sense you know is on a line of you know living room you know throws or pillows or whatever like the gains as it is it just all ran them hodgepodge items that they just put some obscene price on that. No I think title recently longer everyday objects. Made into insanely expensive things are really rich people who have everything else and we'll never use it if you're tired of stepping on the colored lingo is that are on your floor hey you can buy sterling silver ones for 15100 dollars to raise it didn't hurt enough just like the plastic one that is to match your big facto worried that a crazy drama RX 350. Dollars for crazy straw which after awhile those things you know he's currently hi honey clean. I don't know they have to sell cleaner for that I will say though that's pretty awesome because I just found out how bit recycling machines can't. Recycle straws anymore silica now on that kick or get a news. The a single use draws I'm all about you having a reusable Surat cannot adequately anymore they don't they're not able to go through the machines they fall through. How we can do a whole are you kidding me about this it's terrible single use straws are the worst sorry pal cannot paint 350. Even better and Danny's everyday objects that are insanely priced are the comments. And then as always thank you interwebs rich people I'm going to buy a 9000 dollar. Sterling silver ball of yarn so that might need to make his sterling silver scar to put on display and not actually wearing an. App. I would love to be rich enough. Ha that I could vial of the supply wanted to it just like tongue in cheek. What would you do I would actually buy I'd like to be rich enough that I could. A step and we all. Look at and only nine grand on Arab interest about it could if I want to. (%expletive) I hope that for UN day and by the paper cups please I will. And until Nixon didn't make every objects in what you numbers. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.