Etiquette for Getting Together

Thursday, October 12th

If you're hanging at a friend's house this weekend, what's the right thing to bring?  (What?? You weren't going to bring something?  Are you some sort of Neanderthal?)


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Hi it's your guy and handling curry Howell. And one more saying welcome to our podcasts all how are you today in all. Snow on Friday. Yeah how fantastic is actually I love thirst is really are fine I can get you anything on Thursday math today today feels the longest. Yeah you're probably right because it's not Wednesday. No and it's not Monday. Mean which is the kind of got the hang over from the we have great three days are not like necessarily literally only talking about some people yes. The weekend is coming up and you may have people over its own little little party he made some fame night you happily I hosts running out very Q by the raining to your door it's very UN Mike and paper it's very. But it's adorable I love it I really do not to think. It's within a but that's when you have people we elect and not an enemy you guys thinner now and they're like sure look we bring you within thing I've got all and they should your house swift. Nothing would you be and it. Depends. Depends on kind of night or have thing who's coming into their first time in the house those kind of things. Well I'm one of those people that I legitimately don't need anything. Like I owe them a front inviting in my house right short of a tenor advice and your coming in Munich iMac public's what you need out there and I got to be there I. I kind of expect you still to bring something not that I need X do you think it's just to Curtis I think it's a courtesy I do not go anywhere. Without bringing. A cookie. Platter of something a bottle of wine. Both Brenda broad brush and the people from the fallout rack she's the people's house the barn. Anything like that just as a token of my appreciation for being invited to your home number one and number two. I might want some of that changes. I want him under Lloyd's gonna bring something that I shot selfishly want sealed. And if I don't know you don't like the first time I got invited to name Kelly's house you know as a first time and she's like I Texan hasn't do you need any. Came to know we're good all blocked and listen so is the need to donut shop. Main Quinlan at federal bonus and I was like come to buy a dozen guys what I wanna try to still planned to show up empty handed and three or something everybody love. Fumble only people over it was the first time Stephanie had been to our house she running market and then she brought my favorite chips. I even though I don't know if we don't anything I love it or Canada that was really nice and then like. It depends like if Sarah zionist friends is gonna come over. I'll tell ushered out then you got to bring wine because we 101 in the house but we got everything else it just didn't feel it depends on the and Norwood into Bob. Line if you're gonna have it they got together and you know that Sarah is invited. No I'll tell her. Booty after stated that because we don't drink wine I'm not gonna buys amendment keep it in the house because again and I and it's gonna wanna give it to you anyway just bring you like. And then we have everything else in two stamina I have tons of students on the booze and here we and that's where I'm different and I'm also. Old Armenian regret and had a lot of gets you we have a right here especially with kids gives you an excuse. He had the kid's birthday party Rajon and we have you know like the religious thinks the communion and confirmation that I got a house from my parents had people are all right we don't eat. Would use to really entertain a lot now looking back we stopped a bit because I'm tired. But and what I used to do is I used to make sure I don't think white wine guy so I always have white line in my house isn't because I know I have a couple of become more often and they are white wine drinkers yeah so I'm not gonna Taliban. Hate coming I have to bring your line. I would prefer to say come to my house I wanna have you guys over and I wanna make sure that I have what they like non backlit. I do because it just small get together then I'm Amy the F Turbo we had that huge ugly sweater Christmas party in December Mike and I through and I mean we. We did a really good job we have a lot of food we had great decorations in set a photo Booth. But on the imitation is said if you while Weiner champagne. To bring it because we won't happen uninteresting party giver because we aren't because those are things we drink and they'll go to waste if we keep on the sitter I still have a bottle wine and Jessica gave me. For my engagement it's still sitting in the light. That's OK you might have someone over I don't know if Julie who comes out there and what the glass of wine you're gonna gone I don't have any but. The bottle that Jessica my point is that I don't drink. Any liquor and a liquor drinker at all I don't drink rum vodka rank I don't none of that stuff. But I have a bunch of it at my house and IndyCar and Scott denied he's a beer drinker and why he hasn't been drinking at all. But we always have I've got. To cue up the eldest if you luck. God I'll kill me come to that but we have a all of that for anybody who wants to come over. And says handled a mixed drink and you and usually in my who's sorry Sinatra don't wanna be that person for inviting you over I'm gonna have everything that you haven't to me it's not a waste. Because you're being good host. And I think that that's what's part of having get together and I know Koppel that. Go to someone's house in an even though that person says don't bring anything they listened they don't bring anything yeah. And that other person is mad about it. See I'm personally brings a desert only to be sat alone. So I want everybody else who handles with me because I don't wanna eat these at home myself I'd rather be in a group trying with everybody else I think the more you have gatherings the more you'll see how you will morph and change I used to go over the top and then I would be invited to people's houses and I would start. That would be so annoying as you know yeah we always have sole much funeral please I'm kidding yeah. The that we do refrigerators I'm not you can do well overflowing nobody why chain irons into many gatherings where I am starving. And I'm always. I may you did. You might know these people and that's all you got to report yeah I agree I think now it's why it's so. I think you you realize a. I need you to bring you weren't. Health donuts. Thanks for joining us. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry each workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and Blake Miami dot com.