Doughnuts, Drywall and Drug Busts...Oh My!

Friday, October 27th

Another story from Flori-duh:  65-year-old man is arrested when cops mistake crumbs from his Krispy Kreme doughnut for crystal meth.

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We'll be okay this pouring. Always always my stuff is says it really sucks about this it's not just the citizens. Of six. Up the bully is really not funny if it happens do you ball and about it yeah. If anything happens is 64 year old guy who weighed just dropped his friend not that keep a fair bit so would you open for another he was driving home an older woman from his church. Who ordinarily would have to walk two miles home but instead he gave her a lift OK the decent guy bears the guy right there were talking about he's driving a lady home right he gets pulled over apparently he was driving 42 miles and a thirty and mile an hour's he didn't become did complete still not. He endeavors driver's license the officer says well you have a concealed weapons Germany says he had. She hasn't stepped out of the car for safety he does he's following all the rules and she says taken we signature card gesture searched my car. Especially if it means that I won't be ticketed right but you gotta wonder twelve miles over the speed limit why would they wanna search is car don't searches car fourth car cop cars show up. The cop comes back to boost you wanna tell me about what we found that he's I mean. My time and nothing to be found. Don't know she says they found crystal masks on the floor of his car. Any goes that's not even possible I I never even smoked a cigarette in my life into that what we found in the purity goes. The blaze took my crispy cream on Wednesday. Speaker every. Day every other Wednesday he's even a really decent eater this. Guy eight has gotten. At Krispy Kreme donut glaze on the floor apparently they have these kids these substance testing kits that they use on the on the road in the field. And it tested positive for us. Having to deal for like ten or easy someone released his his speaker spoke to the Libya and other is cost now baby not now you know half. Now it's only that the case but this is only Warren of another situation where this happened to. A guy in the early middle area got pulled over eating habits headlights on his arrested desserts discard the white dust that came up on floorboards of his car. Turned up to be cocaine. Now it was drywall he's a handyman. Listen to help for in nineteen. Ninety days dude went to jail for this. It's eighteen dollars for a box of ten of these general screening kits at these cops are using and they are not reliable. All they might be flawed our first. I called his wife to tell what happened Arizona hi guys standing next to lump at waiting to use the phone inserted the Lebanese I think you got a real good lawsuit here. Each man well the second guy got 37000. Dollars for being in the slammer for ninety days for two haven't drywall. Dust in this car. Somebody who did some release of work. Says that the kits give a false false positive one out of every five time. Demons why kept using it they know that it you know it's what I think freedom of it are to this once it it's positive. We're gonna arrest you because there's a probability that the you know this is drugs. But let's follow up with it with like better testing not get gas in May be that I gotta say though in the cubs' defense Krispy Kreme Doughnuts you know when you do get them and they are hot now they do switch on kind of behind. They are kind of like drugs and and and it eat too many and don't brush you Wilma separate these. I similarities I think and that's I think that's where. And mr. resting says he has family in the law enforcement that he says he bears no ill will towards their police department. And that the police were very nice and polite eats his issue is that they keep using the kits despite being well documented problems. That's where I. Just a police were everywhere some in the keeps happening. Via any keep pretending that it's not and does not getting into this insanity that the government. My mom. Takes on an Alan I gotta make sure basically if I ever buy doughnuts and don't eat them in the car this is so cute though to focus Krispy Kreme he went to the Krispy Kreme to tell them what happened they might be in for a little publicity and they didn't. Don't let every once a Lonnie said but I don't need him in the car. We are drywall at home but oh man and yes so I don't know how to fix that but are you kidding me. I was like don't give a Madonna not until next time and kidney floored us. No kidding here more of kemba and the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. Any dot com.