Divas Don't Do Drama - Julie & Tamara G. Interview Shareza J. Wilkerson

Monday, July 9th


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On the phone with us this morning Julie we had a series AJ will present. She has the annual divas don't do drama we do business conference coming up that high doll. And it's coming up Saturday July 14 I'm going to be one of the ANC's moderator so I'm looking forward to it. But tell us all about this conference series. That you don't do we do that it is a big engine problem. You know what went into. You know like don't do something about their epic about the 01 another. You know that we need to get the business. It apparently. Yeah it it is in question corporate America but it didn't put. It. It. You know it it's funny because people always ask about Julianna they wanna know. How you guys really do Celek you get along zealot you really like each other which is common sense to us bright red. It's amazing did you just say that because apparently allowed women don't like each other or they're not willing to up lift each other in business. And they're not willing to collaborate. You know your resting at the tapes out there. It only understood the power that we probably women and women women and yet we understand. Everybody Chilean success but not limited. No I'm not understand why women can't. As Smart as we are good. Men don't seemed as and then competitive with one another but they will still help one another out I find either lemon fall into two categories either work competition so I won't help you or. I will help you why can't we bring ridge them both. You know what Enrique and break them open and that's what people don't drop out we were bitten it's about you know. Britain then vote to make sure brilliant again. You know we don't have to look we don't have to compete of one another or one color rate would want to support one another we're going to. Outwit each sister is doing I would want to point that. Fully digest Lynn told her she's going to be there and you've got other guests as well. How can people find out more bridges at the Miramar cultural center it's going to be again on Saturday. July 14 how can people get more information. You can log on an outlet Shari and incorporate them forward and partly take it no drama just did it. Break out. Okay say that one more time. No drama. Jack bass yet. Even they brag. I'll write and of course is open to. All women who would love to come out and support other women. Looking forward to it I'm looking forward to really being name mrs. ceremony in. Moving the discussion forward and as you can tale you've got to women in here. That outlook does support each other in all women out there yet we're all about I think this is a fantastic organization a fantastic event. And congratulations. To you for bringing it out there. Thank you. Our members this year being mocked Hillary is not that. No matter what that story that is. Lap right everybody has the story and you know I'd have to really dig down deep where all success stories I love it. Saturday July 14 thank you 10 AM to 3 PM there Marco tools that are get those tickets today.