Did You Just Miss an Opportunity?

Thursday, October 19th

Just because you hadn't thought of it, doesn't mean it's not a great opportunity. Here's why should take a chance.  It just might broaden your horizons.


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Hi it's your only gonna tell panhandling Curtis Arnold and one more thing. Welcome to our podcast sold them both about hey you know a thing and I would just hit main carrier entered like Elaine. Okay so today we're talking about notes missed opportunities. Not only that Craig's list that. I think his connections and I don't know you don't. I don't go to acts to cover and never been online to correct this by is not today's subject even know the look on your face is incredible. True story never went unborn due today to talk back yes it's just you can I can no longer you're looking like a lunatic. Hey Tom Horne talked about missed opportunities because that's. The other day. Oh by the way ever told you this do you mean when you Texas a person not at 1030 at night killing texts me on. Monday night. Which in get until Tuesday morning that said so sorry I am so sick I don't know what promised. It's a lot of attacks about how she wasn't going to be. Tuesday may right. The two seed in command and then Tuesday I went home and I was running room and I get three crazy text and you mean. Here's my doctor's note here rock my room and sits and we know yours is first of all you were coughing up like a crazy person to ever get near. But I appreciated that you take this internship seriously. Groups have been battling did you get her closer to the microphone why she is here and thank god I. So I. And I really and why did you say why did you say that you like it I wanna take this very seriously because. Because I feel like if I don't. I kind of missed an opportunity with he guys you know Amy connection and you learn and stuff like that being sick kind of makes me miss the ancient humans. It's part of being like in life and you know you get sick it's not that but I love how serious she took and that you really felt like. Barzani you're afraid of me which is hilarious. And so actually leaves the room to ask me questions. Why don't you ask me questions I. Mean. No lol I know you're just an older authoritative figure hmm my accident is current I think I'm period like. Encouraging don't scare me if not at any age you Alan curry my mother okay here at the com I just love that you. First of all you have to do any not because like I said you. How well I don't pay you but I do appreciate that you take this seriously. You told us the story about your cousin from Kenya and I'm sorry that I totally called mount but whatever they think it's. Really important to shares the tell a story so he got a really great opportunity overt act. Millennium what did you tell us about ready to go to school. You love you upload your double majored super Smart guy from. But it's. He got he got an opportunity over at 7 NEWS WS CN. And it was age graveyard shift so it is from lake up to six salts at the half but that's when you start when I started radio I tour the greater change that's for like four years that the everyone does I am starting like now at 4 o'clock in the morning Hampshire ones you know things get going I'm not gonna have to wake up a quark well marginally. Oh yeah under Nancy fifteen years and ultimately. It's not a problem eventually get used to carry ons. So he hated it because he has two with a birdie seats schedules on the stuff you can't go wow exactly so. Instead of staying and sticking to his guns and you know possibly getting a great job out of it. He put it and now he's sober driver. Double major from the University of Miami within Cooper who who drives the Hoover and solicitous patents and he's like I think thirty. The rule that if they don't necessarily mean he did and you know it's it isn't it is and here's what I think about the I don't know that your cousin. Hot enough passion for. And that's where I think. And or work ethic I mean does he wanna be on TV what is his true goal he's always wanted to be on TV. Broadcasting experts and and because that's his biggest passionate sports the people don't realize that is work. And I say that because I started my current Sports Radio I'm never on things like I want to be in sports is entitled sports are banned Sports Radio on this guy's an antitrust fourth of put me out under the games this Matt. Yes that is part of it but there at it's it's a job there's work could there's things involved I can't tell you how many times even now the ticket on the kids. Who urges opponent talks for the ambience parts. But they don't wanna wake up early for a morning show they don't wanna stay after the don't wanna edit the podcast the don't wanna do this they don't wanna do that and think. Do you read again Monday Night Football as your first game. Thank you gotta get out you go a little bit here and set the especially as an and I exports and TV people think it's cool row I think and there's work involved and that's. Where your cousin had a missed opportunity and I like that even though your your goal isn't necessarily to be on the radio but that's what internships are about is to maybe broaden your horizons maybe opening up to a world you'd never. Do like radio what's radio because you're generation didn't grow up with the radio like I do it yet you guys have so many more options. That we didn't have. And it's not a slam it's evolution of that life at setter up. But I grew up absolutely in love with the radio and in love with the person behind a microphone. And so that's what I wanted to do and and my passion overwhelms me sometimes I mean I worked for free for two whole years. Because I loved it so much but right eye to the channel seven and when I went channel seven for my internship. I realize I don't love it as much as I loved radio so that's what internships are for him to open your eyes. And even though you may not love radio initially now you have a different view of that rank. I'm not yup I I'd never thought caliber and radio you handle it as a kid I love music sold. There weren't gonna trickle music but about an iPad at all and I like yeah I'm now. And my cousin actually he worked in a college team like he. I guess canary and none of baseball things so I actually did. Yeah narrow minded preliminary I don't follow sports and for our it would seem that you would do that vertical holes summer and he really elected. But he got I guess he got tired of doing you know with too much work for free. He does gave up that's another thing it's not just missed opportunities you gotta lean mean need to work hard to get to what you want only you know. The measure of how far you'll go and that really would make a difference on people get an easier time and it I would saddling you had really good opportunities. I've been very very lucky very lucky as well but I also really put in a lot of hard work I really. Really did a lot. Com that I don't see the younger generation doing. Unless it's what they would you be really want I would argue that my first year I put in more work that I do here just because I had like two jobs. I was hired a production and an executive producers on I was done producing a show at three. I did production and I was here till 530 I was paid like ten bucks an hour I wasn't full time I mean I did a lot of work. I'll just status. And I wanna I want to. Make sure that everybody understands that's. Some something you don't wanna do can always end up being something that's for the best for you and 82 quick examples. When I was younger and radio they asked me to go to Kendall I live in Broward County. East Broward County. Go to Kendall every single Saturday night. I to do a live radio show which is so much fun but I was annoyed that I had to drive to rent I'll do what happened and can tell you enter my husband's been. And someone said to me sixteen years ago I wanna put you on the morning show and I said I don't do mornings I wake up early that can kind of ridiculous. It's the best job I've never had a radio. But it etc. something I never thought of myself. Just because you don't think of it are you never envisioned it it does it mean it can't be really good cry never thought I'd be on an FM. Let's Sports Radio I wanted to be the next Erin Andrews and so far and you're young and you're gonna have a lot of jobs for your life but don't you think so far it's been an incredible ride for you yes I'm not just because you work with me which okay outtakes and credit yeah. I'm talking about in general this is an incredible right. Yes and it's. Just the platform atop every game we talk about with great people and just our audience our listeners are cheesy stuff I expect him to say is a 100% true like right when I tell you that light assembly do you wanna join our morning show I remember looking at Tommy for our. Mike to our knowledge I've worked my whole life to d.s were selected because you'd be an idiot not to take it private house not yet I can't nobody knows Tommy Tommy is a rock star so in the making he would he had a band community wanted to be as famous rock musician he does production and he loves it and so good at it that's my point I think if anybody is listening. Don't get sometimes opportunities. That you think now all I don't do about it aspirin my. You'd just don't know and sometimes they're there for you learn and grow maybe something you don't wanna do and it's a confirmation or maybe you're like oh my gosh I never knew and I love it threat. So don't epic always look at an opportunity as an opportunity it could go either way. And don't ever saying no to them thanks and say aren't. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry feature for. Good morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and Blake Miami dot com.