Cornell McClellan Interview - Julie Guy & Tamara G.

Monday, September 10th

Cornell McClellan is President and Mrs. Obama's personal trainer. For $39, you could train with him for 4 weeks too! More info here.

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Hello ladies. The morning guys belonging. Hurry you do land where you calling from. I am in BC. And training people and get it done. Speaking of that damning case you don't know Cornell McClellan is the personal trainer to the obamas has been with them more than twenty years all right I'm just gonna say right out the back or nil I want. The former first lady's arms do what you can't work with me okay sometimes can't that miracles are now. I. Oh she's a Smart sit and do you do have a way. That people can work out with you this is a great. Opportunity for people to get trained and to get off the counts tell us all about it. Well thanks for asking that we are still in a series called BE portal. Body work immortal body worked out and lives forever after we do this work out you have life more abundantly. I. Like it and it's a series of light street. Work out where you can get to work out with me and I could take you through some of the work out that I'd do it former First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama if things that. Date June at two. That fired them up to keep him going. What is this secrets you know because I know but there's no secret about what would you tell somebody who's just starting out who wants to get bitten doesn't know where to start well. It is just starting out. All we have to say you must get a physical first picture that it is safe for you to picture. Work. What's he done the first thing you and abuse that you want to just begin in the U wanna start. Amid slow pace and then ticket progression. I don't suggest for people to you know elected to start sprinting. You know in India and I got it right away yes your body meets soupy. Acclimated and educate. So you want to say do it this is where we're going in this and we're going to go so if you're not into anything blunt I don't some easy walking. And then you'll learn some basic strip malls are you gotta work the body from a couple different ways the coldness to begin to weigh it. If you began you're already winning because you now start up into the pot. And I like it go to Jones to win let's talk about how the important role that food plays. Also the two community ask me you know what's the most important if you were really. Look at that just trying to change your fitness if you let it change your body or fooled it's just as important to create the as areas to war. They'd giggle and it. Well the immortal body workout class is going to be held every Monday and Thursday 6 PM eastern time. That starting September 10 that would be today could actually access it on nine. And the edge uses streaming dot fitness stop the studio dot com but for 39 I mean and you get access to all eight classes. Via live stream are. Any time on demand. I think is as great so for forty bucks less than 5000 class I don't think you go to any fitness class. For less than five dollars a class that is awesome and to be working out with you. As will Cornell who's gonna I guess show us how to get that immortal body work out. My goal is to make sure that every woman who works out these there feel like they had a First Lady and their life. And every man who works out you like it they needed with the world initial W did you get.