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Monday, December 24th

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It's. 101 point five flight FM is WLY yeah. Miami Pembroke Pines Coral Springs. Good evening and Mary. I'm Rick Shawn tonight and I'm your host Steve Blake Kim players present our adaptation of portion of those 1938 Mercury theater stripped. Charles dickens' a Christmas Carol. When Pickens introduced your stories the world over 160 years ago. He found an instant response in the hearts of people everywhere. Can strum we had more influence on the way we celebrate Christmas today than any single individual in history. The industrial revolution in full swing in dickens' time allowed workers little or no time to celebrate Christmas. Everyone it seemed had a. Scrooge in their life. But he's 1843 masterpiece rekindled joy of the season in both England and America. Today a Christmas Carol continues to be relevant sending a message she cuts to the very soul of the holidays. Dickens described this time of year as a good time a kind forgiving charitable pleasant time. The only time I know of in the long calendar of the year when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut up hearts freely and to think of other people. There's if they really work fellow passengers and not to another race of creatures bound and another journey each. For the rest of his life Dickens described this as the Carroll's philosophy. His name had become so synonymous with Christmas and on hearing of his passing and 1870. Polling guru on the past. Mr. Pickens did. The move to other Christmas started to. No not so long as we keep the true spirit of the season a life and our hearts. Because Dickens wrote in another of his classic super quick papers many of the hearts the drums so geely has ceased to beach. Many of the looks at shone so brightly than she used to glow. The hands we grasped have grown cold. Guys we saw hedging their luster in the grave. And yet the only how works the room the merry voices and smiling faces gesture the last. The most when I moved and truly circumstances connected with those meetings. Crowd before reminded each recurrence of the season just the last assemblage have been much yesterday. Happy happy Christmas and can win this back to the delusions of our childish things that can recalled to the old man the picture show you choose. They can transport the sailor in the traveler to. Thousands of miles away back to resume play your site and disquiet. Consume your friends getting your loved ones round in the lights and listen now is the Miccosukee tribe moods of Florida. Persons who like different players. In Charles Dickens. And Christmas Carol. He would. Marley was stands to begin west there's no doubt whatever about that. The registered his burial was signed by a clergyman the clerk be undertaker and the chief mourner. Screwed signed it and Scrooge is name was good in exchange for anything he chose to put his hand to. Old Marley was as dead as a door nail Scrooge knew he was dead of course he didn't. Scrooge and Marley were partners formed I don't know how many years. When he was a tight fisted hand to the grindstone was. Scrooge a squeezing wrenching grasping scraping clutching confidence old. Seven iron. And once upon a time yeah of all the good days in the here zoo on Christmas scenes. Me. Old screwed set dizziness counting house. And grim chew this place if ever there was gonna. The doors Scrooge is counting house was open that he might keep desire on his clerk Bob correction. Who enough cold and dismal little cell beyond it worked legislatures. In 192020. Lebanon. There less an Angel came. And I am user 36. Point. Two pounds and that. All of them signed up their community. 177. I'm current Jennifer yes mister Scrooge struck that in Arnold can't go wrong and you answer in fifteen and seventeen. Producing in the media the Christmas Carol that might very go. Can't get a win for my door. I'm somewhere else could throw you off plastic arrows prize giving he told us he kissed each time you know mix. And I don't want any of you rolled custom. Take your fellow fools and go away. Christmas. Right says Merry Christmas toy sack attack. Now you get that led a from Higgins and Blackhawk bracket and I wanted to finish posting this ledge. And after that you could pop over the popping Gilles until F frame pop figure you've come after the money's all made since October. Tell him shall have an officer over there if he doesn't pay up and walks mr. park the Gill's wife is an ulcer. What do I care about his wife. I want my money I just thought it being Christmas or Christmas. Smacks. You mention that word to me once more Bob project and our Christmas some other Christmas all the inner Merry Christmas to you mr. Fred god save you local. Come bog Christmas huh bug uncle I'm sure you don't mean that I mean Josh fact exactly that. Merry Christmas. Outright tribute to beat Mary what worries them have you you'll pour enough. What right have you to be dismal about Christmas uncle. Your rich enough. Now uncle don't be cross what else can Maggie when I lived and such who were before it's. It's Christmas to you want to tie in for a mobile is without money. Merry Christmas. A time for finding yourself a year older and knocked and how all reaction. If I could work my will every idiot who goes about with every Christmas on these layups. It be born with his own reporting and Barry went a stake of holly through his heart he should it call now nephew keep Christmas and your own way and let me keep that in mind to keep it but you don't keep it a go ahead let me leave it to her own and you want a Christmas gift I've no doubt. Came to wish you a Merry Christmas uncle at a Merry Christmas much coordinate Christmas to you. Much could it Emma is done yet there are many. Things from which I derive goodbye which I have not profited materially I daresay uncle Christmas are among the rest but I have always thought of Christmas time is a good time. A kind forgiving charitable pleasant time. And therefore uncle though it is never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket I believe it has done me good. And will do me good and I say god bless god blessed Christmas her ray. Let me hear another sound out of you there Bob cracked it. And you'll keep your Christmas by losing your situation. As to you nephew I wonder you don't go into politics you talked enough nonsense hole don't be angry uncle. I want nothing from you I ask nothing of view why can't we be friends good afternoon I'm sorry you feel that way. Well I tried a Merry Christmas to your uncle good afternoon. And a happy new year till not humbug. At the Merry Christmas to you Bob and the assists and two tiny Tim oh thank you mr. Fred sink you sir good day sir. Sand squabble from Murray talking of Christmas and not to meet grossed a jingle together in his trousers pocket. You damn I'm scratched up pretty and a are you doing man. And family putting up a bit more coal in the fire mr. Scrooge saying it's so cold in here sir you put that core back into the scuttle a fire. A firing heat I can tell you he can score with that great you or I will soon be parting company Bob Gretchen do understand that. There's many a young Fella and like your situation you know our I'm sorry sir mark my fingers were getting a little stiff for the cold import on you'll meet us. As someone at the door go on see who. He is Yasser. Good afternoon sir good afternoon this is the firm of Scrooge and Marley yes sir I should like to see the head of the firm Fineman and a very good sir. What is it gentlemen to see mister Scrooge have had the pleasure of addressing mr. Scrooge or mr. Marley. Model he's been dead these seven years tonight I'm Scrooge. Well now mr. Scrooge at this season of the year it's only fitting that we who are more fortunate should raise a fund to buy the pour some meat and drink and means of warmth you may not believe it serve but many thousands are now one month of common necessities. And hundreds of thousands are now when one of the simplest comfort hack how that no reason swelled. There are plenty of prisons cern and the work out six there's still an operation I trust I wish I could say they are not but they are sir and I. I'm glad to hear that. I was afraid from what you said at first that something had occurred to stop them in their useful course and no sir are all these institutions that you mention are flourishing but it's nevertheless true that some additional provision for the poor in the destitute must be made a few of us are endeavoring to raise such a fun you see and know what shall I put you down for a nap thing. All I see you wish to be anonymous sir. I wish to be left alone. I don't make merry myself at christmastime and I can't afford to help a lot of I include people who make Mary. I helped to support the establishments that take care of the poor they cost enough. Led the loose what badly off the cool thing and many can't go their Serran many would rather die and then my advice to them mr. do so. And decrease the surplus population. Besides I've only your word for that all of this is so it's the truth mr. Scrooge soapy and it's not my business it's enough for a man to understand his own business and not to interfere with other people's mine occupies me constantly have to himself. I quite understand mr. Scrooge good afternoon cracks a joke this gentleman out to. Guess there this way simply stop. Sir I couldn't help overhearing I should like to contribute it to yes sir. It isn't much but it's only can afford but there are others and worship and you're a generous fellow who. I wish I might say so your employer crack church yes sir good afternoon sent. Yes good afternoon jet Merry Christmas yet their Christmas yes sir host the dog yes. Twenty fours and won when Kerry three excrement scarf return to income from Martha 333. And carry three. Are written for the wind 471215. Hatchet yes sir get your surrogates to relate to have you go to par figures to be closed up for Christmas like these other forms. We may as well close up the place now you sir it is getting a little dark heart to see the figures. IE and exposure while the entire day tomorrow if it's quite convenient sir it's not convenient. And it's not fair ice. But I suppose I can do anything about it but if if I was to stop fifty cents of your wages you'd think himself to every nearly who will be bound no sir I did but you don't think I mean you used one IP and these wages for no work. It's only once fiercer once a year or so a year impede. A fine excuse for picking the man's pocket every 25 of December but I suppose there's no good talking. He must have the whole day. Have seen that George hero all merely a the next morning you understand until I will serve. I will indeed good night's very Merry Christmas. Christmas socks. And. The office was closed in the twinkling and Bob traction with the long hands of his white comforter dangling below his waist furry posted no gray coat. Went down a slide on Cornell twenty times in honor of its being Christmas Eve and then ran home to Camden town as hard as he could help. To play with his family and blind man's bluff. Scrooge on the other hand took his melancholy dinner in his usual melancholy tavern. Having read all the newspapers and spent the rest of the evening with his bankers book went to his dismal palace and dark. This is chief. And Scrooge liked it. The yard was so dark that even Scrooge who knew it's every stone have to grow with his hands through the fog in the frost to find the door. Screwed walk through his rooms to see that all was right sitting room bedroom lumber room. All as they should be nobody under the table nobody under the sofa nobody under the bed nobody in the closet yeah. Close the door. He locked himself in it he double locked himself in and took off his crew put on his dressing gown and slippers tennis nightcap. And sat down before the fire to take you school. News. An army. Relief. Marty I could have sworn I saw old. Ad humbug and he's been dead these seven years. Among whom humbug. We're right here. From all walks. When to move one step. Towards locked in locked. Something's. Coming some some something is it's coming closer I'll talk my dog. I don't believe in its humbug still. And I had bad knees. Ebenezer Scrooge. Yeah yeah yeah my. Are you know. What you want written I want much have you Lebanese upped. Who are you. Asking me who lie it was. You'll read review our you can have for a ghost. All right then. Who were you in life I was your partner Jacob Marley. Moved. You could hardly keep. It did you died seven years ago seven years ago this very night. What's wrong Ebenezer. And shoot even me. I do not knocked Utah choice sentences Ebenezer he asks. Yes fit because a little thing affects them. A slight disorder of this don't make you who. Parent to be a ghost. You may be and I am digested to compete for a blocked a monster garage crumbled cheese and have. Come on I took up my. The couple often. Ayatollah who leave and you. You are grossed can't count. I thank you to look why. How do you walk people a chance group. Why do you come to me it is required of every matter that the spirit within him should walk abroad. Among his fellow men and travel far and wide to witness what it cannot share but might have shared on earth and turned to happiness but tell me Jacob. What does that change you Wear around you eyewear the chain I forged in life. I'm made its flight linked and yard by yard by my own free will. Is its pattern it's strange to you Ebenezer cash boxes. He's happy Moxley Dusan persons. Yours was as heavy as long as this seven years ago you've labored on its and seventies there. Ole Jacob. Speed problem occurred to me junker and comfort. I have done to kill it I cannot rest I cannot stay I cannot linger. Wearied journeys line before. You traveled fast. Yes Ebenezer on the wings of the wouldn't. Seven years to had been traveling all the time seven years companies or seven years of remorse. Ebenezer. You know that no space of regret can make amends for one life's opportunities disputes what do you always are Gordon of your business can come to this and Harding was my business charity. Mercy benevolence. That grow my business. The dealings that might trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business. Jacob Jacob don't take arms so now Jacob listen to me Ebenezer arrow Leeson too who Jacob Golan Jacob now not speak to me but. Don't be so flowering. Ebenezer I am here to warn you that you have yet the chance of hope of escaping my fate. Do you hear that Ebenezer gifts Jacob gets you always were good friend to me Jacob. Thanks Jacob but what corn grown hormone how shall I escape. Hope I am afraid Jake and you will be haunted by three spirits. Brusett the only chance and colts kicker. It's your only chance hoped where I owe them I think I'd rather knock well without their visits you cannot hope to show on the path I tread. Expect the first tomorrow when the bell tolls. Couldn't I take a bullet once and hammered over YouTube evidence he certainly looked for your own sake you remember just passed between us remember. When the bell tolls one. The first period Marley and the Marlys. Scrooge and he was lying on his bed fully dressed suddenly the curtains of these dead were drawn this. And Scrooge found himself face to face with the unearthly visitor who drew them. As close to a design and not to use and I am standing in the spirit of your elbow. It was a strange creature who coach then you're not so like a child who's Lincoln poor woman. It's here which hung about its neck and down its back was sweet is it within age and get the face and not a wrinkle in it. And that tenuous looms on the skin. The arms were long and taught the hands the same as if it's cold flu common string. And beneath your Scrooge. Who. Post hack Ebenezer Scrooge I come for you you want. I knew this spirit. Whose coming was Ford told me. I Ian that steered who. War taller you client that ghost of Christmas past you know I'm past now. Your past put. Boy do you want to make what brings you here to haunt me your welfare Ebenezer Scrooge ranks and walk. Oh no no no no I don't know how do you really know. Can do that Obama Ali I'm not a spirit I'm a mortal about 40. It's just my hands of Kanye. And you should be unhealthy more than it is incumbent followed. I'll. Be watching becomes the second. And then. They snow on the ground where all week he sent the shadows of the themes that have gained. He recognized this countryside. Who ho ha ha ha I know every inch of it every rock every treaty and that leaked building over there. I don't think I was born there. Yes I went to school in that horrible place do you recollect that path. Now I could walking blindfolded. Even stranger should have forgotten and so many years. Come on let's go closer. Looked through the window instead cold barren room. What do you see Ebenezer Scrooge. EC a board. A solitary time. Neglected by his stand. Alone. Yes yes Nancy. I know that point. And so grew only. Morning. You're leaving his chin and Scrooge. And what you spend your cheek. It's nothing nothing at all like Russia. It's truly now we still mad at nothing nothing at the waves come to my door singing Christmas carols last night in. It was a boy like that among them. Pole Palin thinly whom boy you know ragged colds I should like to have given him something. That's all it is that'll. Come Ebenezer Scrooge. We'll see another Christmas. You know Chris Evans a screw your. Linux cook who. H and this is the counting house where I was apprentice took up that. It's like old master bless his heart cold freezing wind might master alive again and hosting one of his personal parties could who could. Isn't Graham that's with that's why it was up. Dick Wilkins. Poured Deke dear dear dear O yes and look there's missions as he weaker south looking younger and heading home and the dead tables all loaded with rules since derby mince pie MB zero hole were good jolly time we used to have him. That care for young man with a light heart and to Jason miles due back next ten DE. Yes yes yes merciful Kevin how happy I watched them. A small matter for old says you need to make those silly folks are full of chilling small matter of small indeed isn't it. He has spent only a few pennies have your mortal money. Is that so much that he deserves praise. It's actually it's not that spirits won't frenzy when he has the power to make us happy your I'm happy to make our service might door heavy. He's power lies in words and looks and in things so tiny that it's it's impossible to count tomorrow. The happiness he uses quite as great as if it cost. What's tonight. I think I heard nothing at all disputed something I think mineral amount speak they'd. Am only good. It's just that I should like to be able to say a word or two tomorrow and clerk Bob crap shoot for its own. My time grows short and we have yet another journey to me. We have now. Come. This is our last visit to the past Ebenezer. Here in this little room which if there young girl by your side. Do you recognize yourself Ebenezer. Member from each army units you're older now a man in the prime of life. Your face has begun to Wear the signs of Caron address your eyes are greedy they eager restless eyes of a nicer Mara. And ease she knows it too bad girl by yourself. Dared tears in her eyes. It matters little to hew very little. I know that they'll have like changed towards you when we were engaged. We were both war what's it better then it's better to be pull more bitter it at least to be happy. You changed. Another man and then I bush a bowl 08 you blame me because I've grown Weis or have I haven't tried to break our engagement. In words no never why am in it changed nature. In an ultra experience. In everything that made my love of any value in your site. Itself. I release you from your promise and I don't at first it may cause you pain to lose a very brief pain but soon it will be Tim. Like I have to remember to read it unprofitable three. And you would be glad to be awake from such a jury. May you be happy in the life you have chosen Ebenezer. For the love of whom you once loved. Sure enough for sure we know more technically a home these where shadows of things that have been. They are quick thing on do not blame me no. More. No more one shadow more calm. Do you see this man Ebenezer Scrooge. This man might have been you and the woman beside him your life. And this girl don't girl might have been your daughter Ebenezer Scrooge. She might have called you father she might have been a springtime in the hacker winter of your life speaker. Let me go. I only know more. Listen now while they speak at least now I saw him a friend of yours today who's his desk and it. I mean. Mr. groups mr. Scrooge it was I passed his office and it was in children and there was incidents like the senior. His partner Marley Liza pointed identity and parents who sent home loans. When to move. Spirited student I can't. There anymore leaves me hum may know more take me back. Three back. Okay let's talk slowed down on the piece of C event. When does know play around about the bankers and the need. On the stroke of one Scrooge awakened suddenly and sent a bolt upright in his own bed. He remembered the words of Marlys ghost and wondered from which direction the second Specter would appear. At that moment nothing between a baby and a rhinoceros bit of astonished him very much. Now being prepared for almost anything. He was not by any means prepared for nothing. And consequently when no shape appeared. He was taken with a violent fit of trembling. Five minutes ten minutes quarter of an hour went by it yet nothing came. Then as he sent these bad. He became aware gradually from Greek police of running light which seemed to shine upon them from the adjoining room. Got softly and shuffled and slippers to the door it was his own city no doubt about that. But they've undergone a surprising transformation. The walls and ceilings were so hung with living green that it looked a perfect grove. From every part of which breaks gleaming berries listened. It's such a mighty police went roaring up the chimney has had never been known in Scrooge is time or for many in many a winter season gone. Keep double in the Florida former. Kind of thrown over Turkey's peace game poultry great joints of meat suck clean pigs the long reefs of sausages mince pies plum putting this. Barrels of oysters ray. Hot chestnuts and seething bowls of punch and they did Chamberlain do market solutions to him. You music student opponents count percent and jolly giant. Glorious season. Glowing torch in shape not unlike Clinton's foreign. A little high not to shed its slowing down screwed. As he came keeping round the war. And Ebenezer Scrooge and don't need that Serb man who. I am the ghost of Christmas present. Content you've never seen the likes of meat before. You or do you look different from the other spirit your tone almost a Jack. And that great torch to carry its light pours into the homes of rich and poor alike. Spirited take me where you will last time I went against my will and learned her lesson which is working now if you have anything to teach me. Let me profit. By touching my ruled that and he says Scrooge. Touch my robes. We have you brought me spirit. Humble twirling an humble street. Eats humble enough yet there is happiness there cool or are these people. Woman and the children. These are the family of New York clerk Bob cracked chipped. His wife dressed in a twice turned down debris even ribbons laying the table for their Christmas dinner and there assisting her is her daughter Belinda. And the young man with a fork in the stuff that's master Peter Christian and too little crack jokes listened screwed. The amount. I'm alive yeah do you Merry Christmas TV. Merry Christmas mother. How late you are making all we have a great deal of work to finish up last night and we had to clear away this morning that reminds homeowners you're here now. Sit down in front of the firing can't warm ruler plessy west all there he's been to church with tiny Tim will be home soon. How it's tiny Tim mother any better at all and sometimes I think he is and sometimes I think. Cut if anything should happen to tiny Tim's mother you mustn't even think of such a thing. Soon Merry Christmas everybody. Mars now welcome my dear Merry Christmas father and she meant it. It's my O Tim you darling. A father I'm so glad to be home and we're so glad to have you mark and had a little too and he hit in church from oh is crude is cold and better. Chicks man may have eight confirms. I helped you prefer the ball so I eat dinner and money tin rare don't see if he. And we'll. And if that firm currents in my private trying to remember I'm Christian school yeah and I gave block and burn me. Home less humorous on. Come on. Yeah and couldn't take at least. I mr. stern and sounding thing and I'm putting for a moment. Martha you take your time and yes mother you see that he keeps men mostly home and well. Nancy Nancy team. She can't even when I now my. So shall we say grace. As we gather on this holy night. May the blessings of Christmas be found in each of our lives throughout the coming year. Joy in her simple things in life. Piece no matter the situation in which refiners can we have tiny Tim would leave those in the. I CO vacant seats in the port chimney corner and a crutch without an owner whose carefully prisoners or home. No no no kind spirit to chase you'll be spam and save him live. If the shadows remain unaltered by the future Ebenezer the child will die that bothers any man name in. And now my gears with such a dinner a toast. A Merry Christmas to us all and god bless us team man complex just be willing and now to mr. screwed. I guess you're tells him mister Scrooge the founder of the feast the founder of the feast indeed who pays you next to nothing. I wish I had him here and given the peace of mind ninety feast on. And compete have a good appetite for it all my dear the children. Christmas Day well it should be Christmas say I'm sure I'm which when shrinks the health of such an odious stingy unfeeling minister mr. Scrooge you know he is Bob nobody knows it better than you poor Fella my dear Christmas Day I'll drink his health for your sake in the days not for his. Long life to him a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. To be very Marion very happy I have no doubt. And I hate come actually see you Monday. And greens and I can't let things here and and they learn. Okay okay. Okay yeah it. Oh. OK okay. Okay. Oh hey flew. There's nothing of high mark in all this they were not a hanssen's family and scratch it's they were not well dressed in their shoes were far from being waterproof. Their clothes were scanty and had known very likely be insides of a pawn brokers. But they were happy and grateful pleased with one another and contented with the time. One glance they feed. Scrooge and his pie upon him. And especially on tiny tent until the last. Many calls Scrooge made that night with a ghost of Christmas present. Down among the miners they went to labor in the bowels of the earth and hope to see among the sailors at their watch dark ghostly figures and their several stations. Much they saw how far they went in many places they visited but always with a happy and the spirit stood beside six beds and they were cheerful. On foreign lands and they were close at home by poverty and it was rich. In Armstrong's hospital in jail where vain man in his little grief authority had not made fast the door and bars this year now. The spirit left his blessing. It was a long night if it was only a night. And it was strange too that while Scrooge remained unaltered in his outward form. The ghost grew older. Clearly Poulter. My life upon this flu is scary greens Indonesian. It ends tonight to whom I meet tonight to midnight hour. Our heart. Analyst yeah. Oh no no not yet not yet. There are still more things you wish to do IMEs. You'll learn from still another excuse me. Still another spirit and niece. Still listed as these. It's. Scrooge look the bottom for the ghost isn't finished. And he found himself once more in his bed in his dressing down in his nightcap on his hand. He heard the clock strike and then. He remembered the prediction of old Jacob Marley. And lifting up his eyes. Be held the third spare it. A solemn phantom. Shrouded in black. Draped in hooded coming towards him slowly. And silently. Like a missed along the ground. I know you you know you are the ghost of Christmas yet to come. You're shall we the shadows of things that have not happened but it will happen in the time before us. Answer me spirit most of the future. I fear you more than any Specter right semen in I know your purpose is to do only good. And as I hope to live to be another man from what I was really dawn raid on the lights waning fashion. And trying most precious. Spirit to Hawaii. Why if you brought me here again here to Bob proctor told. But it's not to sing what. Why he's so quiet. So very quiet here. Mother. Mother please. Home ice and also a tips. On mother tear you mustn't it's almost time for fun to be home dome and secret US. Guess who he's late tonight. He walks over than he used to. And hit I've known him to look very consistent even with tiny to punish so if I'm out there. But he was like to carry his father left him so that it was no trouble. Notre. The pump. Good evening here. I certainly hope yes and I'm sorry my gear and I went to the church are today. I wish you could go wrong with me would have done your heart good to see how sweetened greener place it is. Josie and often I promised him yes I promised tiny Tim would want fairness Sunday fire tear. It's it's really I'm just trying to understand it my dear. My son my little son tiny Tim and I left him so. Thanks cruel. Cruel. Spirit. And you give me one ray of hope that I may change or about that tiny Tim may live. Where you've taking me now it's. Here on the common street spirit but what is there for me to learn here who are those man who. I don't know much about it either way and only knew he can't win Diddy daddy. Last night I believe it's likely to be a very cheap funeral. For upon my life I don't know anybody to go to suppose we went to the party volunteers. I don't mind coordinate for lunches provided. Given how I wish his best friend who used to not really generated when we met industry. Spirit to tell me who is this man that guy eat. Is that no one to mourn the poor creature and no one to follow him to the grave perhaps they'll give them a green grave at least like. Poor tiny Tim perhaps. Spirits. Where are we now almost April have a much. Church yards all for rotten by grass and weeds. Choked with too much burying. So that only crumbling gravestone. Spinach. Before I draw nearer to that grave stone. And some one question. Are these shadows of things that we all deal or they shadows of things that. He'd be only home with them. You not speak to me spirit what is that grave Georgia important. Now I see it. There's writing on that stone. The name on the gravestone is. Ebenezer Scrooge. Ebenezer. Scrooge. But no no spirit no I don't know narrow ordinarily I'm not from and I was why he's shown me this if I am past all hope. Tell me that I can change these dread foreshadowed you show me by an altered life. Oh on a Christmas in my heart's well I don't try to keep a hold dear. I live in the past the present and the future of and I'll not shy about the lessons that they teach tell me spiritual go on tell me tell me that I can sponge away the right thing all Matt Stone spare time reading your spirit. Hi Daniel. Student. Could use a piece. I promise on my knees. And cite problems. What speaks. My own dream. Come home and home in my own band in my home. All of the sudden. The sun shining it's coming it's Bryant and fall under. What a beautiful day old glorious. Glorious. I boy all the. So our school wants to tell me what that's what Denny easy to my (%expletive) fat who did today. Lights stay at the Christmas Day that I haven't missed it whose spirits have done it all in what might all but one might have let me praised house that's. Leeson might land you lower the poultry is seen in the next street touched the half an intelligent boy a remarkable boy now tell me you more peaceful that. Primates Turkey that was hanging in the wind no one as big as me. If you don't like football and. It's a pleasure to talk TSX. And taking no sir. Won't add a wonderful cool down with you and tell them to send it to Bob Christian and his family on broad street. And mine too that not to know who pay for. Our goal on her I heard my dad yeah we're committed he has something free travel so some of the show. I'm very encouraged to register your hard Boyd a. Oh I don't know what to dorm is slow because of Federer has had mayors and Angel vitamins and a schoolboy. Chris and with this but. I'm married her is laughter everybody up three million. Era drama warm. Yeah. You hit him and we. And got behind the it's. Our team. Didn't. And then. Meanwhile I live my brother of the head. In the and I. I need. Dear sir how do you do I beg your pardon we don't use our aren't Cuban gentleman who came into my office in regard to that charity YUS senator Merry Christmas TO. Yes there are we to ask you pardon sir and when you have the goodness to accept. I prefer to wish for in this. Keep supply. Sought the lord bless me my dear mr. Scrooge are you serious. If you priest known not a penny less than. Agree too many back payments are included in it I assure you we're we're doing that thing well my dear sir I don't know what to say to such you know. Don't say anything police. Would seem would you put common seeming Hollywood film I will indeed. Kate are a much obliged to I think you fifty times. She yeah Christmas. And he on the iron and big and. Yeah I. Mean. Next morning Scrooge was early in his office he went early for a reason. If you could only be their first and catch Bob Kraft it coming late that was the thing he'd set his heart upon. And he did it yes he did the clock struck nine know Bob a quarter past no Bob. Screwed sat with his door wide open than you might see him come in. At last he came his hat was off before he opened the door is comforter to he was on his stolen and jiffy driving away with this pen is. If you were trying to overtake 9 o'clock. Christine and 216 and carry the 124 and carried it to 31 and beaten nine. You'll credit yes sir it's credited to caprice. Urgent. You mean by coming and at this time of day light and very sorry sir I'm behind my time you lie yes. Yes I think you are oh it's only once a year mr. Scrooge. It should not be repeated that I was making rather marry yesterday sir I'm Ted do you watch my friend. I'm not stand this sort of thing any longer and therefore Bob prejudge. I in the ball to raise your salary. Mr. Scrooge. Are you quite yourself certain. Opened up all right Kevin I'm not quite mark a step oak. Every Christmas Bob Merry Christmas my good fellow a Merry Christmas than I'd give anyone any idea I shall raise your salary and we'll see what we can do for tiny Tim and the rest of your family. We're discussion hysteria after over Christmas bullet smoking dish it. I'll break up the fire may get compound and my mother coal scuttle before you drop another I Bob. Cracked chipped. Then days they're listening. Engines are better smarter he did it wrong and infinitely more. Tiny Tim who did not die he was a second father. He became as good a friend as good a master and as good a man is the good old city knew or any other good old city town or Borough in the good old world. Some people laugh to CB alteration in him but he's let them laugh and little heated them. His own heart laughed and that was quite enough for him. He had no further occasion with spirits but lived upon the total abstinence principle ever afterwards. And it was always said of him that he knew how to keep Christmas well. May that be true we send of us. Of all of us. And so as tiny Tim observed. God bless us. Every one. And the but okay. It's. Stephen Flynn whose name moon. Noon. And law. I need the school. Cool. And alone and I. And. It's. I. It's. Game. Mean. And there. I. I. To me and. The. It's. Okay. Okay it's. Hands. Yeah. Game. Night. It's. You've been listening to the language and players presentation of Charles dickens' a Christmas Carol. You run the tribe of Indians of Florida. The latest employers are rubs me Denis Collins and Brian Shaw island chassis and choose and why it's just Martin Cuba. Gale Gordon Danny Miller and Joseph Johnson. Guerrero Terrell Leo oh see she looked great Jennifer Cody and Dave Korean Scrooge. Special thanks to the kids coffee and DeVore Roberts. Change wise and choose twice as tiny tip. Let derby starter was sung by gender over race sound design and music composed and performed by americorps. A Christmas Carol was directed by day's scoring. I'm Rick show wishing you would viewers the Marius to Christmas is the happiest of holidays. That peaceful and prosperous new. Goodnight. And god bless us everyone. Sustained scoring thanks for listening tonight if you've enjoyed the latest employers presentation of Christmas Carol. You can hear again on demand and downloaded to your computer anytime and it's like Miami dot com keyword Christmas. Good night and Merry Christmas from 101 point five. Might FM. Moon again. The T Boone. In the scheme in. The fan thing and and two. And now. That's. Two weeks he's. The king but. They're. And then sold to. And just mind. And wounds. As early teen. Yeah. Tune in season. Okay. Well yeah. Saying. I. To this time. I need and I see. Truly loves. This. He. To this. I. I. So saying. Okay. Until this time. Asks me. Names and people and. I. Two men. They see. Didn't know. If we move us. This will be. It's. In this. I. Turnkey.