Carrying The Mental Load

Tuesday, October 10th

Even now, women are still carrying the bulk of household responsibilities - cleaning, cooking, organizing appointments, etc. It's creating quite the mental load


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The amount. And maybe take this car you. Then download I love that it's really panic cooling you think about it or kind of sad. We are the managers of the house. I know you're like just I know that thank you I'm not the heat she she know what you vote strain it is well on you. Is actually doing everything but managing everything staying on top of everything. Of what needs to be done what's my appointments where the kids need to beat my least favorite. When I hear where unions mean do you. Really great really so if you were living by yourself you would noted do laundry. You have to be App Store or put dishes in a dishwasher. Or maybe is it that you presume that I would really like doing it not only for myself but for you as well it comes along. Apparently. The hammer relationships where men don't do the equal share the housework. Does it demand and that being divorced more often than not what one would win and move Whitman. There housework time goes up while men's go down regardless. Of their employment status is just kinda all our business. Don't want to be in the business now nor do IBC something that's thirty pick it up. I don't wanna have to tell you to do it you're grown up till. That's why I call BS on having to be asked but that's even the mental load of it I mean that's the physical load of it. But keeping track of all the appointments where people are supposed to be when there's boasted the all of that stuff. We also are taking all of that in so we are managing all of everybody else's business not on top of doing all of the stuff so it's like our jobs go up 75%. Just in the mental load of maintaining all of this Emmental tidy you can talk to your partner factory in these mental loads and varied this is on you you are taking care of getting all this kid's lunches together and I'll make sure that they get to all their doctors' appointments kind of thing just very in my house he cooks. I clean and he does take care of the whole kitchen of cleaning this is a doing the dishes of wiping everything down yeah that kitchen is his domain. Does a lot of the grocery shopping too so. There we do have a pretty good to break up of stuff but you know there are times where you know he says to me you know all we do on this week and we did to get on top of that. We got a magnate dry erase calendar on the bridge and elk I don't know look at the calendar and you tell me. I'm not I'm not holding all this stuff in my brain I can't Dell at and you don't wanna be everybody's mom right you're part or your not myself and I know someone here as having that very experience right now where worked in the whole her whole life with the kids. And now they're both retired. Yet one of them isn't hunt. Winning comes news that cooking and the cleaning an idea right there I guess there's a whole different than life changes happen here and it's worked a whole late for all these years right now they're kind of going wait a minute this isn't working he's. He's saying its work and at that point hire somebody new it. But on the influential are rank and something that I've had to learn to just be grateful when he doesn't because you know you go at least the last thing he whines. Is them to feel like they can't win anyway no matter what even when they're trying you know that men really legal line of boom you know encouragement and positive reinforcement inside so hunch I had my notes learn. T just be grateful and bite my Tonga you know it is really Matt there was a story reg years ago this ladies to get so mad because her husband would do the dishes every night. And he would never clean up the trap in the sink the drainage. Would just lose her mind about and finally she thought. I am totally not. Focusing on the right think he's done all the dishes all these left for me to do is empty bit trapped in the sink in now so I think when it's somebody that you love this is your partner in life. On. Dodd. Well as long as they would switch in reverse I and I hear all the stuff about guys being oldest encouragement. There. Not I don't necessarily need it but it MIA I'd like everything is due to women ever to bank week or less that we're used to not right and that is part of this whole thing video just as it's just assumed that in this you get hit with somebody it's just assume that now she's going to takeover. She is the the manager about everything in them Yahoo! now so yeah your right you we do have to meet both ways. Do you. Again. And I know what she said there. Did they. Not a done against. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. My Miami dot com.