Cake & Nutrition / Abandoned Pet Rescue

Sunday, October 22nd

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Talk Show Host Nancy Siler about National Cake Decorating Month and Nutritional Expert Stuart Tomc about how to enjoy treats this time of year and still keep a healthy lifestyle. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Larry Wallenstein, Volunteer Marketing Committee Chair and Susie Hansen, Shelter Director, for Abandoned Pet Rescue, about their upcoming fundraisers, as well as the critical need for volunteers and donations. 

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one of one point five flight SNW. A YS HD one million WLY yes Miami Denver. Owns the world springs. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent. You can guess joining us Nancy Siler who will be talking about taking during the holiday season and you're tall he's gonna be talking about how we can counteract all these suite that will be eating. And still maintain our diets are healthy lifestyles first me and. The posted the PBS series they decorate celebrate in suits your gears up for Halloween and helps celebrate October as national bake and decorate a month how are you doing this morning the NC. Sign in planning what my next baked items going to be because they do love to bake I do love to cook and I do love to eat so that this is right up my Alley. Amy and your preach in an inquiry here are simple. And scrape plaque and the kick off to the holiday season you know so you're ready to get into the spirit of the holidays what do you do to start. I plan ahead because I want to make sure that my time is efficiently used it. And that I have a variety of things good that depend on whether I'm doing is small family gatherings are from doing a big party. Or if I'm doing them baking just because and it wilted under researcher recently to show that people are Bates scheme just because you know we used to think people turn their ovens softer in the summer well they don't. I think to do bake a little bit more during the fall but you know people are writing in the air you know and I think it's because it gives them that in action it's fun. And it's very nice to be able to move. You know give your family and friends something that you made it kind of like a piece of yourself. Well and it feels like a whole world is kind of in need for some comfort food. So soon baking knighted and popular this year can it is a way to bring people together and of course to feel. Comforted. I'm like Halloween just like this summer everything has trends and your baking in the summer with a lot about women and fruit and light. What should we be looking for this fall especially Halloween as far as popular baking trends. Well probably the number one baking trend that I'm paying for Halloween. Is a three dimensional. And Weldon has made it three dimensional with a skeleton can we have a pumpkin pan and we had. That Wiener did last year at golf pants so that way it looks very realistic you can make it fun and lively and gory if you want to. Or you can just leave it fairly plain and it basically speak for itself. I don't look it's really a trend but the second thing in individual treats especially Halloween because that makes it easier to serve you don't have to have someone stopping to cut it takes. So things like cut cakes and brownies and right near a tree that cupcakes cupcake cup cakes are still just really hot. And you know there's a little bit of a different twist with them now the time of the year you know you can get your flavor profiles. In line with auto and you know what he's doing the traditional apple leader then pumped and or you know you're get all more edgy in and adding them I don't need things to it and make it a little bit different. So that's the trend and then another. Trend for Halloween it could have. Gory now it can be too gory because howling follow up on Wednesday. That the emphasis is going to be more on two hands and kids' activities and partied. I think he adults are still gonna celebrate the weekend before. But it's not going to be as much as if you haven't Saturday Halloween. And then from an FR and we found that nearly two point six billion people are going to be addressing happen Halloween and coming back from the dead it probably the trendy at cost and they you can also see that replicated in your food such you know you can have the empire and skeletons than ghosts and monsters and you know all things creepy that kind of fun creepy because again it's going to be a kids' activity. As far as Halloween party mini U idea is you said cupcakes they're still very hot this year and lots of different shapes baking pans what are some party menu ideas maybe some recipes you might share with us that you would use for your Halloween party this year. Well what you think that like to do it haven't centerpiece. So that I you know you can you flowers or you know something else for better piece but. Again because The Hague I like to have a staying in to whether it you know putting kids like. On top of each other you know I graduated I did or if it's actually a cupcake game in that hole with a cupcake and doing them very colorful. You don't like neon green and simple right aren't you know your traditional pumpkin you want something a little bit edgy here you can also do you. The graveyard scene they're taking I can talk English cookies and putting him in the food processors and making them a dirt from the grave. You know you think that he could use the golf pant and make a bomb the door. You know just and eerie little skeleton as you're never peace but then you also use didn't pick up after the cupcake and I read about the Kentucky Kentucky you can put him in gift boxes and that can be a treat. To take home. Yes speaking of treats they can't even think the take to parties do you recommend bringing hosts gifts and cards some of these baking ideas good hosts guests to bring our or maybe when you go a different route. Well I think it depends on the person now people that know me when I say hey come into the health. And they what would you like me to bring I will always say nothing because they usually can I have my menu bar planned I'd love to be in the kitchen and I love debate I don't find him anything happen very daunting you know I dinner party per I think the largest I had in my home without help with thirty feet thick. It well maybe not everybody quite is a great theater that he is I am you know if you happen. Somebody that you're taking something to and you asked them and they tell you that you can bring something you know that this means that you know there you're helping them out. But never but he kind of want that though you know maybe you don't have to you don't something else that's kinda catchy this year is you can do. Like little golf K could you can do them all many coffin brownies. You can do it sounds graveyard but key. And you can take Eric is more is that maybe something in a smaller serving side that that family could have after the party. Maybe it's not a huge party in in any you can take something small like that. I recommend making Halloween party scene and out is it food in general are there some decorating tips that you could share. I think it's all about food. Obviously you're gonna want your help to be. Looking effective you know whether you're putting your purple and your aren't in your neon green and actually we're on the inter pointed at an accident collar for Halloween. It's not just your traditional we've got to do something an orange and black so you know I think a few decorations around I think people really warm up. To the food aspect of it and the beverage aspect evident everything that you can do that that's an adult party. Tickets party gears hiking tell. You can pipe figures on the inside of the collapse before you put the average and it's excited here's some of the glass and it looked like one of those claimed that actually edible clink and you can customize that because you could put people put so writing of colors and so that's something a little bit different another thing you could do it rim glass with colored sugars. If she wanted to make it a little bit more adult tissue could also put it maybe them. I need these things then there you know maybe a tiny bit of fight by their cayenne pepper or even cracked pepper. In which you're you're normally get with colored sugars say you know what remain your glad that's another way to kind of make the party and now. And you know what it sounds like these are all things you can do with fewer kids our parents encouraging their children into baking decorating and if they're not what kind of tips did you give in to start the process. Well it kids baking and decorating report and we found that two years than younger parent can keep track percent of the parents were working with your children extreme fictional 64% worst you can involve your kids that I remember. I started baking with my kid my youngest was two I have to tell you the first time. And I let him get the the flower wasn't that probably keep. I'm fine and no matter I don't. But yeah I want my kid to this day remember that and we only did. Stuck sugar cookie doubt so what you can do it this year kind of short on time needs to take your refrigerated dough and I don't. Little bit more flour you know like a half cup if you wanna use it for roll out you could add them I think color to it and then they can help cut shaped out you know obviously you're working with the other and you have to be a little bit more careful with the with the younger kids. But if you have kids like 234. Years old they can have a wrinkle to that into the top of the cookies they can and sprinkle the top of a cupcake he knew what. You've described how good they can do with I think a cupcake they can use to key in these you know like dumb dropped her. You know flattened the happy or. Even topics covered so he indeed to. Decorated cupcakes if you expect slot I just so there's a lot of things that you can do with kid it's fun it gives them life skills and you want you remember it. Absolutely you might not be able to use them for help if you are planning a big party this year but it it is fun to at least get some of the treats together like we said that might be acute post skip if you are going somewhere. I'm big you are trying to party. You should start preparing the food and baking kind of ahead of time how do you lay out your menu and timing it's all be done. Well I usually figure out what I'm gonna hand and then things like that had been cut out cookies I can make those ahead maybe I might decorate them in apple. A date for two days before but I can bake cookies put him in a sealed container to commend the freezer. My cupcake economics of bacon had I don't like to do that as much as I do my cookies she dared to ask them do you beverages category while there is a mold where you can make a chocolate rat. You can make dumb white chocolate skull. I would make those ahead and put them into the open container just to keep them now I need to do listen to arrange illegal on the day of the party so you know those are some of the things that you can do. Brownie I do like to do closer to calm. The actual. Party. If I'm not gonna jump close to the actual party don't wanna freed them now I them closer to the party and I usually will do a little bit more acuity. Brownie but again he'd gotten you know wrap them up and in and sealed container or really tight with oil because I don't like to use the traction. Yeah if you do your cookie thing you're doing something not like I have rolled out sugar cookie gets you're doing a chocolate chip or something along that line. And then we can't do it back pop them in the oven for a couple of minutes right the war. You know again start arriving to kind of perked them up and give them a little bit more fashion so there's some secret like that that she can do those that. People don't realize you've got some of that yet another thing if you're gonna do. Get into things and chocolate you can get whose famous cookies and chocolate and put some color sprinkle sugar on top he can get your pretzels ahead of time. Ended equipment sealed containers so basically when you get to your actual party. You're just assembling. We'll look sealed containers to EU's I mean I freeze things often but if killing different foods and different rules for freezing right so do you put everything in Tupperware or do you rapid as tight as you can and aluminum foil lien would you prefer to do. I prefer to put it in a sealed container. You know whether it Tupperware locked in locker something like that I don't you know really wanna get into the brand but you know I do you prefer that if I have a hate that around the freezing maybe I'm doing now layers of my cake. I had a time. I will wrap. Those in plastic wrap wrap those and oil really tightly packed double toilets what I do it I cake layers because you obviously don't have that many containers that are going to lend themselves to you can't take players depending on the size of the cake layered that you had. That's a really good temple as is he putting the cookies back in the oven when you do something like that is do you plan to not cook your cookies all the way through or does it really not matter. I wanna make sure that they're not overdone you have sent people won't take them to their kind of Browning around the outside I do not go that far and that leaves me a little bit of X. Extra leeway to pop them back him. You'd be surprised it kind of you know. Perk up that chocolate in critical but Matt and people really don't even know he may have done is take weeks to Kenya and the preacher. You know that's it isn't it really creates yet. So wait and aside from aside from that tip what is the best baking tip to tip the U give most often the people. You don't have to do everything from scratch you know when we did the well and up celebration report we found that about a third of the people beg from scratch in about a a third of the people doctor up recipes. You know I have Chocolat Kate and I used double the food and I hadn't cinnamon Nutmeg and ginger to it and people don't. Realize that it starts with a cake mix. I also I'm gonna have to get what I'll do is put some sprinkled. What happens any couple that into the batter about a third to have to cut depending how much color explosion I want when they cut that cake people don't realize that the cake mix. I'm thinking what now why mention the refrigeration or could he get. I don't particularly liked the flavor they're treating sicker content coming to scratch girl. But I'm really short on time I want you to refrigerated cookie death. I'll add about a half cup of flour and I had some very finely chopped. Nuts and sometimes I'll add a little bit extra but now locked and you wouldn't even know that it. Is based on a refrigerated sugar cookies and I can be a cheater I can be and scratch baker. But I can't I learn to be at two years so that people don't really realize I'm speaking. Keating. It's not seating now it's being smarter. Consistency doing I mean isn't that one of the ways baking and decorating is different today than it was generations ago is being able to cheat like that. So there's a lot more product out on the market that are good quality pitch you can use I think we had the basic you know wild back in and now they've been refined so. The availability for people who bear I didn't think it is a lot of people are serving as that a third people still want to bake from scratch and you know what I'm not opposed to baking from scratch I love it I have some you know my older recipes that got a red velvet cake. To die for. You know. I think there's nothing wrong with Jeanette but a peer short on time you can still enjoy the baking experience you can still share with your family and friends you can still do the decorating may be wanna put more focus on decorating than you do on the baking but you still wanting to. The taste good can you wanna be proud of them when you serve them in others everything that you can't take shark that. Everything he can do it if you what did you from scratch you can pre measure argue drying greens premiere here are your wedding greens and then just put them together when you're actually making your case. All these tips you've given us which are all amazing most of this so revolving door and getting us ready for the holiday season what do you find the most successful tip is for having a good treat making experience this season. Going with the flow. Because you also when you're getting ready to decorator when you're baking him maybe you have we're here to take in turn out for what. Ever read and you know maybe somebody gave you their recipe in and they left an ingredient now you know if that failed. Turn it into a trifle. You know what if your cookies don't really work problem up and make it on you know put it on top is that it a cobbler with these good hand eye filling that. And yeah he batted almond extract to understand them like that don't sweat it the other thing anti GOP pictures. In magazines. And books and you'll see some of these TV shows where you have absolute perfect. Affection remember your family isn't that holds your Bates treat. To an image in a magazine in the agency I think and see a line in your ID when he's actually I this cupcake. You know what they're gonna go well. Now you eat cupcakes Peter really can't. I keep thinking thank you. So I ask you with most popular baking question you're asked is there any other common questions that you are asked. I say I can't ask what is responded because on that has really gotten hot it used to be get in wedding cakes in Europe and then it goes wedding cake here. And now people are using common for every day cake and it's just. Like modeling clay isn't I think that you can roll out like hide or could you go. And it very pliable. I love it because I would advocate I would love to play with modeling clay you can make roses out of it you can. It just user cookie cutters and cut out and put that on top of the cake or cupcake car. Petty force that is a lot of versatility and on it to people easily wanna know more about it. Nancy another question I wanted to ask you have to do with pumpkins because they're part of Halloween do you have any tips on how to pick pumpkins or even things that you can do with them. Decorating lies or making wise this season. I just think it looking for one has the personality that you know my record that you you know some people like to get different shapes and I think it's a longer ones maybe the shorter supply lines. You know to have a combination on the front porch and it depends on if you're gonna use that as a centerpiece and your health and you know how large table and what else you're gonna put on there. You know that size could make a difference depending on where you gonna put it. Yeah one of the things you do after you clean the punt gad is start making pumpkin seeds do you have a favorite pumpkin seed recipe that you share with us. I'm just plain I know some people would maybe put some cayenne pepper on it some people like with some cinnamon and sugar aren't mind just explain. If you do anything on its do you do that before eighteen did you seize it once you're done. Do it either way ticket well if you do afterwards. Yes you put it on before you don't even have some moisture therefore to it here but I think until both play. Now is there anything else he could do with the innards of the pumpkin any baking things you can do with it or is that not at pebble. If you're talking about the stringing saying I. You know I don't think most people really like get most of its gonna go away when you actually fake your pumpkin seed that they actually never eat that for anything else. And I'd also some people like to use fresh pumpkin for some other recipes there is a much higher moisture content that you might have to make some adaptation increasing pressure pumping in your recipes. Where can people go to learn more about your baking techniques. Well we have a web site Wilton Debbie I LT ON dot com welcome dot com we have a TV show bake and decorate to celebrate with some public television they'll bake and decorate celebrate dot com. And then you know if you really wanna learn some more decorating you can take a Wilton message cake decorating class at one of your local retailers like Michael they're telling him. So awesome in how like you know my conversations just by asking what you think the three most important things our listeners should remember from our conversation this morning. They relax and enjoy it don't forget to take short cuts that's. And be sure you enjoy what you've done with your alien friend. Nancy such a pleasure to have you on this morning I love talking seed last year and I really like some of the tips he gave us this year since thank you so very much. Ally enjoyed it I just don't buy talent everybody India and baking and I'm eating. Thanks Nancy and now Stuart he did talk about holiday over eating all the temptations and then all the regret come the new year that he has tips on how we can avoid it are you doing this morning there. You know I've never had a bad day in my life but it's good to be back with you for this conversation because I'm putting things together. Starting to understand some of these connections with own control appetite and cravings for food it is a perfect time for us to share this with the audience. What it'll colony over eating a lot. It is done because there's like food memories and he's he treats in the where every where you know how to start to avoid those temptations and. What do you sense something scary interest thing value of paper that I was just studying this morning talks about how sweet taste perception. Is important for us to detect. Carbohydrate sources of calories so that ability. To pick how to teach something. And haven't had this. Resonant effect in terms of its. The mechanisms involved and sit tight keep an appetite and energy the tablet that's hard wired we sent memories. They're memories should probably go back way further than any of us can even conceptualize. You know I also sometimes wonder if Polly stress is to blame for how are you reading specifically I mean there's all their shopping and family even though we love them we also love to be done with them it's all said and done you know could that be a factor. It's it's fascinating again what weight you are in a place of severe stress. You will tend to eat more and eight balancing act. Or whole field basis. To keep proper blood sugar levels so that you can think more clearly so if you have this extreme bout of stress. One of the reaction is for you to eat some food destabilize everything that's going on to even think clear. So yeah those things are and be the part that we're just finally discovering. Is that the type of facts that were made out which end up. Coming up because of what we eight. Debt that will set the stage for either greater. Oral lesser. Deep driving mechanisms force society. Meaning if you've been eating a lot of us specific type of fat. That would predispose you to triggering the same risk factors site. Didn't get motivated when somebody smokes marijuana and get the munchies. We're trying chilled food in the oil used to make junk food. Directly into the same foods seeking mushy behavior that people get from smoking Canada. It was recently a study done about rats I think in like Pennsylvania university an Oreo Cookies and they had to control groups of rats that were on Oreo Cookies and the rats that were on crack cocaine. It would is harder to wean the rats off of that or you lose that was off of the crack. Which is fascinating because high levels of sugar actually affect people annually interceptors. Just like these high levels of. Feed Orioles and this is what surprises people. Corn oil toll being felt flower sunflower cotton seed oil. Those directly affect what it's called book and they have a noise interceptors. This CD one. Now this is fascinating. Remodel bands which is the FDA approved obesity fighting drug. Block that interface. Meaning it blocks interceptor site from being triggered. From the fat in your body they come from you eating too many vegetable and eagle hill. And not enough green leafy vegetables and fish. So the research that we've been doing. And nordic natural for the connection that we've been making. If you could actually shift your fat intake leading up to a abundant eating season like now. And predispose yourself to different responses. Meaning you may be able to effectively get those sit tight icky signals. Activated. So that you don't continue to eat. And then you have the right level of faxing your body so that you burn energy. As opposed to switch on for storage. This can be influenced by the fact we eat every day. It is crazy to think hey you know and I'm backed debt over eating this holiday season so we know that if we takes an Omega three and start balancing our systems now it's going to be. Real easy to. Deny some of the sensation that will be around us even the most iron willed person you're gonna sit down you're gonna eat some tasty treat this holiday season. Swapping out ingredients it's kind of a popular thing to do but sometimes wonder about the sugar swap a lot of people swap out their sugars for artificial sweeteners. What's your stance from a nutritional perspective on doing this is that good hitter does that actually work against you. You know I have one of my teachers and mentors doctor Roby Mitchell. We call him doctor Pitt. You said over and over and over is that you know when that tong detect something sweet. You can try to fool all you want but the brain chemistry just launches into what it does and it's very interesting and I and I need to. Just study that even more I'm really a stickler for the detailed but that always stuck with me. And I think switching out now there could be some argument. Against this. Really really high fructose corn syrup are really seen some very good. Academic argument that I can the other side where the people that are supporting that agenda are denying that science. I have seen combinations of high fructose corn syrup and massive Omega three deficiency. He connected to like diabetes of the brain. And that's an area where you know that kind of hard to to fight that our I would say. The more natural that the sugars are the better I feel about it personally. And I think that there's such a trend moving away from all kinds of artificial. Ways to get around. That calories and sugar. That it the brain does reacted very similar way regardless. Of the caloric intake it's just the tasted sweet causes this chain reaction. I think you should you know enjoy what it is you're eating. And the most important thing is don't eat too much of it and don't beat yourself up or eating. Well and overdoing it in general is not good everything in moderation right. Come and you really get some serious health problems from overdoing it I mean people think about the holiday season and they don't realize it's three months of well it's just the holiday season. Eating mentality. We have when you look at the whole we call this post print you'll write active stick terrible right after you each. And you had this huge flood of free fatty acids all the energy can you not taking in. Yeah eating at the same rate you're burning energy because you don't eat on a treadmill with a drip. C we all overeat. And one of the most important things about this whole balance of fast. Is that that giant blocks of three fatty acids again if you got somebody who's on the standard American diet. It is 80%. Omega six which is the average in this country 20% Omega three. Every time they overheat which is every single meal that's like a little spark. Event starts to burn a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more a little bit more we talk we talk about unresolved. All the inflammation. That can never quite get back to formula basis. I needed them they are very dangerous traffic you're gonna be overheating. One thing's for sure I don't wanna devote any wanna get out of jail free card but if you're gonna be over eating for your own vascular helped you want a lot more Omega three in U. And a lot less Omega six. As your overheating to protect you from yourself. What are your best tips on how to control your eating cravings aside for making sure you had enough Omega three in your body. Well Mike I eat it can't have wild caught fish in the morning the IE can't asserting this aura or can't above wild salmon. Every morning an apple. What I found awards. And I'm not alone in this observation there's been some very interesting work in this area too that you could start your day out with a really high. Fat. That I am I'm just choosing to use a lot of unsaturated fatty acids eat it could be even higher border or higher. Type of breakfast and I do it apple forgot some carbohydrate and its pretty low you know not drinking orange juice served post or read or anything. If you can start to date with a high fat high protein. Breakfast. That you actually set the stage for more effective this signaling we were talking about from that. At a post issue is that the kind switched elected as part of an at a connect and to many it filed all of these. Then you can set yourself up for more effective burning of energy through the rest of the day. If you start out with a really high carbohydrate breakfast which is fascinating to me they see a lot of people media big. Old news sleep or brittle and I love that but if you're eating that every single morning first thing in the morning. You don't set your body up for more effective metabolic burning later in the day. Again this is this will probably learned years from now that that would affect certain people into different different than others based on some other genetic factors. But for the most part if we do need a highly dense. Protein high fat low sugar low carbohydrate kind of breakfast. That's one of my absolute favorite tips. Another wanted some huge fan of immediate dark green leafy vegetables as we can eat. I grow personally in the backyard I would here in Chicago. We keel all the time just as much dark green leafy stuff as possible. Because what that'll do. Is that is also a Thai people will make history. That blocks. Some of the Omega sixes and the fetal old. From turning into the Iraq Madonna adapted. Which then creates the and out of mind. So you get the double benefit. Of all the vital nutrients. All the core rotten noise and antioxidant all the fiber that you chalk it up all that dark green leafy vegetable. But that type of Omega three blocks the Omega sixes that we're getting too many of. Do you get a double benefit from those things and the last part is I'm a big believer in this. Yeah I try not to ever ever told myself I really shouldn't he did. This assistant. Back to trick if you say I'm not Padilla and just a week but if you look at your credit instruments say I love this this brownie my grandmother made his loudly. I've been on this he did hardcourt Nuncio bolt gluten free diet of course you can react if different I. We're all here and I'm there with my grandmother she's made for all fashion brownie with all the loved it she never knew how to make it as she can continue. That's a brownie that Taiwanese. And then. And you will eat I would. You know I like they're about all comers Jason's just by asking what you think the three most important things our listeners should take away from our conversation this morning. Number one that'll make it three is not these silver bullet. And we should stop looking at it like it too broad I know there's an Omega three drugs there's what there's three of them. To hear America one in Japan stop thinking about Omega threes like a truck topic because once you realize that the tissue you can issue. This is the number two. Approved by the poly unsaturated actually whether to make it six or make a three maintain with the hoopla what are those highly unsaturated fat. That they'd both be anti and pro inflammatory compounds and the one to give you the munchies. So what you nix the fix an e-book to read between the third thing to remember. You mix of fiction eat that every every time you get a chance you read some more dark green leafy vegetables you we can blacks knew what you eat some fish. He say you know what I'm gonna take a pass on the French right now because of pride but because they're meeting soybean oil. If we mix the fiction eat this three after the goal. A long way for our health our vitality and I think most importantly our mental state for the new coming here. It is always a pleasure to have you on and talk things he's only. You're here in South Florida spotlights are on 101 point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil garden. We love our pets but what about the hundreds and thousands of dogs and cats who don't get fluff. It's a tough world out there for homeless dogs and cats and the people who try to care for them. With us is abandoned pet rescues volunteer marketing committee chair Larry Lowenstein an APR shelter director Susie Hanson. Thanks so much for joining us think you can thank you. Let's talk a little bit about about an integrity that people have heard that name but that may not know your history and really what you all about so Latvia from start. I ever worry we are in no kill shelter. Hopefully everybody knows that means. Unfortunately. When you have a no kill shelter you you cannot take every animal and it comes in your door because. We can we where always such capacity. So we can only take an animal in a free get an animal adopted so if you adopt an animal. And from. From an Alka-Seltzer you saved another animal when making space for another round won't be able to commend. This on an average stain probably get it twenty. People bringing in animals asking us to take them twenty people really every day every day. Since his Sosa and there's the the over population in this area is just horrendous. But the shelter itself when he is going to be 21 years old now congratulations which is outstanding and amazing. If you've been around this long millions. Which means if you start doing the math on the number of animals who have come through. We have really saved the lives of thousands and thousands and thousands but not just save their lives. But gave them a purpose gave them a family. And the people who have adopted them. Have found love for themselves as a result because of their choice with the past so that's amazing to. And that's a lovely story I mean really happy ending when somebody adopts an animal on the family's complete. It's just getting there yeah what is your biggest challenge. Our biggest challenge. Is volunteers actually. I mean I guess because and the VMware private shelters so where we get no public funding whatsoever. And we depend on volunteers up and I think almost every charity is sort of volunteers in this area I don't know if it's because. It's a more transient area than other areas of the country that. People can really do not think about volunteering. We have so many people that come and sponsor wants and or maybe twice and we never see them again. A smoke and other charities. Animal as well as as other types of charities we have different seminars and things should try to. Encourage volunteering and everybody has the same problem. In this area. Or an area South Florida I am absolutely yes what you need in terms of volunteers what are you looking for. That's the amazing part he would assume right off the top of the bat that you need somebody to walk dogs. And certain path kitty cats which is really horrible bombing who would wanna do that. But we actually have tend patients. On our web snow and of all of the opportunities. That are available to people to help this shelter keep it stores open. And it's everything from Suzie and me being here today. As spokespeople. Of talking about the shelter. To going to events. Two. Taking care of animals. Please excuse the expression. But cleaning up after the animal as we can go further but I think I thought units under him for a while we're talking about. It's doing laundry he would not believe the amount of laundry that he's done in this shelter every week. The number of additions that are washed every single week. They're not glamorous jobs this year we also need people who are willing to write grants. People who are willing to write stories about animals come our website we put stories out there every single month we need volunteers. To write those stories. It's if we don't have a staff of paid people you know who jewel all of these different things each one of these jobs. Is a volunteer. The web site itself is he is run by volunteers. When we post on FaceBook or instant Graham. The ideas. Come from volunteers. And the actual work of finding the photograph and writing the words is done by volunteers. Here's there are so many opportunities. Related to the love of animals that people can do it and you can do it in your home. You can do it behind your desk future lunch hour at work. You can do it on your cell phone them sitting in the park watching your kids play as the playground. Because of technology there are so many opportunities to do things that can benefit others. That don't require going to a special place. So if you are interested in volunteering me excuse the pitch and I'm you can learn all about it on the volunteers section of our web site abandoned pet rescue dot ORG. And two that you thought an application right on line in the com we have training classes. We have workshops we have individuals who will work with few you can join comedian come and learn that. There's so many opportunities. Now in terms of volunteers. Viewed. Except. High schoolers they can do hours yes we do. If they are under sixteen. We asked that a parent or guardian is with some at all times and and I'll once or sixteen they can they can be at the shelter about themselves and where she shelter located. It's a non northeast of Fort Lauderdale on northeast ninth avenue 1137. Northeast ninth avenue to be exactly witches. Just north of the old Sears town for the eighth. People who bend in Florida a long time. In the neighborhood called lake grinch talking. That's a good point yeah. How can back to make it says there's children and their ability to volunteer. So many of the kids have to earn community service hours in high school now. So as an example we have nine students who are coming to an event that we have in November calls arts and auctions for animals and those nine students. Are gonna learn for community service hours by helping us with this wonderful event. So and again they can come to events when we go to pet stories. They can come when we have a shocking events when we have we do so many different kinds of things could have been kids have the opportunity to volunteer and earn those hours and get an education. About what it's like to work with and foreign animal shelter. And I guess this would be arrogant not to be talking to have been a pet rescue since it is adopt a shelter dog month. Absolutely so where is the push that you've been doing this month. Well there is. Every month is an adopt an animal that's from an ultramodern. In our book and I am glad today we have left for events coming up just in the next couple of days. I'm on Tuesday. Hum from five to 8 PM. At a place called the modern wine lounge. Next to the gateway movie theater where having a gathering come have a glass of wine meet radio personality. Kenny walker and I'm downwards is going to be there to have a lovely social events. And a portion of your participation. And goes to the shelter. Then on the 26 which is Thursday. And there is a lovely ladies ready to Wear shop. Called Chaman Laughlin I'm lost souls boulevard and from three to seven that day. Com we'll have dogs and cats there for you to meet Arafat and the ladies can come in and shop for the gentlemen can comment. Buy things for their ladies and they donate to us some portion of every single sale. Snow is one day we have a cocktail the next day we have shop and then on Saturday. Very convenient very convenient place is this after work. Yeah on Saturday the 28. Mom orchard supply hardware on north federal highway. Just south of Oakland park boulevard there are new and our community they're celebrating their first anniversary. From 10 in the morning until one in the afternoon the kids can common trick or treat there's going to be food that we're going to have dogs and cats there consider deductible for them to meet. I'm gonna have a lot of other fun things that are going on there and then all of this month this is actually happening nationally. These Subaru automobile manufacturers. It's called Subaru loves pets. I'm in October. Very. In every one of the dealerships including Joey Carty. No federal highway in Pompano Beach they have this great setup and come have your picture taken. You can get free gifts from them and they will provide in our case to abandon pet rescue. I'm a guest. It's to the owner of a newly adopted animals and all kinds of other goodies and then you can come and donate. Cat food dog food blankets pillows whatever items you know may be of interest of the shelters to news. So they do that the entire month of October and that will culminate for us. On Sunday the 29 from noon to three when we have a Subaru las pet adoption event for abandoned pet rescue again we'll have our donny's and Tim he's there will be there to meet all of view and you know just try and find forever homes for these great animals. Well there'll be plenty of choices there for people to do this coming week so hopefully you'll take advantage of all those fun things to do them. OK so out. Let's talk about the difference in rescue groups in shelters Miami Dade and Broward animal controls are both publicly funded. Do you are not right so how old. Are you. Getting those stops well. We get the dollars are a variety of on a massive swung his fundraising. Probably. 25% of our budget comes from from from fundraisers that we are volunteers. Produce over the course of the year. This year we've had a good Goodyear for a grand sweep. Cotton about the same amount a percentage wise. For of cramps too hard to help burn the shelter or. I'm specifically do projects that are needed. Tom than and there are people who just send a donation you know perhaps they. Are celebrating. A birthday and don't wish I have gifts and they ask. They asked their family and friends to instead donate to us I'm certain people. Doom really nice things we had a young lady not too long and on July. Who told all her friends on FaceBook that she. Didn't want her birthday present this year she one of them to donate to arson and that was very nice she had over thirty friends. Joni on FaceBook yeah see yes it was very nice innocent and people just sometimes a wedding that second wedding or. Or or. Even even further. And you don't know and you know items in the dollars and minister you know I have and and they asked for and move a presence please donate to. A charity Newton and we happen to be named in some of those. Then actually. A big source of our support. It is people who remember us and there will also. That's and that's a very big problem. A pretty important for us in our and our budgets. Well some already do that do you have I have two on your web site. Actually Larry testing incidents because he's our web now. Stared at. The end of my volunteer jobs if I'm actually we do not and that's a brilliant idea. On that he's really very simple. Maul someone needs to do is to speak with the attorney who handles their estate planning. And to incorporate. You know whatever the amount of money your portion of money and the estate they wish. To donate to abandoned pet rescue we are a legally chartered 501 C three and city. So you know it's all perfectly. Legal to do. And you've given me a new idea for something to write in ballots. I know how to do it because we don't have an article coming up in November and then just a couple of days hum about the fact that you should consider donating now I need to add to bats and get one of those volunteer writers to tell us the best way to do it and go talk to and the state attorney before that gets published in November oh yeah. Yeah yeah. Another one I wanted to mention about the donations is would Susan was talking about the birthday this in the wedding that there's a young man by the name of that sure who's going to be thirteen years old coming up in December I. It's having empowerment stuff. And his family. Called and said Asher doesn't want presents so I'm very impressed with this young man already without ever and it. Having ever met him and I and instead he wants people to donate to eight PR. So. If you're listening today and you know Asher or you don't. It's taken minutes. Donated dollar five dollars whenever you're capable of doing in the pressures behalf and you can find that on the website cause this is. An amazing young man who's really got a lot to work to be thankful. And what a thrill he will see when that mound goes out and he'll know that he has made such a big difference. Fairy crawl so there are very many different ways to get to benefit rescue him up now in terms of the group itself. On then are you competing with edit every other shelter for dollars does that include the humiliation. Societies as well yes the humane society is not government funded either so we are competing with humane society toughened and and it is tough they're getting the same animals like you are. Well there they are now. Aunt and uncle shelters so it is current different yeah. That's diamond dollars come. You know through the same pipelines. To all of these different organizations. Everyone's heart is good. It's a matter of resources. It's a matter of focus. And it's a matter of ethics because. You like in any charitable organization. Don't wanna see any substantial portion of the collection and used for anything except the primary goal. So in our case you don't ever wanna see us spending money on a party. Or going on a private airplane god forbid he goes somewhere. You know the idea is simple to keep the shelter are running and functioning. To keep the shelter growing if that's at all possible. And to make sure that every animal that comes through our door that we are able to accept is cared for till the very best of our ability until we can send them to their forever. Or maybe just joined us. We're speaking with abandoned pet rescue there in Fort Lauderdale we have Larry wants to volunteer marketing committee chair. And Susie Hanson APR shelter director. So if you. Would say what is the one thing that you really need for your shelter. Over casinos. Canned cat food we need every day. Yeah I never have enough skin cancer and on the simple unless a very simplistic. Level. We have 250 cats in the shelter when I'm and a and how many ASEAN we have about 45. And then we have a few in Foster. I was gonna say is of someone comes in the door and they have an animal he say I really can't take this and can you Foster to we find it a homer had a it depends on whether we have space on our Foster home to you know because again if we get one adopted from Foster home then there are willing to take another. But it fits the space is so crucial Arden Group really people need to think. Seriously about spaying and neutering. Every anomaly could possibly get their hands on and in Broward County. I think it's our best kept secret here in Broward County that we have had free spaying and neutering sponsored by. Our county government. For over a year. And I don't think most people are aware of that I have an. For you out of Miami Dade there there's respect that I had heard about brewing there they have a voucher program you can go to Broward. Dot org slash animal partners takes you to the animal care pages. And go into this program you confront out of voucher. Either for your own own patent. Or for a what is called the community capital which used to be what federal cuts for call for and you can get it. A free spay or neuter. On an and it includes any armed. Rabies vaccine for the community Katz a kind and aid license tag for the owned pets. You get on that firfer firfer in for free that's amazing it is and most people don't know about it. As a wonderful program but they have not done a good job I'm no publicity on it off now. And the shelter community and that includes people who just rescue there's a wonderful. Concept called T and our. Trap neuter and release. We have more cats than dogs that are. You know just loosen our society. And we're never gonna find homes for all of them. But we want them to survive to the best of their ability and the best way they can survive is not to get pregnant. And there's only one way around that and that's to use these free spaying and neutering programs. And then when they do it they clicked the year. And that way you'll know you have to grab I don't have to ground yeah. And these are we had a problem literally go out constantly day in and day out simply of their love for animals. You catch them. Take good care of them make sure they are properly. Taken care of in this surgical procedure and then returned back to you know to the world. And it's amazing program. At the station and they are you doing rehab. Less soda quite a few cats and and gotten a neutered and the release of course it adopted quite a few I've adopted my share. I think cats claim you more than you could yeah. Like I did have one cat claiming in my house and I tried to take him because her she wasn't getting along with the rest of my group. Two a group or rescue group and they said we don't have any room you'll have to Fossett the cat took an adopted on a night. If I spend anymore time but this cat she's going to be and I asked what happened and not yeah that's given the terrible. Yeah but it has three dogs of bird now. Alone but that there is is saying I'm in casting and they do claiming this is that if you can do this TNR. We encourage people who commanded the shelter to sit down and our campgrounds 'cause our camps are not in cages. Except for the kittens. So we have late. Seven or eight different chat rooms you just can go and sit down like that kept picky well yes that's already. Yes I got my two things I sat on the floor they came in love Don mini me. For over a year and a half now and I and its incidence of that time of year I should bring up the subject cause their black paths here. Halloween is coming. And it will tell you right now that we do not adopt black cats at this time of year. Because unfortunately. So many people's intentions are bad. So you have to come see us on the first of November. He's not a black. I'm and is not my hat please keep him indoors there's nothing. More love me. That a black can't take us sometimes. Vanished almost got to do I do my tune. Let us I also claims may was another cat it was in the neighborhood and this cat and I hit it in financial later. Had actually tried several homeowners and they are all a little while and no. And let's not I didn't know until I brought a minute that he rented a house for a little while. Yeah yeah. Yeah percent of. When that are keeping him you have the biggest heart. That but that's out yes and OK so there are so many ways to help I think that rescue we've determined there's many waist again there's many ways to volunteer. Now do we want to talk about. I notice a euthanasia. Jesse coming out yes there is on the 26. October and I'm in Davie at FAU. There is a key for euthanasia debate. Between. The director of the humane society. And candy cola who com has his own rescue group and is extremely active. In the TNR pearl T has. Personally. Gotten over 6000 caps. Spayed or neutered in here. Any year any year you see young man Yi is full fire and passion. And can inspire people around him and he's I'm I think he's an amazing individual. Well yes at this debate is open and apparently dissident is if you dare yes and they're sure that's a very. Emotional topic yes because that's there to 8 PM you can go to on. This web site. Hand to sign up toward if you wish them I think seeding is probably limited. But I'm sure it's going to be very interesting if I could just touch on Canada and the main. Point of this debate is that. On the last twelve months and numbers. Animals communion towards republic shared charities are not curious I'm sorry. For shelters in South Florida. Which is Palm Beach Miami Dade and Broward. Totaled 51684. Wow yes. Now out of that 516842738. Were there were cases were the owner requested euthanasia. In other words you have to assume they were very old or sick and they couldn't afford to go to a bat and so they asked to have their animal euthanized a parent. I'm. The humane society in the other hand in that same time period and took in 101613. Animals. Bands has 2505. Owner requested euthanasia us. So. He wants to know why. Only when they. 151000 only had 2700. Requests where. Humane society between 500 requests and so that doesn't it with only 101000 it's it's. It's a very skewed number. I say yes. Unless like. Well yeah we've seen reports that perhaps. People aren't understanding winner signing in the pets then it's possible that they really didn't want to be euthanized. Right. Yeah and when your when your bursts like oh we're saving 60% they don't call the owner requested euthanasia was. That's why they're trying to make that number higher. And then they can they look better and they are savory Madden well. There's no easy answer analysis now so it should be a very interest but I think analysis of fundraisers just hang on and hours just to an actual debates now. This genetic could've made this into something that I think I've. Raced through this. Three came running up and it you know we're talking about the number of euthanasia dissonant and in South Florida area. 70% of them 51000. Our caps. So there is a much large much larger right because you we really don't care about TNR programs for docs because there are not. There are many dogs on the street that are having litters. There seems to me Karen almost every street corner. There is that is because they knew better Abdul personally candidates arrived and outdoors. And the worst enemy cat actually happens is if someone who's feeding them but not getting them spayed or neutered because. With the nutrition provided by the food they're able to have three litters a year. Instead of two separate and feed the cat please please use later Leonard yes and there's there should be no excuse for in this county since it is now for. I try to get my cat neutered and she didn't have a clip dear brother and they try to hit. Our. Lips. Unfortunately you know that happened so much because people like for some reason resist that Clinton. Yeah and on. So the animal unfortunately we have probably 12 month that goes through our little Q and our program that we have the same problem with sometimes you can't. You know they'll save the stomach. You're looking for a space car but it's demonstrated very early and there is still scar and so you actually have to open panel don't plan. To find out they don't pounds. A uterus or or their race and did you actually go through write a searcher for nothing so. A little ear clip does not. On our own India does so much good it does so much so before we go is there anything else you'd like if you don't have like a couple of minutes left. Preventive tests rescue. And I just felt if you heard Susie say her biggest wish was cans of cat route because that's an important you know daily need. Tom this is say you know and the industry incidents it's a shame that it has to be that but it's an industry and when you don't get public funding. And you are unfortunate. That people are kind and gracious and give you small donations. It's good work and it's hard work but. Ma'am or sir if you are listening right now. And you are extremely affluent and you love dogs are casts. I'm the one who's here to ask for millions and millions of dollars. In one fell swoop to start a foundation. That can build an incredibly huge facility. I'm an incredibly. Large piece of lying around. That will allow animals to run free and find their forever homes. We have dozens and dozens of organizations in this community. And there are animals that still are not being taken care of and next to our children who do we love more than anything else our animals so if you happen to have the financial wherewithal. And you happen to be listening today or you know someone. Reach out to abandon pet rescue and we will work with you to reach this very very difficult but important call. So as your vision for our final groups to merge together some day and have a being parcel of land and about the animals running for your color would be wonderful I don't think it's kind of. Yeah early in life we have different opinions and our house had. I'm John King is linkages is sort of took a lot line on both sides so we don't have an extra square and surely you mean are desperately poor. You know a larger gelding thumb. We we have 300 animals would then just under 5000 square feet. If you wanna compare that to other largest private. For shelter in this county with over 181000. Square feet they have approximately. 120. Wow. A bit riskier. Larry Wallace theme CC Hansen thank you so much do you think you. Thanks a million jail. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests. And do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to do. Late SM had. Light Miami dot com. That's a light TE SNL. YTE Miami. This program was pre recorded. Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FMW a YS Miami ever finds Coral Springs.