Broward County Habitat for Humanity Marcia Berry Smith Joins Julie Guy & Tamara G.

Thursday, August 23rd

Marcia Berry Smith joins Julie Guy & Tamara G. to share the good news about 77 NEW homes being built in Broward County by Habitat for Humanity!

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But being greeted bush have you I am absolutely wonder. Ha ha ha ha and the reason why Myers CA is in studio with those is because she's with habitat for humanity haven't every mini Broward Downey. And you guys have something great coming up first. When other people think that Kristen cut to staff did hadn't meant to humanity and he has been our egregious begins fan and support but he was actually statue back in the 70s1976. By. Missed a foreigner and he's right. It on a farm corn Corina and ever since today and he did bid to and marched into two gave varying. Over a thousand countries. Throughout the throughout the words wherein menu every since single state. And we've had. Over a BNP. War. You help them with home ownership and that is we forget for those people who do own a home. That is one of the biggest. Most important. Event effect can happen in your life. And for some people almost never happen. That is so true as mission in today's worried the cost of hosting has soared to skyrocketed via skyrocketed. And incomes unfortunately are not keeping up with that I just bought a home I just moved. So I'd seen that was the first time I moved in about a decade. And but it was astronomical. He institutes. What we just found out you know and this is from some of the numbers that might see a very Smith. And habitat for our humanity Broward County gave us. More than 70% of Broward counties voted moderate income populations are paying more than 60% of their monthly income for housing. And most people will not even think that they can own a home but you guys are changing now because you have for open. Qualification and pre qualified of those about it. Oh yes we are so excited. September 5 tread line and you'll lose I love habitat Broward dot org. And UAE BE BDC are open in ruin it. This opening go to Maine is going to bring in persons. Hopefully I'll go to moderate income because that's whom he served great. David go on nine and daily show notes information concerning their income. There's status thing say have you lived in Broward for the last ten months. Have you ever owned a home before because this is first time homeowners joke and say you may go on and I and I incident grandstands. They knew Friday that steps. Actually it is an extremely it's improved process. To Aaron said information on there. We are being being 77. New homes. In pompano in the sink and community. In the just that we've ever done. And B are seeking homeowners who inquiry tried and of course this is over a period of time. But they first read are coming up out of the growing need to this year early January. And do we are looking forward to hanging families. That we qualified. Because gamespot. What habitat. Is the answer to who mourn issue for the steep. It's amazing you'll be able to have a new home for the new year. It can actually happen and the New Year's just around the corner it really is look at does dated August you know we're at an audience here. So I think it's a fantastic way for people who always dreamed of having a home to actually fulfill this three way you know habitat. Misha. Is seeking to put gods over into action by connecting people at least community. Always seeing and hope. And our vision. Is that every wine will have a safe decent affordable and placed in the so when you leave bags newest ten needs and you work which is doing enough people who work for us so we just know what we do. That's hedging to people who who really need this I need is a part of its duties and let me just be here on that. If someone standing in a three bedroom. Two bathroom. Home just. Aaron and Ryan Chad or corrupt and that Chaz and they're paying our Reeves never know Molitor brand to. Very is not a lot of needs there so they're going to have to demonstrate need as fact of the process. But it. Here's the thing we have three bedroom two bathroom homes are single family we have two stories four bedroom homes. And debasing Levine is that until it there is unknown. You do teco Jamal kids he says zero interest. Oh my gosh it can't oh era in tennis and winning the lottery he hit exactly. I when it comes up homeownership 0% interest in how unheard of so. They are accepting applications September of this through the nineteenth. Lol affordable registry mortgage payments that is habitat Broward dot org. Habitat Broward dot org and truly. They could not have picked a better person. Now do my thing it's is meant no like proper oh yeah. You my DR Lydia you're just one of the best people we now yes Marcy a very Smith from habitat for humanity Broward so again go to. Habitat Broward dot org get in on this pre qualify. Open enrollment September 15 and nineteenth. Thank you so much both of you I know view and DC for having me winner love you back or even for coming on the show.