Breast Cancer / Job Fairs

Sunday, October 29th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Mark Shackner from Broward Health, about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the importance of mammograms, self exams, second opinions, and taking charge of your own health. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Tiffany Price, JobNewsUSA General Manager, about the upcoming South Florida Mega Job Fair with 60 companies and 2500 jobs and advice on how to get noticed and hired. 

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one of one point five blade XMW. A YS HD woman WLY yeah anytime we're. Lines Coral Springs. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley yeah. Today we have two guests. Joining us first doctor mark Shatner he did talk with us about breast cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness Month this week. Self exams ladies which are very important. And also doctor Christopher Moore will be discussing the low birth weight of Haiti's first doctor mark Shatner. He is the director of the woman's wellness diagnostic center at Broward health Coral Springs medical center. He's here to talk with us about Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States breast cancer is deemed most common non skin cancer. And so it's important for all women to get timing immigrants are you doing this morning doctor Shatner. I'm doing great actually. Good how was off which is why it's so important to get a mammogram. Like. Cancer is really treatable disease. But it is important. Minded as soon as possible. Eight. That our outcome secure. The agent I'd lesions smaller earlier at a patient. What exactly is the mammogram procedure I mean are they painful. Well everybody has different sensitivity. Can't feel comfortable patients don't want to think it is painful it really should not these. And people act. You have to an area in its. I don't. There is good at it in a little time it takes me. And now I screening and diagnostic. Mammograms how exactly are those two different. Eating fast is one where we don't think a question that's a problem that those symptoms or sorry just normal. Does that people. Would be really create interest and eighth. People just kidding checks. We called their screening they know. I am. For the testing done. Yes I did not. Only noticed some sort of me. Abnormal mammogram. Had one in the past they had a history. Fresh problem. Those people that. Have been melody radio address that right now. Now if you once had an abnormal mammogram or you always going to be getting it diagnostic mammogram. LB. Are you racial screening test out the usual. Have you guys aren't yet normal. Well wait a different studies. Mammograms we have magnifying that in a minute program. It is. Actually. It. He can they really don't need it that it diagnostics. To. Excellent meetings. When does the National Cancer Institute recommends that women have screenings. Currently recommendation. At each forward. The consideration. That it in the history of breast cancer I would start ten years or. The initial diagnosis. Person. The last year there was a huge debate about that specific age set by the end CI if you agree with women needing to start at forty or do you believe that if they have the means they should be getting mammograms as soon as they can. That was really recommendation but the national interest. I maybe. Look at. And procedures. They are questioning whether. It's and it it curses cost of getting it tests every year. But it's important. And there are. Economic eight cents. Right now still patients a year after court. What are the factors that will place women at an increased risk of breast cancer he said family history. Are there any other things we should be looking for. Well certainly LB history isn't in Portland and possibly put it into the breast cancer. So badly it alone and. The other. Areas of concern or what is it. I nationality Jews have higher incidence. Abnormal. Rescue team sheet. It may have an increased risk of breast. And there are different. Well I click Haitian women may have a higher incidence and Asian. That is different is this law. So really it was history's most important or having had a cancer or some other findings. As. Recently hired by asking them. I read the younger women have a greater mortality rates in older women when it comes to breast cancer is that true and is there any reason for the. It is true. And it's terrible certainly age just take you inside. OK. Ovaries make. It may do little. Younger woman is probably it although it won't eat it a little more aggressive. Side. Other other cancers that may post a greater threat when breast cancer is found in a family member. An association between various cancer. Cancer. Associated. And to create. Cancer genes that kitchen she will. Obviously increase the risk of breast cancer. Well yes and well trained him. It's. What yet really is and I've also read that women who breast feed are less likely to develop breast cancer. Is there are also some kind of reproductive. Finding that has you with your ovaries also that would reduce the risk of your ovarian cancer chances. Question how. It goes. Seedings in the interest thing issue. Turns out they did studies. It. Really goes to press it over to here. Child. At the lowest rate. Ever averaged didn't make everybody. And although risk came. Over two years and they have a different social. Wondered if it. Maybe some biased on that. Our area there. That. Variability. I can't really our head out of her partially because. If it is. So what are the chances that a woman in the United States might develop breast cancer. Also a typical. Numbered. Two. Really they are right I think how can still years when it. Look at what women. Age. Actually. A good person. That they're all. Committed itself. Very complicated. You can go to national cancer in its web site. Or. The risk assessment tool. It your information you look at you you're. Your risk of its lifetime. That's the music won't look what's best method of detecting breast cancer as early as possible. Great to know that they're screening tool that we had. Graham. If this press kit at halftime just can't not that. And negative don't. You also need to. And yet where you. And here. It can be important. Identifying. The best place to do eat a breast self exam is in the shower rape because it's just easier to feel. Porsche look and for that keeps you verbally explain to us how we should be checking ourselves and what exactly were checking for consistent every woman have a few lumps in the air but. That cancer lumps or rigid is is there something different about how they feel. Actually. I'd leave we look at. Normal breast Harlem. And it can't be comfortable with. You're looking for true love to different and it. Until that maybe think there'd be. It really requires. Examining yourself don't. Really weak. Try to find a good chance she'd be able to find one that doesn't mean it up. Leo we've been doing. What it standing up. I. A huge issue right hand and you let me ask you left arm. I can't edit it justice skin and muscles. He's here. Stated our policy is so what is your hands. If you talk about going around in circles. I know what to do. There on the inside of the past those. Little areas. They also do the same plea down. Shell or if you don't city that would. It. We have to do Ortiz went here. Feeling pretty and flat and. And and just different approach. Were always have a aggression is. Likely. She'll. You say it's important to do this at least once a month but even if you don't feel anything you should still go to your doctor to have a check up and had then. I obviously tackle so how often should you go to your doctor to have that done and even if you're doing regular breast self exams. Right now we recommend. Once here. And that's. One. Yeah it is. Historic that is in the you seek to. Well see here. And it is. It. It's just one part the nation. Must put an Irish people there. Mears things it and make it. Being familiar with your own press. Maybe more important in this position examination that it certainly compliment. Now you said there are some limitations. When it comes to mammograms screenings and what exactly. Are the limitations that you might get if you go to get a mammogram. Well middle of Percival is limited here vary and so it here. Very lowly body. If they just dense breasts also when you're younger. And presses a quiet. It is. Between age or if it's between ages it. Can be very helpful between age. We can do it. If you can't remember. It shows could you address again. Patients often. People have a culture of to help compliment. Them. Or actually just have noted that screening. It is and other things. An added normal. So we kept it short because it. Tell me what the bio rad system is. Well as well I read this. Economic patriots way of coding. Mammogram and also an old am. These ports should be understandable from one position to another position. So very neat keeps everything consistent that way. Yes and if you're number from zero to. Utilities and you know really what to do what type of patient. I. What are some things that can help us reduce the risk of breast cancer physical activity and diet good things to start with. Yes. Chill entry. That's under. Questioning if course. This week. Medium intensity. Activity. Or waiting. Jerry. Childbearing years. All the activity and weight gain probably go together. Are all separate. Certainly am maintaining your way. Childbearing. Age you may. Why is that does that influence your hormones different. It probably has a lot to do that we really don't know. We do know that we do. I could end and estrogen and so these hormones are made. And also. It. What of the three things that you want people to take away from our conversation this morning when he wanna leave everybody with today. Number one. Yeah. Interest that your age. Story at age forty. Or. I think most of. The most important thing. Everybody knows. He's eight. And there. If churches and temples. We're. How important. It is applied. Very good thank you so much for talking with us this morning doctor shack Karen hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I thank you doctor Shatner and now doctor Christopher Moore he's health educator and Ph.D. he's coming on the show to talk about a very sensitive subject. The birth weight of babies are you doing C doctor mark. I'm great are irrationally. Thanks for asking. So burst he can be very sensitive topic recently the birth weight of children has prompted what's being called the tiny baby boom now. First listeners need to know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the final low birth weight as less than five pounds eight ounces. And right now one in ten babies are being born in nineteen dressed category. What are some of the health related issues that can come to a VD of low birth weight doctor Moore. Outlook creativity and topic because I appreciate it no wait let's just try to go off. Are actually cheers literally reg something each day segment if you percentage of adults will be at peace but you're. 2030. It's interesting issue on which side now we're at low birth weight babies. At eight a problem Islamic center attending it has ordered. Low birth weight and fight as I've held eight ounces. Which doesn't seem like a lot more that it hadn't thought. In the big picture. Of the health risks or are major consumer and Ed so let's hope urged a yes. Are that they actually. By extension order double. And true god apple Apple's ferocious so heart disease which goes off. What took so poppy usual or double bird weight so both of those are of course major concerns. So even though the grand scheme that number one at a charity and pick. It's still ate a big major concern and GD shoot like so. Really church after I had this auditors. Well. Major impact out. Yeah baby born at a low birth weight ten to 20%. Higher risk for ordinary artery disease what exactly happens with their hearts doctor. Pretty interest Jane I'm sort itself is set to be all agrees that you seem to be a little bit stricter. And an actual that you got a little more ups are buildup. So that you can really are greeted each insert an agenda woods shot Asia 120%. Higher risk of quarter artery is huge so fortunately. There's two things that can be done to make sure that you restraint used. For lute Haiti's log or credible virtually. What are some of those things we can do. Well or local one out in the dark side of the offer is it fiction shirt and this crossed or of course in this. Particular case of the low birth weight babies. But that also on specific charges generally across order. Motor Willie. Jeter guy who want these these are each charter big issue is working at ups of the call your Big Three continue to Omega threes. Our types are Omega three cuts consultation fish oil. And there's been some interest in data coming out. If mothers who are at a Omega threes to their diet. Actually increased. The risk oh. Mortality are also up foursquare church again or order artery disease which you may be short but low birth weight. What exactly does that do for the baby. Well you know to understand because the biggest credential cheek Omega threes from the offer. So but the problem raised a lot of all this. Are not getting it up and shelves so that there's a registration Q number watered pregnant when they end up one more but they're recently you're here Pittsburg. Chill out we're about 60% of mothers. We're just efficient. You know make it reached. And what is the ice again turtle soup neural development also helps with with the hard and they get it may actually help and are sure walk I mentioned that the commission wanted to concerns. Over or later he may help you know or a little bit. The other your burst your shindig showed that very day when voters supplemented with a hundred milligrams of eager to really tell affiliate HS. Actually help. It goes virtual walls. Which have got to go out and out and helps you be paid in increased our lives very overtime. Now condition that calls a low birth weight back that they're very bad. We talked about if you let the diet of the mother smoking there's some obvious ones can you talk about a few other conditions that people should look out for that could cause a low birth weight they're being beat. Yeah you know the overall good physical activity is that although the diet the mother should take him. Aren't so smoking lecture reg I think we're all well aware of our great or anybody including about it data. But. It's just overall than against physical activity post player big role in it Al game. I'll update these abnormal. Over normal wage. Personal low birth weight you mentioned earlier. A physical activity is different from stress on the body there's been a new study that says working women who were pregnant. During their ninth month they can cause a low birth weight because distress has an impact on the BB what do you think about that steady did you get a chance to read it. We added it's very interest and I mean there's shown how how this impacts our our our bodies are abroad stretched. Church's interest instruction can be positive or negative talk this particular occasions obviously negative. And I think. All the time as you're being a father myself we have the last three year old and a ten month old tomorrow I just went through that not true what go to graduate changed. Yeah it's relaxed atmosphere of particular IG get close Ciurciu Richard giving birth. Destruction in general about Jews but cheated on her gullet Jodi you have on top of that work another owner I'll just structures nobody's. If it definitely can play how to act on the motor and they view as well. So you have a low birth weight babies for any reason. How can you best nutritionally assessed that baby aside from breastfeeding and Omega three's or is that really yet. Like Orton goes to exchange that there of course if you are rescued. Which marred you know babies study showed it showed they deserved much much help cure what they are urged. You know that died of other. Obviously played a big role in the overall how the big show. Well its origin number one get those Omega sorority but also refute this fossils are just adding. If help is actually got it. Which is important but it also decrease shame the less help he's got the diet. And less and less help nuts. I mean not specifically something called Omega six. And it interest they were very Omega six shots or work all the essential fatty acids or Omega threes. Our researcher shown that we get. We've taken way too many of these so let's go to Belgrade. So therefore. Voters it's a look at decreasing those and learn where we get those in the dark we get those from about just a lot of processed oils vegetable oils soybean oil a big culprits. Auroio. On a lot of other processed food in our diet so. Well mothers are important to increase their intake of those while simultaneously. Increasing our Omega three years. And fruits and vegetables and other known. Pokey arms inspection of the diet. It'll pass on those benefits to debate lesion is too important not just beautiful although brutally perspective but. I'm from an actual. That died today because the distribution researcher shows he's odds of children. Meaning developed as an issue there's just their first three month period of urged. Our actual lurched the first period may actually dictate taste buds in babies so we will be important for the longer who's nursing. Make sure they're hitting a wide variety of great food secure their big Asian and that experience or not. Ability to try and increase their their intake of fruit later on light. You talk a little bit about the Australian study that had Omega threes in hundreds of baby bottles and what good it did for their hearts but there's a few benefits that this supplement could be shown in normal children don't have any particular health problems what kinds of good things can come from. Keeping your children on Omega three's their whole lives. Oh yeah absolutely. And I I mentioned that started commuters you're sitting here and there are doubts it's also for big issuer of normal weight and hadn't beyond. Really don't think it reached the mention their homes there are all of this should shall Saudi action which means that we need to get them from the diet our bodies don't make them. Formed they're they're an official from everything further negotiation terms of neural development. All the way up the elderly and everyone in between Cho. I mentioned three year old anti local open and then take Omega three LE. I'll really at this point in their life it's for the neural development and optimal brain function it. And a handful of studies now show that goes throughout our low Omega three intake. Do better and standardized test this situation shell on. Also recruit I mean promote. A position professional life but better terms superficial perspective. Which didn't help prepare help. Also of course you talk part else. And really on every single cell in the body can benefit from Omega threes so it's important for all aspects of life and although it should fear etched. To make sure that these babies are getting an up and and their mothers. Up all the way up to the elderly and everyone in between. Is this kind of dosage we need to be aware of when giving you a newborn or you know it. Toddler on up is there a different amount we should be getting or is it something you really can't. Oh Dion so to speak. Well in Norton you know a lot of or better access to buy. Typically the basic recommendation from most governing bodies and it almost 50500. Milligrams a day. And Russia other milligrams there's there's a few different Omega three years so Omega three is kind of like an umbrella term. And that we have a underneath well are the Akron and if you India check those are to be Omega threes. Well as a third one as well but what focus on the EJ DHL. Because it goes to the true that you get from trash and get from fish oil. So what actually take soccer milligrams a day I'm talking about 500 milligrams or is GA slot ga cherry. That's we want it seems for. Or hurt a bit of law. Preferred toddlers are entrenched and all the way up. Throughout life of course work within your own nutrition and then health practitioner to kind of let them know what you're doing as well. What is the most shocking thing for you as nutritionists. Looking at a subject like this low birth weight babies. Well I think I think what are the things that really shocking is just you know I mentioned in the very beginning or are well aware obesity as a as a society. 50% of the population of these fired twenty surety which is not far away. Yes I'm the complete switch on the other extreme and we're looking out for well Broadway debuts. Also hopes rest so I think what's important is we need to look at the balance of our diet and exact canal opens this fact from a mobile brigade is. Also do appreciate. And one of those commonality is always talked about overall healthy diet. Omega three to get help on one end of the spectrum and I also on the other end of the spectrum so beneficial for everybody. Now with our conversation what do you think the three most important things are people listening should take away today. One all you can go one simple thing that you can start doing great now soon you listen to rest what can your true. To make a change in your life to return we'll take you don't make countryside actually one of the things that you do what it delegation state high quality fish oil and Nigeria dire. Because that show importance of such an easy start. To make you change. Pensions we talk a lot about shot a Mercury would be reduced. The Omega six stopped again that comes from its intellectual or you know oil are processed foods. Asked Scrooge a local or reduce those in our diet because that's a big important changes well. It's not just. Federal regulatory news the good first got what we need to also look at the other side of the equation reducing the process we've nearly six shots. Thank you so much for coming on and joining us this morning doctor Maher it's been a. You're here in South Florida's yeah won a one point five late SN. Now community affairs correspondent neo Garten. Job hunting is never simple. They're the Reza mesa right can update these jobs to look for the interviews to schedule the context mink with us Tiffany price general manager of Japanese USA. Which hosts multiple job fairs each year making that job search a little easier for you. Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you so much for having me and nine others have big South Florida mega job fair coming yes there is it's coming up it's on November 16 Thursday the sixteenth from tended to. Over at the beauty and T center in sunrise it's going to be a big event since. Yeah I wanna sixty company. Yes and I'm probably more about it and I can easily get to the event probably over 68. But 2500 jobs a lot of the companies attending this event they're doing mass tire and talking 20500. Openings so. It's going to be a lot of opportunity at the events while to. OK so now you can actually pre register for the event I guess you can register at eagle on our website which is job news USA dot com. I'm in eagle on they are depending on the area that your your and it's gonna just pop up here in South Florida. You're not in South Florida and you're going on to the site you just sound can navigate through to that Fort Lauderdale event. But he can pre register for the event you can also register at the door that it's very simple it's a quick we just don't know how do you know how you heard about it. I'm so we know how to reach. And for them that makes sense now in terms of pre registering. Your putting your name and are you actually doing anything more than that are you giving any information about yourself no you really just putting your name your email address and that's also getting you into the Japanese USA's system so that really can notify you too on when there's other events in your area that are coming up in the future you'll get an email. Letting you know and he couldn't you know once you get your Johnny can opt out of receiving those if you went deal. But I'm anticipating you and letting us know how you heard about the events so we know how to reach she'll there's also an option on their Ricans tell them tell us which have been job that you are looking for. And then you can also select if you would like to have notifications for those types of jobs as it unavailable in your area so it's great tool if you're looking for jobs and just. Take a couple of minutes and pre register but we don't want. I'm sometimes if people if they have any difficulties with the decider on not. Did you register at the doors well. So either way it's creative entry parking. So you have nothing to lose it and by going. To the website first it can also give you information right yes information arm on the employers that are attending. You can also the Friday before the event the directories available seek and check out the directory it. Which will give you a nice nap when you get to the event because you can see where the employers will be. And all the jobs that they're going to be carrying for so it's a nice tool to have because you can kind of gain and before you can get to the event. Where you any goalie when I talked to maybe do some research on those companies as well. Kind of a step ahead of you know the other. Job seekers attend if you go on the site ahead of time right to have some time management skills which is not so what many people like to hear a great time management skills yet it's. They're like to think about it did some research on the company. So that way when they come up to the employer and they're speaking with them. As you know that they offer you know free daycare or on health data since Anthony Weiner far when Kennedy on day one of employment. And they ask you know why why do you wanna work here and you're able to given that information. Dana you did you do your work you don't need to eject into the have a sense are you going to be impressive that way yes and are so we're talking about the hand. The mega job through this coming up if if you're just joining us and that that's November 16. That high at a couple of the employers that are looking to give people an idea what's out there well there are a lot of there is there's a wide variety of companies attending this event. The actual shutters sponsored by colonial life on the city is sunrise in the Florida Panthers. The city of signers for example they're looking for. Firefighters paramedics. They're looking for a bus drivers they had. And HR positions certified and uncertified police officers lifeguards graphic design payroll maintenance. I mean there's such a wide variety of jobs just and that one company. Building a whole city had an engineering and police chief and planning and zoning I might hit it does seem like they're they're starting Albany. Yes and they're doing a mass hiring him Gergen thank tech support I mean really if your all. Any anywhere in any of those fields you can get a javelin just sit and the city of San our eyes. But that's just one out of the companies that will be attending so there's like over a fairly wide variety you have. Companies like that that are looking for he'll firefighters and paramedics and police officers and then you have Aldi is looking for entry level people. Starting at 1215 dollar which is due. Good for in this market to twelve dollars 1250 an hour and military answering an analyst pretty darn good entry level and then their managers and you don't make pretty good money there as well also. When she did and with all the time you're able to you know move up through there and the company could help you know the public has had the patent however is kind of my thought about them over the years in this area you know get an as a Bagger and then you work your way and and they've great benefit so. And all these another one ivory keys will be there and they are looking for 25 sales consultants. They have a service advisor opening two technicians. I'm and they also I mean if you're looking at that's a great company if you're in sales or. And any of his other and industries and you're looking to buy new car you wanna go there because yeah it's great employee discount service packages go on nine itself. Keep in mine to lose you know when you're at the event. And this is at a I'm really wide variety hadn't shaken sons is another company that's it's I'm gonna be looking to hire more and like to add North Miami area. But they'll be at that event and I'm just touching on that really quick even though the job fair is located in center as a comedian T center. It's just South Florida event employers come and they're looking to fill positions from Miami Broward Palm Beach. We even have one company US sugar and they're looking filled jobs in clueless and so it's really it's a wide variety of companies will be there is not just looking to fill. In Fort Lauderdale or sunrise or Broward so I'm keep that in mind you know when some look at for a job just because it's there hasn't that's for the job is located. That's on it that's a big Lincoln who's better yes yes there's that like Jenkins and they said they're looking forward like in North Miami area and they're looking for around. You know shippers and the people who work and like I haven't spent haven't turned me and me they're looking for e-commerce account managers and buyers. Accounts receivable managers. From customer service raps so to hammer out a variety. And also Carnival Cruise Lines will be there and they're looking for. Over fifty personal vacation planners. Keep in mind when you work or carnival they're looking to hire enemy armor location. And every employee gets two free cruises for years it's you free and countries passes Spurrier for complementary friendship Crusoe you know hacking it worked carnival and every case again you get a car and owners yes you do a minus. Marion is and if you're at the Florida Panthers are looking for hockey directors and I'm peopled the director there CRM database. Account executives they also have. I'm all different types of creative directing jobs as well as the senior director of an asset of the Sierra and database and you get discounts and all that the Panthers merchandise sales. Yeah. And I see here fifty positions yes they have over fifty positions for the Florida Panthers. And some of those that I was you know talking about before they're looking for. Mass hiring center field media they're going to be at the event. They're looking to interview asking events since their plan is at that job chaired an annual for 200 people. To work around and sales I sales trainers the leaders. Business to business sales retention experience. I'm so and that those jobs are gonna be ending Markey and plantation offices cell. They're going to be. Busy. Wow very busy at the event. Are there are a lot and will talk about more than two NASA was just joining us anything I'm gonna go easy to imagine that employs I'm running for employees I wanna get involved with yes. Let's talk about. Work in the fare the best way to go through it and what would you say your tips are. I'm wolf first valueless when that comes with a good attitude. Where smiled looked presentable clean cut. Professional I'm note regardless if you're looking for a job as a auto tech act painter or a jerk your business development you want to come looking clean cut. And presentable. Leads the you know hats and in jeans at home and flip flops and shorts and if you're on the way to the beach in here on the radio turn around and go home first and change change. And I also suggests leave kids at home because it's like going on the job in her field with a potentially sixty companies. These people that are at the event they once were looking at your resonate when you're buying online at home so you you wanna make a good first impression and not command. You know talking and a cell phone when you waiting at their Booth. Or you know. Eating food chewing gum all those things are kind of known as that you're calling into an interview in someone's office so they wanna treated the same. Armed I would suggest visiting job news USA dot com had a time. And going on in looking at the directory and execute can have a game plan C can do some research and have some questions asked the employer. And when you collapse and Dick you're speaking with him because you wanna stand out. In the crowd you gonna look like you've done your homework. And you also have a year elevator speech and it down pat make. Why on. When they let me ask you why you work for our company or what have you been doing very you know what makes you different. You wanna have her response kind of ready thank I have been working in customer service for the past fifteen years I'm great with. That's why Lindsay and I know that I can be an asset to your company because. You're looking for her XYZ and you offer this and that and you know when do I start what's the next step. And kind of disclosing questions with them as well. So it's not just here's my resonate nice to meet him. I can can mean locking lag yeah. That's gonna do it now that swear. He went and the follow up this is is important so when you're acting event. And helps to get a business card or to ask some questions like would Levy contacted next what's next step. And when you get home the first thing you wanna do is make sure you write and thank you letter. And email them a thank you letter in particular time and he was done that day. Because they're gonna meet thousands of people at the job fair. And you want to. Remind them as to who you Laura and why they should bring you on for the next step of hiring process and so reminded us there was the one wearing yellow feather in my hand or something like. Yes yes that it's always good to stand out and a good way so if you have. And a particular pan or. And a necklace or ties something that you know may make you stand out in the crowd. And and you couldn't in good way and a good way essence from the stress that. And another thing too is you know bring threatening to have a lot of people you're going after talking closed for it's it's allowed in the BB&T center. So you're talking very close to people and you don't want to be there whenever is remembered. And about anything into yes. And you're gonna be waiting in line sometimes and some of the visits to some of them do get long lines you know when they're doing one on one interviews. Looking at unifil 200 openings there's going to be a long line there's so. Be patient and keep in mind that they're paying attention to recruiters are paying attention to the people that are and the line even if they're not talking to you. If they're talking to someone for ten people on trying to deal they're still paying attention to what's happening such here on the phone. You know having a personal conversation and or something like that. Derek they're they're watching. It's if you're looking SaaS separated looking emotional or something like that might be executed and then you're not a lot depends on where saying something like I've been looking for a job and no we'll hire me or something like that you know they're hearing that initially we'll. I wonder if there's a reason and you know so try to keep like the personal conversations on. So a minimum we also noticed recently that people are going to judge her senate in groups which are encouraged if you're looking for a job during. You know if you know someone else telefrag and you know the more people that come the more opportunity there. We'll be for the and to get hired but don't treated as a head hang out today. You with your friends and suffer in your mind kind of you know talking and stuff like that are being made and professional. Because sweets we've noticed that happened a little bit more than a normal Wear may be a good inside people coming together. And they're hanging out more than talking to the recruiters and they didn't happen that sewer gas and has accurately interest and I think Umar hang in with your friends than you are looking for a job yes yes and we we we do surveys with the employers after the events that's. Sort of feedback that we've received recently so. Just when a nation that they're always washing their is paying attention to everything that's happening kind of around so if you think that they haven't noticed. There's a good chance to have some hook you wanna cheetah like if you're going on the job and every out. You know if you're in a job and every you probably wouldn't you know. Tops your friend out in the lobby are the and a personal phone call you're on your best behavioral didn't drop her chip about. Even though you're standing in line yeah got to remember that they could be watching and standing in line yes yes. So aren't just a couple things we noticed recently with the events the other thing that the BB&T center. As we do on they do have security there everyone does go through security and they searched and all that stuff like an air bags in the metal detectors so. Girls on. It's South Florida there's and the weather's unpredictable it could rain it could. Be very hot and humid it probably will be so we want to try to get everyone in the event as quickly as possible and if you have. A drive rolling briefcase sort. A large item with you they're gonna you know go through that insurgents it was suggested. You don't leave that stuff at home that day and so so the first the on the job you're starts at 10 o'clock and so it was your act immediately centering your parking it's freeing lock up. Is there going to be a long line when they get there are ten most likely there will be Yasser we've we've seen. And sometimes there sometimes it's more steady throughout the day but for the most part in the morning there's probably at least 200 people an alliance going into the event. So what we've noticed is people who look if they've attended the event in the past are heard something like this that we're doing right now. And they know that they may be able to their car for a little bit tentative waiting in the line sweetened its better to be in a scene and then cut into the event when the doors to open and but others would just be the first clinic it through the door on them you know of her liver gets a warm and wanna come in and get to talk to us on first so people wait in line and they don't really seem to mind that much you're looking for a job it's the best way to spend your day if you're looking for a job. She grumpy face to face every almost sixty hiring managers. All in one place yes you can't be happy he has Ariza and then I'm then for some people. It might be better so that if they're gonna hit alliant like 10 o'clock may be common at 1030 timeline might have passed into law v.s that. While a lot of the lines that there's a line there's line paint wrestled 2 o'clock. Really yes so what I actually suggests and I try to tell people in the they come into the event by. On it ever want to follow suit from the person in front of them so in the event opens we find that everyone can discuss the first came home. And then the line we'll start an honor I'm happy but. There's sixty employers so what I always tell people to do is go to the back of the Evert is like is it sad that it's on the bottom concourse so we don't have the entire floor. It kind of cuts in the middle because you could fit probably 500. North and so cuts in the middle so we don't have it's who spread out 'cause girls with our heels and so if you don't wanna you walking a half mile and a half feet killing himself. So I'm we cut it in the middle also if you go to all the way to the end. And and you start there you work your way back up to the front door it's one entrance when accidents the same. Area so if he goes in the back and start back or not there's no lines back there because everyone's gone to the front and then you can kind of work your way back up to the front. And wait in the lines at that point we've already got to meet everyone else in the back Smart attempt yeah. That's a good to have yes I remember I guess if you're coming at any time there's going to be a line probably begin in the door. To get in the door to door flying normally is at 10 AM and then okay what happens is. I'm pac ten is when they open the doors into the BB NT centers so ever will come inside in the tiniest please refer to be and once their end. But I'm talking about the lines that the actual Booth. Tables. So yeah that's what we kind of do in the beginning on because employers are still setting up at 10 o'clock I mean at the 950 or whatever so we open doors at ten. To job seekers to come into the actual venue so once they come and I who suggest go to the Gary glass Booth. Which is always albeit with a very there is in the very back. Because they always have a very long line and so we suffer and go back their start battling Mercury to the tried. Because you'll get to cover more ground quicker than if you start in the front marker in about Jackie gets stuck in one line that's gonna stop you from getting down the other four. Yes and then also too you still have to walk on all the way back used to walk you know back to come through that entrance and exit. So if you start in the front walk all the way to the back east throughout cracks so certain maximum hours later the front. And that always helps starting up soon and might help with some of the lines as well. And everyone's kind of more spread out in the beginning minutes are just going to Booth one. What do you find like Inman and some of these fears it everybody goes to one employee. And they used in the beginning yes they'll go to the line and it opened yet over the first one and then now. See everyone going to the second one after them and in the go to the second one in kind of follow suit so. Such as have they started their backs and make it more so it back up to the front but I think there's so many different types of people and some of them and be going to different employers like the one is going to her case may not be Obama's going to carnival. Or something like that and that's it that's pretty Nader because what I and another thing with the immense as that. If you're there and and Egypt to Bibi and seeing and you parked and locked up there and you got Chaz Sutton made copies of your resonant. There's sixty companies hiring so even though over Casey's really hiring for sales and they haven't technician jobs. Or maybe wanna she customer service jobs and their advertising for anyone and accounts payable at this time. Number that's we've been doing for the past fifteen years. I really suggests everyone if you got up PH asked you look great there. Stop and talk to all team players they're sixteen guy bodies there and who are looking to hire. And they might not have geared the position that you're looking for right now today but it. Tomorrow they couldn't the next day they might you know the next week they might settle and less you're looking for sending extremely if you're if you're a plumber he. You know Vick peace and not have an opening for. But is it something that really specialized but I would say don't go to teach company and they hate. This is my skill set does it would've been doing do you have anything like that averages there anywhere that you see that I could fit in with your organization. If not. Yeah I know of any other organizations that might. These are making good match let's. They could have been an HR function the night before and talk to someone at their table or. You know whatever it may be who's mentioned that there are looking for that type of person and have their business card and will be able to refer them to someone. Lot of networking that happens in an informant recruiters and he winners source. Managers and representatives so you never know who you you know how that person might be able. To help him. One thing leads to another guy that's been. Contacts in making a lot of contacts in that industry and they all hire people and if you're looking for a job what better way to spend your time than talking to people who. That's what they did come to admire you think now. In terms of you had mentioned something about make a good first impression and a good last impression. Yes I'm it's the looney going you wanna make a good a first impression with them and then it's also on the follow up on because when there. When they leave and they go back and you keep him on these recruiters are stare from tended to and it's very busy for them to say it's busy Trevor and house so they could talk to. A 1500. They can leave there with a sack and a thousand different resonate as. And now they're they've just talks from tended to nonstop over and over again just that you gave your elevator. Should feel you know they're doing the same thing telling about their company each individual person that walks up. So sometimes when you leave your brain Camille Little scrambled that's a little you know you have no voice and exhausted so you want to make sure that when you send them that you'll follow up email. I'm that your young and making sure that they remember who you are and then it and kind of directing them in the way to let as. Think when you might come in next what can I come in tomorrow I can be there today you know do you windy wanted to come in for the interview. I am I concerned you know as soon as possible just kind of to help move it along you don't wanna give. Open ended kind of statements or questions with them. I'm with to say something like well you know let me know and you know call me when it's available or let me know if you if you're interested in working with Gil. I'm USA Leo I'm ready to work tree when when they'll start it kind of assume that. You're gonna start working with that company. To kind of moving in the right direction because sometimes to the recruiters I guess and they went and when they're leaving we see whatever runs walking up and walking out on their just. You're drained because of talker for hours to lots and lots of people whom so it's an easy task for them to sentence maybe forget. You know who with three war are who they are gonna call the next day or. Things happen in life and that recruiter to be sick the next day in and give that packet of present is to somebody else the call in the office who didn't get to meet you first chance of sending an email. Is really important on the follow up and so for the person who's never attended a job fair know what would you tell them to expect that might be surprised. It is perhaps the biggest surprise I would think actually would be that. A lot of it comes to a lot of people. Only go up and went and daylight scenic city furniture is hiring that I'm going to pilot city furniture and then they get there and it really is a well this is a lot of opportunity here. And they don't come as prepared as they show and police say to bring multiple copies of your resonate. There's nowhere to be B and T center that we're able to make copies I mean there's copy machines in the BB&T center met at a time. Our staff is able to find somebody. Working that's allocation who can go to an area where that is to make the copies to come back to find you to bring in teal. And the 5000 people have been in and out of the door throughout today it's it's gonna take some time and they're not able to do that. If there's 5000 people that came in only a hundred it is ten copies each they don't have the capability do that still. I always suggest it's better if you're making copies anyways in your making ten copies make Tony. Make thirty what does she get there and you decide that you wanna pass out your resonates all these people on the I don't have copies. And yet still leaving go yet disables her Office Depot or somewhere else to make copies and come back. There's a good chance at life happens in between that and they don't make it back. Into the job fair because it's. They've got second traffic or something has happened so the biggest mistake is that people don't come out and a precedent that that's the main thing that I normally here's what does admit that they need copies of their ResMed. When they get there I'm and then if we don't have it they have won so now they're walking around trying to figure out who they wanna give that one deal. Whereas if you had copies you would you know that would spread the wealth yes hit it yet. You wanna have to choose out of 68 in you know top employers in South Florida. Only give one resonate of one person and some bring copies or it's I know you've been to these fires obviously and said give us some of the best and worst scenarios that you went. Oh man it's okay well. Like I said bringing kids with you is never really a good suggestion because again the employers are paying attention to things like that. And if you're going up to apply with someone and you were able to get childcare for that day. Unfortunately the employers tennis and that's going to be an ongoing issue if you're working with them. And so that's a really big on thing that we always hear from him players as we used to say we use it. Not allow children into the event and it's a safety issue as well there's a lot of people there. EE LV don't wanna have kids walking around in their when it's very crowded and so we stepped it excellent issue to be AT&T center as kind of potential Al you know kids to Cummins the events as well now but. What we were stopping that employers actually prefer it's that you're allowed them to come in with the children so we know. Instead of them happened to leave make it flexes and sometimes they'll come in pairs and solicit with a child outside the a lot of other ones and I'm so that's one thing it's another thing is and just professional dress you know people come in if they were just walking and on the street and here. In a line with a bunch of other people in suits are just very professional in clean cut you're standing out for the wrong reasons. If you're actually seeing people coming in and co announcer and our. Shorts flip flopped so. And via a dating thing with a cover. In. That's Isiah Leggett thing they're going to the beach Italian let's go guys they're really glad you can check it out. Done so that's another thing too bad that those are kind of the two big like known as its professional dress because it's your first impression. And before an employee even has the opportunity to talk to you there's there's still sealed so they see if you have. You know a group put deal if they have children waited to see if you're you know. Kind of beach bag if you think oh yeah. Can't see it as things. So and those kind of the Meehan. The main known knows that I see at a job fair it's also just that attitude wearing a smile as and he gets a lot further than a frown at these events. Harness if you frustrated in your job search. If you've you know been laid off recently and it whatever the case may be. When you grow up and talk to the employers you don't want Clinton to know that it all you want to just be as positive and you know. Make them last may and smiled we'll remember you don't you know that that type of thing than going up and explain to them that you applied online five times before and you know why did you not call me back yet and I had to come here to the top of talk in person. That's not gonna a little. You're not gonna get a job and that does happen quite often. Because keep them in your buying online that could be that again thousand uprising day. And they might not be able to get back with everyone or they've gone through 2000 and the first five or higher ball and they didn't need to go through the rest of them at that time and six months ago. And now they do will spend reminding them that they didn't call you back before it isn't a good start yeah. Snuff out that that does happen and those are some things too that I think that. Maybe some people on don't realize is that that person that sitting is probably the one who's sitting on the other end of the computer as well. Sound. Hewitt started attitudes smile you know you're there. It's you you wanna get a job you wanna get hired to that's going to be your best bet that's your best opportunity to your best foot forward yet since it. Yes OK today ever higher right on the spot. Yes yes we have a couple of companies that the date they are sponsors at the event and so they have access to a private interview area so what tilted his pregnant teens don't bring multiple. I'm recruiting managers and also hiring managers from different departments. And some of them will sit at a table and some of the will be in the interview area and when they find candidates that they wanted to you know six and accept. They'll bring them over into the enemy in the area and they'll do one on one interview strengthen in the air and makes an off her. A lot of times it's pending you know background and all of that screenings and stuff like that but it's an offer that you perceive what it's like they're coming tomorrow to go to the next step so that essentially could actually walk out with a job yes we have we have a ton of people and we always know little. I'm who was offered something to do is somebody table and before they alien registration table and that's thanks so much for doing this silence those ominous start next week I go in tomorrow I gotta fill out IP ports. They can't tell us so we know that it happens at the jobs here. Quite often actually and we had an event. On Thursday of last week at University of Miami in Coral Gables. And our entire call three people that really set out to because they came up and they think tennis and then one of them asked for my business card. And they sent me an email after thanking us for putting the event on the got a job not follow through yeah fifteenth after the but it's sent out to meet today's announcement at the events because of the holiday you know spoke with me. And then they edit I remembered when they sent me the email who that person was. And it's just. If I ever knew someone who was in that area of Coral Gables and that person to contact me to do in the future. And I Newsom was looking for a job I would feel comfortable you know saying oh yeah by the way I have this person's email address to you know from back in. You know October. Even when you get them called aid him. This is let's have a job they were looking for so again that's about networking and contacts and things like back everyone to a lot of the recruiters. And and you can miss fields in general. Everyone knows each other you know bad everyone kind of talks and they know each other so you don't want to leave a bad impression about my test. Sorry it's under over the particulars before we go again this is the south automated job fair. Yes it is on Thursday November 16. And it's from 10 AM to 2 PM and another thing really quick and wanna suggest it is better to get there at ten and I bet you. I would do have the event in Coral Gables to look at second traffic they showed up a little bit after June players are gone and I've talked for hours and hours and hours since Saturday get their time until. And again that's going to be at the TV and T center which is that one panther parkway over ensign I missed. I need to get more information on the web site job news USA dot com as well as the event directory. So our Diego thank you so much Tiffany price thank you so much for having me. You can hear in South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff. And for sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to the latest M. Life Miami dot com. That's a light TEF. LIN TE Miami. This season Entercom communications corporation station 101 point five lite FMW a YF Miami ever pines Coral Springs.