Brain Health / Susan G. Komen Miami Ft. Lauderdale Race for the Cure

Sunday, October 8th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Michael Lewis, Founder of the Brain Health, Education and Research Institute, about his new book, "When Brains Collide, What Every Athlete and Parent Should Know About Concussions and Head Injuries."  In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Kim Heard, Board President of Susan G. Komen Miami Ft. Lauderdale and Sherri Marten-Curtis, Operations Manager, about the upcoming Race for the Cure, and how their biggest fundraiser of the year helps fund research nationally and goes locally to those diagnosed with breast cancer. 

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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one or one point five fly that thing. SH do you want it don't well why you have Miami camera phones Coral Springs. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley yeah. Doctor Michael Lewis is an ex first and nutritional and holistic interventions for brain health particularly the use of the neat freak at the Athens. Prevention management and rehabilitation at concussions and dramatic. Brain injury that includes ETE a very hot topic right now. He found the brain health education and research institute in late 20s11 upon retiring after a distinguished. 31 year career in the US army. His pioneering work in the military has since helped thousands of people around the world he's regularly featured in the media. Today we welcome them on the shows that he can talk about his new book. Winning brains collide with every athlete and parents should know about the prevention and treatment concussions and head injuries. How are needed new and doctor Michael Lewis. I. So why you feel like this is a book that was needed rate. Basically culmination of the work today started when I was active duty in the army and have continued since I retired. And hit a lady. Reach another way to reach out to the so listening audience and the public. With this information that would act terror and it injury or even before I head injury. We were told is there's nothing you can do the only time ordeal of brain and I just didn't accept that nine and I native. Proceed research and clinical care using. Very targeted nutrition help people recover. Aaron Hernandez is the most recent case of kind of what sparked this huge debates about concussions and how that affects view. I'm would you please start off by telling us though. What is a concussion. Well it was simple terms when you know. Have a collision whether it's on the soccer field to head colliding or crashing against the boards and ice hockey or slipping on the Jason. Hitting your head. It's a contusion of bruising of the brain brains heading up. The inside of the skull and causing bad. Initial. Injury but most people don't realize it doesn't stop there and continued on. And do these inflammatory. Cascade. That continue to burn in churned through their brain for minutes hours weeks staged. I would even say years or even decades like we're seeing what some of these every now former NFL players. TTE. It's what it's being referred to add that you Google that you will see all of these various sports stories attached to it what is ET EE and what are some of the symptoms. Well eighteen is just I think the end stage. This these inflammatory cascade and so and the other cases we see alzheimer's. Or parkinson's like with Mohamed Ali for example. And I really believe that. That these are indeed the end stages of this inflammatory process where the brain is accumulating. Damaged nerve cells. Basically proteins had to fill that empty space and so they do and actually see little they called and there are particular. Angles. All the and Powell accumulation and amyloid beta and so on. But it's really in my mind it catches the culmination of these inflammatory cascades. So what are some symptoms now. So percent those is so you know somebody as a concussion than most people always you know it's pretty obvious. If you get knocked unconscious but unfortunately. Only about five to attend or there's so percent of people. Do any kind of consciousness with a head injury. And so the obvious sense of the headaches in the end and dizziness. Now and just. Not really there nobody home kind of thing or your bell was rung or whatever. Beyond the obvious my concern is more about. He's the subtle one. Once for example kids and high school that are mistreating a student that all of sudden. Are turning up on classes. It's becoming more durable. And older people what I find very typically is overwhelming fatigue can bring a lot of Jews. Like I have enough bat head couldn pick without the runny nose where here and it feels like it's stuffed with cotton game you just can't think route that. Rain pockets really difficult and so. Those systems carry on long enough that was what held what leads to GT. How old. Do you give this diagnosed. Well to achieve it the only true diagnosis. After you die and net somebody you look at your brain and does specific abstaining but more importantly you you know of course why you're living. Is that find me a competent qualified health care provider that can help use. We'll make that diagnosis. Or. Assumed that diagnosis. And and so it's really done politically without having any confirmation. Until. Post mortem. Lot of people associate this with head trauma I mean used so that Mohammed Ali you know get a little punch drunk the football players that we see in those massive. Head on collisions. Are there are other ways it's you can do it CTE there really don't involve athletics I asked this because a lot of people just immediately associate it. With that but I Philip there's more than one way to suffer from us. I well honestly say that we don't know we don't know. And so we can say already we looked at under 200. Professional athletes and we found CG in 90%. Up. That system really small. Sample. All the people that they sports I mean. Want to happening kids play the high school football for example 45. Million kids play organized sports every year or so. We don't really know the extent of CT we don't know. How much it deserves Reich hold is that all these sub. And console blows like why men banging their head against each other constantly. Or punt boxes being punished constantly we don't know that we don't know of one massive blows it. You know really use those huge hit that we see on TV. We don't know if that's what causes CG seditious so much we don't now. You founded the brain health education and your research institute in late 2011. On you basically. Pioneer and some things in your career through the US army. When you order in 2011 was here or what was the catalyst to start that foundation and that research institute. Why were stationed on the campus of Walter reading. National medical centers and outside of Washington DC and you can't beat were in the newly bit at. War for 1617. Years in Iraq and Afghanistan. And they can't be on the ground Walter Reed without being around when it lawyers and so it really became apparent I was doing other work I was doing an infectious disease were good epidemiology. And teaching at the medical school there. He you'd start to really think look I do to help my fellow soldiers. And I came upon the idea. Want to look at targeted nutrition to help those inflammatory cascade after the end. To help people recover after an injury. And what did you find when you sort of looking into that I mean I would like to also talk about mother solutions that are you know put out into the universe but nutrition and what do you think is the best two routes currently the best way to start is. So why did they are. I think it's provided a foundation and so it it still has the what I would call eight bureau permissive environment for the brain to potentially he'll. Debris is gonna have a much much more difficult time to kill and so lose it. It really is indicates back to the simple things like who are which beat and but actually your brain. And so. I canister with the basic concept. If you have a brick walk against him and do what you wanna use bricks to repair the law. And so what's the brain may doubt the brains native fat. And so when you start to look into it it is there's very specific kind of that's that are important to make a brain in the first place. And so I just said the idea low. If we is Omega three fatty acids like you would get from fish oil or effect from good quality finisher official oil supplementation. Then it would at least saturate the brain with those couldn't fats and would make it different. Parents and short answer in my clinical experience then has then absolute. That makes a huge difference in people. Even within a few days even wanted to ask quickly as one picture these people sort of noticed an improvement in the symptoms. So I would like to hear your favorite. Story or tea appeal to reference when people negate the fact that nutrition and Omega threes can help prevent some of and BET. East issues that we see what's your favorite reference points. Well one of the first big ones was. I can't name Bobby that was an act. Yeah eighteen years older senior high school and he was really bad car accident and to really short story is that convinced the neurosurgeon. You've gotten your tone apparent support looks like there's nothing you can do. Wonder if she just tried port official that is feeding tube just to see if it helps and nothing to lose it's only nutrition and the real short of the story is Bobby went to high school graduation three months later and today is is living. Good quality of life not perfect having he had a lot of brain damage but. He he's gonna school he's working full time he's moved out of his parents house. And I apartments friends and he's also in his spare time doing standup comedy. Oh as I say is pretty good that's my hair straight back far. Wait doctor Lewis Powell belong between the moment you convince them to just see what this will do. And until the moment people realized whole leak how. We wean my had saved his life with this are we talking months weeks these hours. I really didn't and but these cases as well as with severe traumatic brain injury so late that sort of backed car accident that sent a coma. It's typically around the few weeks of two to four weeks really and it's not. Yeah it's not like in TV and not a coma and he is wake up but like wow where I didn't and it's a gradual process and so that's been the biggest thing. From people with concussions. Are suffering from limiting of lot of post concussion symptoms. I can just tea hundreds or even thousands of stories of people typically what IE I kept an email from. From a patient or course somebody on the advising. You know about two or three days is saying wow I didn't know analyst us to have this much energy and think this clear again. So it just it's really an amazing. Process. Now you're talking Omega three not a make it six. Correct. Correct and they get sick so they're very pro inflammatory. And that meant to be imbalance tournament beat balance which Omega threes but we've become very out of balance with our. The way we need. And the food supply as well but you know some bad balances gotten senator's excuse didn't Omega six world. That's 20/20 five don't want. Compared to the Omega threes so. We need to get rid of the Omega sixes or decrease them not get rid of that increase on but and the short term that would take a very long time. So I'd look at the other side of the equation is that how we get in make it trees up as quickly as our. Knicks a six add the three. Is one of my favorite sayings from the national Brenda Smith. You have to talk to bill lands. It. And so how much I guess is the next question. In view are feeling kind of lag eat if you know you've had head trauma and still feel some symptoms from that you're listening to doctor Lewis right now. How much Omega three is it that we should be taking daily in order to help see a difference. Well it Julian bales who. People might fearless are they might recognize it was played by Alec Baldwin and the movie concussion. He and I got a bunch of work together. Including. With pop Warner football and so on. And that we published a paper he years ago and military medicine at said that athletes and soldiers or anybody that that risk of a head injury ought to be taking. 3000 milligrams. The two other important Omega three. EPA DJ. And that's what the FDA told this is generally recognizes safer grass level is 3000. Milligrams of the combined EPA DJ day. And so I've got to seventeen year old who plays high school football and rugby on the side and I make sure he definitely the breakfast table without taking 3000 milligrams every single day as including myself my life. And make it three. You can do it in pill form. But I have bots and make it three and and I have been Greece do interviews with some amazing interest most along the way and I know that my Omega three. Should not smell fishy. I know CD package specifically. For those who are thinking I'm gonna get Omega three today how did they go about getting a good. Quality Omega three that would actually help then feed these kinds of changes in the air. You know their physical body what what should they be looking for today. Well I can say is if you if you take a product and it repeats on it and some people caught fish herbs or anything like that it's probably not a good product. So good. Quality product should be concentrated because you don't want to take too many have particularly pills so the new work concentrate. That are out. Two companies for example nordic natural which is kind of let the industry for 27 years. Has and it kind of straight I know pure and cancellations. Out of Massachusetts has a really good concentrate. Where a single capsule has a thousand milligrams of BP indeed shape that. Most importantly. In my mind is it comes and triglyceride. Formed an actual or luckiest we just finished. You get triglycerides. And so true art chemical processing and either the pharmaceuticals are in a really bad or that side even not even that it will form. It's called an apple Lester and that's to me what caused a lot of the side effects. Indigestion and the fish herbs and so on. So what should people be looking for on the label that a thousand milligrams EPA DH day. Well I have to be able let EDT Gotti is simple math and cut and add up the European DJ because unfortunately. The way labeling as it does call it tell you the individual levels and often told you. For two capsules that the recommended dose. It will look at that. It. That. You know it just that's just the way the labeling is diamonds and nutritional and Austria I'm not sure I agree with it but that's way it is. Now you have clearly been advocating for Omega three and bumping that up and diets in order to help curb the site effects of severe head trauma. That you guys have also. Begun checking out something else CE BD oil. Please tell people what this its. What extent you're saying that it they're actually starting to tie together more and more and so want the mechanisms of action. Ways that can make it reads help. Improve our news again. Why is it. Potentially good for ADHD and depression and then disorders and so on his. Then there's the late entries worked through what we now hold. No there's our and that certainly system and we have. We're finding out that the most abundant read chapters in our bodies. Including our brains are these happened lately sectors. And that we make our own. Can have been delayed so there's two of the matter are most prominent color of the and then divide which means blessed molecule and another one of the chemical names but to AG is easiest way to but it. We used to call me endorsements because we didn't know what they weren't at stealing her runner's high that feeling do it's. Had just been a really good news you know that will indoors and Russia whatever. And we now know that they are parties and dodge and as sir and you can happen it. But the cool thing as nature gives us a way to interact with these categories. Most well known is THE crowd marijuana interacts very well with these brain Reese actors. When you look at CPD Canada dial from and particularly what it's derived from helped. Doesn't have the THE it's not Psycho active. And then the console boat large amount of additional properties of the candidates plant whether it's marijuana or have. Homes from. The CBD. And so what you get it derived from The Herald. It's considered a finger food supplement and doesn't have that take electric property but it's a really good interaction with those could have annoyed re chapters throughout our bodies that affect our immune system as well. Hours are brain. And you put that so well because typically when you talk about feed needy people automatically think THD and marijuana and that's not what this is. At all. At this point is hit derives DDD available without a doctor's prescription is there some way you could get that today. You can find it online you can find it good health food stores. Companies that I is by days says she be sciences has their product policy PD oil. Available at 17100. Helped lead story around the country and every day. And so it is available cute when it's derived from parent and you can go to the grocery store buy hemp seeds. So what does this is that oil derived from the whole health plan and it's considered soon. Also if you move frequent AT grocery store or a Whole Foods Market of some sort you can request some of this stuff. For a long time I never solemn make three being sold in the store in a good product form. And all I had to do is talk to my brochure and then before I knew it. They were providing you with the brain and that I had researched and wanted to use so speak up if you need something you don't see it at your your whole foods stores right. Well and I hope. Little on the big size does justice. To it Amazon but you know weird here. Local grocery store particularly. Called them mom and pop health food stores. Wolf almost if they don't carry it they certainly. Are much. More likely to. Want to carry it if people are asking where. I for sure are not calling out B grocery store whole foods I just need a whole food markets once there are more organic. Ones that are maybe mom and pop Blakey said we have. We have a lot of farmers markets around here you'd be surprised the kind of stuff they carry as well but yet definite I don't know about all foods and not a fully with an I don't know if they carry these products. On our right. What are the biggest thing the most surprising thing. You learned while researching and writing your book in going down the worm hole when it comes to these concussion the knees ET eat. Issues people are dealing what more common now. Well believe it or not the same if that has surprised me and continues to surprise me. Every single day is the resistance. That I yet problems the medical community. Something as basic as nutrition I think that it goes back thousands of years and you know what you're talking about hamper a native trees. Or you know the velocity. Hippocrates said you know let. You'd be guided medicine and so the resistance. That I get from the medical community. Has been the most surprising thing and that's my name that's really just strengthened my resolve. Choose to get the word out and so. Two people like your listeners. You know. To improve their brain and help and it daily basis don't wait for an injury but just do it on a daily basis. And so that's that's the most important message that I have decided I a lot of trying to get out we need to do to researching the top down you know medical journal and and that top down approach for medical community we sure we need to do more of that research but I'm so. The thing that surprises me is the resistance. I guess something as simple as nutrition. Why do you think you get that kind of pushed back. It's. I say or a victim of our own success so I mean. He kind of old go back. A punchy years. You know we come at a World War II we have Victoria the greatest generation we. You know have polio vaccine smallpox is eliminated. Antibiotics come on the scene. You know all kinds of childhood vaccines we put a man on the moon there's nothing we can't do. And and so we. Basically. The pharmaceutical industries. B came really important and really powerful. Because it looked like legal actions. Control work. Cure any disease. And so we stopped teaching the basics of nutrition and medical school and an R&R O help. Sciences really. When brains collides. This is the new breakthrough. Book written by doctor Michael Lewis of course it explains what we have been talking about mildly. A therapeutic doses of Omega three. And what you have learned about concussions and CT eat how we can help prevent that now aside from nutrition being something that you. Advocates for ends had seen can help. Are there other things that you think industries are people should be looking at in order to help prevent these concussions is again only talk about this and we talk about CT eat you automatically think athletes and football. Well I think some common sense thing you know Lee in a lot of you often hear you know we need to eliminate American football well. Okay let's say that happens. I can tell you soccer will be the next thing on the chopping block ice hockey because it. You know those circuit they're they're collisions sports. But oddly huge fan. Team sports I I compensate life as a team sport. And those lessons that we learned on the field are applicable to lose the rest of our allies and how we work together out of how to win how to lose had to do it gracefully. How to persevere. Those are really important lessons that you're not gonna get on the count plane Xbox. And so. My biggest thing is that I think we need to be active we could do it smarter. We you know through rule changes. You know hockey and soccer have come out list in no heading under certain age are no checking. Under certain age and I think that. There's you know the idea of like what I chose for my son was. Up until middle school he played. Like football instead of tackle football and you know Tom Brady didn't start playing football. Tackle football until ninth grade in panic Peyton and Eli Manning started playing and acting as sick as seventh grade. So there's not at this idea of getting four and five year olds out there playing tackle football I think is a certain but that's just my opinion. When brains collide you begin at I recommend purchasing and reading it just reading some of the eggs certain things I was provided with that really is eye opening. And I like taking this for approach do you wanna try something why not just try starting with boosting your vitamins and boosting your Omega threes. Doctor Louis what an amazing conversation. What great information you provided us. But I liked and all my talks by asking what you feel the three most important things our listeners should take away from our conversation. Well number one is. I hope. I and it says I hate. Team that is I'm not a neurologist I can't let this problem Doug was still an infectious these diseases epidemiology. And I just felt that there has to be a way to deal with concussions and brain injury that just made worse sense and so. I wish him the book brain when brains till I made which is available on Amazon. It's a book about hope that there is more you can do you don't have to just goes to the dark room. And by the way you know these sort of war the second thing would be. After an injury is people who need exercise or rope they can exercise certainly not. Afraid of the game but a rope thick exercise to get more blood flow to the brain we find it won't lead. Take kids and you put him in a dark room and take away their phones and now they can't be social with her friends. And you isolate down at just makes the problem worse we need to have a much more pro lack. And active approach to helping people recover. Think he's so much for joining the program for talking with us today about what you've learned while reading your book. Wind brains collide thanks again Donna let's. You're you're South Florida this I hate him won a one point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil garden. Here we are less than a week away from the Susan G. Komen Miami Fort Lauderdale race for the cure hated talk about this annual event that has gotten bigger and better every year. At bay front park are Kim heard board presidents and Jerry Martin Curtis operations manager thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for having us thinking the only really appreciated the opportunity to talk to you as well as our guest Christine C. Our first let's go ahead and talk about common Miami Fort Lauderdale and its mission. Before we get to the lock to. Our mission actually is to help our local community with the fight against breast cancer. We tried very hard on a daily basis to be able to provide the services from education. To screen to mammograms diagnostic testing as well as chemotherapy for those that are trying to fight. Ultimate goal is to make sure that everybody is a survivor. So we reach out on a daily basis and trying to make sure that people know we are there we wanna be a helping hand for our community when it comes to fighting breast cancer. So if someone's listening and thinking you know I'm unaware my money's going if you get Tacoma and you're giving to the local community. Yes Ashley 75% of all dollars raised will actually stay in our local community the other 25% goes on a national level to develop slicing medication. The 75% this phase in our community. Because our grand teeth in the near the resources that provide the mammograms for diagnostic treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy. And after here. So they're kind of like your partners in this he says it they are able to give us a lower rate now and you pay them or something and then that's for people go for how it works we grant the funds who then. Which are for this. Their specialty is sure. And when patients if they call us then ennui to recommend to those resources. And we fund each one you know you grand according to what they're doing and where they need it didn't end. When the pace and contact them they get a tooth whatever protocol fits them and they go forward that way. We don't provide any services are great tees provide. All of the services of course he's a summer thing right now they have family members it's been diagnosed with breast cancer and I like I don't know what it. Would you suggest you go into your website. Actually I would suggest to give us a call because the way our grant money works is by Tony. So we would wanna make sure that we send them to the right service provider for the right services that they need. So in Guinea and one on one conversation with us would be the conversation where it I would want them to start. Our number is 9549090454. And we can guide him to make sure they get the help they need as soon as he needed. Because I'm sure reassuring voice and people have gone through this is our got a house. All the data down and one of the series prognosis is to learn that you're in a life or death situation. So we can indeed they are indeed have ray of hope for them and make sure that there are connected to the right community service provider. We feel we have started at least on the path to survivorship program. Now of course every senior here is going to talk about yourself is what about this big race run extravaganza day Saturday the fourteenth. And so would like to talk about what it's all about. Can't play you talk about as long as you the McKinnon which is now going on twenty years strong points you talk about how we were in Wear red now and I can get into some consultant. Pepper for this year and certainly pound the first I thought attendance. I was maybe. I year and from I'm 22 year survivor. And congressional gym may have been 200 can overtake survivors for the profession. And now there's over a thousand and what's the stage grow and grow and grow I've watched the amount of supporters who grow and grow and grow. And it's really. An experience that's hard to describe it. From a survivor's standpoint. When you're walking their procession. And you know their mid and send. They just make us feel really special when you see all the people cheering you line in tears come into my eyes when you see all the people cheering the line. And you see people. That are newly diagnosed some people are still in treatment some people crying real tears to their two weeks who really blocked the procession. Just really touching its really moving. And it's an experience that. I think everybody should. You know apartheid you know come out and celebrate. The survivors than everybody knows someone. That's either dealing with breast cancer you know has had it or maybe didn't survive it. You know it's a beautiful experience. And I look forward to it every year it's easily around my birthday so that's my celebration. Integrate celebrate yet they are Jennifer I have. And a little reminder here beyond being a survivor. Now the day itself is obviously. More than just the walk with Iran it is the same driver it begins with a survivor walk procession turns out. I actually do start with a survivor procession which it started right about 730 on the day opens up right at 6 in the morning on Mara can begin to. Sort of clarify that date it's October 14. And it's not only a celebration a day but it is actually our largest fund raiser as well. And so we do encourage people to register we love that you can come out be part of this sea of pink with us we do look sort of establish ourselves as Miami's largest paint party. But we do need the funds that day as well. On the funds of the fuel for a fire we're not able to have the grants put a patent the community we won't be able to support our community partners and provide services on a year round basis. And lest we can get to our goals that day. So that the day is. A year round effort and our part in terms of our team at the komen office as well as our board of directors. To make this as successful as possible is not only in number of attendants but how much money we actually recent data. Car in terms of you couldn't walk you couldn't you can mockery he can run. And this is sort of for five K run right it is 858. On as well as ages regular walking as you mentioned and we also have a one mile walk as well. So if you don't think he can do a full three and a half miles we've got a beautiful one mile walk down right next to the same day. And we also have a beautiful area dedicated just to the kids. There's so many kids consider their mom's and relatives are affected by this disease and we want to make a special day for them to. So we've into what we collar kids zone. We've got a great inflatable is out there we've got and kids dashed just for kids kids only from the ages basically from two to twelve. We've got face paint team we've got a physical fitness thus we've got a whole array of staging dance performances and zoomed out kids. I'm really doing things especially just for kids who said they can look at the stay end. Our goal is to have them become volunteers eventually with us and and to partner with us in this fight against breast cancer. The success and we also have a virtual. I'm yeah luck and need to stay at home you register. And you still hoping that supporting. With dollars and unsuited to stay home and then. If you honestly yeah Saturday yeah. That is a special sleeper yes. And got a wife come in Miami for an oddity known that our common MI LE FT alum dot org slash race. Slash race and you can go on there and become a virtual locker yes as well as register to come out that day to. So that there was yes he is there are cut off times since were less than a week away or can you still register to the last minute or you can actually registered day of his wealth for it is a little hectic to register day of long lines might get a little lengthy so I enter a link. Getting those packets yes and so we always do encourage. To register day before our least this week and you can come down a day or two before pick up your packets all you have to do that day is coming have fun. And for those that thumb don't mind fundraising. And there's a way to fund may sonic speeds without going anybody you're doing anything mentioned started to its whose social media. You know all we have on the lumps if they want to go to to. Can help with yeah hello. Connecticut a package. But they register packets on the twelfth and thirteenth will be Eddie from park on our packet pickup started at 10 o'clock and run to six. And then of course that morning on day up on the fourteenth he conserve picking up your packets succeed in the morning. OK so have you noticed. Because of Herman Herman disrupted a lot of people have power. And I think a lot of people's rhythms everything's off. So have you noticed it on bridges is down a bit this year without a doubt. On Herman did it hampered. Our registration our focus in general I know everyone including us more concerned about our community. And making sure that our community was able to get through this. On thank goodness knock on wood as they say then we did not experience a level or category of hurricane that they got her mom's going to be. But still lots of destruction people without even Internet or electric thing when thinking about going out to a a five K at that point in time. So I'd say we're probably running no pun intended there on about three and a half games behind in terms of where we learned normally at this time for registration. So it would make sense because Herman took a chunk of our lives away and it is for somebody as it was a week without power for two weeks or without an Internet or phone. So yeah I would say that seems about right is wrong running behind an. The risk of sounding insensitive. We are concerned about people that you still recovering from Irma. At the same time there were women that we just diagnosed. And you're dealing with the aftermath of Burma and trying to figure out how to navigate. In other health care system you get what they need if they're uninsured. So we still have to keep doing what we're doing and keep fighting the fight to help them you know especially now after Irma. You know valid point and a really good lesson because you're stressed and over the storm imagine having to answer Herman and stress over the fact that you just got this diagnosis you. And worrying about how you gonna pay for because that's the other thing with health care you worry about can I afford it oh I can't help it I'm sick and you don't need to do it but I you know how do you afford it. Can definitely need on that note I was when I was diagnosed. I equipment. And you decide over my own business and for a little bit I've done I let cope ago you know just accused intense and more cash on hand. And that was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So I got my radiation as part of the clinical trial. Funded by donors. You know and grants he's you know and I wouldn't be here we're not for tennis people. You know doing what they do well we're asking them to do now you know to save another life. And here I am 22 years later. That's pretty powerful to her very Catherine so. Speaking of let's go back to your story is your 22 year survivor. So you you just start your business before you were diagnosed or how to come about. Yeah before I was diagnosed. And been in the business found a year. Maybe a year and a half. And you know consonant final Coburn and a fight to. Not that this was six months post thirty guy you know CN you know sure felt invincible. And and found on adolescent. Where I am my daughter is starting their freshman freshman year in college. And it was crazy it was really crazy. Yeah and one grant he's. It's America mind all of my. Treatment and everything and it's been amazing amount a lot of wonderful people there. And done I know a lot of people have the same thing to say about it the grand teeth and I was trying to find my past in a figure out what I was you know my purpose was. And I don't always kind of help people. And then when this happened I just knew that I want to help more women because I didn't have anybody help me I didn't know where to go I know who'd ask. And when I've learned about comment there weren't a couple of years noon. And they weren't as well known and I don't think. They got into the league with Cranston. And resource is the way you are now. And I didn't wanna see anybody else have to go through that that's really aren't you fighting for your life. And flown talk to me that my medicine you know to help women that are having a lock in those sues you know if it does feel a little bit easier. Yeah. Pretty amazing so that. You starting your own business was actually. And I guess fate has another idea in mind you dominated that's enough is enough and it. In the end of Q&A new direction in which is on IC Robertson was aware you are now twentieth Ernie Kent and how many people have your facts and I'm sure I am and how. Pacifist. Thousand a couple. More than that it is. OK so now we've got the top the block the runs. Now there are many ways to fund raise for coming talked about the virtual lock. Now I understand you can also donate your car. He can donate your car he could host your own fund raiser and that's actually how I got involved in common as well. I'm unfortunate my mom vanish in breast cancer in 2005. And we had always been advocates on basically for women and what as well as children in our community. We were in the beauty business together and we found out she had breast cancer and I think we were living in as little bubble that we all doom and when it comes to cancer. And they do not meet until it is you from. So we said we needed to do what we couldn't manage to get the word out there and we get it within our own business but also with our clients we got a lot of press health information out there and did a lot of fun racing. On the and then unfortunately my mom's health took a turn on very quickly for the worst and she lost her life a year and a half later he's saying and I'm thinking. I say to myself calm I had two options either. To pretend this didn't happen and to sort of put it on a shelf and and and they could all go away. Or I can use my mom's story. And used my passion because I was such best friends with my mom. On to get others to do to keep themselves in check in day and I put a goal in front myself the first year after my mom died. On some recent how much money and race this year to help other ladies and I said a 100000 dollars. And little that I know on. I was putting the right care confront any ended a year later we raised a 1101000 dollars from wow and that is does not come easy that is a dollar at a time that. But it's thinking that concretely in pink. And in doing what you can to involve others on any time particularly now what's going on eleven years since my mom passed away. There's probably not anybody and meet on a daily basis that they don't encourage them the same story to pay it forward. We can do this together it's all about teamwork it's about making a difference fallen back to the old no I in team. Right time it is one thing I always remember my town my mom telling me that anything's possible as long as you're willing to work hard for. And that's where it from third parties is what he column because you're actually putting on your own damn thing just sort of putting on it he. Since your goal to help other people in the community and that's for common becomes involved felt that you know those dollar's gonna go to work right away. And it really can happen in the simplest of ways from the way I did that first year and again probably a little overboard in pink for most people. But every couple weeks was either a luncheon I was hoping to put together between 2030 people. A small amount dead on from the luncheon because they partnered with restaurants. On other times it was essential beauty products on selling stuff to my customers a percentage of that pond was designated or earmarked to it to come back. A lot of times those customers also did the same thing so I gave them a discount. They passed a discount back into a discount and raise money that way. We did kind of sun's out in the community where you cut hair for cheap price brought everybody together in certain places those were sort of are our biggest thing because that would involve fifty or sixty salons during the same thing on a Sunday together we pre 67000. Dollars in a day wow. And then other times I would turn restaurants on two haven't typically night have a cover charge and then we'd all gather celebrate life together. And then that money would come to komen. In the Deon said he through the years on people start calling me now for their recommendation. So people call me and how I can get help because if been diagnosed in people also call me how can I help you. In and we involved in either as a race for the cure volunteer help us with some different things and other people decreed spirit they sort of wanna put their own signature on something. And we teach them how to host their own party but let them know we've got their back on the tube so to me that is so fulfilling when you can start getting a network of people. And they just have this vision that they wanna help and when you give them a path to help. It's most rewarding thing you possibly can. Thought we see you have the tools and what you're doing it on your own before he ever joined Cummins. So. What an asset you must be for the organization that you know if I applaud your own. 2005 cents a the incredible. I'm so you can also get a big MasterCard. Yeah again for Bank of America issued again and enforcement that becomes a donation to komen. And there there's actually if you go on our komen website there's actually community partners out there just isn't mentioned. On different people in our community who want a raise money for komen so there's places to go shop. In eat. And have fun and not only during the month of October but it heavy duty during the month of October on the page so check out our calendar of events since he can't make it out race stay in you now willing to sign up as a virtual participants leave and for the care. Go out have some fun and these are the places because every penny counts and it makes a difference. Well he just joined us we're talking with Cheri Martin Curtis operations manager and Kim heard board president of comment. Miami Fort Lauderdale Susan G coming Miami Fort Lauderdale and return and I wish you can help calm and of course the biggest way of all right now it's coming out Saturday October 14 at bay front park. For the race for the cure they also have the run for the pink. Yes and I was like that. Get started three years ago on we always our signature races are downtown Miami race side will be going on for years now that's going to be February. Eighteenth. 2018%. Of teens are lucky number for next year and it that actually is a beautiful run it starts on my cell listen Fort Lauderdale. Goes straight down muscle list anyone may and you run along the beach and we end up right in front of the B he Amare. NC. Run with inside Iran there's a large marathon going on Tuesday called they won a marathon. And he's a lattice the opportunity to put a smaller six K within his within his romantic so we run right after his marathon runners take off. That's great and an opportunity and what a great venue on superintendent and I just couldn't ask for more beautiful than yeah I think you're here. So is that are more and more participants every year Jonathan Allen yes actually we we started off with just a handful of participants to be honest is troubling to some of the first days and was coming out to Indiana. Thorough signature walk downtown. We start off for about a hundred. And last year we were about 500. Also within three years five times what we started with me so. That's impressive. We know that desire is there and now we get people oh a way to get involved so we were very excited about growing at an in Macon and even. We hope one day to be as large as he has and how good our our goal this year is to hopefully Lee's double or numbers. Thanks in terms of downtown how many people do usually shocker to me it just seems like a sea of pink. We agree with you life. In terms of actual registration right around 101000. And then there's usually a family or friend that is standalone two NC a look now at about. Thirteen 141000 people all coming together for a common cause I'm figured it was thirty or forty. People don't have decision sure feels like it and I so tell me about the pink tie guys. Actually a genuine to you me. I don't under how Dawkins and didn't get. So I'm pink tie guys are ambassadors. I am supportive they've always supported us. But we wanted them to get out there and spread the word you know. They raise money to fear that they think we have them into their fundraising. And we invited them to do things like sporting events and get your guys. You know dump something in the bucket you know and and helpless to raise money get the word out and as you know term male I'm breast cancer survivors and for and every year race I recently found the couple more a couple more a couple more so it's really growing. And not that that's a good thing but it's good that. They're not just staying in the background in feeling more comfortable about coming forward with this. And found they are fundraising. They need it and doing meeting grief at their race they'll be helping us with that and the survivor procession. And just getting. More involved. Should do and actually working Tice Regis come the pink tie guys that's sort of our gift. And how we get them started we Doolittle. Mix and mingle when they first get started on his ears program and again they don't need to be breast cancer survivors to be part of this just went into the ambassadors for a single out and talk about the program let people know that Coleman is locally in the community as well as a national organization. We lesson for a 750 dollar fundraising commitment. And they can do that throughout the year and that way we feel on. Well we are doing is even bigger voice in the community. On in different avenues so we we have men that are teachers. On local business owners on some involved in sports how. Opposition politicians and so look at things I've never done it themselves spies everywhere can end we actually inaugurated ordinances be in our classroom that year by giving them make komen pink tie and so has your little signature running ribbon on the that we have some toward that special events to sort of perfect identified himself. I basically stand out visiting Saigon ending represent common you know it's a real men do where patients. That's great I love that idea now what about warriors in pink what is. Thanks for recent pink is as recognizing. Survivors every year the first year we did it. We started this. A survivor to represent each year fifty affiliate with both. And it's been amazing every year you meet a lot more I'm out of found. Interesting women from all different walks of life. And we can't culmination. Like the pink tie guys they're receptions in different events along the ear we asked them to be ambassadors is a well put the word out about Susan G. Komen. The resources that we provide the community. And it culminates this the year next year will be march 18 yes we stick with eighteen how. I. With a luncheon this celebrates them we have. A silent auction. And that's growing. And this will be our third year fourteen years BR thirty here and if more people getting involved and we need more sponsors. A chorus of always. Under this another fund raiser you know to get us through our goal with grant season every year we wanted to grant more money. To provide more resources. Because breast cancer death in Fatah. Unfortunately I have and the lawyers actually become mentors for our community to we have sent to share their survivorship story. So you can find those stories online with us president also put an out of our social media. In his as Kim said we we celebrate their it they're survivorship along with the luncheon but throughout the year and they actually had a for survivor procession in the day of the Miami race for the cure. Yeah yeah yeah so baby come on sort of aids. I would say someone then people can easily feel they can reach out to when you've got that diagnosis or well here's in this case 22 different women. They can look at their years of survivorship and they can actually personally contact them so if they do have questions. It's an inherently mean show women from a unfortunately as as early users there early twenties that have gotten breast cancer part of our group. As well as as ladies into their 60s80s. Are part of her group so there's not someone that they. Can't find that they can identify with and again like you said summer storm just students unfortunately. And in some of them have gone through it in conceded breast cancer is something that they can live through the mess are important message if we can catch it early. That is the most important thing for content and. Early detection early detection the other thing is a research others in the money that people get to come and go to research. 25% goes to National Research that's a national research and the rest days here to give back to those that are to provide services. Yes and so I think because at least you know if you're gonna give money you're giving it to the two most important reasons why back to the community and for research. So we've we've we've got to covered in terms of all bases there to be able to make sure that. All we're doing the most that we can to make sure that someone is gonna find said survivorship is what they can see in the Bryson. All right well we have. A handful of minutes left so. Is there anything you want to add before we go back to all the particulars about the race I suspect and it. We do with call worship in pink. And we go into the faith based community and educate women on breast health. Especially in underserved community. Because you know no insurance. No mammograms and screening. Late diagnosis. Lisa's death threats and so yeah so we've we have a big piece on breast health. Continue to reach out just doesn't call that night by 49090454. On this at least three to four week notice and then we can be part of an activity there to make sure that we're bringing proper education as well as proper resources to the group. Progressive someone's listening and they're involved with their church and I think in this is the perfect. Nothing to do they can just call you up and say we want worship in pink yes. I and actually can be as easy as taking medicine program that she's put on her win so she's very involved in typically shall be your guest speakers while. We cheeses aged remote innovator but also it a good person in terms of being a teacher and had to make sure that you can. Find cancer early and make it through your diagnosis. Yeah we're always looking for volunteers and in Kim is is our longest term volunteer here going on twenty something years in the best and that's how I got started with komen as well. On how you started as a volunteer to aidid started. Raising money got into a volunteering and got on the board of directors came aboard full time as of April and Dinara komen affiliate here. On so if it does take a little bit of everything to make a successful so we earth. Again on a year round basis and needed anyone that would like to donate. PR marketing resources the word again looking for people that could just help us out administrative license he got a couple hours a month and you can come help lessen our affiliate of implantation. For all form open door policy there can an income CS and and we love to be able to have an organizational skills or anything that you might be able to offer on because soon. Make this happen for the community it is a work of lots and lots of people and lots and lots of love on volunteers are there are the basis of our affiliate has survived for 22 years. Okay server in terms of volunteers it could be anything from an office worker who is somebody or somebody can work social media food aid could be anything that happened photography social media and current yet. Alia not all of the I. Let's do it again OK Saturday October 14 how early can ensure that they from park 6 AM. 6 AM for the Susan G. Komen race for the cure you join us we will all be there when import. I think that I didn't mention initiative probably when we started our founder Nancy Brinker who started the Susan G. Komen an honor for sister. Is actually going to be with the same day this is the first time that she's been down to our particular affiliates race. So. Not for nothing. In my experience Brinker we have gotten tons of dancing and stage performances in musical acts on our stage we turn each of our zones up a notch. And really solemn peppered up today so please come see us coming Nancy come meet him and myself and are hundreds of other volunteers are Coleman's staff from board of directors. We welcome you we really really need your help. Kim and Cheri thank you so much stink here. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM the opinions expressed are those of hosting guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff. And our sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them too late SM it's like Miami dot com. That's a life TE SNL. YGE Miami's. This season Entercom communications corporation station 101 point five lite FMW a YS Miami ever finds Coral Springs.