Boob Talk

Monday, October 30th

The morning's guest, Dr. Carmen Calfa, an oncologist from UM Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Care Center, prompts Julie & Evelyn to discuss the correct way for you to do a breast self-exam.


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Tides you guys act. And blew thirty goal and one more thing welcome to our podcast. Listened era during filming now in our 2000. I'm freezing in the sun. God I love this weather that we are having sat that's delicious the weather if it's really been utterly outside built inside and cold like no one of the outside the zionist. That's a good point and plus we've had thermostat issues but that is for another day. Not today. I'm half we had a really great show today and that we had two very special ladies on the show yes. Doctor Carmen calls who is. (%expletive) and oncologists had known her for years now and Heidi Dennis. Now Heidi is the GM of the pelican Grande and four iron on for viral beats I am I'm her and I met. Through these suits stilettos and lipstick foundation. And she's you know we've both known as. Sometimes in life you meet people and you instantly click that was how I felt with both actually doctor cal (%expletive) And hiding hiding soul. And I just went how I need to Heidi nice I tether over that we over the last. Few months and I noticed that Suez and while in the Hyundai she called me and that has to mean Italian right breast cancer removed. I said okay. I am very thirty hear about what's going on you know have you made in employment satirist to turn the Tommy that she wasn't prolific doctor and I said do me a favor he said all I California yes. Police called this woman group. And so I said you know what I'll do the preliminary not texture and you adapt well this just goes to show you how fantastic doctor counts as. She immediately took a mighty. And said regardless of her insurance she was gonna try to help her in some way right. And it all worked out PS Heidi is now doctor countless patient and we had them on the show this morning for a couple of things. Wonders breast cancer awareness right against October. We started just talking with cancer at a can't. Because they feel like a lot of people I'm aiming at this point at a patient people. Don't know how to talk he'll exactly and I would admit that I am I could fall back category like I did this morning at this morning ask summit there remission hiding her it was like those of one of the questions and don't want you to ask. Because at the end of the day cancers still kind of looming overhead we don't really know for ever and this thing called her mission it was always in the back of our mind. So we talked about cancer at a Q2 thousand really into getting hit I would liken it to when someone passes away in your life. You know people don't know what to say no they and I think it doesn't come from a bad place it comes from not. I'll accord comes ignorant mass. And an all accord to write the dog court situations especially if you can't relate to them it's like cool and all its aid to be able free gala and then. Last they say they she doesn't like when people try to play doctor you know it when she tells friends that are cancer and a tiny transistor going to be tried that you're going to be got a second opinion it is that he's a you know I've gotten the point now I think I've got a doctor thank you or you can just be my friend. And yes so there was that that was very important and also one of the biggest things that came out of the cancer advocate is when you do speak to somebody about it. Followed their Q cell and you see some Arab party like heat. How are you. And I am great thank you. We don't keep pushing I just don't have a drink and I'm the man lying slowly and sixty URL yeah right. Now it it's like Heidi said she will talk about it if she wants two when she wants to write and nice times are then she wants to quarrel could just feel normal and not be talking about it. And she says she hates to them people see her work in like you're making too much he's like stop telling how work's gonna kill me is like being home doing nothing is gonna kill. Yeah the work fuels or is what she kept reiterate it. A couple of things they came out this discussion now is and I have had doctor cal signed the show's mean many times not just here. But I've personally seen the difference in the statistics and how their research and clinical trials and all of the yeah I had a positive outcome. In you know lowering. This stats on on mortality mentality it Sadr. And the biggest thing of course is early detection early detection and just sound checks and mammograms Heidi admitted on air. That she skipped a few years getting mammograms yes. However we had a listener call up and saying. She regular mammograms and that did not find the tumor but she did prompt self check correct. So doctor Kelso said she and many people you know and I said this as well. To check in the showers ulee's here and my doctor Carmen tells us that know us we decided as is such a great around anymore because. Here away and slippery unions are so old right. Says she actually had the video on the Sylvester comprehensive cancer center. Where she teaches you there a common good fake boob who loves to self detect and she goes there and explain then. I think it's a great watch if you wanna go see it. Check it out it's the Sylvester comprehensive cancer center on their FaceBook page you can like the page. And it looked like literally it tutorial on how to give yourself breasts are now know what do you well I thought I did right I do this. So I'm gonna watch this as well and if nothing else is just a good guide and and I know just the your flat and that let your arm over your heads when you go to the the Dinah gynecologist at that I don't harming the exact area so you need to ask for yourself as well. So that's one thing obviously scheduling mammograms. And it you know early detection is. Everything now but. It's not a death sentence no it's just died and and the biggest thing that almost everybody said this morning as you've got to have the positive attitude. If you don't it feeds it. Yes I think it's everybody's different other actors situation. So it's hard to say that analysts here in Atlanta I would like to think that like hi Heidi said she said it primarily in the studio. While on the she feels like she got this for reason and she hasn't figured out why yet. And I feel like that's a really great way to look at it you know I mean like it's a 100%. I am I have a yoga teacher Lamar and I haven't been the joke I had a long time I go. Yeah but I when I was going fairly regularly and she was just I mean again I was drawn to her she was so kind and giving and not all yoga teachers are believe me. In his camp joining giver her some credit now wanna give out give away too much. She had ovarian cancer and she said it was a guest and I remember thinking learn how cool says that's against. But she said it taught her about. Eat so much we had a listener called in said the cancer was the best they never happened to your. And she's now Nino would she say she was having to line calls closed. Patients and the FBI is like I was doing chemo when I was pregnant mice and is now seven and so an awesome. Beautiful daughter having arson in the us smile warming me that we talked Malone it's definitely cancer etiquette was really interesting it is very interesting followed accused that's the first thing we can say. I got. Does suggest you're not a doctor no good WebMD. I don't think you heard this my niece did that gobbled up no one cares honestly. Yeah at that patient has dealt with then heard it all and we're probably seeing a doctor and you do you know I mean yes and then cough also made. A point she's trying to go on to the comedian lower income to to try and get people who don't have insurance or can't afford mammograms to get them set up. With. With mammograms for freer like half I have to laugh my yeah family also just to have them do their own self attack the glass it's just it's just super important. Zooey titlist podcast feel your booties and yes I don't know (%expletive) in on that note. We bid you fond farewell my. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry before this morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and white Miami dot com.