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Saturday, October 31st

'Blood Moon Over Miami' made its debut Halloween 2015 -- and is available here for listening at your pleasure ... and discretion. Boo!
The LITE FM Players
Martina Van Helsing - Kimba
Man #1 - Joe Johnson
Man #2 - Bill Murphy
Fatty - Ken Clement
Dracula - Rob Sidney
Carl Tanzler von Cossel - Dave Corey
Elena - Jennifer Cody
Policeman - Brian 'The Beast' London
Lucy - Tina Marcos
Josef Van Helsing - Steve Gladstone
Host - Julie Guy
And introducing 'Yeroc' as Kieran, the Limo Driver 

Written, produced, and directed by Dave Corey 

'Blood Moon Over Miami' (theme song) written and performed by Matt Corey 

About his own 'Blood Moon Over Miami', Dave Corey reveals, 'I've always been fascinated by unknown things that go bump in the night. 

'South Florida is a font of ghost stories, bizarre humans and spooky locations. I worked at GableStage (in the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables) and every night before a show, the door to the control booth would close -- by itself -- promptly at 8 p.m. It continues to this day. This ghost, Fatty, is still in residence on the 13th floor. Or so legend has it. 

'Another interesting character (to say the very least), Carl Tanzler von Cossel -- is without doubt the most intriguing -- and, well, revolting fellow to have ever walked the streets of Key West. So I thought, what if Count Dracula and Dr. von Cossel were to meet and collaborate on a most horrific project: the rejuvenation of a dearly departed? That is a story I couldn't pass up!'

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W a YS HT one MW only half Miami and work its Coral Springs. Bucharest. Good evening. And happy Halloween. I'm Julie Guy. Tonight I'll be your hosts for the premiere of a brand new Dracula radio drama written for and starring the lightest ten players. Bram stoker's original story published in May of 1897. Has inspired hundreds of slaves motion pictures. And television shows so yeah. At last count there were over 217. Movies alone featuring the character of Dracula. That's second only to Sherlock Holmes yeah 223. Tonight's sweet present a story that and soon. As many have before that the county never really did parish. We Trace as a rival Los mathison hammock park. In 1943. To his showdown with the great granddaughter and vampire hunter Abraham and how sing. In contemporary times. His exploits will take us to such landmarks as the Biltmore Hotel still still Key West. And places in between as he meets and recruits the services that just South Florida's twelfth. Let's call them colorful characters. We invite you now to dim the lights so grab us this bulletin candy corn. Snuggle close with your loved ones. And strap yourself in for the lightest ten players hair raising terroristic Halloween presentation of I'd go oh Miami I handle my. The story Dracula is more than a yarn spun from the pan am one Bram Stoker. No it is reported on slightly amok well based on the belief that a blood sucking son of Satan terrorize Eastern Europe. Yankees' demise. Staked the true star is just beginning. My name is Martinez and health sing the great granddaughter of Abraham van health and the Dutch doctor and renowned vampire hunter. Rather unwittingly. I have become a victim of his notoriety as well as my father and his father before him. How we all stayed out of the limelight some of us even changing her last name they just couldn't help but make it our life's mission to follow up on what Abraham and started. But not necessarily finished. That was I guess you could say in our blood. So tonight I shell with your permission tell you why my research has led me to our very own backyard. And reveal the truth of the fate of our friend to friend. I'm calling it blood moon over Miami. It was the 1940s. And while the rest of the nation was still feeling the effects of the the Great Depression. Miami was relatively unaffected. You see early in the ward German U boats attacked several American ships including the port terra del Yana. It was actually attacked and sunk within sight of Miami Beach. As a result of the gulf sea frontier was established to help guard the waters around Florida. The navy to control of the docks an open air stations at a block and dinner key. Then came the air force and army pretty soon hotels became barracks that features became training grounds and peers were turned in the classrooms. Before long over 500000 enlisted men 50000 officers were trained here. Solitary alien came into South Florida for. Virtually. October 28 1943. Eighths to man. Mysterious wooden ship comes ashore off Matheson him park two men in my. Do you suppose. You're expecting any of negotiate. Knucklehead who Lilly Jane kind of being mean you can do so help me and stuff you billion can we got work to do c'mon. OK until college. When this thing. Bucks yeah that's it yeah. American BA let's get this thing is sure. Looks like a cool. Beyond. Overnight. I. My treatment and maps and dynamic articulate very very quickly and ran aground. Factory at least 75 year old el cargo or crew member or bounce. They've all walk all of boarded at Atlanta can't blame and shame to clap. And his girlfriend don't look at your gala. As I'm abroad have been an identity remains mom. Wolf the. I do. During the prohibition years the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables or thirteenth floor more precisely was a notorious gambling joint. No well heeled clients most of whom were Miami residents were watched over by New York mobster admiral Wilson and his two gangster enforcers. One of them Thomas Welch loved his lot in life and the cigars and ladies who came when it. Thomas is weaknesses eventually led to a heated argument with the Wilson and right in front of his thirteenth floor speech easy fireplace. Thomas' life was presumably no more. Over the years guests who visited the hotel swear that they heard his hearty laugh and smell the aroma of his Cuban cigars. A ghost. No my friends. He was in reality. Unbeknownst to his hoodlum comrades. And I'm did he see when Dracula terrorized London a Chevy young Thomas Welch was claimed by the counts fangs. With my great grandfather on his trail he fled to America where he blended in with the Irish immigrants and feasted on the excesses of flesh. Including the blood of many an attractive young female. When defense including the infamous Eliot Ness down in the person of interest. Thomas simply vanished and found his way to a comfortable nest on the thirteenth floor of the Biltmore. That gunshot. Oh it was Edward Wilson at the trigger but time this was already dead and disappeared into the woodwork. Leaving only at night as of. That's our own all the film himself blood on the home listen disenfranchised. And patiently waiting. Current yeah answer to our time. You. And you'll. When we're only just wants to do do do well. Don't build more. The hospital for wounded soldiers. Again. I don't get this why he'll just showed up would you we're almost there we dropped this box off we grab but don't we take a powder no questions asked. Then we can go get so lost. Pink yet it until we get so lost. No joke well listen to the finish today. At the onset of World War II the fashionable Biltmore Hotel was converted to a huge hospital. The army air forces regional hospital it was called the beautiful travertine tiled floors were covered in drab army issued linoleum. Many of the room windows were sealed with concrete. The thirteenth floor Thomas is little haunts with the virtually deserted accessible only by steps from the twelfth. Build. I don't know come out of where it goes in his mind likes what clothes and school. It's because he's yapping too much all hold your red wiley and get the door. Yeah Reno religion hey here. Apologies like I can't see squash no one of those candles here. Kenneth swanky true but just think he's getting in the smells like cigars. And. Let's just drop this thing. Coach don't want your mullah fellas I. Today sure. Where aren't yet number I don't hear. No we're here. I'm not being. And soul along and you guys did a very good job delivered an issue and that's why aids in the. Thanks mr. join me in a smoke on Shia as fake split. Will be. On. Patient let's just take ditched distillate continent should do that. I am a tree do you know too much. We don't only not so long shadow does. You shooter took to smoke. Yeah. There's a difference between vampires fight in the sense that you rending of flesh a dwarf mine inflict upon his victim. Let it henceforth be known that a vampire not only has the ability to change its form into that in the back notable dwarfs as well. Things have been vampire served to puncture the jugular allowing him defeat in flourish on the blood of his prey. With us the victim becomes un dead him or herself. And the community of un dead grows. But as was the case with their two unfortunate delivery man when the vampire chooses to dispatch of a perceived threat and it transformed into a wall it's been well. For yourself. Ensuring crazy. Through these combined with a. Combined with a list of two days. And up through the chimney well. Problems solved. Spence good to update. And let's see what the voice of rugby in this sport and over COLT. Dirt. My dear comrades mr. winners. Mr. Welch put ain't that a kick in the pants mister Welch but was anyone's call me. Fighting case. I believe you said trying to out drive me would be foolish ready. God of my god pressured by flesh I suppose I should thank you for making meet internal heat are not yet that. So what brings you to this joint. Dracula. Weight per Q Croat. In the words of the American author Mark Twain that reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. True a knife was driven into the chest of one fitting my description. Also true of the entities head was separated from his poppy and they need inevitably follow him. But fast food and harassing thought she was immune to my powers of hypnosis. In actuality the one who offered up his body and soul without salvation was the one who were shipped me. We stood our M infused. You sure have a high crude lawyer talking track. So it wasn't you come to the chase. Who we have many lives to live mr. roach needs. Fat cheese factory. Many lives to live and come what may all bad fortune is defeated by patients. In this sarcophagus is the soil of my homeland. You must ensure that it is secure at all times. I fear that we've done harassing offspring may be continuing their genetically foreordained and obsessive waves. In time I will require 2 rooms. I am aware of your penchant for monkey shines and other antics exercise caution in there you loose end. Be prudent to in choosing those from whom you've drawn nourishment. Your anonymity is so. Prime importance of time to succeed in my pursuit for all this I shall reward you with riches and boundaries to make even more delicious the eternal life I have already provided. Brett it cuts which they touched. Pinky promise strapped. Can keep promise. Pain keep paying cable that whoever chose a life with seeing downloaded about basic never rise up again are really happy now. Filler but now I need to drink if you don't I mean that. Join me to know all I implore you'll be careful Disco beat patients. Fun too we meet again. He that sure. Kids' jewelry. My father Joseph. I wrote in this journal of the most unusual case his father was investigating in the late thirties and early forties in the Florida Keys it was so on and horrifying that it even caused a man helping to shatter in the telling tale. It involved in the Cobb romance of a radiologist hurled tons lawyer who also called himself count Carl Von tussle. The story goes that in 1927. He abandoned his wife and children in Germany to work in the United States marine hospital in Key West. While there is still in love with a 21 year old Cuban beauty by the name of Maria Elena moloch rebellious. He assumed her to be the woman of his dreams. She believed he had been visited by a dark haired apparition for years and then now Alina had reveals herself to him in human form as the love of his life. Even though she rebuffed him but alas she had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. At the time certain death sentence. Carl was so smitten that he set out to save her. Homemade contractions sand solutions and elixir is creditors small bedroom. Is Dana you must fight with all your strength. These medicines along with my love will maim jewels and our future to guess it would be secured. You foolish man. Leave me to eat my remaining palace in peace. What does this even to cease has left to a demotion or my idea you must eat. I have thought. And while I am weak I mean I think that include green to a bit late and no actual face is please. Ten assists. Days later on October 25 1931. Alina took her last labored for a. But a determined Carl would not let go of her bankrolling an extensive mausoleum and making sure that a mortician clean her up. To his liking it and restore her beauty. Little did the Stanley note that the only person to have a key to the mausoleum was Kerr Ol times Lamond coastal. Is this it's were nightly. For two years. Elaine. Here. Now I want to do just can't track coach should this and I can make a decision dialing. Hope she still sees that I do love you. And have come to bring you home. I'm working on a formula to green tools tomato soup can scheme and ten deflation and computing and there should be extra lift us hi. Hi into the stratosphere so that. Radiation from outer space might penetrate your tissues. And restore life to your son and informed. Of course of course you relive this man and why. But no more talk I must take cue from him before dawn arrives. The rest of Carl's story is not for the squeamish. If there're any impressionable minds listening to those faint of heart I suggest seeking other means of entertainment for the next few moments. You you. Many. Car old carefully lifted the Lena from her resting place for agents placed her in on what you call a little red wagon there. And covered her with a fresh linen sheet and we'll turn to his home slash laboratory. For the next seven years Karl kept delaying a life. By employing several methods of preservation. Wire hanger serve to keep the frame of her decaying corpse together. Wax was used to preserve her features rags to keep her chest cavity prominent and various oils and disinfectant to mask though horrid smell of her rotting bodies. Most parts of Elaine as a body had been reconstructed and for almost eight years Carlin Maria dressed in a wedding gown. Lived in a most of the common ghastly way. As husband and wife. Fun to lose 31 to lose three. They seized nineteen if you never told me he was such a magnificent and Santa. Fun to lose 30. Pete's glorious holding nicely done so bottles and see I knew definitely lives warnings flying disk. It's one to three he could. You over a tough cookies so. And good news starting thanks very close to perfecting. You can move shouldn't compound and see each a kiss here at. We'll tell them you're. Open up police won't moment. Please. Groups like we have some visitors. You must be tired and you know I'm just there yes. Yes please I need to talk news or of course from second tour. Let me set you back in bed trying to see two against them. On the way up. Monday evening so. He's come in and hands let me see your hand I certainly I've been noticing that high you'd. To what do you owes the honor of your visit to a need to have a look around at peace and meet cast Cecil gossip. Thank you. Excuse me then. What's in that room are sleeping quarters a lower yeah. You may end too but he can not to just to believe that she's she's had a busy day of course I'll be quiet. Should should you may current. Well they're not. Fans don't get. I'm placing you under arrest. And so Carl was separated from the love of his life and put on trial in. The charge in. One Chile and maliciously destroying agrees and removing a body without authorization news surprisingly the public sentiment and sympathy tended to favor the dawn lawn of the dead. Especially among women. In some twisted way. They consider the story of romance and Alanis body was put on display and a Key West funeral home. Forced thousands viewed her grotesque remains under the guise of paying their respects him. The case was eventually dismissed the statute of limitations on his crime had run out and upon his release he had one last request. If there is a family would be amenable. Kind of reputation for it was a release of my price body to. Of course that was not to be and Carl retreated to his laboratory. Where he charged 25 cents for personally guided tours. The business dried out pardon upon and most believe that Karl tons more Von coastal retired to obscurity in zephyr hills Florida and not quite. You okay. My. Love horror news. Zero and. Long term goal. It was 1947. The recession Carolina never strayed into. While her body was taken from them and buried in an unknown location. Carl fashioned an effigy of her complete with a death mask interested in the lane as close. Carl also an accomplished organist seemed more at peace now and would spend hours a night playing for the benefit of the artificial Alina. Best. My mentor naive. Here. News. I. Just go away. He's doctor bug cause I call those our friend I have known Needham a friend of but I have need to view on why can't we've buff friends leave proposition. Who are you before I send you. And no one has sent me. My name is in the article on. We called dog he'll I have admired your work and have colored great distance and we should meet. Very wins. I warned you so IE I am armed as a lying to the tools. Back. But I am just seeing how I assure you I posed no threat to us. Police and town. Forgive me your bureau of tires most the more stone who Schwab. But it's quite normal. For my people and then the vote shall make yourself comfortable. Thank you me I get to a beverage bowl I'm quite satisfied doctor vocal so. I've just now I had my life didn't. The minute you resent you have need of media but I don't understand. Humble and nice quality. Surely you must know that you're a celebrity in certain circles. And be this bad and so how do you possess certain skills that just caught my attention. And I've been following you closely. Closely vanity. You see I have friends in high places. She's doing. Nice. Flat muluzi clean. That's. This motorists growth fund he thinks there's a common vampire bat I think of the met is uncommon at all undid the but sunrise approaches so allow me to present my proposition. Very room. I a tool have lost a beloved do you numb I'm. Miss new CD would stand and not. Quite the most consider my exploits monster us. To legitimately sold to a certain extent hi im also driven by simple human desire. I cherish companionship and love as much as you doctor on call Sun Bowl Ohio required temporary U relationships. To new orders show my body's needs but. Who's seen. Like purely not. Plus my solo roommate. Oh I'm sorry for your loss. But for the circumstances of the death it would if you don't mind my asking my detractors. Word determine true save our soul from my spell. Which saw how motivated drove a wooden spikes through our hearts beheaded Barack. And feels Ers know Lewis and Garnett. Made every maggots on the flow and cash. Please don't talk that fast. Forgive me my hair tie and is so misunderstood. Did you. Did you. Connie and the empire yes. Bucs tight here fearing your voice doctor. Of course but only because you fear that which you yourselves have never experienced. If a bird never leaves the next few do not know the beauty of flight. And if one stands upon the shore he will never delighting the freedom of defeating the power of mighty waves. I wax poetic. Doctor Ron colossal. I need jewel to restore the body of my Lucy. I. I yeah I am not too quickly to you car. You were task would be nearly two enjoying her head into her body I will take care of of tourists. I meet him. Well it's not as if I could open a telephone book and find someone to provide your kind of service. Trust me you have. All the qualification. Yes if I you refuse and I we Marie pure inflation drew thousands of pieces. And distribute two vital organs to my friends. And and tried to join your bluesy yes OC PS I say if if I perform this surgery. I let you view that doesn't sound like if. Expatriates who ordered the Americans. I really return within my driver tomorrow and sons and I'm sure community. Unto event. No tricks RA we find you. Rouge. And so that next day at. After the sun had settled into the night a black 1947. Chrysler Windsor Highlander limousine pulled up to Karl's little hideaway. And I. Ago. I won't be able to keep him sting out of. Told doctor one course. It's pleases me to see that's your problem it's how long have you been sitting there. I need. Don't know sort of violence a couple of hours perhaps. I have my bags here and there you'll need just the one. Your tools but my clothing and toiletries are you need to just Europe tools we make sure you have all these future conflicts. That's. Very thoughtful and that I can. You've told. Through the night they drove him and just before dawn the grim trio reached their destination the Biltmore Hotel. The security was mysteriously absent as Carlin Dracula entered the elevator virtually unnoticed. X sitting on the twelfth floor and they took the flight of stairs to the thirteen. Pete's Pete's who ferried dark no matter your eyes will soon become acclimated I don't understand my concern. Yes mr. where coach pat Kate. If I don't knew was common I don't freshen up it is thank you for your patience sucks and it. But four years when your morals immortal. Yes. Who's your friend and my friend is doctored car old console Von colossal skilled in the practice of preserving the bodies of first appearance whatever you say. Nice to meet you props. Yes like price. You'll have to forgive him he's not comfortable around would be un dead at least I would like to get this over with them return home of course mr. Welch will that be have chassis we will show you to your chamber. Want to Cuba mosques I got tour is ready just like asked me 23 pence left me hungry I don't suppose you have hanging out let me pops. He yes think you want for Carl must have felt like he died and gone to. A place of eternal damnation. Certainly not where he expected his. His lovable woman to take him he was led down the candle at home to a rather ornate door. Period goal hope you find it country what critic Carl was nothing short of elegant. But musty and covered would decades of dust. The showcase piece of the room being an extravagant Italian chandelier. Featuring crystal prisons and pitched channel. On the floor a blood red carpet upon which sat in vintage for cuckoo furniture. Breathtaking. And frightening. At the same time. There are some ground on the table water access positive relax those and your bed is a right through that door Bates. Morning. Well Lou in these stingy dancing you couldn't tell day from night. As you know sunlight has certain disastrous effects on the flesh of vampires. Nonetheless. Sleep did eventually come to Carl and when he awoke there was. Activity in his room. Why didn't let us and cousins whom. My time is it tying Ted do the deet. Deet track could be here energy to do explained. And this navy dust out here eyes and splashing the water on your face it Adam. But I've gotten myself into. To perform surgery and lifeless body that since. In saying that you are saying. Doctor Von colossal sanity depends on one's own reality. Take the two of us in our quests we are driven by ones by a we love them. Love these mere millennium madness and I tell you deserves as well thought Collison that we as mad men to. And the reason why they are not sold punished and sure is that the lunacy this award that way that people with Paris aren't in love to. Shakespeare. You as my favorite. Soul shall we begin our callers leave a room you know. Yes. Let us begin cooling car. And just like got Karl had to come. Like countless others before him to be hypnotic charms of the count. While he was offered no compensation other than his own life for what he was about to do. Carla obediently set about the gas emission. Over half a century had passed since my great grandfather Abraham van health thing and his associates drew. Earnhardt. Merger head and he'll do with garlic her remains were supposed to have been removed to a secret location but eyes were everywhere. Cash. Lose she's unconnected remains were snatched that bag and lovingly placed in the coffin. This Hoffman. Until they could be proud rejoined Henry animate it. Momentous occasion had occurred so reattaching Lucy's head to her body was not a simple blood test is it might sound the first. Should you must to rehydrate. And Lucy. I have brought along several motions herbs and sodium peroxide. Annual bathtub of course this way. Place earns his tub. There remains a resemble those of the ancient pharaohs of Egypt skin extremely taught in dry over the bones. But garlic and Lucy's dole had long since turned into innocuous dust and was discarded in the now empty sack. Carl then slowly fills back. So with fifty gallons of water. I must be transparent misuse Dracula. I am never tested this formula. Bono human specimens. Did not have the opportunity to try it on my from the TrueCrypt from me before I am aware of hey I can make no guarantees my faith in your abilities is unshaken. Continue yes. Now I must commissions he doesn't comply. Disease so it might trucks ideas especially toxic and comes resolves a flesh if I'm not care for. And shaken this. Course. This process we usually take four days but I found that. Closely watched. It would require less than an hour from electricity is introduced as process. Have you and now in the nearby plus Reese is not the dark ages doctor on call also overcame I meant no offense. If you would kind of plug in this quote from me pleasure but now. And I submerged this into the solution. NBC news the skin and fresh beginning and saw. Yes yes really. And so within the hour the rehydration. Was complete enough quickly we must stops a process. And finally feel. Greens are far. Lucy. Hello my arms are. Carla Dracula gingerly remove. Is he has in body from the bathtub and onto the awaiting surgical table one. I it must rest now before right performs a delicate Mirko. Attaching as the jugular AM proud to diary in its final calls it no you must finish now she east tool created. Finish what you start to yeah. All right well. Jordan did. Wouldn't decision. Doctor. Earlier this year 2015 and Italian surgeon announced that he would performed the first head transplant within the next two years. A thirty year old computer scientist from Vladimir Russia and volunteered for the procedure. What occurred on this day almost seventy years earlier would never been known to the scientific community. Or even outside these doors Carl Von coastal. Despite being at the brink of collapse spent the next several hours hunched over at least he's body performing elaborate micro surgery. With the most basic tools. At last. At 3:30 the following morning. He just finished. Here is George moose and Dracula. I am eternally in your debts doctor on call so yes. But. I hesitate to say exist yeah. I am feeling do you. Elite I have done you'll bidding DX is a technology does not exist that we'll bring new life it was a dead aren't you forgetting Karl remember this was oiler requirement third best I said. Which for those to me that in her respectfully they need is not pop star Roche Friday's master. That's what I did there we ms. was stunned by into the next room carefully. Dignity. Remember that's. Usual seats please follow. He would be difficult track. Estimate more gasoline that which greeted field doctor. The room was seized in read most of the line. Hanging upside down from ropes attached to hooks in the ceiling work. We're several human bodies perhaps a half dozen in various stages of excess in the nation leaving out. They're jugular sport precisely slashed. The crimson. Trickling into an intricate system that she keeps it all and came into a large leading Middle East and large enough. The body. All three. Should we draw momentarily lose seats. You we shall proper respects or you will join them. Your choice forgive me mr. count and you can ms. western Iraq. Doctor are you still with us I. Can't touch all the tour plus extra witness the culmination of your labors is at hand. I feel free to fanning taken to the seat in the base of the draft. There you go. Can you see good cops. Yes. Phone two grand and wonderful. Now I will immerse might. Do you miss like this money into this life giving Max. They hold. I don't see. And I show my big bash. News. Thank you for. Pulled me. This is our time and eternity peaking this. What is this place. He tees existence. It's easy yesterday. It is part of our past and content content already the class to the next time. Don't remember it did Dracula yes I toast to you who see with that challenge so these same wouldn't feel it. I feeling this cup 21 may top of loneliness and no. A woman known for reduction of six to see mean pentagon. To whom the better elements in kind movie stars have given. A form sold fan that's like the man she's less. Than half tonight. Do you know I'm a veteran. Please don't bring all the. Please let me go. Now. Purely. Q3. Why don't the wrong call so surely you aren't giving up. I have such wondrous plans for us we was changed the course of history. And I am offering you everlasting. He noticed our. I want no part of as I see it see you have no choice but. I do. That age where they. At least thanks goodness. You know I will have no effects lawn than any of us I don't believe it's meant for months. She's right. You are. You require sleep and they. I release myself from New York control over me. Just like that. Carl to console on console life a sad twisted nightmarish life. Had been taken by his own hand. Cowardly act do you mind say. But wouldn't have been more cowardly to accept the council for immortality. Well something to ponder. The Dracula is virtually disappeared for the next several years my father Joseph. Had been on their trail for decades getting close enough to observe through the eyes of this confidential informant one Thomas Welch. Yes Zach Thomas Welch fatty. How did their relationship come about and what strange set of circumstances would bring vampire and budding vampire hunter together. Well immortality doesn't necessarily diminish one's vices and weaknesses. Study's biggest vice it was a medium bodied beauty by the name of liberal male aprilia. The legendary Cuban cigar first made over 140 years ago. That was all except fatty meat secret monthly visits to dad's exchanging Winston Churchill's favorite smokes for trek Intel. To be close to the action dad moved here with his wife reluctantly Intel. Unfortunately. Dad had his own diocese alcohol being the most insidious. So while he was keeping tabs and journals on the council whereabouts. The crucifix is wooden stakes and hammer passed down from great grandpa gave her hand and helping gather dust. He did have time for. Other pursuits. And ironically and Halloween October 31 1974. I was born. Under a full moon. That night in the turquoise jealous of this game day about a mile south of cape Florida. A party of monumental debauchery what's happening in a shack on sticks in a place known as the stilts built. I need. It never gets old Milo. Nor do we. Mommy needs time. It's great yeah. Voice over. Being stalked and lost it. Playing. Citing if you will be so kind if you didn't. Thank mouths didn't want to infringe yes remember my promise of riches and the rewards Jason Wu I never really big on pinky promise so that's that's not. Our one day and can do mood that I wanted us. To only be described as. A human motion. Lined up at two dozen or so homeless troubled or. Otherwise desolate individuals are varying age gender and nationality. One thing they have in common with blood in their names. Your will to fight had obviously been released as they just stood trance like unaware of their feet. But just as the blood feast was to begin it's not so. I am on Joe's that things. And V. I might breath. Just get through it. He's crucifixes and holy water on the real. Stand back. Fairly impressive I'm who sings. But seed to take more than drunken has been in his inputs and ban the cross Kennedy mercenaries to suppress mind she's. That may be true. But I will not abide the slaughter of innocent lives on the night of my two officers burst. Usually get these folks to the bumps. There's stand fast for me. You may have sport needs money from the have a splash in the. Oh yeah. And rent me. Grant us. Enjoy the rest of your. Nice to hear from my father was my mother. You Rhode details of that night in a letter she received a few days later. And implored her that in order to keep us safe she was to tell no one of its contents. The last few sentences were. I am. See it we'll catch up with me I am resigned to this and probably deserve whatever they. As I would love you an idea Martina. Into the next. His feet. Here it was one of lingering horrible pain. And it was the most courageous deed never witnessed too. Papers ran a great story for propane gas explosion destroying an ankle still still gambling casino. No deaths or injuries reported. Highlights. Purpose was. Inescapable. I. Mean. On the red move. Considering my family history. My childhood was fairly normal. Just functional way my mom never remarried and went so far. And our last name changed to be equally exotic list soared her. She carried many secrets and news they're getting involved with another man was just too risky such a shame. She was a beautiful woman with a personality to match of course she protected me with a ferocity of a line as soon. She insisted that I become proficient in the martial arts boy tell I've known as the spartans eight glimpse of him. It doesn't just focus on punches and shouldn't connecting kicks him. It also involves elbows and knees but violate teens one in every kick boxing tournament I enter. Monica never part with any of my father's memorabilia. And keeping it all safely locked away in trucks in the attic. That never daunted at curious child. After a few sessions coming through my dad's journals I understood why it was so sheltered and then their worthy sharp wooden stakes and old blood stain hammer. It didn't take long for me to put it altogether so soon he'll. After studying criminal law at the University of Miami. I worked my way of two detective in the Miami Dade police department and I'm not at liberty to disclose what I've been able to uncover in my investigations and missing person. Suffice it to say. The numbers are staggering. That doesn't include the poor undocumented souls who walk virtually unnoticed among us only to finish. And I also truly believe that there's event helping Jeanne that gives us an edge in sniffing out. The man dead yeah. Which is what film me driving style. And card sound road climb all the clock side trips have led me to popular haunts like this hearing is state the Villa Paula mentions. Even the colony theater I never went without without the family tour. Safely tucked in the little quicker this we'll my back now almost every one of these prices of Alabama Jack's. But this night might end housing radar to plead to a lesser known stuff and your little card point. A place called the oh diner element to. Here Paula even end I'll end. She just fell mind if I said it's counter whatever floats your boat kind of poke this still. An issue bill advanced. I mean you have menus banks. Nice little place. Fool you go or can hear you just let alone me and the count in the kitchen open an account. Yeah. Q you have fifty pounds so all you're doing that your only opening night. We get a lot of good crowd in here after the sun goes down folks do you like so happened that we. Lovable bunch of freaks should be here anytime now so yeah haven't seen you before you know. Around my it. My family goes way back well he did do seem familiar. Spot so to paint. So young lady what can I get should actually. I was wondering if I could fix you guys something. Alice and fix us something. Like plus I don't know how about yeah. Yeah. It's been. I'm always had a flair for the dramatic. Well clearly our get yourself to think. There's a nice little muscle we have got kicked out cartoon deceased dismembered and garlic stuffed friends in the trunk. Think for one instant that this is the end of my friends. It's any consolation. Just know that's got your back. To sleep tonight Nolan says the. I have and are looking to host. You need. Me yeah they did not see that coming. Teams here. So as Martina and fatty drive off to. Who knows where watch it's it's time to bigs do a good night. The lightest and the players are in order of appearance. Kim bust as Martina and then help things. Joseph Johnson. As man number one it's Bill Murphy man number two. Daddy was played by Ken Clements. Starring as Count Dracula. Rob Sydney. The part of Karl was played by day Corey. With Jennifer Cody as an Dana. Brian de beast from London was the policeman. Tina Marcos for trade. That theme song was written and performed by match scoring. The lead moon over Miami wasn't written produced and directed by day's scoring. I'm your hostess Julie Guy wishing you unpleasant to goodnight stolen Cessna vampires by GOJ's fatty. This can spray. Hi this is Dave Corey thanks for listening if you'd like to hear blood moon over Miami again and again. And again for all eternity just go to like Miami dot com slash moon.