Back to School -- Ten Years Later

Monday, November 13th

Evelyn's high school reunion is coming up.  In this age of Facebook and Instagram, Julie thinks reunions are obsolete -- because you already know what everybody's doing with their lives (and what they look like).  Evelyn believes it's a chance to show how you've blossomed.


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Hi there it's Julie Guy mace and Evelyn Perry's. All and one more thing moment there podcasts we're so glad you could pull get a good weekend a lot of people had the Monday long holiday weekend right for veterans day Moby took a moment of silence to thank those who served in our armed forces. In any case I did but I did text my brother and his wife who both served near forks is good enough you you understand. The this effort got the dead and gravity of the understand what it meant not just today I'll wait till you go to DC my friend and I can't wait to and so it's a great great Syria and I can I enemy here appreciate. Now I believe it. Have got a lot more super so that's it you're ten year high school reunion. And what eleven days coming up yesterday we figured I was gonna eleven days from now as Black Friday and that's when and his Saddam Black Friday at 77 and nine PAM. Is it an all weekend saying now. That's it just wondering are really trying to. Well no I think that actually makes sense but when item for my reunion that was always. Three days just a third the first day with a cocktail party. Second day was a formal dinner and third day was like the test you right are jamming your kids DIY if there was too much. Come but I digress so. You set a lot of people are going to your ten year. A lot of my name trance. Like a lot of my friends are not going. Stepping in on going down Luis is not going cussing does not going in a lot of my friends the you know the amount going as Jessica near her she's going her husband. And that's pretty much a slick like close are you disappointed. They yeah I would have liked to have gone look like Stephanie in Pamela I'm Louisa my leg in a letter of Sharia. Come but it's. I knew I was onto a talk tournament in high schools will be final catch up a Sierra Manny they don't run into my ex boyfriend who knows. And only two hours yet still no says that Montes in company crown great place yeah that there. The two hours as the two hour open bar that they did with like outdoor gear handy Louisiana do you want but the 79. Is it that day. To get in now that he's covers are open bar. And past orders so it's it's interesting how reunions have changed sell the duck I went to my twentieth MI 25. They did one in planning for the 25 was kind of bogus man whenever. On the tenure I couldn't go I had just gotten married and I didn't make and time I don't Wear it wherever it happens. But the third tour when he it I was excited to go because you had anything that I hadn't then and this was when FaceBook was just really. Kicking off like we have answer grammar anything I don't I yet or snack nothing is 2008 Brighton. So a year after that it has already than we thought after they reunion of course everybody was like are you on face blackened. I mean I can and a lot of people said no because they still had an yeah now it's a no brainer almost everybody almost everybody are still curious out there. Would almost everybody said not really not known about and have been big on FaceBook. In that time there's orange warning seventeen. I feel like almost. That. Reunions are kind of obsolete only because you can know what everybody that you went to school with basically just have for breakfast. Let alone what's going on in their life where the reunion was Arab your member this last cycle classmates dot com I do remember that. So few paid for Graham to register you got to register in a timely earlier silently here carry out and I never did it because I'd. I don't know I never left my home town yeah so are you can yeah you pretty much new in solid people that you saw. But I feel like almost today that a lot of people don't feel it reunions are as exciting as maybe they didn't and I was going. I having gotten that impression from him why vast suit arm going to that my gin whose that he dying. Again as he lines and not stupid. Feel like filled mostly people I talked to didn't like high school and I had a lot to do it at times they don't want to netting it's stupid or like. The way I see it hired he lived here it's two hours let sixty bucks okay like Ali aren't gonna like a lot of people it for my twentieth flew wind stated our host how yeah I don't get all of I don't if we didn't live here I don't know that I would maybe I would have depends like Colin I'm down in Miami eccentrics a truck. But yeah a lot of people who are here are just not going to say don't feel like it and I'm the response I've got his. I'm intention that he Lyle wanna be in touch and I rates I'm evils and ask friends I have are on base within my friend Pamela. Who is an on FaceBook but she's just like I don't really feeling going I think it's so funny because like I just the way I Selig why wouldn't you go. Like is the girls who are like married Sid and I mean now because like being singles that is like don't have your partner with field. To sit there and talk bleep went break but she hasn't you bring with you and hang out and kind of take everything in like why not gone well but. And so therein lies and I think there's more reasons to not golf so my best friends did not go to our twentieth because she wasn't married up. Me Susan Page she's still engaged she's going to be engaged perhaps she tell police and have been perpetually engaged. But she have a significant other and has for the past twelve years but she didn't wanna go because she wasn't married and have kids. And I said to her you're crazy but not something on the device talks aren't as next she said no you're crazy eyes feel badly about. Why and I'm so. A lot of times people don't go because they maybe don't feel good about themselves you have so much to your positive and happy about a year right I am Lisa doesn't wanna go but he's kind of a boring even I mean Stephanie is gonna go the she just gave birth and she's like I feel fat. You might hear you just didn't urging Michigan childlike. No fat in she's nationality like cross that adorned her pregnant and my plane and everybody has a reason why they don't wanna go now they're best self. You wanna collected that you know the fantasy always following my back and you looked back then everyone's like how you like Canada. I guess part of it too is like you let those girls are those people can't control the way you felt about yourself and high school for so long. The best believed ten years later it a bleed which you think I'm gonna show up tomorrow do you have a good time that's a while ago yeah maybe I care about we used on high school okay. And the all popular girl Lizzy you know amien like I'm worried about what has anywhere to me. Now. Believed not Brian not give some drinks and have some fun messing it. Not trying to split my friend Alex who candidly goes a group of friends why can't we just have fun but whether the mile high school you know yeah people don't. Think like Q and that's what I'm trying to say and I I know feel like. Social media makes is that not everybody feel like they're missing out really on seeing anybody because they are in touch with the people they want to be in touch with yeah and if they were bull leader been so good about themselves and maybe they still aren't where they want to beat and they don't want to comment. Feeling and storage. I guess at the same time I may fifth frustrating the latest why everybody. Did come together the rights you know have good and intentions and your your thought process comes from a good place. But I'm trying to make you understand that. A lot of people don't think no idea I I'd get it site is no other reminder of high school I don't like folk have found no doubt you know. But I am not I am all link. That's stress is not the word I definitely givens and not like a normal hormonal where yet these street yeah I scanner because obviously I'm going out my husband I am seeing pictures and I like I don't want to look bad. Panel Alabama I don't public's you know I mean Macs I understand your point is so angry I just wish everybody would comes I would my friends of the well who's who of course. Well you know what I think we're gonna ask this question tomorrow morning and your response we get like if people have done where they happy that they went. What does that mean looking back was it like. I feel bad about my 25. Yeah the twentieth which was great and that was enough I would not good anymore because I've had enough I've seen are aligned to seek. And as a result when I did go I did reconnect. With some people and I was really happy about it so I'm able to still be their friend today so it it was good and it was back I think you owe it to yourself to 81 reunion. If you. Are to it and I am you know aren't there. You can you pin you know people should pollen and answer them because that day I'm going to be live. Into carrying that because I don't drink Ayman drank since August you best believe how many drink of this thing I'm not so much fun. So this would definitely be taught you can't thank you for joining our punt. Lucifer a bunch more things with Julie Guy and it'll encourage each workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and blight Miami dot com.