Attention Shoppers

Tuesday, July 11th

The Top 10 Shopping Pet Peeves courtesy of Doreen Christensen - We wholeheartedly concur! 




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It again. These are you kidding me. Hot he's. He's gone for days here in south or this is courtesy of during Christensen he might Norris storing deals in the national idiots wrote this article and put some of the biggest pet peeves we have an. All I agree wholeheartedly. She was steam when she brought this to my attention the other day. Iowa is one ones I don't know why it always has its drives me crazy. And it really doesn't affect me. Personally but it drives me crazy but whether it's clothing store or a grocery store when people decide they don't want something and they just put it down some. Well yeah I mean OK so that I think it's cold and it's like up at the attending in the frozen food department that's up at the register earnings Cameron at least I get that that bothers me but I feel like they paid people to you know keep this. I need all that. It all of that I'll Tenet plan and I'll whining about to get the heck out of there and I really know what I really don't want the bit would you do as you walk up and you hand it to the cashier and they'll put it in the what they called Kerry backs but if you race and legal lingo I used to work in the grocery store I know that as any view if you put something where it doesn't belong. Then you just kind of have to act minded happenstance that almost searching let's go to the other numbing out that there's that it puts up nearly don't want. And John's restocking the -- cans of beans or whenever and finds it mind you know Brit can't hire throw it when it drives me that's what they pay in for kemba they do not pay him for that. Although I'm you know I am not. And of those offenders to serve and in the early in the clothing store all that's bad everybody is throws everything around and they think are they paid people to denote they actually don't that don't really do that now really happens in like the cheap beer stories too which is the chief believes elements in his. I never hurts to appear they've announced a picture now is that five minutes on one of the use of attend. I'm great thing they get to meet is not so much what happens with. Shoppers it's the lack of customer service in courtesy and just. In general I feel like in South Florida I had never encountered this place or people just don't really seem to care and take pride in their work the pushy salespeople the mall that's what she has won the lists and they do bother me but I pretty much have a handle on them I'm like no thanks I just keep gallant you know and even get. My second yeah I mean I was at I was at a place and ask for help. They directed me to someone else asked him for help he left like he is getting help. Then kinda came back didn't. Didn't say anything and until we renamed it das is another guy for I don't I didn't seem interested numb analysts walked out lost it lost a big settle. Wow really bad on recently went to the gas station and when. I want in my receipt at the pump. It didn't print out is that you know goes to the clerk or whatever whenever I go walking into the door and the guy. C.'s meet anticipates my needs is Arctic printing Aristide out and is like handing it to me before I even acted desk and numb I'm Johns on the floor Mike. You each hit something so simple as that. Floored me it should be the rule and instead it's the exception to the rule number act like shocked when when it's done so many dogs and by the way just so you it you may not think of it. This way as. For Libby and I but we are in customer service and that week I talked to people every day on the phone so we can we talk listeners a week and and some of them unhappy agreements here and garbage and certainly. Well we get to the from a safe. How are you know we actually greet somebody when you walk up and make the clicked as even say anything. Thank you I'm having a great day. But they continued their phone call or their conversation where idea other like the bag percent while your. Getting run out that's turnaround story my husband went into a story the other day and the reader was clipping their fingernails. True story I can't think I now aren't. No harm. It's gotten to a level of ridiculous this which is probably part of why she wrote this. List and and Malia and she's the queen deals and she knows we will as always put the link to this article. Men in the body the podcast he couldn't hear us talk about it look at your own self as you know Hamza can do everything. Yeah that's what people are apt. Our. Next united. Yeah. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. Any dot com.