Julie Guy & Tamara G.

Julie Guy and Tamara G. have grown up with you and your families on the South Florida airwaves. Julie has been starting your day for years, teaming with Tamara G. (from 2006-2011) as "Those Two Girls in the Morning." In 2018, they have reunited for mornings on 101.5 LITE FM! Tamara is also a... Read More

Tamara G.

Tamara G. got her start in Dallas and Tallahassee, before coming to the South Florida airwaves. She's a familiar friend to South Florida listeners from stints at other local stations, in addition to working recently on a nationally-syndicated radio show, before reuniting with Julie Guy for mornings... Read More

Gayle Garton

Imagine spending a coffee break with your favorite colleague, your closest sister and your best friend. That’s the way you'll feel at work, listening to 101.5 LITE FM and Gayle Garton . A lifelong Miami resident, Gayle says it’s the year-round sunshine and diversity of cultures that make living... Read More

Bill Murphy

Bill has been on the South Florida airwaves for several decades. His voice is a familiar one to South Florida listeners, having worked at a number of major radio stations in the market, and as the PA Announcer for the Florida Panthers for over 700 NHL games from 1998-2016. He’s also currently PA... Read More

John Tesh

You can hear John Tesh's INTELLIGENCE FOR YOUR LIFE seven nights a week! Starting at 8PM evenings on LITE FM ! It's a great way to wind up the day - as John shares the latest cutting edge tactics, tools, and routines for health & wellness, personal development, dating and relationships, fitness... Read More