Furry Fursday: Meet Eric!

ERIC Meet Eric, an adorable and chatty kitty. Once you walk into the room, he will meow and look at you with the cutest little face until you go to him and give him love. Eric is a great companion to have by your side and cute as a button, too! This guy is eight years old and still searching for...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Sugar!

Sugar Sugar and spice and everything nice, that is exactly what this precious doggie brings to the table! Sugar is a six-year-old American Bulldog/Terrier mix who will rock your world. She is playful as can be and loves to be outside enjoying the great outdoors. True to her name, she is also a...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Ralph!

Ralph Looking for a running buddy? A playtime buddy? A furry buddy? A lifetime buddy? Ralph has got your back! This one-year-old German Shepherd mix enjoys all the little things that make life great like running around, tennis balls, cuddles and kisses! What he is missing...a forever family to do...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Beast!

Beast Meet Beast, a totally loveable and huggable doggie looking for his forever family. Beast is only three months old and a great puppy to have in your family. This Terrier mix gets along great with humans and doggies of all ages and is affectionate as can be. He loves to play, but also loves to...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Milicent!

Milicent   Milicent is a five-year-old kitty who is super sweet and playful. This little gal loves to have e a variety of toys to play with; any kind at all will spark her attention! Watching her reaction to cat nip is always a treat! After she’s spent her days playing with her cool toys, a few...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Barcode!

Barcode Barcode is energetic, sweet and an overall great dog to have by your side. This two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix loves to run around and play with both humans and other doggies. Throw him a ball, he will go fetch. Call him over and he will run right to you. He also loves to give his...Read more

Furry Fursday: Hello, World ... I'm Fred!

Hi, I'm Fred. If you're obsessing over how gorgeous I am, you're right. I’m an absolute beauty and I know it. I walk around the shelter with pride and elegance, even if deep down I’m a little hurt and sad that my previous family left me. I spent my first three years with them ... but I'm not...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Junie

Meet Junie, a sweet and adorable Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix. Junie is a senior pet you will totally fall in love with. She is six-years-and-eight-months-old and a great, loyal companion to have by your side. Junie will make herself comfortable right on your lap as she warms your heart with...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Perseus

Look at that face! Perseus is a happy-go-lucky doggie with so much love to give. She is a nine-year-old Beagle mix that loves to socialize with her doggie friends, but she also loves to give her human lots of unconditional love. She will greet you with happy paws that are just begging you to pet...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Shadow

This is the kind of “shadow” you want! Shadow is a Purebred Golden Retriever who brings fun and laughter everywhere he goes. He is only two years old and very energetic. This doggie is ready to meet his forever family so that he can spend day after day playing with them. He loves to run around,...Read more