Excess Baggage Banned

Wednesday, January 3rd

There's a new 'smart bag' for travel. Only thing is, most airlines are not allowing the baggage to be checked. 


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And are you kidding me it's here later Bruce yeah. Like my most thing. Moves on most things and Libby K just something just a lot of things me. S and DH the early this seems like you're really good idea but it just seems like the timing of it is is so I'm. I'd yeah. Like luggage gets lost a year on a pack a lot right. All getting lost so much going our socks. Oh yeah it would put GPS is on our socks you can agree to sit there there's a thing now called Smart bags if you've not heard of them. I hadn't until you sent this to me and they have built ten batteries and they do things like. Have a GPS as he could track its location all the time that you could block it remotely. Moon blocked the luggage remotely that's cost some within TSA needs to get in that you can also weigh its. So you'll know you when your pack and it ended better pellets. Did you can't call it to the bathroom to lay bare well you know Betts did a miscalculation of sorts I don't idea like on a scale you don't have a scale right where the gals like broken ten pounds heavy Larry I was summaries in my mind and and so. I'm not giving it like this on. Some of these bags and emote currency can ride around like he's pewter city block. You have to airline and the people the airport the holly anger around the obscure rate I understood the kid on the down Abby are right I have not seen the Apatow laugh outline it by sun that somebody to a went around on her suitcase. In -- gonna lift. The problem. You're losing all this may be in your thinking. Well. Public. Band named big problem with it is. The battery itself. Sunday sketchy batteries. It's not necessarily it's just a potential fire hazard. I'd colleague put all those cellphones are exploding Connolly back and hover door to all those things you can't a lot of airlines more more airlines are restricting them from being near checked luggage well a lot of these bags especially derided as a scooter has to be a little larger. Not suggesting anything just you know adult men got a new room it's a limited space in human bucks yeah have you would not be able to carry this. Onto the planes and tanks so he hand carried onto the plane and you can't check because of the battery you just bought a Smart bag and it wasn't too Smart. American and also they are not going to allow him to check Smart bags. The middle of this month. Also united may have gotten was on for Christmas and southwest Alaska Hawaiian Airlines no no no no no. Well yeah mitigation plan from Alaska and he got some bags checked and it goes on fire and boom he nobody knows right because it's in the yeah I have not checked luggage that's not admit I don't know if your remember that massive. Airline crash here in South Florida it was during the air show weekend. Back in 1996. And it that crashed out in the Everglades. Expired oxygen generators. Canisters were put into a cargo compartment. In the cartel all. And and everybody on board perished in and today it's the deadliest airline accident in the history of Florida. I feel better about not allowing them on their own ending is gonna catch tiger while I'm on an airplane at what you want to there's a lot of things yeah. President saying that the game it okay lobby say there's a problem and that's why somebody's invented these bags sill it's still the problem here. It. Was just flew in on last weekend and come they were told the other bag he's gonna be a one carries on their sit there waiting in the luggage from all these other from another plane comes on the cares only stop them and they take them off to take a fact and are you yeah yeah it is like five Cary. Sells you guys that does happen a lot that when you think of all the luggage is remembered from all the airlines and how often they get it right. Boggles my mind positive side of this is our somebody Smart bag makers are saying that. Some of these batteries right now are removable but they may consider making them very easy to remove but the series it is in the really help you vaccinated take the battery out and you carry ons that you could check the bag then you cannot tracking it marking to ride it nor can anyway I need to know one of right and being. Want belong referring you shining. Today sixty separate body racket. Ball well I knock knock who's there Barbara I but no kidding. More Kimba in the UK each weekday afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.