You're a mean one, GrinchBots

Friday, December 22nd

Stealing from children? Really? That's what Grinchbots amount to... 


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Yeah. Well I mean I feel like I have to work. I'm going in here tail backs are you kidding me man it's all that well and it adds. Libby with them not to fetus is we have cash money thank you for that hot you're welcome and it really piper and Leo holiday spirits. Do you hear. He and while your aunts and uncles are coming over you know split on that he's only did you have a dog. Six or eight weeks. Don't want saying that really. Really aggravates mean more than anything you know how much I love music. And no home a tale of live music and concerts and going to seek concerts and ever since I can remember this all all. Scalpers yes it they bid out but I would they would buy the tickets and then just to resell them at a higher price right in this totally illegal now it used in it is Florida it used to be illegal you can only sell a ticket for a dollar over its value. And then one or governor's. By the York. Yeah eliminated that so from now is to get around it by like adding. Key age may be it would happily Melanie did earn some but you got something else that European 200 dollars for forty dollar ticket sure sure I'm right in dinner. But then. It's it's a free for they used. A lot of places you can't sell them on the premises that's what process whether Locke and whisper out there on the premises you know EA easy and talking on an economy ticket but this is taken a turn it take it and it turned into Christmas and they've patented technology to itself not just be in sneak hear about it never pick Holmgren spots and rightly so I went that it gives a grinch a bad name are hot hot hot it's some sort of high tech software right that it basically like ads patrols the Internet and finds all hottest. That items that you know people are wanting for Christmas. And then buys them up as soon as they go into stock and then they resell them at a higher price elsewhere for instance the finger laying that are really and the Steelers don't anger you hang your finger yeah eighteen dollars he's ordinarily. Yeah how much regional brightest. Now all. As much as a thousand dollars. No stop it now that is a sit in to take a phrase from my mother my god baby who wants a silly little hole that you may easily. And it's only fifteen dollars and charge a thousand but there's also like a Nintendo that was eighty dollars it they're selling it for thirteen thousand. And that's not that I didn't know has a chance to get back. All so that's not fair also these people obviously do not maybe they do have children that touted they wanna try to make money but it's like. Homeland Anwar light greenhouse placing it retailing for or about 300 bucks. Fifteen under all we you mean as a parent you want to give your kid everything that they want for Christmas you want to make their dreams come true. You know sometimes it's not possible but something is fifteen dollars. Pretty much everybody I would hope would be able to afford that but you can afford thousands of you hire you the grinch for instance that he realized it wasn't about. The stuff. Right it was about being together or something to that lake with these parents spoke crazy to buy your kid the hottest gift is really about. Is it about just giving your kid what they want is it about suits and everyone else sees that your guy your kid the hot you know I don't I don't know about just like trying to. Justified it's your decent parent I don't know I Jonas is you know and again don't get these guys any more power if you stop buying al-Qaeda no one wants nobody likes being rulings anymore. And an economy network and hide it and write on and on that but you know let me let these people be stuck with four million finger length held via social justice Santa. This year. Sorry say I don't really want you to have the thing early this year she does she think she deserves it really high up on the good list. People and jerks about it. Not happens and it is units and it does need more than just the elves and yet you know so I bet that fifty year old has like a whole warehouse full of Barbie to greenhouses and I hope he enjoys them yeah it's. Three don't. By 30. Are you kidding me during what had straight days. Merry Christmas. Ends days you're supposed to Brad Democrat that I got a job there yeah a guy lousy that it. At on the lease program. Happy holidays except for you people who steal from children and. No kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.