LOL Surprise Ball, Ya'll

Friday, November 24th

The hottest toy of 2017 isn't all that, and it costs a fortune ... if you can find it.

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Thank you play the I would be okay and it's me kemba and does this obligation to enter the picture perfect birthday. You obvious on celebrate that's why I'm on vacation every one celebrating my birthday by celebrating Thanksgiving that's threat that's my story and intuit. You weren't indigestion may be working around the plot was like it too much Turkey and now I'm ill. When you could fan com and it it was me. And this podcast is turning out to be all about my birthday which. I'm enjoying but really we're the we're talking about. Yeah your president I'm from -- I was a weird president I'm so I don't hang behind black Freddie from another Hensley and freaks me out a little bit is the lengths and the extent people will go. Specifically parents too by the hottest toy of the year seemingly no matter what it is because their baby girl or Roy once it. I get it I mean I say I get it IE and I know the love of the parent you're like I've really want. To make make it happy and see their eyes lit up on Christmas morning an off like a total failure. I girl Porsche won here they're homemade presents that was fine but I feel sorry dear the violent. Whatever that the hot toy it was a big Wheeler whenever whenever it was and I never had them in my president's I used there's a very important it's. And I survived but this one is it's called LOL surprise. OK it is the hottest toy of 2017. I have heard this it is. What you remember last year was the hatch animals yes nobody could find this is a giant glittery bowl packed with fifty smaller toys that kids can and ran up. And you key. You don't know what's in them that's why it's a surprise rise everywhere Tiki like the booby prize in their 20 no but you don't know what's in it to begin weight and their revenue dollars that's how my oh my god. That's like but I'll I'll surprise because they're laughing their asses off got some. Seventy dollar does drag. Which I know for a fact is my cousin has already spent I don't know of us but she could've bought a car with the money she spent on their called a mashup is. And no is also are surprised thirty's little squishy toys but when you're behind them you don't know which one you're getting until you open it. OK so at least there's a range of like knowing you might get like blues this year like I but you don't know until you sit apparently that's been the latest thing anyway just being surprised by the remember when you would buy packs of trading cards might and KO TB trading Carr I mean if not why when you were gonna again cards that. They're also not seventy dollars so it's like what I'm an appearance that we never able dumb numb there and I always try to get people get on with a question mark yeah. Yeah. I guess you are right. The other day they and say that the daughter and her knees she was like now whatever she was and you can't put that backs have you really want that one point to that's when you get tickets and round G. Did so young guys anyway is that I really do that all the time elected to woman a question Mark Young who it is help bring you know are you take it. Opt opt. But it's pretty it's not seventy dollars seventy dollars an hour unpacking is an it's just what's inside is not worth seventy dollars. Like is this going to take you know where Anna usually this gift tougher. Yeah for however long that is correct opened up fifty packages and you know an hour the ultimate price big surprise that the full time. They're going for over a 100 dollars an evening I'm Mike it was her since September it's sold out within 48 hours there was. Build up about this is a mini note about adult stickers and accessories. I do have nieces and they go crazy for stickers I could buy seventy dollars for the stickers and she'd be okay for about ten years yea yea yea yea yeah. But the point to is that to go crazy to buy the it gift I mean if you can get a great but if you cannot. Especially this is not really worth it this crap this right arm might then the second layer has five visible often. Home all well now it's got to fizz ball on the routing that one reveals to stickers removing a another layer exposes the ball and each dissolves in water to reveal a plastic TARP. I get what it's like there's little Russian dolls where they wondered how well exactly yeah principle of this. And I know it'll keep acute busy but yeah aid but it wasn't handmade with the lead now has like real craftsmanship. Craftsmanship at cracker incident. It certainly does my gosh. Right gets a little doll in there how Mike and the dollar ads scratch off card to win a prize and lying to. I am now. Yeah maybe this is as a really good lesson and Mike the value of a dollar and honest to god that outfit that this fits on the doll is like the size of your thumb so they're gonna lose. I don't know what to say about that other than I hoped that if you cannot find that you do not spend that. I would spend. That money on my child but for different more quality items and trust me you know get Everett. Gets a dance therapy get are gonna say you're an Allen also bribe demands more problems than what we. I'm very caustic and darken my Black Friday birth date and Lebanon today though is it now. Hybrid is sending a go dolphins. The Trammell and be in Boston they better win this. A lot about and so good but I have a little. I don't I didn't want to stand up there and on an IP aiming at a here's ACLU which gets filled first probably happy birthday happy birthday what do you do what do you do a hundred days president wish we had to presents to us for our youth. Just when you say singer and present are you. All. And more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. He dot com.