Pringles Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 21st

Imagine being able to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal solely via potato chips. It's now a reality. Welcome to your Pringles Thanksgiving!


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And hey it is there. The heat from a sliver of a team. It used to be commercials and burn Rangel can. I know with a tree say Niger River the commercial it was at commercial campaign apparently you've got the fever for the flavor of Thanksgiving Pringle you'll you're in luck. This is certainly are you kidding me we're the better course right. Up our Alley behind thinking doesn't selling a box it looks like a microwave dinner right. Yeah a little bad and then hit it it's called Pringles Thanksgiving Day here's a guy and eight different flavor and Pringles and sigh all. Resigned after years thanks in an incident at the Turkey flavored Pringle got your stuffing flavored need a mashed potato flavor Pringle will get to that cranberry sauce sprinkle pumpkin pie Pringle green bean casserole for L. Mac and cheese and cream and Obama got my attention the act the macaroni and cheese I wanna try these Pringles just to see if they really do tastes like. What they're saying concern speak keyboardist got the sweet potato casserole beer DEA asked how is that you can taste marshmallow and you could taste this but it's and saying I don't know that is do it or which it is any. It is really cool I think we've gone a little too far with the whole thing because now you know we got every flavor Oreo and obviously her car laid the I don't want a raspberry cheesecake potato chip I want. Raspberry cheesecake I'll eat raspberry cheesecake if I want to chip a hub did you until that. Ain't how does a mashed potato. Did you taste because it's our radio mashed potato seek out a fine. It's the heat is like you think Abbott buttery mints to it than that and do something with giving gifts that I hear how this spring Ballmer and they make a case like that until the flake potato flakes that's a big hits. I care and nothing to younger and their marketing this is fun to get the you can puts beating stack different flavored Pringles together from this box to make creations like the leftover sandwich retake a Turkey won a stuffing one and a mashed potato and -- out all of the same time and I would -- entire crate is a tissue selling anyway to someone of those people who mixes my food and a some people they have to keep their foods separate a lot throughout altogether all grown in the same place anyway. That's what I say until into that I would not be above. At putting my potato chips together to taste different flavors. I just I and I think that's on a dirty I'm not sure why because it will suck it. Up. Tell us how we do well you. C'mon give him about secret Allah he. Richard Matsch continue to Pringle and man opening maybe cancer girl while wa oh Atlanta green bean casserole but I don't want it on a dictated CP guys I just dogs well that's what makes the world go round I think and you can hook up the Jones soda with how I can't do though is it just makes you gag but I think they have them this year. Official petition to reinstate home grown up now we are missing their Turkey and bad gravy flavored soda we have people demand it jet setter. It's a Tony seventeen holiday back packed probably with Turkey and gravy because that is one of the best so apparently you they're not spare some Halloween stuff but I didn't see any Thanksgiving stuff so now you just have to eat it in a crunchy form you can no longer drink your Thanksgiving dinner and lets you have the funky Buddha bureau which is it's actually very good it's funny they're taken in the four packs I bought it and I had so when taste it they were like. I don't know that but then when she one it's like oh wait yeah permanently solidarity is could be the and whatever percentage and they are there really targeted it's funny it's it it's a whole different thing if you pour in the glass first is just out of the bottle can it really doesn't make a difference really yes I sure all the wind people are listening going yes it's is woman on the line and right at me. Say yeah yeah yeah. Well my sister's a one person's that's why channel and she stuff needs to tell you see it spike at the Pringles thing that's one Nittany go at it but haven't you don't you get enough carves. On Thanksgiving yet I am sorry that never mind who's gonna know in the front in the see that's Mike here how do you wanna try it though I say all that normally don't know when he went. My husband saw on our Rodman flavored Pringles in the store like got a clearance shelf wants yeah. Rahm and so I mean I think maybe I'm coming from that standpoint right now from the prominent brands into the thanks remembering now and what I nobody is like uncooked drama not be the best but this currency now you're getting me. Okay yeah. War on Kimba and UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.