Squirrely tale

Friday, November 17th

It's just a man and his baby squirrel. Is that so wrong? Aren't there exceptions to rules. Shouldn't there be? 


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It's about half. Maybe today. Peace at. Pinning me. There's a lot are you kidding me angles on this one time being fair and facing eviction over emotional support squirrel that can fit. Are you kidding me Ryan the guy's name is Ryan Grant after hurricane Matthew hubris skewed a little baby girl. Curtis Lee names corporate and I'm attached the links he could to help keep the squid have detailed really really cute I guess he didn't keep the squirrel inside an all time it is pretty cool that's very nice offensive you know give this girl full. Outdoor life as well some help property management discover prudence when Shuster is at the tree by dogs so all eyes I'm not sure that means it was in the yard I'm not sure how it happened. But now they're basically saying. That he has the right has to give up Brutus or being evicted it's an exotic pet they said it's not an exotic pet. It's a squirrel who are you kidding me it's not exotic. Did fill out the paperwork that it is a kind of support yeah Arlington service animal that's correct in his case is now pending honest thing he's saying. Are you kidding me he's suffering from proceeds SE. The order after car accident and that's and it's grown gives him companionship support well I mean I'm all for these two I'm prowling the whole thing he sounds great it just seems come on guy he now only we're grownups here he's really not them or an emotional support it is to some a certain extent. I mean what are your. It isn't a car accident but it maybe you're just alone. And all of a sudden is welcomed in your life the next thing you know you're feeding him in your taking care of and comes to visit you when you're happy when UC Yemeni seems yeah that's an easy. And it you missed it when it's not they are still in some respects. All animals. Could fall into that category I guarantee that that dog don't ever chased Byrd is that the tree or whatever that person probably doesn't pick up their dog poop you know British is probably not really causing any harm whatsoever that we just jealously Cusick is he's just so cute and got a doctor's note. That that it was the emotional support for this guy and he's gonna get a pet squirrel not every some or most corals are gonna and he handles failure not but just try not they're not going to be like curling up on use like Chris always exceptions to rules. And is this guy's taking care of the squirrel has girls not too when anybody's any thing that and see -- everything's all cool problem now they're going a little bit farther in saying this guy was even improved to live in them all molested and renting you know about the proper channel or whatever they focus on just the most stupid stuff with these homeowner associations and Condo commando I don't you have to have rules and civilized society I guess that again as I said there can be exceptions and this really squirrel is so freaking cute it seems like that should be the exception it just doesn't seem like a and if he wants to have the service animal I will personally and I have no crafty and as at all I will somehow make that little slippers animal harnessing his original. A hello he does it just aired don't pet me service animal and if it is because he's owed. I just think in that Bryant his daddy he rescued him and he nursed him. It's easy to heat not the separate compartment that is not conservative at all. You. Loud and. We can't play no kidding here more on camera and the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. Any dot com.