Resolving to Resolve

Thursday, November 16th

Thursday's 'Great American Smoke-Out' prompts Julie and Evelyn to look ahead to other resolutions.  Do you set big audacious goals -- or simpler, more achievable things that you can accomplish in steps?  And why only do it at the beginning of January?


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Hey it's Julie Guy AT and Evelyn curry and welcome to our podcast OO and one more fame because we've always got one more thing to say something and I today's Tikrit American smoke out and actually when I mention not to both viewing to between our intern I can't really name and you guys Elena was barbecue. No the American Cancer Society came up with us and I think it's great it's a date with aids November 16 every year. That. And it's your right if you are smoker. It's today that you stop smoking. And or the day you're encouraged to quit or make the demand is planned right yes so it's always been something that we talked about her I did anyway because I did smoke and he can't believe that I did back in the ninety's. I would as social smoker but I did. You know I love Naples there out there like I county so smoke socially thank you so you still smoked me and I did it. And it's fun to me it was fine because that was so so I did it when I was out my girlfriend and we were drinking at Saturn out. And it was I've just disgusting habit but it wouldn't sign at the time you know. Because you are of that mindset that I'm not gonna get addicted and I can quit at any time well it is more challenging. Then one thinks I did try to quit a few times. And then of course they go out my friends and just fallen back into the habit so for me cold Turkey was the best thing yeah. I just can't imagine and smoking yeah well that's good don't remember I was older starting at like 21 when I started the match and you know because it was a radio thing which is again. And influenced. But nonetheless humor talking about that bond because a lot of fuel on January 1 decide to stop smoking or lose way. Or whatever ranked AK New Year's resolution right which is what you're trying to get. I don't like and now. I don't like me year's resolutions and I think you're setting yourself up for failure and killings at the same thing earlier today and I understand Renaissance center on veterans all of them do well a lot. Right but why do you have to. Make it back to me. Because people need some kind of take encouragement so what do you do. I'm. Asking you lean a lady do a New Year's resolution and then she yelled at me like two minutes about why she hates animals like okay pleasure and backed her computer and I looked at us like. A lot on any near I don't know. Thanks for asking me. It didn't. And I like year's resolutions I always write them down every year and and sent to do a couple goals I don't ever sent an evening. Crazy like look has thankfully I maintain my weight I'm healthy things like that's not being critical is too many rounds or DES a bottle baba. LA is right like fitness goals down irate stupid goes down like this year my goal is to fine and you dentists and in doctor. And it not how I get what they're harmless but I did both those things and had a primary care doctor and a lot of people my age do not. I'm a group text like four or five other girls in a day none of them have a primary care doctor thome. None that may I understand that I actually had didn't happen for a few years right 'cause mine retired. And for like 34 years didn't even occur to me to find new Andre and I went to my LB. So a lot of women think if they go to a gynecologist. That they don't have to too yeah I can tell you get to have primary care facility an ammonia. And your NER and now like who's your doctor my hotel for this I could and I kept putting off going to the dentist 'cause I had moved like you know that's a good resolution because that's more. Of a life. But that's what it is that's why our say I you are such hair her no not niners because I feel like they make. Resolutions that are very an achievable. I'm gonna lose a hundred pounds I'm gonna work out every single day that's the stereotype rain anti government and not yet bring but I never met anybody who tells me. I'm going to run every single day around and lose a hundred pound has people like Ayman join a gym or on the today as prominent on trips here. But amicable goals for next year already that I wanna do on that but I think that's healthy lineup project. If you can tell me that if I year from now you'd be sitting the exact same situation UN be mad and you then must wrong with you. Lot of people do that and they're okay but not. British your look but okay but you're somebody who is constantly trying to better yourself and I mean that in a positive so. You do look for goals you do look for things reckon you can look back and got all my gosh look at what I've done an and that is what I like. I think that those type are resolutions. Are things you can do. Regularly throughout the year. Make your first resolution for May be too good to be in January I'm gonna work out five days a week and I'm going to increase my speed or I'm gonna increase my awaits. I'm also going to not eat out as much both are more realistic goals yes things that you don't have to immediately do right away but over time and chi yes. By every day working hard and that's my point what I am trying to and that's why I like the great American smoke out because. If you can't quit today maybe you could X Monday could Mondays are always good days during his start things. Or maybe you will make January 1 that goal but they want it should be achievable maybe you'll make it so that you smoke laughs. I. You go down one pack egg on our part to a day or whatever it may rain but the bottom line is set yourself goals that you think you can achieve. It's like a second we'll don't run they always say to me I don't run. We'll try running for one minute. And then walking as if she could do that and you gradually build you don't you are running marathons I can't handle people like I can't and why not he probably could if you tried. Who. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry each workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and Blake Miami dot com.