Elope or Nope?

Thursday, November 9th

Not only is Intern Kayleen graduating next month ... she's engaged -- and wondering what to do next. Elope or have the big, extravagant wedding?  Do you get married for yourself ... or for your family and friends?  (Evelyn has advice for those getting hitched on a budget.)


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High eighties Julie Guy and Evelyn Kerry you know and one more fame welcome to our podcast. I am so happy to introduce to everybody. Our intern came lien sale OK Elaine do. To them podcast there's a pine times and should see him there and say hi. I guess so okay leans you have been like on. Could joy like a pleasure in a poll are known planets look like twice a week the surprise now is she's so fine and you become kind of part of our little weird but this functional little mainly you know. So you've just in the very short time we've known you. You've got a lot happened CO yes you're graduating at the end of the month yeah. And you're engaged. Like cabin September 30 and today is like November 9 don't have a month or so ago so. Asked comes at after the happiness and your so thrilled under the stress yeah yelling wounded comically comes in slick pass curry seeing yup freaking car out of nowhere to be okay yes you like it totally overrides the hole I joy and happiness and everything. So you asked a very good question the other day and I was so. If I should it help or have a gigantic wedding with everyone in my family food friends. So apple and I both had gigantic wedding yesterday and I was like yours yes you're you're not alive for mine was I you know you yes you are receiving an eight. Or nine something like player idiom and 98 I was ninth OK there he didn't like you saw her on Saturday. I'm so. You know from my experience I'd have her big Italian family. And my husband is American yeah. So it was nine. But I had like 200 people there then and I've often said this it's the best day because every single person that I loved one was in that room. But. It came at a very big price tag was very expensive and a lot of stress and a lot of stress. My data I'll never forget we are about. Two or three months away from the wedding we were you know freaking out of last minute red number on us. And he looked at meaning is like luck ten grand and I'll pay feet I didn't go to Vegas and islands. No I want the big wedding by Scott. Was like damned take them a little. Things of course to nine or one. As I do most of this marriage that's why I I am so I think we see it was too much to my house without money with the panel on things done. So I don't know I'm very torn or what you should do but I feel like you might be robbing yourself of there really great moments yes. I mean vote for wedding. So I hate come from upper I was very fortunate. We had both parents contribute. And we didn't really have to pay for anything and both having both parties rather than just my parents. We're able to pretty much do what we wanted to within reason right I like I had for gimmick and icing had a beautiful Ankiel. So we're lucky and have the stress I had distrust odd is that the planning my mom and his thought inviting you know a whole we invited 250 people. Only had about one and seven years so Schaub could get a lot of Matta town of the country. And I would do it all over again just for that day that you're newlyweds Delray and I'll tell you that somebody said this mean and I got married. They said. Look picture wedding album girl it's been five years nearly two years there's people that I saw on top ranked ring he said to me I knocked in or know why you invited half of those people don't like no. They're important to me. So sure you'll write I would had a smaller. Guess so yes right but I think excellent how I'd invite Jimmy boy. Who want to and then I mean there's the perks inviting a lot of people you get a lot against some money which is Canada's nice. But any and it. Does people that I thought with my parents and pollen bout coming. Really did make them into a difference like in hindsight it would a finds and I find a man ever you want because that Larry you get stressed. A 250 invite smallest to Morgantown. And sell like those of the things Ella bag I am like I should just let it go so I don't regret it and I'm Julie told me that same cool about. The wedding isn't the only time in your life at all those two we love are going to be in the same room that's not a funeral and she's 100% right. Like I especially since Mike is from Ohio and we have family and friends from all over the world. Having everybody in town together was something that never happens because if I go to Ohio for Christmas I'm only seeing his Fam I'm not seeing my family where this goes both. I think that there's things you can't compromise on the you realize aren't that important to spend money on like if flowers worse. Fancy chairs aren't the only point I'm telling you not to skimp on is pictures at Berkshire maverick prisoner video yeah flowers. An ass to certain centerpieces on the table that you think are so pretty down menus that I felt the need to get for calories and things like that the noticing with Caylee is not your fiance is also from here are so you're gonna you gonna have out of town people coming and or not really know Iowa all of her family is down here but the thing is I. I have it's I haven't over a hundred people and he has like later he thirty people from spam and so it's not like he has out of town people are a lot. But so it's not for the seat you would hire more. Outgoing were different K lien is a little bit more reserved right that makes you stressed out as an. You might be the center of attention no actually wins my boyfriend wasn't the works of proposing to me. Until the comic I don't want needed doing and police from going to be so right well Romney did at Disney World yeah. In front of like a lot and it animal you don't even notice and they can just thank you look up there's like a billion people at your own thing through January you were caught up in the emotion under which is nice so I fill its battle would be the same for the wedding. Yes yeah and and I blur my friend. Yes it does like you that she doesn't like Ali attention on her in this and that. And who I was in on the prompt and that just on the writing I felt like I. I'm not by a brat but it's martyrs like this is my day I can and deserve to be you know. I am and in this special dress I'm all done up like I don't mind if you look at me it's my gaelic I don't want to get to a room every day like that. So I was OK with that were issued a little uncomfortable to sit. But she's happy she did it too because again and she had all those people around her. And then you can cut some of the stuff out that you don't want that you think will make you uncomfortable. You don't have to do a big grand entrance a line you can do with their bridal party UK you know I mean and then from they go straight into the dance with your dad. And that way it sound like all eyes on you all the time like money also issued this were part of it is still yeah how we we're we we're thinking of because I'm. Usually winnings or make over 30000. Yeah and beyond even wanna reads like double digits so let's going to be really hard you know you watch four weddings and you watch these shows and he pulled budget. I like 101000 for aligning they get it done. They do things themselves that buy stuff secondhand could even not exceed for people are you like decorations are any any of our religious ceremony. Well since my family ism like majority Catholic we were thinking of doing it and church. But neither mean Armani fiance are they super religious so we don't know. She could proud to save money by doing yeah any reception in one place that don't diminish her way yeah for a lot of people do it ET when you listen South Florida. Pray you do it on the beat to get someone that you love them. To be like your and I appreciate your brother are rather was it was really special for mom and you could do that may officiate in the new on the beach and then. You've got to have a nice Bryant's. They're your closest family how are you if you don't wanna do a daytime wedding to a Friday night wedding because they're cheaper you know I mean and then from there you Disco doing Saturday and then you go to a hotel right off the beach Saturday has a package that includes you know like a bus fake designer budget to have a sit down and AMP you can stone the fans have been to weddings that the buffets that are still nice. There's grow with interest an XC and Internet like there is no way to craft. Lay out and you make an excel spreadsheet of what you want so we're gonna pose this question tomorrow on the radio yeah do you know. Or do you have big dream wedding considering of course it's your first. Many people after doing a price like pop. Just a seventy City Hall or whatever right or like your brother did it in city hall and had a little party after it right now. He had a decent all night a small wedding of a stylist like fifty people all during the day it wasn't like I nighttime wrong thing and it Liz. He didn't he didn't want anything my mom did say she pretty much forced them. And planet like two weeks I was like whatever of people if you can come you can common this is happening. And it is what they want an just perfect it wasn't like they didn't do engagement photos and save the day and then a formal invitation and take your course I was very much just what they want it. But still gave my mom that you know my son's getting married he kind of had a wedding itself. You have to do it makes you ultimately happy. I mean I knew and it's part of your age you're young and you run you leave your mom are happy guitar I'm looking back. Wow green yulia 'cause then you please do you and your fiancee want yelled. Because they will get over it I promise yes they do I promise yes all right thank you so much for joining us have a great day. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and it'll encourage each workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and white Miami dot com.