Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, November 14th

Ever have one of those dreams that when you wake up you're shaking your head like 'how did that happen?!!' Maybe you can help Kimba interpret her latest...


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Doing. Where people have retrieved those cats I have a lot since we injury miss and it can't yes I mean there are you. I had a jewelry and all night that I mine. On. He limps into your psyche ready and I was like oh well I'm still on the hook up with Ewan McGregor has. Well hello right. It's not an. Really a mystery I'm not sure exactly why a Ewan McGregor lake I don't remember. I ever sing a little while ago the AT and his wife for separating but there's nothing very were in the past year like he SpinRite. Although if you have ever seen Ewan McGregor Nate didn't know he is AA just a delicious morsel of a man. How have you seen Ewan McGregor Rawlins a film called the pillow book and also trainspotting OO mile organs could. It is that what she dreams as he has like the best of my favorite accent Irish the broad oak. My favorite my favorite hang out here you are in the throws of passion with you Macgregor group also Wear or babysitting and I take my son Mario no but that's. That's part of understood because I had just read in a magazine innocent girl it's and matches maybe sitting in and in that parents and she can bring a friend or was incredibly for an amber but luckily they were only kissing. And bill Levy broke it two or that she had a nanny cam so. Kind of doing that's luckily and get a horse not so that had word that I'm joy and got it okay. Yeah. Here account must. That's it and you get sick. You. A book or that mr. McGregor. So that's our right to sit back at. All just like Hollywood and really got mintier psyche to wow. All of that and thank you for taking your clothes not been a recurring. Yeah. You led. At. What did you what was your reaction in the during. Now I am mad and I just keep your way you do that got to like OK I didn't. You know again I you know dreams or too weird him. Or weirder again tonight or this comes around kids that. That's just what the it hurt other parents your babies in Newport Beach. It's it. Just you know. Yeah me not intelligence a year like that. Appearance over the weekend O'Reilly auto parts that come out by the lake and this lovely lady. Tell me she loves listening to John Tesh every Sunday night that's more heat from this hole. Share and he came and raise an injury and he is tall as soon after a look at I don't know what happened and I can assume I had a fabulous time. Hello Ewan McGregor given mr. tested like scolds you for outlaw apparently you're worried about getting in trouble for. Get in on act just it's just. Well I mean if you had your friend UN Mary parent you know when I mean I am intimately Alomar had a dream that I had sex with him and that he sang commune guaranteed if I ever meet him mantown at peace. Could usually much about to about on dreams it was Steven Tyler back and anonymous and that way it always was even talk well except per as straight a straight with the UN but when I do it usually Stevens but I don't open have techsters what I do and give them. The answer Tyler you know I would not let him to know that we never really good timing Casey ever you know. I'd do without and the jury and Eddie cow hide it yeah are a little Ollie yeah I. Mom now yeah doesn't come into merely. Stress streams where you know like the computer is not working I have to go on and I have no traffic information to tell and I'm just kind of like flooding along with you know actually it's probably real life that one and then the old wager stream you know we're just can't get them from the another jury inks are just can't get I'm always in the weeds and the way and that but. All that's yeah a lot of radio people have dead air dreams where they gas XIA I don't I have ever had one of those. OK so you don't worry about you know I don't. And that's it really relieved now. And good amount mountain why why worry about it gives Texas extra pat and I wasting precious. Artwork Idaho. Hole. I Yang Yang a am just so you do know that Ewan McGregor yeah. There's actually an article called this is why Ewan McGregor penis is so famous. I'm not big on more than John handed to her and not ballads dimension and Portland now. He's giggling. He just beautiful. Like his whole physique but I really don't know how he ended up as the star this one I mean I'm delighted but I just don't I really don't now I'm giggling. They do is nothing's coming up unfortunately here for me right now it's too bad most zip it and find money and send it to you thank you until next time UN. Are you kidding they get real or mr. McGregor. Yeah no kidding. More on camera and the UK each weekday afternoons starting at three. ME dot com.