Don't Hand Me No Line, & Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Friday, November 10th

It SEEMS so simple, doesn't yet? And yet... Here are the links we talk about during this podcast:  Chicago Tribune article, Dear Cat Callers Instagram page, if Girls Acted Like Guys video, USA Today list of alleged perps, Reddit ban. As Libby aptly put it, get woke.


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Libby got. Out right now we talked a lot. What how we just can't show up candidly we're gonna celebrate by making this all about the women's so welcome to argue can mean not fifty it is kemba. Let me tell me is she says you know this podcast could be overhead power media for several years and fortunately we would have been talking about this for years and days and centuries behind the scenes but now what is exposed as we are talking about all of the recent harassment claims. Sexual misconduct sexual abuse. Awful. I'm mean once this started talk about out of the woodwork. Yeah how many you do sent me an article how many guys have now been yes a regular day to day is compiled a list and it'll fetch about the Ben Affleck Louie CK and again alleged went with that make it clear and Hong government. Stay hot and key and I can't seem demons ago all twenty Ramirez that's logo are right Kevin Spacey and Jeffrey temblor and then the hash tag need to movements. And I think this is really just the tip of the iceberg right through the yeah well me being obviously email and the working world in the work for sure I agree it's the tip of the iceberg because it is so commonplace. NN I actually set at one point if your question is. Why didn't she or they collectively as women and it India and out lie or did he. You've kind of told me everything I need to know about. Yeah yeah you camel victim blaming thing which is asked to. Really really nice because apparently you have no control over yourself whatsoever you're just an animal and we are just. That throw out a little I said this to you earlier. Steve Dow with a lot of these guys what they had the claim is is that they're pressuring themselves in front of the women. Just the weirdest. Really I think it's I I don't know it that's creepy year Timmy too because I think there's like a mental thing. May be in their minds to click OK Yvonne not touching you sell on this isn't nearly as bad as navy you know somebody who would I think it's more African for opening an disk repair. It's creepy embodies a that's what's getting them off it's so all of it's just I'm awful but that hold victim let me think he found a great piece on Chicago Richard Bennett and I attribute all mighty statement it's a Stevens. A guy named Steve wrote and asked why do women net make themselves so attractive man. And that basically like you don't want it why you why why are you flying in front of you want to be harassed you want stranger steel UN mistreat anyone guys stick shut a door behind you or her pleasure in themselves. That's why. You wash your hair look BK. Exactly well and her have her response is just. Phenomenal brilliance and nominal and it will be in our are you kidding me link in your meal to click on it read it for yourself you need to get a it's the analogies are aired fantastic. It's a process that I wouldn't I'm not gonna generally say every guy thinks this but there's enough of them that it warrants mentioning just and the sky Steve is one of them. That date feel that everything that women do. You know and their existence. Is for the benefits. And our pleasure of net whether it's a visual pleasure or weathered the benefit of making a guy feel good there's a lot of men out there who think that's that's why we exist so I ST every life easier prettier or better for everybody to women is based on what we think a man's gonna think about it now okay. I mean why else do we try to make ourselves attractive well how that is so I think she really really high of the is that really what we're teaching men really that's that's I am shocked I mean I think we are teaching men and I said this before we do is teaching and that they're just walking penises and that's that's how they should act to you know that they are just uncontrollable. Around women and that's we deceptive boys will be boy Berkeley somehow there are also being taught that were walking who wants this just we're just there for them -- his blood boiling and really you really is too early this question to be. Why do women make themselves more attractive Heidi responded to him and said I wonder why we understand ownership so much better when we're talking about a person's prized possessions then when we're talking about a woman's body and never once heard a man explain away burglary. By questioning why a homeowner bothered to take such good care of his house not to entice others to break him. Boom lawn mowed just snow. I'll have tried two or three car garage. Why do you make your house could check don't want them to break give insert taken stuff all and I challenge you. Why you Lexus you don't want to take it from me you can keep on shiny new looking you know you don't think that's the message that you want somebody carjacked. I why do you address the. And just can't you know control myself from just such a car person and howl and then the probable response she addresses the well of course we don't want our car stolen our house broken into about women do you want to and a male I was excellent but now but not every man and it does is not the man who gets to decide I back. Right. It isn't as good exit that's right I I just walking on the street and I I wanna look nice doesn't mean that every guy who's walking down the street whose son might. Look nice or otherwise. Has the open invitation to say something to me your touch me or do something in front of me to imagine. If that was reversed in Baja. Of parity commercial you'll find that parity commercials and ads that link but just imagine. A guy does a guy making every single decision about how he looks and what he wears based on what a woman. Would think or feel about it his whole existence being tied up in the approval of a woman. And that women to just do and say what ever they want to any guy ever I'm sure there's some guys who do like I know woman like that facts but but let's get under deadline at Ohio. Nine yeah mountain. That's how they would go go guys would look it is girls threw themselves on them well nick this goes back to my point well we're just teaching men they're nothing. They say that but then they'd they would wanna have first right refusal corroborates seeing that she says we are still we're not quite ready to consider own body her possession in her possession alone another great analogy. A CEO. Kisses these two women. That he's inner feelings leans over and kisses them so once and what if it ripped iphones out of their hands and took them that he would be ST thirty every area you just steal somebody's iPhone. Typically we have to have three really salad analogies to get this through people at this point. I still think it's people's heads. I'm telling I've always said this if you wanna get laid you can find sex you can find it. Consent absolutely actually was buying 100% female I had to pay for I don't know but times I am sure if you're willing you may have to make concessions in now about some of those standards that's helped and I also this even starts off. Unless a smaller level on the give an example my my own self that I have dealt with that had conversations with. When the cat calling as I just thought that that girl on and Graham who took pick self b.s with all the guys that cat called her every day for a month you get pictures with them yet and and they don't even -- realized what she was doing silly takes copies with them and she would write down what they had said to her. And play and they're all proud of themselves right bigs tees and his birthday yeah ha car is so whether it's stranger's cat calling horror. Colleagues pet name calling. Calling you honey your babe and sweetie I have you had that kind of stuff they really get offend. They get mad at. They get defensive. They say things like Ole. You should be happy I'm calling you pretty are used to be happy I call you baby my house tonight it's telling how I get to react to this as well night. And I'm just try it here's the good ones and I'm just trying to be nice how he had that line okay well. So but if we're telling you that we're not taking it is nice and you know if we take you were that you are trying immunized or saying. Calling me a pet name especially in the workplace source was to be professional colleagues can probably a good thing that like I I've managed to work in radio for thirty years. And not walk around one. Baby sweet cheeks. I shuddered it's. Not do that. Powell. I don't know but they. I'm telling you every Democrat that conversation. The men have gotten very very very defensive yeah I have to really navigate them to do so I forget who was it was years ago somebody kept coming in and and would start massaging my show Terry's. And it may initial very uncomfortable and not you know obviously I'm intense hunt putt putt not like yeah. Yeah. It's yes I love well he knocked up. Yeah and you mean there's a window there so people can see you know other co workers could walk by in a little so and so's revenue Libby shoulders you know what does that say anyway but on top of it all like hey it's not I don't you don't just like come walk up to somebody to start. Touching them. And I felt very uncomfortable to you know because they didn't wanna say anything because of the same thing you're saying because to get defensive. Picket fence and also near the cold frigid water act however I. I always tell a story about a former colleague who would who would always say sweetie and baby in you know it's trying to work my way up the radio latter and I said don't hate. You know we're working together or professionals. Can you please just not call and I say it is nice as could be you know link any any and his response was what you want me to call you bitch. I might god so from one extreme to the other and I sat there while that I look I just looked at him I didn't you know as the blues it and I just said how well mind team and you did you seal like the color drain out of space and I think you're big. Bomb he realized there he is being a jerk any never called me sweetie baby and in mid I was agreed by the way to against Rampage is called dear cat collar nice and and the only thing she put on the subject of it is it's not a compliment. It does come by iron so this many women telling you that that's not an attractive saying I'm nor losing sleep over it doesn't make me angry it you know. But when we tell you know it's not really whether it's kept calling or whether it's in the office. Don't treat me like I'm your wiper somebody you're trying to pick about a bar maybe that's weird for guys who'd they'd only dynamic they can think of women as our sexual objects lately in the workplace can you just stick to that and then outside of that. And when you're walking on the street maybe not yell at some earth. If that's at all possible high you don't find the biggest. Stealing mesh with okay smiley can't beat dad who went and usually I just you know wasn't until just now heard. Anderson you know understand guys like that so we're going to be in a position where your turn it. Saves on banning you don't wanna get shot to hone in Knoll and I include myself though I know and I can look at it from your side bit. Lose that one because that would just tired and how tough Heidi what's your name you go so we'll put. A links to Heidi Stephen's story the link would that list. Actors and various other people who have been accused now all read it is changing their policy they've banned some. Forums from being able to proceed because their misogyny and this dear tackled everything for you. Our son had bad its debt woke oh and knock it off till next time. My lineup. And that still no kidding here more Kimba in the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. My Miami dot com.