Could Daylight Saving Be Extended During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The U.S. may not “fall back” in November or “spring forward” next March if a new bill aimed at temporarily extending daylight saving time during the COVID-19 pandemic passes.
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Mexican Toilet Paper Hits U.S. Shelves Due to Pandemic Demand

American consumers are spotting new toilet paper brands in their local stores- Mexican toilet paper brands to be exact. Find out why U.S. retailers are importing foreign toilet paper on RADIO.COM.
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US Outlines Plans to Roll Out Free COVID-19 Vaccines for All Americans

The federal government has outlined plans that will make a coronavirus vaccine available for free to all Americans. Learn when and how the vaccine campaign is expected to launch on RADIO.COM.
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Jude Law Said 'Contagion' Consultants Warned Him Real-Life Pandemic Was 'Matter of When, Not If'

Jude Law, who starred in the 2011 film about a worldwide pandemic ‘Contagion,’ said on-set consultants told him that a real-life pandemic was a matter of ‘when, not if.’ Read more now.
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Middle Ground on Second Stimulus Check? Why New Proposal Could Be ‘Very Meaningful’

After weeks of delays and lengthy negotiations, a new proposal may have brought Americans closer than ever to a second stimulus check. Learn about the proposal on RADIO.COM.
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US Woman, 26, Accused of Spreading COVID-19 After Going on a Bar Crawl in Germany

An American woman in Germany is being accused of breaking quarantine rules to attend a bar crawl, which led to the spread of the novel virus in the Bavaria region. Read the full story now.
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Maine Wedding Linked to Deaths of 7 People Who Weren't in Attendance

A coronavirus outbreak at a Maine wedding held in August has been linked to the deaths of at least seven individuals, none of whom attended the event. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Couple Married for 46 Years Survives COVID-19, Chemotherapy, and Cancer

On April 15, 1974, Robert and Janice Beecham celebrated marriage by promising each other to be there in sickness and health. The couple has survived COVID-19, chemotherapy, and cancer.
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Epidemiologists Using Google Maps to Track COVID Outbreaks

A group of researchers at University of California, San Francisco want to use the location data from your phone to better map how and where the novel coronavirus is spreading in the Bay Area.
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Bartender's Nose Broken After He Is Sucker-Punched by Customer Refusing to Wear Mask

A San Diego bartender was violently attacked over Labor Day weekend by a customer outraged by the bar’s mask policy. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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