DOE updates grading policy so students won't be penalized for late work, attendance amid COVID

In the era of remote learning, the Department of Education implemented an updated grading policy for the remainder of the academic year. Per the guidelines, students won’t have their grades lowered for late work or lack of attendance this year.
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Fauci on latest COVID-19 surge: 'No matter how you look at it, it's not good news'

Dr. Anthony Fauci explained his concern for the recent surge in COVID-19 cases. The expert said ‘no matter how you look at it, it’s not good news.’
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Family builds trick-or-treat candy catapult for Halloween

A Pennsylvania family has built a catapult that will sling candy from their front yard to trick-or-treaters this weekend. Read more about the invention on RADIO.COM.
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18-year-old college freshman dies after battle with COVID-19

An 18-year-old college student from La Grange, Illinois has died from COVID-19 complications after a lengthy battle with the virus that has taken over 9,000 lives in Illinois.
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WHO: 'Economic recovery' is impossible if people continue living 'the way they did' pre-pandemic

As COVID cases rapidly rise, the World Health Organization warned that some countries may need to take drastic measures once again. The agency warned of shutdowns similar to the ones imposed earlier this year. Read more now.
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Teachers use Bitmoji classrooms to reach students online

Going to school online can be unfamiliar and intimidating, especially for younger children. But some teachers are now using avatars to help to put their students at ease.
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Is it safe to sit in the middle seat on an airplane?

After posting record losses, Southwest Airlines announced that it will no longer block the middle seat on flights starting Dec. 1. United and American Airlines have also announced they will resume selling the middle seat on flights.
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Woman slaps husband amid his anti-mask tirade on flight

An argument over a face mask turned into a full-blown fight on board a plane on its way to Tenerife, Spain, from Manchester, England. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Fauci says you may have to ‘wait several months into 2021’ for COVID-19 vaccine

The nation’s leading infectious disease expert predicted that while experts may know whether a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective by December, most of the population would likely not receive the vaccine until several months into 2021.
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Andy Cohen reportedly turns down request to be COVID social media influencer

The governor of Missouri has reportedly called on some celebrities with ties to the state to be social media influencers and spread messages about safety amid the coronavirus pandemic. But apparently, not everyone has accepted the call.
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