League of Legendary Women!

Honors Emma Dial!

LITE FM and Memorial Healthcare System congratulate the newest member of our League of Legendary Women!

Emma Dial
Emma Dial from Hialeah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center!   Emma has been in the fight against COVID-19 from day one.

Making sure every resident is safe and secure.  Hialeah Nursing Home has over 270 beds.  Emma is on the frontline every day with a smile, and a tremendous can-do attitude.

Emma is a senior level health care administrator with over 30 years of experience in on-site management  of long term care and rehabilitation facilities. She is actively involved in all aspects of the daily operation of Hialeah Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Emma maintains an open door policy and is pleased to meet directly with any resident, family member and visitor regarding questions or comments they may have about the Center and it's care and services.

Find out more about Emma Dial and her work here.

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