Listen On Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is a radio! And now you can listen to 101.5 LITE FM nearly anywhere in the world with the app for your iPhone or Android. 

You'll have instant access to 101.5 LITE FM's blend of lite, refreshing music and relevant information. It'll help you recharge, rejuvenate and balance out your workday. 

With hosts Julie Guy, Gayle Garton, Kimba, Libby Kay, Steve Young, and John Tesh -- plus SkyLITE Weather and Stress-Saver Traffic updates -- it's a sound that's uniquely South Florida ... wherever you go.

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can download the LiteMiami app from the iTunes App Store here.


If you have an Android phone, you can download the LiteMiami app from Google Play here.