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Done and Done

Are you done being the responsible one?

Are you the one person in your family that remembers everything? Are you done being the responsible one? This blog feels your pain - but warning, there is some salty (albeit understandable) language!
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Interview with Dr. Claudia Vicencio from Memorial Healthcare System

We interviewed Dr. Claudia Vicencio this morning to speak about depression, in light of the passing of Local 10's Todd Tongen.
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Meet LITE FM's Latest League of Legendary Women Honoree, Mirline Fourron

She aims to support and develop nutritional wellness programs for the Haitian community here in South Florida.
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Eric Yutzy Morning Anchor from Local 10 Shares His Story with Julie Guy & Tamara G.

This morning, Julie Guy & Tamara G. talked with Eric Yutzy, Morning Anchor from WPLG Local 10. He shared his great story about his adoption.
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WaWa Comes to Miami Interview

Listen now! Wawa is opening in Miami-Dade County!
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Julie Guy & Tamara G. Interview Wanda Sykes!

Julie Guy & Tamara G. chat with legendary actress, comedian, and writer Wanda Sykes!
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Meet LITE FM’s Latest League of Legendary Women Honoree, Maria Perez

Dr. Maria Perez is wholeheartedly committed to improving the well-being of nurses.
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Beverly Kennedy is This Week's LITE FM League of Legendary Women Honoree

Kennedy has 50+ years of professional media and radio experience.
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Employee of the Day: Win $1,000 on LITE FM

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