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Interview with John Tesh!

John Tesh Interview with Julie Guy & Tamara G.
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Emily Estefan

WATCH: Gayle's Interview with Emily Estefan

Emily Estefan is performing LIVE at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival Friday, February 14th!
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5 Unique Bacon Recipes That Deserve Your Attention

You can serve bacon pretty much any way and it will be delicious. The taste penetrates into some primordial part of the human brain, the smell can coax an appetite out of the most stuffed diner, the texture is the apex of sensation — all that is to say bacon is good . Just in time to celebrate...
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Watching Christmas Movies Can Make You Happy

You want to live longer and be happier? Watch Christmas movies all year long. Experts say watching these types of movies are good for our health. Apparently watching holiday films create that neurological shift that can produce happiness. Basically, anything that can take us out of our normal...
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Our little calorie burners

Want to burn calories? Chase after your little one. We apparently burn about 50-thousand calories a month caring for our kids. That's the same as 42,000 burpees. So if you're thinking about skipping the gym today, go ahead. You've got kids to clean up after and chase around. We burn about 14-...
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Miami is the worst for traffic stress

Take heart, Miami. We are not alone in our stress over traffic. Our average commute time is 56 minutes and as a result, we are ranked number one for the most stress over traffic. Our gorgeous weather can't compete with the stop and go on the Palmetto and I-95. While we are ranked first for stress,...
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Interview with Adria Greene

Voter Rights information in The City of Miami Gardens.
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Most popular costumes for pets

We all love our pets and apparently are willing to spend a lot of money on them for Halloween, or should I call it Howl-o-ween. This year, we're expected to spend $490 million on costumes for our dogs and cats. That's more than double what we spent in 2010. The average costume is about $20. The top...
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Thinking too much is bad for your health

Thinking too much is apparently bad for you. Science say you could even die sooner if you work your brain too hard. Specifically, researchers found excessive brain activity could lead to a shorter life. So, don't think too much or too hard, for your life's sake. Of course you want your brain to be...
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Due to popular demand, we're are moving John Tesh's INTELLIGENCE FOR YOUR LIFE to 8PM evenings on LITE FM! Seven nights a week!
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